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How to Start an Online Work from home business.

When starting an online work from home business, I have always heard that what you need is just your internet connection and a laptop. I am not in any position to contend with this mindset. But suppose you are thinking of a sustainable business, whether it is freelancing, eCommerce, blogging or affiliate marketing. I strongly… Read More »

How to Optimize Image for SEO

 Images and other visuals are an easier and better way to communicate with our website users. According to carmelon, 80% of people remember what they see while just 20% can vividly remember what they read. Also, they emphasize on the ability of the human brain to process images as little as milliseconds. When it comes to content… Read More »

Get Paid to Write Comment

I have heard of many people getting frustrated from blogging because they cannot pay their bills. Now you can get paid write comment, while you build your blog. If this is your desire to make some little side income online, I will show you where to get comments, how to start writing, how much you… Read More »

Understanding the How to of Search Engine Optimization in 2020

I know you are here because of one word – SEO. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization; in the online business, especially when it comes to digital marketing, this phrase is not strange at all. But how do I explain this phrase to a layman? What is Search Engine Optimization? Like I mentioned… Read More »