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The Best Grammar Checking Software: Grammarly

If you write articles, create content or interested in legit online jobs for students or seniors, I am sure you would have asked yourself this question – what is the best free grammar checking software? Looks like a simple question but it could be a little challenging. There is numerous software in town that takes… Read More »

How to Create a Long Term Blog Content Strategy

The rate at which blogs are abandoned is quite alarming. One of the reasons why these blogs have failed is because of their poor content strategies. Strategies employed catered for the short-term and not the long term. To pass the test of time, there is a need to put in a blog content strategy that… Read More »

How to name Websites: 7 important key points

  Your desire to start-up a website must have been born out of a dream or I say an idea. One of the very important things is given your website a name, and a good understanding of how to name websites is very important. This can determine if your business will succeed or fail. In… Read More »

Multi-Level Marketing: Scam or Legit

  There are various forms of home-based businesses, ranging from freelancing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and lots more. Multi-level marketing is a legitimate form of business where a company recruits self-employed marketers or we refer to them as representatives. These representatives are saddled with the responsibility of raising other representatives; they promote the company’s… Read More »

How do I start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about selling products or services that you neither created nor bought. I like the way Wikipedia explained this concept; it says affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing in which business owner’s rewards affiliate for introducing a customer to their business. Affiliate marketers are not placed on monthly salaries; rather their… Read More »