Amazon Return Pallets: How to Buy $ Resell For Profit

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Suppose you wonder what Amazon return pallets are, how to make money with them, or if there is a much more flexible alternative. This article will explain everything you need to know about Amazon return pallets and liquidation items generally.

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The ecommerce industry has continue to experience growth. But unfortunately return items too have continued to increase. Business2community started that not less than 30% of items are returned annually. Fasten your sit belt has I walk you through this untapped goldmine and how you can take advantage of it

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    What are Amazon Return Pallets?

    We first understand what Amazon return pallets are and why they are returned. Amazon return pallets sell goods (inventories) from Amazon sellers returned by buyers. These items can be functional or faulty, but it is often difficult to determine the item’s status contained in the box. But worth noting is that these items are usually returned by buyers within a space of three (3) months.

    Amazon return pallets

    Now that we have a fair idea about what Amazon return pallets are, we must understand why they are returned. Some of the most common reasons for returning this item is incorrect sizes and the wrong colour of goods sent. We cannot also shy from the factor that some goods quality and specifications are far below customers expectations. But irrespective of the reasons, one vital factor that has supported customers’ return of goods is amazon’s friendly return policy. 

    Amazon’s return policy is very lenient and friendly for buyers; merchants now climb on this to create more return rates. It makes owning an online resale business juicy and gratifying, but the challenge is getting the right deals and buying the right merchandise. 

    It can be pretty challenging to find high-quality wholesale merchandise. Getting pallets that will give you a high return for your money might be a big challenge when you find it. The wholesale prices are now not too different from the retail prices, and many deceitful alterations are now common in the market. 

    While I will still show you my number one recommendation to making money online, let us see how to buy Amazon return pallets, use them, and turn this craft into a money-making machine. 

    How to buy Liquidation Pallets.

    Like any other endeavour, making money selling Amazon return pallets can be challenging, but it becomes a rewarding venture when done rightly. The tips below will help both new and existing sellers succeed. 

    • Find a niche: Like any online business, you must find a niche of products you want to sell. It would help if you thought of the Amazon return pallets niche you want to concentrate, who your target customers are, how much you are looking at selling your products, their demand for the products, and the competition for the product. 
    • Source for Liquidation Pallets: After you have researched the goods you want to sell, the next thing is researching the source of goods. If you are highly interested in reselling goods and want to turn it into a full-time business, then liquidation products or goods like the Amazon returned goods is your best option. Another alternative is using liquidation websites to help you negotiate and buy directly from retailers. 
    • Get a Resale Certificate: Next is a resale certificate. Since you are looking at a full-time and sustainable business, you must work as an authorized dealer. A resale certificate will help you buy and sell as an authorized dealer. Without this certificate, selling goods from Amazon return pallets on a website like Amazon with a brand registry will be highly impossible. Amazon is one of the most popular resell sites. You must create a seller’s account on it. I must mention that Amazon is not the only resell site. Other resell sites like Chairish, eBay, Bonanza, and the popular Facebook Marketplace. 
    • Use Competitive Prices: List your goods at a price that is competitive in the market. Your price should either be the same or less than the market value. Do not forget to factor in your taxes, shipping and other associated selling fees. If you sell on a site with a warehouse-like Amazon, include the cost of shipping to the warehouse. You may also consider selling on other websites like Mercari and Poshmark or your brick and mortar store.  
    • Create a friendly budget: You cannot underestimate the importance of creating a budget. Irrespective of where you decide to resell your Amazon returned pallets. You must have enough funds to cater for acquisition, shipping and other related fees. You must create a budget for what you want to spend on your goods. It should cover your purchase and all related expenses. 
    • Know your Supplier: When it comes to buying liquidation pallets, either as Amazon return pallets or from other sources, it is crucial you know who your supplier is. You cannot afford to buy goods from sellers that will package damaged goods for you. Find reliable suppliers and keep relationships. 
    • Research: and do your homework well. Investigate the current price of products and related products in the market. Doing so will help you get the best price of goods in the market and make a good profit for your effort. 

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    Where does Amazon Sell Their Returns

    We have taken a critical look at what Amazon return pallets are and how you can sell them. But it is good we bear in mind that Amazon does not sell this return pallet directly to resellers. You cannot just walk up to Amazon’s warehouse to buy the returned goods. The sale of these returned goods is carried out via a liquidator or a third-party wholesaler. 

    These businesses liaise with Amazon for goods returned by customers in large quantities. They make this purchase and sell to the open market via other channels. There are a lot of them, and each of these liquidators has its modus-operandi. 

    Choosing a liquidator can be a lot of work and worry. Some could be straightforward, while others will sort through the goods before sales. The probability of getting goods in good working conditions is not guaranteed. What you have is the pictorial view of the goods from the website.

    In a nutshell, it is hard to trust the wholesalers. If you are starting out looking for a viable business, this is one of the reasons I would advise starting affiliate marketing

    But let us see some reputable liquidation companies you can use. 


    When it comes to taking care of Amazon return pallets, is one of the major players. It is a liquidating company with the ability to handle large quantities of liquidated merchandise. They pride themselves in creating an environment where resellers buy bits of this merchandise to resell. 

    Amazon return Pallets - liqiudation

    One primary advantage of this liquidator is its ability to provide you with multiple customers’ returns. As such, you have a variety of options to select from the lots of Amazon return pallets. Below is a descriptive list of their features 

    • They are well known for returns of apparel, electronics, houseware, vehicles, industrial, and computer categories. They make a large stock of these goods available in boxes, pallets, and truckloads. 
    • Although they have goods for immediate purchase, they make most of their sales by auction. 
    • To participate in their bidding process, you must be registered on their platform. 
    •  Payment is via wire transfers for clients making purchases higher than $5,000 and non-US customers. 

    2. BULQ

    Bulq is another online wholesaler known to trade in Amazon return pallets. Apart from Amazon, they also deal with other reputable companies. They buy returned goods in bulk from these companies and make them available on retail to the general public. 

    One of those unique features of BULQ is its ability to organize its stocks on its website. They make it easy for resellers to access goods on their website. Below are some of the unique features of BULQ. 

    • They are a liquidation centre based in the US, and they sell directly to retailers. 
    • Their inventories are listed three times daily with varying prices depending on the deals from the sellers. 
    • They are not open to accepting returns on their pallets and the ship directly to US addresses only. 
    • While they will calculate the freight shipping cost for pallets based on their weights, dimension and distances travelled from their warehouse; they will charge a flat fee of $30 for boxes. 
    • The top of it is that they guarantee 98% manifest accuracy

    3. 888lots 

    Let us see another liquidator of interest – One exciting thing with 888lots is that they offer most of their goods at about 50 per cent of the retail value. But the drawback is joining them. You need a resale certificate to join them. 

    They are one of the prominent dealers of Amazon return pallets. They give you an insight into what is in the box by linking to every item inside the box. 

    Below is a brief description of its unique features 

    • They require that US-based customers produce a resale certificate, while non-US customers must have a registered business. 
    • They are known to sell both small and large pallets. They do not have a minimum quantity to order. 
    • They also sell pallets that are brand new. 

    My Number One Recommendation – Affiliate Marketing 

    I have worked you through how to buy Amazon return pallets. I must emphasize although it looks juicy, the risk is high. I would not commit my time and money to such a business.

    I think it is essential to help you see another business with low risk in cash and logistics. It is affiliate marketing. It is my number one recommendation to make money online. It is all about selling other people’s products and earning a commission from them. 

    With Affiliate marketing, 

    1. You will not have the risk of buying default products 
    2. You are not involved in the physical logistics of products
    3. You are not involved in the risk of selecting wholesalers.
    4. You can start the business without any initial capital 
    5. You are in total control of your business 

    Affiliate marketing is not a means to earn money without working like the famous saying – no food for the lazy man. You must be ready to work, learn, and acquire the required skill.

    If you are new to affiliate marketing, I recommend starting with either income school, legendary marketers, or Wealthy Affiliate

    Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with the necessary tools like keyword research, website hosting, and excellent training. On top of it, you can get started for free. Yes, you can learn Affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate for FREE.

    Alternatively, If ……..

    If you are passionate about ecommerce or selling physical products offline, you can stick to the Amazon resell pallets. While it may look easy to get started selling offline, selling online will give you a wider audience. Let me get you started with the basics. 

    Inspect Your Package 

    After receiving your package, it is time to inspect it. Clear your work area and take a detailed look at your items. As a store owner, you must be efficient and thorough. Sort each item into categories depending on your business. 

    After which you can ascertain if the goods are in good condition or discontinued. You must have a junk file for too-damaged items. For electronics, while some may have minor issues that you can fix, others may be too damaged but have parts that are good for reselling. 

    After sorting your items, it is time to sell them. It all depends on you; similar to amazon, there are so many marketplaces you can take advantage of. You can use Mercari official website, Poshmark, and even Amazon itself. 

    Each marketplace has its strengths, culture, and guideline. If you are looking at building a long-term business, I strongly advise you to start your website with reputable companies like Bluehost, Hostgator, or WPengine. 

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