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When it comes to long term content strategies, keyword research stand has a cornerstone. Any contents strategy built without proper implementation of keyword research will fail. As an online content creator you need an excellent keyword tool for SEO.

With little or no effort, an article written with keyword research conducted will rank faster. It will rank without application of other tactics seamlessly. So you should take your keyword research to heart and avoid tools that are not accurate.

With the right tool ranking on a search engine is a done deal. I will unveil the best keyword tool for SEO and show you where you can access it for free.


Who Am I

Best Keyword tool SEO - Ayodeji Owoeye
Ayodeji Owoeye

Just before I move on with Jaaxy, I think it is good I give you a picture of who I am and why my opinion on a keyword tool will be right. I am a freelance writer and an affiliate marketer. My source of income is from developing content for blogs and websites, focusing on SEO traffic strategies.

As such, I work with keyword research tools daily. I have used Jaaxy for more than nine months, within which I have grown at least three websites from zero income to a full-blown money bag. Why I decided to write this review. It will benefit those in search of a reliable keyword tool.

Although I will be earning an affiliate commission based on your purchase from this review, you can rest assured, I will not talk of the advantages without exposing the lapses I have seen in this great package.

Without spending time on unnecessary issues, it is time we take a walk into Jaaxy itself. Let us see what it is composed of and what it has to offer.

Jaaxy in Brief

Best Keyword Tool SEO Jaaxy

Jaaxy is a beginner-friendly keyword tool. It spools keyword analysis from search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) and makes it available to users in the simplest form.

If you are familiar with the free Google Planner, you will appreciate how cumbersome it may be for beginners with little or no experience. Also, it comes with no analysis of your competitors. Here, Jaaxy makes all the difference. Jaaxy will spool data from a search engine, process them, and present it in an easily understandable format. It makes all the difference.

It does not just leave you at that; it presents a competition analysis. It shows you the difficulty level when it comes to ranking on search engine with your competitor. It also breaks down the strength of your competitors both in terms of word count, internal links and backlinks as we will see shortly.

Thus, this tool is very instrumental when it comes to finding keywords with low competition and high traffic. Google Planner will not deliver this at your desk.

Jaaxy was created by two affiliate marketers, Kyle and Carson. They designed this keyword tool and made it easy to use for themselves and their students in the Wealthy Affiliate University. They came up with a tool that is a go-to for anyone in the digital marketing industry.

The tool (Jaaxy) can help users come up with keywords that have high traffic and low competition. Just before we start seeing each of Jaaxy component, enter a keyword in the space below to try jaaxy free.

How does Jaaxy Work

Jaaxy comprises of some basic features which help in brainstorming keyword ideas, conducting keyword research, and analyzing competitors keyword.

Let us go through each of these features and see how they work, after which I will walk you through it, and show you how to access Jaaxy for free.

Keyword Tool For SEO

I have tried so many other keyword tools, but how to navigate the platform and interpret the results has always been challenging. But when I approached Jaaxy, the case was different. Honestly, this was the first thing that drew me to the system.

The keyword search tool’s dashboard is well-organized with six columns, each warehousing one this item – Avg, Traffic, QSR, KQI, SEO and Domains. It is well organized and presents your required result at a glance.

Average Monthly Searches (AVG)

As the name suggest, it gives the average monthly searches your keyword will experience within a month. To keep it simple, it is a reflection of how many people will type these keywords in search engines.


 is a show of the approximate value of the number of people who will visit your website.

Quoted Search Result (QSR)

It is a reflection of the number of websites competing for the same keyword. It is a unique characteristic of Jaaxy, which gives you an idea of the competition set ahead for the keyword.

Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

We have seen how the keyword will attract traffic, also we have seen the competition, another thing is the quality of the keyword. KQI tells us how good the keyword will be. It tells if the keyword is great, normal, or poor. They are set each with its unique colour; green is assigned to great, orange is assigned to normal, while red is assigned to poor.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It indicates the probability of ranking on the first page based on this keyword. The higher the rating, the higher the probability of finding your website on the front page of Google, bing, or yahoo. You should target a keyword with a rating of not less than 85 per cent.


This is a place where marketers who are interested in buying keyword related domains find comfort. Another set of marketers that will enjoy this are those interested in flipping domains.

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup

This is Google search terminal incorporated in Jaaxy. It makes searching for keywords very easy. When using the alphabet soup on Jaaxy, all you need to do is input your keywords and Jaaxy will return to you thousands of long-tail keywords people are searching on Google.

E.g. input the word “ content keyword”, see below Jaaxy returning a list of keywords users are searching for on Google.

Jaaxy alphabet soup image

As seen above, the alphabet soup will save you time and effort searching and thinking of what people are searching on various search engines. The alphabet soup will give you sufficient data and group them based on each prefix or suffix

Jaaxy Saved List

Jaaxy helps you keep your search records. Keeping your search records is adequately taken care off. Jaaxy got that handled via the saved list on Jaaxy. Top of it is that you can download this list in CVS format to gain access to it when offline.

Apart from the saved list, Jaaxy automatically keeps a search history in the saved search history. So even if you did not save it on your list. The platform already keeps it, although this may mean some good time of the dedicated search

Jaaxy Search Analysis

This is where Jaaxy makes competitor analysis very easy. It does that by helping you see into the first set of websites ranking on page one of Google for this same keyword. As seen below, it helps you see the websites ranking on page one, their number of word count, number of links on each site, number of backlinks, Alexa ranking and if they carry Adsense or not.

Jaaxy Search analysis image

Jaaxy search analysis presents 9 results. It is good enough to see what they are doing on arrival on the first page for your intended keyword.

Jaaxy Site Rank

If you are looking out to know where your article ranks on Google or other search engines, Jaaxy got you covered. Sitting down and going through Googles pages one after the other can be a difficult task.

Jaaxy will help you find where you stand in the first twenty pages of Google, Yahoo, or Bing and track keyword ranking on a daily, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. By so doing you do not need to start searching through multiple pages of search engine result.

Jaaxy Video Tutorials

If you are new to Jaaxy, finding your way through the platform has been carefully taken care of. There is a help centre containing 3 different types of the video explaining the platform in details. It also has downloadable PDFs that cover topics like website research, keyword research, and niche research.

All these resources are available for free to subscribers signing in for free.

The resources on this platform are a go-to for new bloggers when it comes to unveiling Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Support for Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy has 24 hours available support. They will respond to your questions in such a way as to solve the present issue and a guide against future occurrence. Like I said above, Jaaxy was developed by Kyle and Carson.

I have worked with them on the Wealthy Affiliate, they take their client to heart. They are thorough when it comes to service delivery and also exceptional in regular content update and delivery. A look at their training in the wealthy affiliate university will tell you how much quality content these guys are ready to let out for free.

A practice with Jaaxy

Let us take a simple walk together as I use Jaaxy with you. For this I will be researching on “is leadsleap scam”.

As a practice, I review products that I am well abreast with. I do thorough keyword research to find keywords that I can use and I can easily rank on search engines

Plugging my intended keyword in jaaxy, below is the result

Best Keyword tool SEO Jaaxy Example

As you can see above, Jaaxy has updated me with detailed result. It has pointed to the average monthly search (AVG) of 72, traffic on the first page of 13, a competition (QSR) of 6 and also a good rating for SEO of 96. Also, related keyword and details were released.

You can plug in your trial keyword here for free


Jaaxy Pricing

Although Jaaxy comes with a free plan, it also has a pro and an enterprise package. They come with additional features and extra cost. But when compared with other keyword tools of the same status and value, you discover that the cost is comparatively cheap.

best keyword tool SEO - Jaaxy Pricing

Starter Plan: it is the free plan, all you need to do is sign up and you gain access to 30 keyword searches, 30 site rank analysis and 20search on the result.

Honesty, this plan will not be sufficient if you are taking content creation as a business. You need to migrate to the pro plan.

Jaaxy Pro Plan: it cost USD 49. You will have access to unlimited keyword searches. It also grants you access to keyword scans, 15 alphabet soup keyword research per letter, and comprehensive analysis of the first-page result on Search Engine.

Jaaxy Enterprise Plan: this is a go-to tool for teams or professional content producers. You will get 50 alphabet soup result per page, 10,000 competitors scan and lots more. Top of it all result are displayed automatically and there is no manual display

Unlike the pro, you need to click to view the result. But here your results are presented automatically.

Jaaxy In View

Going by the pricing, structure and overview it is evident that Jaaxy is a good tool for both beginners and professionals. If you create content on regular basis and in need of a tool to generate a long-tail keyword, Jaaxy is a go-to tool for you.

Pro of Jaaxy

  1. It is well suited to help you achieve your SEO goals
  2. The tool is very precise, it removes irrelevant data making it very simple and not complicated
  3. It is my number one recommendation for beginners. You do not need any complicated training to use this tool
  4. It is cheap, even the pro version can be accessed for free.

Con of Jaaxy

  1. Jaaxy is extremely simplified, it’s main focus is on traffic and competition analysis. Although this is the core of the business. It lacks information on domain authority, the number of links and other SEO related information.
  2. It does not make available information on local SEO. As such, when writing for clients with the intent for Local SEO, Jaaxy is not sufficient.

How to Access Jaaxy Lite – keyword tool for seo

Jaaxy Lite is an upgraded free version of Jaaxy that serves very closely to Jaaxy Pro. With Jaaxy Lite you will be able to access 10 alphabet soup words per each letter, 25 keyword result, affiliate program search and unlimited keyword search.

Jaaxy Lite is exclusively available free for members of Wealthy Affiliate platform. Top of it is that if you want to upgrade to Jaaxy Pro which cost $49, you will get a discount of 60 per cent. This translates to a cost of $19 for members of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Apart from Jaaxy, as a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, you will enjoy free hosting on SiteRubix Platform for 10 websites. The platform grants you access to a community of affiliate marketers that are ready to support and share their experience with you.

Top of it is the training on this platform, there are two major pieces of training. The online entrepreneurship certification and the boot camp, both are well-suited training for digital marketing. Apart from this, there is a weekly ongoing life training for premium members.

The good news is that you can gain access to the wealthy affiliate Platform for free. No credit card required. Use the link below to access Wealthy Affiliate university for free.


Hi, I am Ay. I am here to share my experience on blogging and affiliate marketing. I left my finance Job to work as full time blogger. My believe the easiest way to help people around me is share my experience.

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      I love the way you put it – jaaxy works magic. With keyword research from Jaaxy I have built and. Monetize several websites, in a nutshell, it’s a great tool 

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  5. I like Jaaxy although I do worry about the correctness of the results in terms of locality. I’m in Australia and the results are more relevant for US searches I believe. Do you think that’s right? I didn’t know about the site ranking check, so thanks for that. There are so many features you can spend a lot of time on it. I now take my Jaaxy results and put the keywords into the Coschedule’s headline analyzer tool. It’s free and I love it. I used to use Jaaxy to create my headlines as closely as possible to the keywords but I think the coschedule tool is useful too. If you want to connect via WA I’m Debzo 🙂 

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  10. Jaaxy is fantastic keyword tool. I use Jaaxy too. In my experience Jaaxy is one of the most powerful keywords tools in market, its interface is easy  to use and the data is easy  to understand,it’s a brilliant tool for Affiliate marketer, Niche marketer and to anyone who does any kind of Online Marketing.. I Recommended Jaaxy for everyone. There are plenty of additional tools that allow you to write easily. Thanks for this link.

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    • Keyword tools are very important when it comes to creating content. Jaaxy is a good keyword tool, it is easy to use and also affordable when compared with other keyword tools 

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    • Jaaxy is an excellent SEO keyword research tool. Like you said it is next to none in the market. The keyword research is highly precise

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    • Thank you Caro this is one good thing with Jaaxy. It is suitable for both new bie and experienced hands 

  19. Before joining the Wealthy Affiliate platform and upgrading to premium, I made sure I did a very thorough research on what they have to offer. Jaaxy, the best SEO tool for beginners as I have read, being one of the features for both the starter, the premium and premium plus membership got me excited. Reading this article has made me to know more than I knew about Jaaxy and I am positive this knowledge will definitely be beneficial for me.

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    One thing I didn’t see in your post was the fact that it will not only check the rank of my keyword, for example, “Rumpelstiltskin”, it will also come up with various alternatives such as “Who is Rumpelstiltskin” or “Rumpelstiltskin Story”.  This has often helped me to find a keyword that’s better than the one I had intended to use.  Even the limited plan has this feature.

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