Meet Ayodeji

My name is Ayodeji Owoeye. I am the founder of Content Laboratories. I contribute to more than 85 percent of the content and ensures smooth running of other activities on the blog. I am passionate about content marketing and healthy living.

Owoeye Ayodeji -About Ayodeji
Owoeye Ayodeji

My journey into content marketing began after I lost my job with one of the leading financial houses in West Africa. I decided never to do the 8 am to 5 pm rat race. But to live the Laptop Lifestyle as a content Marketer. 

My Journey so Far 

Like I said above, my journey to the Laptop lifestyle started after I lost my job. It was on the 31st of May, 2016. That same day, I got two letters from HR. One was congratulating me of being passing the customer service certification, while the other terminated my appointment. 

It got me angry. Why will you fire me if I am an excellent customer service officer? I knew there was injustice somewhere. The rest is story and history. 

I took the bull by the horn and decided never to work for any organization. I tried some brick and mortar business but failed.

Does that mean I was a failure? NO 

I started searching for an online program where I can learn internet marketing. Found some but was not satisfied until I found Wealthy Affiliate in 2019. My story changed, I started learning and earning. Three months after, I started earning from the Laptop Lifestyle, I was able to build a dream and a business of my own. 

My Vision 

I learnt of this great platform from someone. I will not only tell you about the platform but share what I have learnt from this platform.

My dream is to help as many that are willing to live the life of liberation. I desire to help people understand how to run a successful internet business from anywhere. 

I will share the tools and skills that I have learnt and used so far. 

My Affiliate Disclaimer 

I am a content marketer whose primary objective is to raise and assist online marketers to build their business. I make available reviews of tools and different online programs.

These tools and programs are affiliate programs that avail me of a personal link. These are clickable links which you will find on my website.

When you click on these links and sign up, I get a congratulatory message from these product companies. See below for a good example.

Earning from Bluehost

The good news is that the commission I earn does not affect you in any way.

My Invitation 

I believe now you know me and how I earn a living, if you are thinking of living the Laptop Lifestyle, I have two choices for you. Either you join a wealthy affiliate or pick up my training on How to Build a Profitable Website. Both you can access for free. See you on the other side