6 Ways to earning Money Online

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Irrespective of what your desires are, you might be looking for a quick way to pay your bills or your aim is to build a sustainable business, online marketing business can be a way out. Earning money online is not as difficult as we perceive most times.

All that is needed is following the right blueprint, and you will be on your way to building a sustainable online marketing business. There are various ways to earning money online, but in this article, we will focus on six legitimate ways of earning money online and explain them in the simplest way that is possible. This includes :

  1. ECommerce
  2. Advertisement
  3. Multi-Level Marketing
  4. Sport Betting Game
  5. Freelancing
  6. Affiliate Marketing



Although this is first on my list not my top priority, simply put, any form of trade or business, whose information is exchanged via electronic means is referred to as electronic commerce (eCommerce). A good example is the Poshmark, Amazon Return Pallets, and Mercari Official Site

Ecommerce creates a platform where transactions take place without a barrier of place or time. Although, high and medium scale eCommerce business rides on the wings of a website, but starting small, is achievable without a robust website but with strategy and skill.

The basic ingredients needed for this business is a good internet connection, a laptop and/or a good phone. For communication, there is a need for a phone number, which will enable you to send messages as text and also create a profile on platforms like WhatsApp and an email address which will give you access to creating a profile also on needed and required website.

Having a bank’s ATM card will also do well, as this will be a channel for your payment and also getting paid. It is worth mentioning that there are payment platforms that help facilitate online payments, both sending and receiving cash. This platform includes PayPal, Payoneer, Transfer Wire, Skrill and a host of others.


There are various ways of advertising, from the conventional billboard to the newspaper and now to Google AdSense.

Talking about making money online, our concentration is on Google AdSense. It is one of the various ways to monetize a blog or you call it a website. Here, the advertisement is controlled by Google, and payment is made to the owners of this website on a per-click or per-impression basis.

Google does charge the advertisement owners and pays website owners about 68% of this charge every time an individual click on the ads on your website.

Before ads can be placed on your website, there is an approval process that the website must undergo. First and foremost is that the website must carry relevant content.

Learn the Act of Blogging

Multi-Level Marketing or Network Marketing

Multi level Marketing

Permit me to be a little academic this time, Wikipedia defines MLM as a marketing system in which the revenue generated from the sales of a product or service is derived from the efforts of a workforce that is not based on salary payment.

This kind of marketing scheme is referred to as person-to-person, various channels can be used, a home, office or shop environment can be developed for this business and likewise, an online marketing business model can be developed for this business.

Building a sustainable multi-level marketing business takes a lot of effort, you must be prepared to work as a salesperson, develop a good sales plan, and top of it you must be committed in terms of cash and time involvement.

If you are considering joining a multi-level marketing business, kindly use the link below to view my article on how to identify a good multi-level marketing business.

Click Here to Learn How to Identify Multi-Level Marketing Business

The Betting Game

Sport Betting

Betting has been invoking from time immemorial, amidst our family members and friends, we all place bets. But it has changed and gained popularity in recent times, other than the primitive way that it is based on guesses now you can make calculative guesses based on information available to you.

The highest form of betting now is sports betting which are major football, basketball and also some less popular sports like tennis and golf.

The major advantages derived from the betting game are entertainment and money-making. Ask me, and I will tell you that apart from entertainment, the fact that you can make some little or much cash makes sport betting a game and business for young and old.

Click here to learn more about betting 


Our desire to live a flexible life, where you dictate what you want and where you want to be, many more people are turning to work from home. This is the simplest way to describe the freelancing

Not necessary that you must use your house as your office, but the concept of freelancing means you do not report at any office at any particular time and you are not under a salary schedule where you get paid when you don’t work.

In fact so many companies around the world now prefer hiring freelancers, it translates to fewer taxes, no employee healthcare payment, less office space payment, in short, it means a reduced cost in terms of overhead and running cost.

For the freelancer, the aim is to do things your way; I must say that freelancing is one of the most sustainable ways of earning money online.

Click here as we open up on top freelancing sites and also on my number one recommendation for freelancing.

Affiliate Marketing

I call this form of Online marketing business, the king of earning money online. The basic idea is that you promote other people’s products and earn cash in the form of a commission.

This commission is on a profit-sharing basis, the merchant who is the product creator earns from the profit, many times, the merchant is not the owner of the platform where sales are being made, so the owner of the platform –the seller, takes a share of the profit and lastly, the affiliate marketer also earns his or her commission.

As an affiliate marketer, your role is to promote the product, telling the clients the advantages of the product and why you think this product is the best. A good way of doing this is via reviews

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31 thoughts on “6 Ways to earning Money Online”

  1. Hey Ayodeji! I read all of your content and I liked, and what mostly caught my eye is the sports betting, which is considered to be a form making “quick money” how we call it. And on my own experience, which I have a lot on sports betting, I would not recommend it to anyone that often times can be deceiving while it gives a lot of headache and uncertainty on the results.

    I have worked as a freelancer and affiliate marketer as well, and they are great ways to make money online, indeed. And is something I would recommend to anyone who wants to say “goodbye” to the boss. Great article!


  2. Great post here and I must say that i really found this to be worthy and well deserving out here. Personally, I feel that affiliate marketing and freelànce writing are the best offers here for anyone though. If I can, I will try my best to invest more on it. Though the other offers too are great ways to earn but I’m okay with just two from the list.
    well ! I was once a freelance writer so I know how ti maneuver my way around it unlike affiliate marketing that I would just start from the scratch.

    • Thank you Rodarrick,

      Affiliate marketing is the way to go, just that it takes some time to build a sustainable business. And like one of my mentors will say – we are not building a mud hut. 

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this very important post out here. It is true that earning money online is a good feeling as it gives certainty and also makes everything a whole lot easier for us. But knowing what to do and how to do it well is what can guarantee the safety and the activeness in earning online.

    I feel more relaxed towards affiliate marketing because of the less amount demanded to get right into it and earn well so far there is diligence in the work ethics.

  4. Hi Ayodeji. I very much appreciated this article. I have tried MLM before and now I am an active affiliate marketer. I have to say that affiliate marketing is by far the most sustainable business practice of those two. I didn’t appreciated MLM because you have less control on your business. With affiliates, you build your own name/brand/content in a specific niche and you grow it. You are more likely to become successful with affiliate marketing than MLM I think. Cheers!

  5. I really enjoyed reading you post.  I am an affiliate marketer with a website, and that is always the challenge to do it and make money. I liked that your post gives so many different ways to approach it.

    I find the Ecommerce side very interesting.  I think that maybe a good idea if you have the time to set it all up. I never really thought about sports betting as a way to make money.  I will check that out. 
    Great job and thanks for the post.

  6. Hi Ayodeji,

    Thank you for presenting this article and offering a view on a selection of ways to make money online. There are some that are or have proven to be quite unpopular by those that have tried them such as the MLM and betting selections you kindly mention however the fact is that people still attempt to make money online from them. I believe the freelance and affiliate marketing options appear to be the most realistic as they require work to be done by the person involved while the betting and MLM version appear like there is not much to them which makes me suspicious on the basis of money for little done. The e-commerce option is also interesting I did click on the links only unable to get in and find out more information as you recommend to do. Otherwise a non complicated and easy to read understandable article. Thank you again for presenting it.


    • Thank you rami,

      So sorry for the links that are not yet available. Its work in progress.

      Hopefully, before the end of this week, most of those links will be available 

  7. You wrote beautiful articles. Thank you for that I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a good way of earning current.

    I also work in the affiliate market. This is a very good site. I loved reading your post. Tells your online income. Writing Articles can make a good income. This is a good post. It helps me a lot because I’m physically ill. I can work at home.

    Your article is really awesome. Thank you again for writing this beautiful topic.

  8. Hi,Online Business Marketing, I gleaned some interesting points from your content. The discussion seems convincing to me putting my self in the position of a reader and as someone in search of online business information. The smart approach while writing or sharing any information is to put yourself in our reader’s or customers’ position. If we do we will be able to provide them with useful and honest information or solution that will dispel their skepticisms, doubts, and fears. Mostly when such information is backed up with facts and figures if need be.

    As you rightly stated, many people are still very skeptical about online business and all the crazy adverts that full everywhere you turn to on the internet. That makes it even harder for some people to look into any offer at all because it is difficult these days to know who is who and what works and doesn’t work again.

    Even Facebook and Twiter. are overloaded with advertisements. Because everyone is looking for means to have an extra income to make ends meet. Unfortunately, due to lack of proper research, and people’s susceptibility to shiny objects, a lot of people have fallen victim to scams of all types. I’m glad you mentioned that in your content too. That will help the reader to differentiate what you are offering them from what your readers already know.

    The discussion offered some useful insights into online marketing. For instance, you didn’t just box your readers into one box of a niche instead you various options and gave some explanations of what each stands for. This is quite useful for opportunity seekers. As individuals, we all have different interests as regards to what we want to do with our time and life. Often time, due to limited knowledge of how online business works and what the best business opportunities are some people end up making wrong choices and even wrong decisions of not trying anything at all. I think that the goal you are trying to provide with your content here is to provide correct information to your readers to enable them to make informed decisions.

    Among the 6 categories of online business you discussed, the one I found interesting is the sports betting game. That’s quite new to me maybe because I’m not a sports person… Therefore, I will like to have more information about the sports belting you talked about.

    I want to know how the sports betting game is being played for cash. I mean the process and the rules and the probability of success betting and failure among the bettors. Personally, am not a sports enthusiast, but during the last Super Bowl, my spouse talked me into sitting down with him to watch the game from start to finish. I granted his request and sat with him in the living room to watch the game for the first time in many years.

    As the game was about to begin, I looked at the two teams and told him that I know the team that will win. He doubted me and said that after all that I don’t know anything about sports. He then asked me to make my prediction, I told him that the City Kansas Chiefs will win The San  Fransisco 49ers. He just laughed at me.  Lo and behold, the team I predicted l won the Super Bowl of 2020!. He was amazed!  But Had I known about sports betting maybe I would have betted with him for cash, and win some cash that day. I have learned something new from your keyword about sports betting. But I would have loved to learn more about it, for instance, I would like to know about the process of betting, the risks, and the probability of winning and the rules and so forth.

    Another interesting online marketing options you raised is about the freelancing. My question is how many categories of freelancers are there? Do we have freelancers mainly on the service industries or do we have freelancers on every kind of business? How does somebody qualify as a freelancer? And do freelancers make more money than affiliate marketers? Do you think that the job outlook for freelancers in today’s economy is great?

    I think that having more discussions or information will help anyone looking for online opportunities to make an informed decision. I believe that’s what your effort or objective is for writing this entry. Because you want to guide and educate your readers about online business opportunities for a career change. But from how I am looking at this I think freelancers stand a better chance of doing very well on online marketing, mostly the professionals, like accountants, teachers, lawyers, computer engineers These people can do very well as freelancers depending on their passion. For instance, a computer can establish a freelance business as a web designer/graphic designer.

    But it seems to me that affiliate marketing is becoming more popular because many people of all backgrounds find it easy to join, and for the fact that it has little or no logistics for the affiliator. The only challenge is in generating traffic –  customers to refer to companies that offer affiliate services.

     But the fact remains that many people find affiliate marketing very difficult to breakthrough. Why I like affiliate marketing compared to the rest of the options discussed is because, affiliate marketing has unlimited products and services that one can market, without spending much money to sign up for them and to run the adverts. I hope that’s a correct assumption. In other words, a person can have 1 – 20 products/services to promote depending on his or her skills and other factors.

    Overall, there is still much to learn, and understand about online marketing, because one of the reasons people are not making it online is lack of proper training and commitment, I believe that getting the right information from legitimate and authority sites can help anybody who is serious to make the right decisions that can lead to success.

    • Thank you very much for your time and response,

      With respect to sports betting, I will be writing very soon and in detail.


  9. Good suggestions with great writings. I enjoyed reading what you have suggested and written in the article. You have explained nicely on earning through eCommerce and Advertisement. Here in eCommerce you have well explained the mode of communications and mode of payments to receive yours earnings. It could have been more relevant if you can add some eCommerce platforms which could help your readers to try with. Hopping to read many more great blogs from you.

    All the best.


    • Thank you for your advise, 

      I will update the article and add examples as advised 

  10. I am always on the look out for different revenue streams, so when I see an article like this, my interest is piqued. There are plenty of pitfalls out there and if we’re not careful, it’s easy to fall down the hole.

    Reading through your article has given me pause for thought on a couple of things. Sports betting is not something I have considered as an option for earning consistent money. First glance if would make me think it’s not without risk. Unless you can approach it with a system in place to minimise your exposure. I will be checking out your other article on the subject.

    The other area I am interested in is ‘freelancing’. This is something I have as an ambition. To be able to work for whoever I like and not be beholden to anyone, woul dbe a dream come true. It might be hard at first but once you have a few assignments under your belt, then it would become easier. Again, I will be checking out your recommendations. 

    • Thank you,

      Freelancing is sweet and interesting. I will be talking about some platforms soonest 

  11. Hi Ayodeji, thanks for your interesting post. I think sports betting and  MLM are the riskiest of the lot. I’m more interested in affiliate marketing myself. While it takes time to set up, the set up costs are low and so are the risks. Freelance work is a possibility but I wouldn’t know where to start with e commerce. 

  12. Hi Ayodeji

    Of all 6 make money online methods you mention, Affiliate Marketing in my opinion is head and shoulders above the others.

    While Network Marketing is definitely legit, it is also easy to dress up a Ponzi scam as Network Marketing and I’ve been suckered into a few of these. A great deal of due diligence is required and even with legit opportunities, people are often sold on the dream, rather than made aware of just what it takes to achieve it.

    E-commerce can be very expensive to set up and of course you have to do all the legwork with supply chains, etc.

    Affiliate Marketing is a simple and lucrative business model that anyone can do with the right training and the right effort. It’s something I wish I’d found years ago.

  13. Hi,

    can ecommerce also be used for books? I’m a writer, and I would love to sell my books on my blog directly. What would you recommend for that?

    Do I have to have a lot of knowledge about sports if I want to do sports betting? I would like to look into that too. I hear that you can make a lot of money with the right bets. Are there any good betting sites?

    • Ecommerce is a great way to sell your books, 

      for sport betting I have some work in the pipeline 

  14. I agree having a plan or blueprint is essential in succeeding online, as well as in any other type of business. With the right strategy eCommerce can be very lucrative, but it is not my first choice either. I never got into Adsense at all up to this point. Your link for additional info on MLM was not working. MLM can be good if you select the right company and are willing to commit and persevere. I am not into to betting at all, so sports betting does not pique my interest. Freelancing is definitely an ideal way to go with earning money online. My #1 choice is affiliate marketing, as I enjoy sharing good products and sevices with others as well as writing about them. Thanks for all the good info on the various ways of making money online.

    • You welcome Joseph, 

      Affiliate marketing is the way to go 


  15. Thanks for sharing such a concise article. I am an affiliate marketer and I want to say that this article has given me more insight to diversify.over the time,I have engage in eight  that has make me stand out in the field:Love What You Are Doing. I always keep this as number one. …
    You Will Have to Learn to Take Baby Steps. …
    Learn from Others. …
    Learn About the Product You’re Promoting. …
    Be Consistent. …
    Make a Plan. …
    Build a Strong Reputation in Your Niche. …
    It’s Never Too Late to Start.


    • I do appreciate your eight points, especially the last one – It’s never too late to start 

      Thank you for stopping by on my blog 

  16. In your thorough article about the options to build a business online, you made it apparent that it is hard to make a decision for a direction in online marketing.  The choices!  There are so many, and each one has a great side and offers opportunity.  

    According to your article, there are some options that are not so good ones as well. For someone who has been interested in an online business or reoccurring income, there is a lot to think about, and you have given your opinions.  That is always helpful.  Why did you choose the one you chose?  How much cash should a new online marketer have to build the business with?

    Some people seem to think that a coach is needed to be successful.  What are your ideas on this kind of mentorship?



    • Honestly, you need someone to show you what to do.  

      You cannot just come in blindly without lead. 

      This is where you will find a platform like Wealthy Affiliate very useful

      with wealthy affiliate, your cost will be reduced, you will enjoy awesome training and access to required tools 

  17. Good article.  The way that I see the most potential personally is through affiliate marketing.  I’m bad at gambling, so I don’t do that.  

    Freelancing is a good avenue as well.  

    Regardless of which path you take, it requires a lot of time,  dedication, and research.  There are no shortcuts.  I feel like it’s important to point that out to anyone looking to get into an online career or even looking to make some walking-around money.  

  18. I think you pointed out 6 legitimate ways to earn money online.  Out of the 6, I agree that affiliate marketing would probably be the best choice.  Making money online takes hard work, whatever you do.  I wanted to look further into your research, but a couple of the links weren’t working.  Other than that, your information was valuable and usable. Thank you!

  19. As someone who is coming from a marketing and sales background, this is a great summary of the information before doing a deeper dive. I think a lot of people forget that there is many realms of sales. Business is a vase industry and you have definitely simplified the content for people online. This is a great read for a quick summary!

  20. I agree that these six online business are the more profitable ones. Popular as they are, competition is fierce though. I am involved in Advertising (AdSense) and Affiliate Marketing. Finding the right platform is the key with these two specific online business. No doubt Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best online business for me.


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