9 Best Free Online Affiliate Marketing Courses

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More than 76 % of publishers use affiliate marketing to monetize their websites. There is always a need for them to improve their skills. One of the familiar sources of improvement is free online affiliate marketing courses.

Free does not mean poorly packaged. Many of these free courses are created by high-end professionals willing to help you start an online business. Worth mentioning is that some are entirely free; others have both free and premium packages. 

Most importantly, it would help if you looked out for one that offers practical information on how stuff works with affiliate marketing and how to convert your effort to a money-making venture via affiliate marketing.  

To help you identify the best free online affiliate courses, I have selected fifteen such courses. But before I get on with them, let us understand the concept of affiliate marketing and how to identify these tested and proven affiliate marketing courses. 

What is Affiliate Marketing 

Simply put, Affiliate Marketing is a business model where you promote a product or service to earn a commission. It is a marketing system where you earn a specific percentage or a flat fee for each sale or lead that you generate for a particular company’s product or services. 

It is a suitable means of earning an income for businesses like blogs, influencers, or anyone who has an audience and interacts with his audience regularly. It is used in text messages, apps, blogs, videos, email messages, and any other medium to share links and track performance. 

One unique advantage of affiliate marketing is mutual benefit to both the publisher and the business owner. The seller only pays for promotion when you make sales or earn leads. At the same time, the publisher gets compensated for their promotional efforts. 

The risk is much more on the publisher’s end, which only earns when sales. As such, you must understand the nitty-gritty of the business before investing time and money into it. 

Are Affiliate Marketing Courses Worth it 

It is natural to get trained to help you understand how stuff works in your new field whenever you pick up new employment. Affiliate marketing courses will introduced to help understand how the job works, what you need to do, and why you need to do them. If you see affiliate marketing as a job or a business, you must attend affiliate marketing training. 

Below are some reasons why you should take an affiliate marketing course. 

  1. It will save you time: Building a website or social media campaign for affiliate marketing is free. But you have to spend time creating content that users will love. The time they say is money. Attending one of the free online affiliate marketing courses will save you time and effort. It will help you apply your effort and time in the right direction. 
  2. It will help you avoid pitfalls: An affiliate course will help you avoid unnecessary affiliate marketing mistakes. You will understand the best practices developed and used by successful affiliate marketers. 
  3. It will help you earn faster and save money: a good affiliate marketing course will help you earn your first sale quicker. It will help you create a content pipeline targeted at making sales efficiently. 

How to Avoid Bad or Fake Free Online Affiliate Marketing Courses 

Below are a few points on avoiding bad or fake affiliate marketing courses.  

  1. Avoid Get rich quick Affiliate marketing courses: If they have the get rich quick secret, they will keep it for personal use. I do not undermine the fact that you may get results quickly; it takes some volume of work and time to see results for most people. On a sincere note, most courses that promise a copy and paste method, a unique approach to fast track with social media, or any business model that appears to be too good to be true like the inbound closer is too good to be true itself. So be careful.
  2. Avoid Expensive Marketing courses: as a beginner, there are hundreds of free and low-cost courses. To avoid breaking your bank’s vault in the name of attending affiliate marketing super courses. But when you start making some money from the business, you will have gained some experience and know which high ticket course you will need. 
  3. Avoid courses that teach gray or black hat methods: back door methods, abusing systems, and deploying automation that is not acceptable to systems are standard methods. You will find some so-called gurus claim are fast-track methods. This system will often work for some while and later get you banned by legitimate organizations, so avoid them like the plague. 
  4. Courses that are not Updated: Avoid courses that have run for some years and are not updated. Online or digital marketing is constantly changing; what worked some months ago will not work forever. A good course creator will update his courses regularly. Even the evergreen course will need minor updates regularly. 

So when you are looking for a free online affiliate marketing course, select one that does not have any of the mentioned stinkers above. Without missing words, you should go after an in-depth, up-to-date affiliate course that is not targeted at making you rich overnight. One that deals with fundamental concepts and explains the affiliate program you desire in-depth. 

I have personally selected fifteen free online affiliate marketing courses to help you get started quickly. I will show you my number one recommendation and most preferred affiliate marketing course. 

 9 Free Online Affiliate Marketing Courses 

I have reviewed all of the courses listed below. They have been selected from dozens of training (both free and paid) to help you find the best affiliate marketing course. They are all courses created by successful affiliate marketers, and they will help you succeed as an affiliate marketer. 

1. Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners on Udemy 

Free online affiliate marketing courses

The Free Affiliate Marketing Course for beginners is one of the entirely complimentary online affiliate marketing courses worth considering for a start. The course is exact but covers what you need to know and start with affiliate marketing. 

This course will expose you to: 

  1. The basics of affiliate marketing 
  2. Required resources and how to set them up. 
  3. Necessary strategies you will need 

The course was created by Tyler Stokes, one of those proven Udemy’s instructors. Stokes will deliver sufficient information within 2hours and 18 minutes to help you ascertain if affiliate marketing is good enough for you. Get started with Free Affiliate Marketing Course for Beginners

2. Affiliate Marketing Foundations with LinkedIn 

Free online affiliate marketing courses

 If you are looking to get a broad overview of affiliate marketing, this affiliate marketing course is a good fit. It will help you have a good understanding of the terms and processes involved in affiliate marketing. 

The course will help you understand the following: 

  1. Affiliate marketing in the definition 
  2. How to set things up on your affiliate marketing platform 
  3. How to create your brand as an affiliate marketer 
  4. How to join other affiliate programs 

It is a 20 minutes course that will help you put things in perspective. Although it cost $24.99, it will help you put things in the proper perspective in the shortest time possible. You can get access to affiliate marketing foundations here 

3. How to Start Affiliate Marketing (Voluum)

Free online affiliate marketing training

How to start affiliate marketing is another free online affiliate marketing course targeted at helping beginners take a good grip of the business. This course will expose you to the following.

  1. Select the right niche, products to promote, and platforms to join. 
  2. How to design effective ads for marketing 
  3. How to generate traffic and leads 
  4. How to keep track of your progress via relevant analytics 

Voluum has completely packed this free course with a certificate of participation. You can click here to join how to start affiliate marketing.  

4. 123 Affiliate Marketing Course 

Pat Flynn started the course in 2010; he has raised more than $3 million from this single endeavor. It is highly recommended for folks who understand online marketing but need to be much more specific on affiliate marketing. 

Free online affiliate marketing training

Pat focuses on turning your existing audience into traffic sources for your affiliate marketing venture. Although it costs as much as $599, it has a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

Authority Site System 

Free online affiliate marketing training
Free online affiliate marketing training

This affiliate marketing course is all-encompassing. It covers everything you need in affiliate marketing. It includes keyword research, market research, freelancer hiring, monetization, and a lot more. In addition, is the support you will get. 

The course is 120 training videos and text content stretching to more than 70,000 words. Below are some of the takeaways from the Authority site:

  1. It will help you create your website from scratch to success 
  2. Create good content with templates 
  3. Help you monetize your website 
  4. Learn to get your job done using freelancers 
  5. Create excellent links that will do very well on Google. 

5. Commission Hero 

Free online affiliate marketing courses

Commission Hero is another affiliate marketing course that you need to spend quality time on. It is a guaranteed training that will help you make some decent income. The course will help you master selecting products, targeting the right audience, running Facebook ads, and making a decent profit. 

It costs as much as $997 for a one-time payment and $597 if you pay twice. The duration for the cause is 30 days, after which you are expected to start making a profit. It is a whole system that involves choosing an offer, developing photos and ads, and building landing pages. 

6. Affiliate Marketing Course on Udemy 

I have selected three courses on Udemy that I have vetted, and you can take advantage of any of them. 

  • A. Learn to Build High-Quality Affiliate comes with a cost on Udemy. It will help you learn to choose a niche, help you set up a website, install important plugins, and build affiliate sales pages. Below is a summary of what the course offers. 
    • Learn to build a quality affiliate website 
    • Learn to display affiliate products to customers 
    • Learn to create highly engaging content 
    • Learn affiliate marketing in details 
  • B. Clickbank Success: this course will help you understand how to select products from the ClickBank platform and sell it fast. It is well suited for beginners to learn the basics and how to be successful with affiliate marketing. Below is a brief of what you will gain from the course. 
    • Learn to select Clickbank products 
    • Learn to sort products 
    • Keep track of ads performance 
    • Market click bank products on Facebook without any investment 
    • Learn applicable strategies to non-Clickbank products 
  • C. The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Business Course. If you are out to find out how others have scaled through the business, then the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Course is the ultimate for you. Let us see some of the takeaways from this course. 
    • Understand how to make money from different affiliate products
    • Learn to address various SEO challenges 
    • Choose niches that are profitable 
    • Design high-quality landing pages 
    • Create excellent blog and email marketing content. 

7. Online Entrepreneur Certification (Best Free online affiliate marketing courses)

Online Entrepreneur Certification is my Number one Recommendation for a free online affiliate marketing Course. Apart from the quality training from this platform, the fact that you can get started with the training for free and that you are introduced to a community of affiliate marketers makes this my number one recommendation for anybody interested in starting as an affiliate marketer or an online Entrepreneur.

Getting help from the community is a huge advantage that you cannot underestimate. The Wealthy Affiliate community consists of members at different stages in their affiliate marketing Journey. And it gives you an open room to interact and develop good relationships. 

Below are the benefits of joining this community of Affiliate marketers.

  1. You can start for free 
  2. You will belong to a group of affiliate marketers that are ready to help 
  3. You will get a free WordPress website to start work 
  4. You will get access to a free keyword research tool 

But on going premium with Wealthy Affiliate, Below are additional benefits from the platform. 

  1. Training 
    1. Additional training of over 50 resources 
    2. Weekly Webinar with top professionals making a total of not less than 52
    3. More than 1,000 training modules from community members 

2. Websites 

  1.             You can Host 10 Websites for free on the Wealthy Affiliate Hosting Platform 
  2. Your website comes with top security, free SSL, daily backup, Speed Optimized website 
  3. Image Optimization 
  4. Amazon Web Services 
  5. Instant DNS 
  6. Duplicate Content Checker 

3. Support 

  1. 24/7 Live Chat with community members 
  2. Unlimited Question and Answer 
  3. Private messaging With community members 
  4. Technical Support from the dedicated support team 

4. Research 

  1. Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool (Free access)
  2. Unlimited Keyword research 
  3. Competition analysis 
  4. Keyword idea Generation 
  5. Site Rank Analysis 
  6. Affiliate program search 

In conclusion, selecting one of the best free online affiliate marketing courses or training depends solely on you. It depends on your comfort with starting up, your experience level, and the available resources to help you get started. 

With the advice above, I believe selecting a program should no longer be a challenge. Whichever one you choose, you must put the training into practice. For me, Wealthy Affiliate still remains my number one recommendation for learning affiliate marketing. They continue to make trending webinars and workshops available. Also their platform with over 2,000,000 subscribers across the globe will make interaction with other marketers easier. Linking up and learning from others is the key difference between failures and successes. 

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