Why Blogging is an Important Content Marketing Strategy

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The world at large has drifted to the use of the internet, based on the recent happenings. Videos are one aspect that has been Celebrated. This drift to videos is born out of a notion. It depicts that people want to consume more of content that they can see and hear than reading text

In our day to day activities, Google is one of our go-to tools when it comes to research. During these searches, we are on the look for text-based articles, videos, or both. One seamless way to achieve this is via blogging.

We will see the correlation between blogging and content marketing. Not been biased but from an objective point of view. So whichever side of the pool you lie, this is a must-read for you. I will walk you through the essentials of blogging. which makes blogging essential and show you

Start Blogging - why blogging is important

What is the make-up of a blog?

  1. Target Audience: if there is no audience, then you do not have a blog. Every blog is to reach out to an audience. As such, you must understand your target audience and develop a strategy for reaching out.
  2. Writing Style: This is another unique to each blogger. Each of us has your unique voice or tune when you put your ideas on paper.
  3. Writing Skill: I call this the boldness to write. Although some claim to have been born writing, I say you can learn it. You can start by knowing nothing to become a guru. It all depends on you.

Let us take a look at the importance of Blogging to your Business

1) It helps Attract New Client

People are looking for solutions to their problems. Posting relevant content will naturally attract people to your website. With the use of a relevant keyword, title tags, and Meta Description you can reposition your business on Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It will increase your organic traffic. As your blog articles increases, search engines continue to crawl to your website on a regular bases.

It is a Search Engine Optimization(SEO) tactics. When employed will lead to an increase in your ranking in search engines. The whole essence of SEO is to be visible on a search engine for particular keywords. Regular blogging will help you appear on search engine and draw free(organic) traffic to your website.

Note: Blogging is not a one-off thing, but must be consistent.

Below are some blogging tips

Use Images: Images are a way of passing down your messages. They will help you appealingly pass your message. They also help break the reading flow, thus making your content much more readable for your audience.

Top of it, Search Engines give priority to write-ups contain images and videos. If your image is optimized you stand a chance of drawing traffic with such images.

Rank your Topics

One common mistake newbies make is writing for just writing sake. Understand what your clients are looking for and write on them. Ensure that your write up is timely, the issue must be important and be relevant at the time of writing.

If you can develop content with your audience in focus, it solves the problem. You must ensure that your content matches your audience searches, as such, you are constantly providing them with a solution.

Blogging helps build Relation Building relationships is one of the corner pieces for success as a content marketer. This is the foundation for trust and brand building. Many content marketers forget this vital part of the business relationship building) and focus entirely on sales. For content marketing to be effective, there must be communication between both parties – Marketer and Client.

The main reason why people follow your content is based on trust, which is a bye product of relationships. Communication via user engagement is the best way to keep relationships. Just like our love affairs are fuelled by constant communication. Also, our website and other digital business will be fuelled via blogging.

As much as we must post content to build a relationship, we must also respond to our visitor’s comments. Just like you take offence when you talk and no one answers, the same way your audience will feel when the comment and you don’t respond.

The same way you would respond to comments on your blog, you also create time to respond to tweets and other social media form of communication.

2) Blogging builds trust

Trust is naturally a result of good relationships. We trust those we relate with much more than those we know nothing about. There are several tools and marketing agencies available to push your brand. But gaining trust via constant blogging has proven to work much more than any other dynamics.

3) Sales Channel

Blogging gives a lot of opportunities. You can share your experience, tell stories and even place your product in it for sales. If it is properly packaged, your audience would have bought your product before realising that you just placed a sale.

You are given out content and in the middle, there is a line of sale. But the key is that you must deliver valuable content. If you do not provide value, your readers will likely not follow you and you will lose their trust.

Note that this kind of marketing is a light highlight of your product. It is different from aggressive marketing.

In this type of marketing, you are capitalising on your audience desire to learn more from you. So do not turn them off with too much of advertisement. Overloading your website with sign-ups, pop-ups are not a good way to go.

Ensure there is a balance between your engagement and product sales. As much as your blog is not to be saturated with sales offers, so also it is not a place for just entertainment without conversion.

4) Access Point to Influencers

influencer - why blogging is important

I have talked about building relationships with your leads and clients. Another type of relationship you can achieve with blogging is with influencers. Mentioning influencers whom you look up to is go practice.

Remember that your blog should help you deliver value. Mentioning influencers will deliver value back to you in the long run

1) It will give you credibility: referring to influencers in your content helps authenticate your content. Your audience will trust your content and develop confidence in you.

An easy way you can achieve this is to use the outbound link to the content. Don’t be afraid of losing the audience. Create the link to open in a new page, be rest assured your audience will come back to your page.

2) Relation Building :

In mentioning someone in your content, the probability of him or her finding your content is high. It makes building a relationship with influencers easier. They know you are promoting them and their content.

This practice is noticeable with big brands like Hubspot, Shopify and content studio.

Hubspot is in the practice of mentioning influencers with marketing and entrepreneur success. The Content Studio is in the habit of referring to Niel Patel’s work in their content.

There are several types of content you can create. It ranges from the podcast, videos infographics. Amidst them, the blogging stand has the best and most resources at all times. The instant conversion of clients to paying customers may not be as high as others. But blogging remains the go-to when it comes to building a brand.

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  1. Very Apt this one you shared on how to blog just right. I like it and I must tell you that blogging is something that I have really admired a lot but I just don’t see myself as one of those very good writers so I feel it isn’t for me. Do you know where I would be able to learn blogging. Is there a platform that has this kind of course?

    • Hello Jackie,

      Thank you for your response, you dont need to be a professional before you start blogging. You can attend online entrepreneur certification to learn blogging, It is powered by wealthy affiliate. Also, concerning writing, you can use grammaly editor to help your writings. With this resources, you will be on your way to the top.

      Wishing you all the best 


  2. Blogging has proved to be a very good idea with content marketing and most people do not know how to go about it and it’s really bad when you have the zeal and not know how to do it. With so many people interested in it, when going into it’s it’s really good to set a target audience and from there it would be very easy for you to write up your contents

  3. Hello there, thanks a lot for sharing this amazing piece of information here with us. I must say that i really did enjoyed going through your review. I really do find these tips mentioned in this review very lucrative as a beginner to content marketing, i sure will employ these tips on my website, thanks for your help

  4. Hello there! Thanks a lot for dropping this article on why blogging is a powerful content marketing strategy. I find it very helpful and highly informative and I totally agree with you on the fact that blogging is indeed a power strategy in marketing.  Indeed, blogging helps you to attract new viewers so it’d definitely help you with social media business. It also gives you credibility which you really need in business. Thank you very much for this 

  5. Hi Ayodeji, 

    Such a well written article! Thank u so much. People are looking for solutions to their problems online and need answers. Posting relevant content will naturally attract people to your website for finding solutions to what they need. With the use of a relevant keyword, title tags, and Meta Description you can get folks to your website for free. Organic traffic is free traffic. If your website gets popular, then you will start getting organic traffic and obviously, people will but from you if they like your content.



    • Aps,

      I love the way you ended this – people will buy from you if they like your content. This is that anchor of blogging for content production. 


  6. Hi,

    From my research Blogging is a critical component to a successful content marketing strategy. Having a blog posting strategy in place that resonates with your target audience will help with your goal of generating more leads for your business, and it also helps establish your business as a thought leader in your industry. Blogging is very useful if you know how to use it to generate traffic for your website or clients websites.

    Thank you.


    • Hello Aluko, 

      You are very on point. Blogging is a good tool for content marketing 

  7. I love this article. You went into details about blogging. I think any one who finds this article and don’t know much about blogging will definitely learn something here. I know I have. I’m saving this for future reference to improve my blogging skills. There are things that I find here which I need to apply. Thanks for a helpful article.

  8. A great article that really reinforces my belief that as online marketers operating in a world that has seen video start to dominate we can still build an audience through writing valuable content and in time hopefully generate an income stream. I really like the fact that you emphasize the idea of blog content being value driven and needing to come from an authentic voice, rather than just focusing on trying to chase money.   

  9. Hello,

    I am also a member of Wealthy Affiliate and I have not regretted it for a minute! Recently I started my website and I know that it is indeed very important to offer high-quality content consisting of 1500-2500 words.

    And when you say “content” where can you distribute it more than via a blog post? So you are 100% right when you say that a blog is very important. Also because of the numerous additional keywords that will be found. So: the more you write, the better …

    I myself am still struggling a bit with “blogging” but I will find my way by following online courses or by looking at sites like yours where clear information is provided.

    So: keep up the good work!


  10. I agree with your points, blogging is an important part of selling these days. People want advice and recommendations from those they trust.

    Most check a few different bogs for what they need, so value is important in content. It needs to be interesting and not bland, to have the blogger’s voice that they come to recognise as you have said.

    The more you write the easier it gets until eventually it just flows.

    Great informational post, thank you.

  11. Our main objective as an affiliate marketer is to help our customers to make a buying decision that directly results in commissions.; What better way to do that than write a blog that shows them the pros and cons of the product in the form 0f a review. 

    The name for writing such content is blogging, This can be a whole lot of fun. It begans before writing the blog by researching the product and formulating a written response to a question the customer has namely,will this product meet my needs?



  12. These are essential blogging tips. I resonated especially with the tip on ranking your topics in order of importance to your audience because truly your blog, as long as it’s not a blog about your life, is meant for your readers, and you shouldn’t just write randomly about topics your readers have no interest in.

    One major tip I’m taking away from this is mentioning influencers and leaders in your blog industry. It does make sense that creating some  attention to their work can get you access to their own audiences as well.

    Thanks for sharing these

  13. I am starting in the blogging world and found quite difficult to get ideas for my new posts all the time even when searching for good and related keywords. But when I have the best keywords I start thinking about what can I help others mainly thinking about what will be good for me if I knew it when I started training as my blog is fitness related. 

    Mainly I am giving advice to my younger me, because as me there must be someone looking for the same information that I now know. 

    About posting new content, how often is it healthy to post new content? 

    • Hello Cacho,

      The frequency of posting depends on your availability. If you have a good time in hand, you can post twice in a week. That will be great.


  14. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I have my online business for a while now and am looking for ways to market my business. Your article is an inspiration for me.

    I am definitlely going to integrate blogging as a part of my marketing strategy. I particularly like your description on blogging builds trust. I feel that trust is big issue for my business. I have few trusted customer to my people, since people don’t know me. I agree with you that gaining trust via constant blogging is good way to establish trust relationship. I am going to have detaliled blogging plan.

  15. Hi Ayodeji

    Thanks for sharing this. I had not thought of making references to influencers on my website. I am careful to always include an external link to an authoritative source of information and that is nearly always Wikipedia. Now that you mention it though there are influencers or personalities in my niche some of whom have large followings so the occasional well-placed and relevant reference may be appropriate. I would think that you will need to do this carefully and intelligently if the goal is to establish a positive and mutually beneficial relationship with an influencer in your niche. There is a lot of valuable advice here.

    Many thanks and best regards,


    • Thank you Andy, Influencers are a good way to promote your work. Like you said one still have to exercise caution when working with unfamiliar once 


  16. Hello there! This is a very wonderful piece of information you have here. This article is very educational on the usefulness and importance of blogging with regards to content marketing strategy, which I will definitely take advantage of as my online business grows. Thanks for also sharing some vital blogging tips. It has been a great learning experience for me going through this article.

  17. This a plain and simple explanation that should get you started with blogging. Also, do you have an article that teaches how to study your audience?  because I will be saving your website on my phone and will check back for a response and I have to update my content  

  18. Hello there!, thanks for sharing this piece of information here.I love this article. The article is a detailed message about blogging. I think any one who finds this article and do not  know much about blogging will definitely learn something here. I  have really learnt a lot from here And I am going to be saving this for future reference to improve my blogging skills. Thanks for this article.

  19. Content marketing is the single best method for marketing in general from what I have learned from this article and prior information. It is the top of the pyramid in importance to bringing relevant and convertible traffic to your website, kinda like how I landed here haha. Thank you so much for this informational article I have learned a lot

  20. Thanks for the tips — you have offered some good suggestions.  I do like to blog, as I really enjoy writiing. Your point about blogging for a particular audience is very important.  We are advised to find out who our audience is, and then to create content that will appeal to them. As the audience is made up of people who have a definite interest in your topic or a need for what you offer, getting them on your side is a very important way to build a following. A following will grow your traffic as you will be reaching the people who truly need your offers.


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