2020 Clickworkers Review: Pricing, Details, and Features

By | June 15, 2020

Let me start by letting you know that this was one of the first platforms where I got to appreciate earning a decent income online. So my review is not from a product I read but from a product I have used and earn income from.

I have signed up several of my friends and likewise, people have opted in through my link to this platform. I am happier these days to observe that jobs have increased on this platform, making much more opportunity abound. Top of it is the Clickworker App which has now made the platform a go-to site for everyone who can use a phone.

Before I go into a comprehensive look at the click workers review, I must mention other easy sources of making money online like Surveys. Click Here to read my review on some survey sites I have personally used before.

Clickworker Explained

Clickworker Review



Clickworker is a website where you can find micro jobs, I used the word “micro” to show that these jobs are of very little pay.

The essence is simple, they are not tasked to take the whole of your time and energy, rather they are jobs you do at your leisure when you are less busy. Just like earning some little income when you are relaxed, although the site claims you can earn as much as $10 per hour.

They started full operation in 2005; like so many other sites who claim to offer microwork, click worker is legit and trusted.

Who Should Sign Up for Clickworker?

As far as you are above the age of 18, you are qualified to work for Clickworker, you will need to register with the site and fill in basic information about your self, your job experience, hobbies, and some basic know-how.

Apart from your basic information, there is an assessment section; they always want to test your ability to know if you are a good fit for a certain assignment.

Talking about their mode of payment; they have three type of payment – Paypal SEPA transfer and Transferwise

Kindly click here to sign up on the Clickworkers platform

Type of Micro Task

The type of work available is of diverse forms, ranging from writing descriptions of products to as simple as taking snaps of once self.

They allocate tasks to you on a different basis I don’t know. But when this is done, they are a task you can conveniently do in the comfort of your home.

The interesting thing is there are plenty of jobs unlike other platforms where you search for scraps so-called jobs

The Clickworker App

They recently launched the Clickworkere App, it is available in Android and iOS; availing you the sweet option of completing tasks on the go using your phone, tablet, and other android or iOs based devices.

The acceptability of the App is awesome, as there are tasks you can no longer complete on your laptop or desktop, it has to be done on mobile devices.

Making Money on Clickworker

Being honest with you, it all depends on you. How much you make depends on how skillful you are and how much time you are ready to put it. The site claims you can make as much as USD 10 in an hour, but if you find a simple task and you commit effort and time to them you can make quite a reasonable sum of money.

Note that getting a constant task to sit down to is not guaranteed, also sitting to micro jobs all through the day can be discouraging and of little or no motivation.

If you are ready to learn how to build a sustainable online business, click here to read my review of wealthy affiliate

Cons of the Clickworker Platform

Is there anything called ‘perfect’? my answer will be a capital NO

So also our beloved Clickbank is not without its Cons. Like I mentioned earlier, the workflow is not forever there. There are always times you won’t find a task, no one loves this; really on such a platform to pay your ugly bills to become impossible.

Another thing about them is the task are of little amount, you cannot stay here and think you are building a business

Is there a way out?

Yes, there is

Constantly check the platform, take the new assessment, and undertake new jobs.

Lastly, on the cons, there are some tasks you won’t want to do as a person, this is a personal issue. These jobs may involve personal information or other personal issues.

Support on Clickworker

When it comes to robust and fast support, I give it to their email support service. They are fast and very efficient

In conclusion, Clickworker is a great platform for micro-jobs; the mobile app has been a source of great change. If you are looking for a platform where you can make some little pennies while you rest at home, click here to log on to the Clickworker platform.

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29 thoughts on “2020 Clickworkers Review: Pricing, Details, and Features

  1. Bella

    Hello there, today, there are indeed a great number of people who are willing to go into making money online and I am not left out of it even if it’s a small money to be added to the original pay. Even my teenager kids are about going into freelancing and I love the idea totally. Getting ready to make there little money from these micro jobs would be  just what I will do.

    1. ayodeji Post author

      You can sign up and enjoy jobs on the platform. The good thing is the micro-jobs are very friendly. 


  2. Payton

    Always good to get an extra way to make some extra money no matter how little it can be and if one is able to make use of the surveys and do them more constantly z it will make the money even better. Your review actually shows that you didn’t just read the review but you really have used this platform and can tell how it works too. I didn’t catch how the payment works though.

  3. Sherry

    Thank you so much for sharing all these information about clickworker and I must say that I am very inclined to think that this is a very great place to earn quite a few bucs. Atleast for college students like us who would look for things to do at our leisure periods. This is really informative and I will say that I would love to get right at it this minute

    1. ayodeji Post author


      The beautiful thing is that clickworker mini-jobs are friendly and not harsh for young adults 


  4. Joy

    Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality informations in this post will be of great help to anyone who come across it. This site is productive, fun, educational ,work friendly .They make sure that you choose your working hours that are suitable to you.

    I am already working with them.

  5. Rosalia

    Thank you for this review, it is extremely honest. I’ve been using Clikcworker during the years of my first-cycle degree. I knew that I couldn’t earn a good stream of income, but I thought it was good to help me earn some money. Well, honestly I didn’t appreciate it. Finding tasks was hard and the pay of a few cents, but it is as you said: since I was in contrast with the platform, I didn’t spend enough time to check it just after a few days. Maybe I was wrong

  6. Jack

    Hello Ayodeji, it always good to know of way to make an extra residual income no matter how small it could be , I really enjoyed reading this article , I find it very informative and quite interesting, at least for a college student like I am , I can be doing this at my leisure hours , thank you Ayodeji for sharing this great enlighten information, it was really helpful. 

    1. ayodeji Post author

      Hi Jack,

      I am glad you found it engaging. Clickworker is a good platform where you can make some little cash when you are not actively at work 


  7. Jackie

    I guess at the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with making some little extra cash online even if it might not be the big thing and since the tasks that are available are not too daunting them I feel it is something I should try. From your explanation too, you pointed out that there are other ways to make steady income online, I should try that. Does click worker have a withdrawal threshold?

  8. DarmiMaddie

    All thanks to clickworker that I got my first pay from all these minute jobs online. It was really not an easy thing to do buy it was worth it afyerall. Clickworker is actually a good place to earn some little bits of extra income and the fact that it can really make so much difference for us. What you shared here is good and I appreciate it. Thank you so much for what has been shared here. Really worthy to see here

  9. Lawson

    Earning means are quite much as you mark your search and the more I make findings the more I see some really good means of earning side income. Click worker is very impressive as it comes as an app and that would enable easy access to it as everyone now own a mobile phone. How do you go for a job,  do you set preference to the one’s you’ll like to receive?

  10. Tetu95


    Thank you for being honest on this review, I have experienced with this platform, from 2017,  when I was made a decision to join on this platform, the best thing that influences me to join on this program it was, the information or the material they are asked to provide for tasks are really sensitive and normal and also the strong support as you mention.

    Thank you for sharing this product review

  11. WaltM

    I think the topic overall on the article is satisfying and draws in good interest. I don’t have much experience with internet marketing, however the topic is on point for delivering  insight about the topic. My option on the topic is to stay dedicated to the topic because I believe it is a great source for earning online income.  

    However, I will offer my suggestion is about the social media icon tab blocking the blog tab’s access to view website. I believe it should be move to the other side of webpage, to get a better view & functionality of website offerings. 


    1. ayodeji Post author


      I appreaciate your opinion on my blog outlook – “However, I will offer my suggestion is about the social media icon tab blocking the blog tab’s access to view website. I believe it should be move to the other side of webpage, to get a better view & functionality of website offerings”. 

      I will work on it to reduce the social media icon and also move it as advice 

  12. Paul

    Hi there, this is an interesting article as I really wasn’t aware that this type of work opportunity even existed. I have done some freelance work recently through Upwork, but these micro tasks sound interesting so thank you for sharing this information, I will definitely take a look at the website as I am always looking for creative ways to earn a little extra money. 

    1. ayodeji Post author

      Hi Paul, 

      I am glad you found it useful. Micro task on clickworker are task you can do at your comfort. Even catch fun with your family while earning. 

  13. Anastazja

    Clickworkers sounds good for two different reasons.   I think I would enjoy doing lots of little different things to earn a few bucks.  Also, its an affiliate program so I can promote it on by website once I try it.  I have tried surveys but the same thing over and over gets boring.  This sounds interesting.

  14. Greg

    Thank you, Ayodeji, for this informative post. I had never heard of Clickworker, and I must say I am intrigued. I am always looking for a little extra cash that I can use to invest in my primary business opportunity to pay for advertising, etc. This looks to be right up my alley. 

    1. ayodeji Post author

      Yes Greg, 


      is a good source of income from micro task.  Also you can earn referral income too from the platform 

  15. John Keldon

    Your review about Clickworkers was very satisfying to know what they are about. I have signed up for program similar to this. The tasks pay way more than Clickworkers’ would pay. They pay almost $20 to $80 depending on the task. I agree that some of the tasks asked to do, involves personal information, which I feel is too intrusive. Thanks for bringing Clickworkers to light. I am now fully aware of what they’re about. This was a big help.

  16. Samuel Peters II

    Hey, Sam here I really enjoyed the site, loved the content and the Information will definitely be passing on the Info to my kids in college, by the way, thanks for the shout to wealthy affiliates I’m also an affiliate with them to keep up the great review.




    Content drop down menu had me a bit confused but great content!

  17. Deb

    These kinds of sites work Best when you have a currency that’s low compared the US. But still, every minute you spend making their pennies you could be building a profitable business with Wealthy Affiliate or some  other quality platform. I agree with you though that you could make some  spare change when your brain is too tired for any in-depth work. I find plenty of other things to do during this time, like connecting with prospects on Facebook.

  18. gravpeter


    I myself am also constantly looking for ways to earn an online income … I thought your review about “Clickworker” was well written, while not avoiding the small number of disadvantages. That is fair!

    I myself am working on setting up a website through Wealthy Affiliate and that takes a lot of time for me … Of course I also have sites where I fill out surveys such as “Timebucks” and “Ysense”, which I visit daily. They are also only small amounts but if you do it daily you will start to get more surveys (and slightly better paid).

    So: I certainly like the idea behind “Clickworker” and you have nothing to lose … So if I have some time I will definitely take a look there.

    Thanks for this post!



  19. Gregg

    This is a great review, thank you. I never heard of Click workers but in the world we live in today, I can see how this would gain popularity very fast. 

    I love the idea of having a very flexible schedule to where you have full control. I am currently working towards that goal. and have learned a lot on this journey. I totally agree with you regarding Wealthy Affiliate. I signed up for this about a month ago and have learned and grew so much within that time. 

  20. Linda Cooper

    Thank you, an interesting and informative post.

    I have not heard of Clickworker before but have looked at a variety of sites for surveys etc. Never being sure if they are legitimate or not has held me back, so it is good to read about a site that the writer has actually used themselves.

    At least it gives people a chance to earn some extra money in these difficult times. Well done.


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