The Best Online Jobs for Seniors around the World.

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“Retired but not tired” is a common saying among seniors. Many seniors do not like the idea of not being productive. They always want to take care of the person upkeep and contribute to the development of their environment.

This dream is achievable simply by working from home. It is simple, convenient, and of great advantage to seniors who are not mobile. Most importantly, it will help them keep fit, remain relevant, and earn a decent income.

Top of it, tools required are online tools that are cheap and affordable. You might need grammar editing tools like Grammarly and image creation tools like Canva.

There are a lot of opportunities out there that they can explore. Not all online jobs are well suited for seniors. We must take a look at the characteristics of the best online jobs for seniors and how they can avoid been scammed.

Characteristics of best online Jobs for Seniors

  1. The website or online job must be easy to navigate. They get easily turned off from websites that are not user friendly or site that are too complex to navigate.
  2. The objectives of the jobs must be defined. They want to know what they will get when they join the website
  3. The cost of entry must be transparent. They do not like hidden fees or charges. They want their cost properly spelt out.
  4. They want to have a realistic idea of what they will earn from the website or the newly found job. At this age, they are not in for unrealistic claims of thousands of dollars. They are well experienced, as such, are not gullible.

How to Avoid Scams 

Despite these unique characteristics, I will still want to warn against online scams. A lot of scams target defrauding senior citizens. They feel they are less aware of recent happenings and will want to take advantage of them. Anything that promises you a high and unrealistic return for little investment of both money and time is a red flag.

Below are some obvious red flags

  1. Do not be in a hurry to pay upfront for a product or service. Never pay for a product such as a list of phone numbers or email addresses need to start earning an income. If you are to pay for such, it is most likely a scam.
  2. Read product information carefully, avoid products that need periodic purchase.
  3. Some companies will claim to send advances payments, avoid them like a plague. They do it to get your bank details. Genuine companies pay for the services you offer.
  4. Avoid sharing your details. You must not share sensitive information like your credit and debit card details. 
  5. Do your best to get information and verify them. Enquires for the companies details: the company address, phone number, mission statement, and the name of the founders and their history.
  6. Always read companies reviews. Do not be pressured to join any online job or company without reading the reviews. There is a lot of review source online.

Best Online Jobs for Seniors

Another important thing is a new field of endeavour that claims you do not need training. I agree that you are well experienced and have worked for years, you still need basic training if you are coming into a new field. Most of the jobs we will be looking at are based on internet marketing. I have created a masterclass for people interested in the laptop lifestyle. It will help you start and build a foundation for your business.

Let us take a look at ten online jobs for seniors.

1. Freelancing

People are placing jobs on freelancing sites, and a lot of them come out daily. This set of jobs includes content writing, design, transcription, design, telemarketing, business logo creation, and lots more.

They are on job boards or freelancing website. Users search based on their interest and bid for the jobs. The employer will select one of the users based on their profile, pitches, and past reviews.

Each user ensures their jobs are properly done promptly. They summit the jobs and get paid for the job done.

There are a lot of these freelancing websites. Each of them has unique ways of evaluating its users. Some conduct test and others rely on reviews from a past project completed. Also, they have a way of charging for their services.

See a list below of some of these freelancing websites

  1. Fiverr
  5. Guru

2. Consulting and Coaching

Our focus is primarily on your knowledge and skill. The knowledge and skill gain while actively working remains. It did not vanish at retirement. You can leverage this knowledge by starting home-based coaching or consulting business. Coaching and consulting is one of the best online jobs for seniors. You can achieve them simply by using tools like skype and zoom to create online conferences. If you get clients within your location, you can manage the business from home and pay them visits once in a while.

For coaching, you can do it for individuals and also on a corporate basis. You can develop strategies for achieving specific tasks, stand as a life coach, or even conduct regularly job training for professionals.

Consulting on its own is business-specific. The targets are usually small and large scale businesses. Depending on the skills you have or that you are willing to learn. You may need to visit the business location for a start and continue to follow up with zoom or other available technology.

Starting up is not difficult. You can start with your past network. It includes your formal employer, friends that have other forms of businesses running and other prospects around.

3. Financial Advisor 

If you are vast in money management or you worked in the financial industry before. You can help others manage their resources. Worth mentioning is the need for certification for you to work as a professional. You will need to pass the Certified Financial Planner exam to work as a professional. Another key ingredient will be building a website. You will find my course on building a laptop lifestyle useful.

My key point for working as a financial advisor as one of the best online jobs for seniors is to put together your experience in the financial sector and how you intend to deliver this service to your potential customers. Advertise your services on social media and other online platforms. Do not forget to apportion a price tag to your services.

4. Create eBooks and Online Courses 

What was your area of specialization, which unique skill did you acquire while working? You can develop materials inform of online or offline training and eBooks. For example, I am a poultry farmer, and I have some pieces of training available for the entrepreneur.

As a retiree, you can package your experience into training material for others to learn. If you are not an indigenous English speaker, tools like Grammarly will be very useful. People will be willing to buy and pay for it.

Other folks out there are charging as much as 1,000 USD for the valuable experience. If you decide to make it cheap and affordable, you can charge a decent amount of not less than $50 for your knowledge and skill.

5. Ecommerce with Amazon

Ecommerce is one of the fastest growing online business. There are different approaches to it. You can create your online store on Amazon where you sell items from manufacturers in other nations. You can even use your online store to sell ebooks, crafts, any homemade goods or other royalty items that you created.

You can also use it as an avenue to dispose of your used materials in good condition. You can sell your electronics, books, pieces of jewellery, clothing and lots more. Apart from Amazon, you can use eBay, Etsy and many other options.

6. Turn a Hobby into a business.

You may not want to continue with tasks related to what you did at your workplace. You do not need to worry. You can start a home business with your hubby.

I worked in the finance industry. After I lost my job, I determined never to work in the finance industry again. I disliked the job and the environment, losing it was like relief from prison. I started a poultry business and also delved into freelancing and building my blog.

If you are like me, you can look at your immediate environment and determine what you enjoy best. You can start breeding dogs, you can put up a kids club for teens, you can take to gardening. One unique thing is that you can create e-Courses for any of your hubbies.

You can turn any of your hobbies into a business. What is important is figuring out how you can create a product or services with what you enjoy doing best. Worst case scenario, you should be able to teach others to do and enjoy your hubby. With that, you can start a blog, podcast or even video presentations on YouTube.

Look at what you like doing best, find out how to package it. Do it in such a way that people will be willing to pay for it.

7. Blogging 

It is one of my most popular recommendation for seniors and other folks looking at making an income from home. All you need to do is provide the necessary information on what people are looking for. I know a lot of seniors are enquiring on how they can make substance, that is why I created this article. You can do the same thing.

People are always solving the net. They are either in search of information or entertainment. Your ability to meet this high demand will determine how much you make from them.

We have look at some ways of making money like selling, creating products, or creating value via your hubby. It does not stop there, you can blog about your story. People will be willing to pay for your experience.

You can create a blog around your experience, and use it to sell other peoples product as an affiliate.

Yes, to hear me well.

With your own story, you can sell affiliate products of other folks out there and make a good commission.

In conclusion, finding the best online jobs for seniors is not difficult. You can start from your experience or your immediate environment and turn it into a new set of income.

The above options point to the fact that you can easily leverage the power of the internet. You can use the internet to research, create and market your new skill or product. Like every other new skill you need to learn, I have created a course that covers all you need to know when it comes to creating an online business. I title it building a Laptop Lifestyle.

In this course, I will teach you how to market and advertise your product, knowledge or skill on the web. I will guide you towards selecting a product to sell, how to create a website to sell and how to drive traffic to your website. On top of it, I am leaving it for free for a short period. You can access it now

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  1. Hello and thanks for sharing. Excellent ideas, but… I do think that a spelling or autocorrect error has made your #6 item a bit more scandalous than intended. Turning a “hubby” into a business sounds like asking your husband to do questionable things for money. Turning a hobby (with an “o”) into a business is an excellent idea though. 

    Thanks for sharing the ideas. 🙂

    • Wahoo, thank you for spotting out this error. I will correct it immediately 

  2. This is great to read this post on best online jobs for seniors. At the age of 62 now, I feel far from being ready to stop work, so retirement is somewhere in the future. As a crafter, I have been contemplating creating an online course, as I have been teaching kids how to knit. This way I can hopefully earn some residual income that can one day supplement my pension. 

  3. Hi, pleased to meet you. I’ve just gone through your article on the best online jobs for seniors. I found it very educative and informative too. I must agree with you that retired seniors always want to keep things in place so that they can still feel relevant in their homes. So online jobs can actually make them very important family members, but it is also true that they do not need complicated things, they something that is easy and manageable without causing them any stress. Thanks for sharing this amazing piece of writing. I will be sharing it further too.

    • They need to be very relevant. And we can always help them achieve it 

  4. You are right in saying, Senior Citizens only retired from usual work. But they do not really want to stop working, having seen some seniors who stop working, fully rested and become physically week or had an early weakening of memory.

    For those who would like to seek online jobs, I want to thank you for sharing the characteristics best best online jobs for seniors, how to avoid scams ( much needed) and citing the best online jobs for them. It is such a good and well sufficient list. 

    Your post is a real help to them. 

    • You are very right, a lot of seniors do not want to retire and sit doing nothing for fear of sickness. So it is better they are engaged at least with online jobs from their comfort 

  5. So true what you say we oldies don’t really retire, we just move onto another career. Lost of good ideas as to what retired people can do, and I am sure there are hundreds more that they could do. 

    My background is as a carpenter. once I got out of mainstream building, people who knew me were wanting all sorts of things done to their homes, or made for their homes, so I found myself busier than I had been with a job.  So in effect I wasn’t really retired at all. 

    It then became time to make a choice and start saying No. It took some time for them to accept that, but eventually it settled down and they understood where I was coming from.

    And like you I like blogging, I think it is a good way to record our experiences and offer advice on topics we know something about plus give us time to travel and enjoy that too. 

    • Great,

      I appreciate this share of experience. Like you said there is a lot you can do. Blogging is just a one off 

  6. I think older people who retire have a lot of experience and knowledge that they can pass on, and online jobs are a great option for that.
    All of these online jobs for seniors that you have listed allow people to earn with their knowledge and experience. A big plus is that the possibility of working online is something new for many older people, so they also have the opportunity to gain some new knowledge (for example, how to create a website, online store, e-book, etc.).
    Excellent online job presentations for seniors, but I would also like to say, that these are actually an opportunity for people of all generations looking for earning possibilities online. Especially thanks for mentioning all the red flags when looking for such opportunities!
    I wish you all the best

  7. It’s good that we can work online and actually get to learn about these new ways of making income. I never imagined it would be possible for me to work online. But the way you’re describing it, it sound like something I could do. There will be a learning curve. But I’m already excited about it. Thanks for opening my eyes to these possibilities.

    • Yes its something you can do. And like you said, there will be a learning curve. We all have to learn 

  8. Hi there, thanks for this awesome and informative article. I agree that blogging can become a full time job/business for anyone even if they are seniors. I’m currently doing blogging as a side business while working on college. I am curious about ecommerce though. How does one get into doing that? 

    • That is great. Ecommerce is all about sourcing for goods at cheaper end online and selling at more expensive points 

  9. Hi there! My favorite part of your site was your post about Wealthy Affiliate. This place is amazing. Round Clock Support. Any questions I get a quick response. I’ve been on here what 34 days now and I have learned so much and my site is up and running. Your posts have lots of valuable content. I probably will need to reference the jobs online for seniors section haha. Overall I think you have done an amazing job and are already well on your way to success. Take Care My Friend!! Cheers!

  10. Thanks for sharing those great ideas for ways for older people to earn extra money in retirement.

    I had to take early retirement and therefore I don’t have a great pension, so I am looking around for ways to boost my income.  I am a qualified risk assessor, so I would like to do consultancy work in that area if I could.  I just need to figure out how I would go about it, as I have no idea how to approach it.

    • Hi Geoff,

      Amvglad you figured out a direction. See you at the top my friend 

  11. enjoyed the article its so true i retired a few years ago you get so use to the everyday grind for most of your life then when it stops you really not sure what to do anymore. I actually started with wealthy affiliates and has been a great experience and learned a lot from them.

  12. Very interesting article. I think we often underestimate experience and life knowledge of more senior people. Youth has its benefits, but older employees are more matured, reliable and they often offer completely different perspective. I couldn’t agree more that freelancing is perfect work for seniors, also some of my favorite blogs are written by older people. Enthusiasm not always is enough to replace knowledge end experience. Thank you for reminding this ! 

    • Hi Cogito,

      I very much agree with you on the experience and maturity of seniors. They can be very resourceful but it’s better they work from a more relax point. Where the stress of walking, standing and sitting is taken off them 

  13. Ayodeji
    This is actually two articles in one
    1. How to look for work online
    2. Different careers and jobs available to retirees.

    I love your slogan “Retired but not tired”; it’s both inspirational and motivating. I also like the slogan “I’ll rest when I pass”, it might be a bit heavy-handed, but gets the point across I am going to keep going till I can’t. The way you outlined this article follows the natural line of questions people might ask as they read. You anticipate their questions and then provide a detailed answer. Shows you have a good understanding of your readers and how to present information in a logical and simply format.

    You cover the 6 primary scams retirees can run into when searching online for a job or business opportunity. For me, the first thing I check are the reviews; on the website, BBB and Trustpilot. If there are any inconsistencies, I stay clear. Your list of the best online jobs for seniors gave me some new ideas. Never thought about writing an e-book based on my adventures, but now, I am starting an outline.

    You have made me a believer in creating a Laptop Lifestyle and I intend to try it for free!

    • Thank you Terry,

      The #laptoplifestyle rocks. It is the winning ticket to #retiredbutnottired

  14. I am satisfied to meet you. I’ve recently gone through your article on the best online positions for seniors. I thought that it was educative and educational as well. I should concur with you that resigned seniors consistently need to keep things set up to feel still important in their homes. So online positions can make them huge relatives, however, it is additionally obvious that they don’t require convoluted things. Much obliged for sharing this fabulous piece of composing. I will be sharing it further, as well.

  15. I am 68 and recently retired. Even before I left my regular job, I kept wondering what I could do earning extra income while I enjoy what I am doing. I have tried some of those that you suggested. Some I just abandoned, and others have worked although a bit sporadic. Any occupation that requires me to do all kinds of fixing of website and SEO and SSL etc I find so confusing. I am doing quite well with Fiverr and I am thinking of designing ebooks and courses based on my teaching background. Thanks for the tips. I am glad these are available and and I don’t  have to spend my days watching TV or gardening.

    • That is great JJ. I am glad you have designed and decided on a road map


  16. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article – The Best Online Jobs for Seniors around the World. Adults like to be occupied, being at home can some get to them after awhile. Being able to work online from the comfort of the home or even while on vacation will keep them occupied. 

  17. Enjoyed reading your post on online jobs for seniors. As a senior myself, I was curious about your approach.  Too many times people talk down to seniors and that is a big mistake. There is a wealth of knowledge in the retired portion of our population. I think as companies begin to start up after the pandemic, there will be some interesting positions opening up for seniors who want to work, but do not want to leave home. I’ve always thought that companies that retired people out at 60 or 65 are doing themselves a great disservice. They are losing a wealth of experience, and hiring replacements that will need months of training. I know, it’s all about salary grades and insurance. I am pleased that you suggested ways for seniors to keep up with the latest in writing skills and image building. You offered quite an array of business possibilities for seniors to consider and a thorough article on the subject.

    • You are on point Barbara, seniors are a bank of experience that companies will need 

  18. This article will help a lot of seniors out there. Thank you for considering them. An online business is perfect, especially in this pandemic. They won’t have to interact with people or do deliveries. And yes if they are not careful they will get scammed. I am young but I got scammed. I bought a course that did not have information of what I needed to learn. 

  19. I am so glad I have come across your article. My parents are about to retire and they are looking for something to occupy their time. I will definitely be sharing your article with them as you have a lot of great information and suggestions. There is something for every one on your list of The Best Online Jobs for Seniors.

    The How to Avoid Scams section is especially important. Thank you for including this in your article.

  20. Hi there!

    This is brilliant and super informative. I have family members for are over 60-65 that are still very active in life and the information on this site provides great ideas and opportunities.

    I find it very caring that you took the time to create on this topic. It allows those who are young at heart to keep on creating their life.

    Thanks for sharing.

    ML, Sammy

  21. I like that expression “retired but not tired”. I have never heard that before 🙂 The sites you list (like Upwork, Fiver, etc) are great, for any age I would say. Having a website is also a good way to make money online and on top of that in a niche that you choose and love. 

    It’s sadly, indeed important to watch out for scams … there are so many, it’s terrible. Thanks for the tips you shared to avoid those scams. 

  22. I think the idea of offering coaching or consulting based on experience is a great idea for seniors. We tend to overlook all the valuable experience and insights they’ve gained over the years of living and working. It’s a resource that needs to be called on more.

    I also agree with the tips for avoiding scams. I’m not quite a senior yet, but it’s fast approaching. And, the constant changes in technology often leave me wondering if something is legitimate or not. It’s a good idea to be cautious and ask questions before jumping into anything.

    • Hi stella, 

      we underestimate the potential and vast understanding they have gathered over the years. It is important we look at harnessing it 


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