Click Wealth System Review: Click Wealth System is a Scam

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Looking at the name “Click Wealth System,” it seems like clickbait. Like a name trying to get your attention in a bid to make a fast sale. As such, some internet marketers says the Click Wealth System is a scam.

In a bid to understand the program, I decided to dig my nose into its content. The first thing was to listen to the sales video, and I love the way Mathew Tang introduced the system. 

He said it is a program for anyone tired of the rush hour traffic, tired of working for someone else, and ready to create the desired future. Also, he was emphatic that it is not a quick-rich scheme where you make millions of dollars overnight. 

It increased my curiosity, and I had to dig deeper into this package. I had to find out what the product was about, who created it, and what people said about it. 

The Click Wealth System Review 

click wealth system is a scam

The click wealth system is packaged to train people interested in affiliate marketing. It is a well-structured set of videos and pdfs meant to help you increase your source of revenue. According to Mathew, the program is not designed to help you earn once but create a recurring income stream. 

Who created Click Wealth System – Matthew Tang 

Mathew Tang created the click wealth system, a well-known researcher in the make money online niche. He also proudly calls himself the Daily Profit Maker. 

Mathew Tang used to work as an accountant in a manufacturing firm but turned to internet marketing after a downturn in the economy that made him lose his job. He started customer Middleman Arbitrage. 

Customer Middleman Arbitrage is as simple as it stands—an intermediary who connects a customer to the right website.

The program does not need a product, and you do not need to make any sales, but connect customers to the sound sources on the web. It looks very similar to inbound closer by Payton Welch

Matthews’s first cash cow on the internet before starting with the Click Wealth System

Features of the Click Wealth System 

Mathew invested time in starting up this product with a spotless interface. It makes it easy to get anyone’s attention and interest into what is set ahead. The course is created to easily navigate from one part to another, depending on your experience level. He arranged the class as shown below. 

  1. Welcome Page: Both written and video introduce you to the whole program. It is meant to be a guide and a medium to get you ready for the journey ahead. From here, you will get access to three unique things. 
  2. Website: this is a done-for-you website. It will give you access to themes that you can integrate into your website. 
  3. Product and Commission: an email sequence that will help you select the best products 
  4. A guide that claims to direct you on making your first $10,000

2. Affiliate Marketing: You will get a free guide on setting up a ClickBank account. (Note Clickbank is a good affiliate marketing network. But affiliate marketing goes beyond setting up click bank accounts) 

3. Set up GetResponse: The system introduces you to email marketing and helps you get started with  Getresponse. Email marketing is one of the most guaranteed marketing methods.

4. Traffic Sources: Although there is so much emphasis on influencer traffic, Matthew exposes how you can generate free traffic using the Pinterest model, Facebook, blog commenting, Solo ads from Udimi and Jaideep. 

Click Wealth System is a Scam – True or False 

The entire click wealth system is centred around affiliate marketing. The business model and tools are primarily for affiliate marketing. Does this imply that the Click wealth system is a scam or legit? Please sit back as I explain the features and model in detail. 

Click Wealth System Pricing

Mathew Tang allows you to get started with the system for a token of $9, which is refundable within the first 60 days of signing up. But the truth is that there are hidden costs ahead. It is my first major challenge with this product – too many upsells. 

After you complete payment of the $9, you will be offered the profit Activator, which costs $147. Easy-to-use software will help you take advantage of social media to boost your sales by 150%. Another upsell waiting for you in the pipeline is the click profit multiplier that costs as much as $148. It is meant to help you boost your profit and help you make as much as $1573.68 

For me, an additional upsell of $149 and $148 for a product that cost $9 is not good enough. 

Affiliate marketing is all about promoting products. You can advertise many products on ClickBank, ShareAsales, and other affiliate networks. But surprisingly, Matthew centres his course on teaching you how to promote Click Wealth System. 

Does The cost stop With Click Wealth System? 

Let me be very straightforward, and I will tell you what Matthew and those promoting his program will not tell you. The cost does not end with the $149. It continues. 

If you follow Matthew’s instructions, you will spend some more money paying for other products. 

Firstly, you will have to sign up with Getresponse for your email autoresponder system. Although it starts with a free subscription, that is not good enough. Although Getresponse is an all-in-one marketing tool, its best plan starts at the cost of 15$ per month. 

Next is the request for you to start driving traffic using solo ads like Udimi. The key takeaway with solo ads is that they will help you build an email list with a set of subscribers with a high probability of making purchases. This set of subscribers is usually meant for making money online. Although it is a fast way to acquire traffic, it is expensive. And funny enough, it is Matthew’s number one recommendation for a traffic source. 

Is the Click Wealth System a Scam?

Although Click Wealth System runs short of some expectations, I will not pronounce it a scam. If you follow the steps, it will likely deliver results. You can start making money with this model, but you cannot build a sustainable business with this kind of model. 

Let us use this click wealth review to see some of the downsides. 

  1. Click Wealth System comes with too many Upsell: the initial cost of $9 entices you into the system. The program will cost you not less than $300 to get started. I have pointed out the cost of training, the cost of Getresponse, and that of solo ads. 
  2. Income Claim is exaggerated: Mathew shows some income proofs to validate his claims. He showed not impossible tasks, but they are not regular results. It would help if you were skillful at achieving such results. 
  3. Mathew Employed Scarcity tactics: Yes, scarcity tactics are permanently employed by digital marketers to get subscribers on board fast. Matthew used these tactics very well by constantly asking people to act quickly. He emphasized that the opportunity is available only for one day with only 100 spots. 

Although this is not always true, many marketers use these tactics to make more sales. We cannot use this to ascertain that the Click wealth system is a scam. 

4. You cannot rejoin after a refund: Like any other click bank product, you can enjoy a refund within 60days of purchase. But there is a little note of warning. You cannot rejoin after getting a refund. 

It is not always palatable for people who are honestly testing the product. But it is their measure of keeping the course content from spammers. 

Click Wealth system is not a scam. Although Mathew employed some quick sell marketing tactics, it delivers an introductory note to affiliate marketing. The training is just too essential to help you get started, and if there is no upsell, the cost of $9 would have been a good deal. 

Click Wealth System is very closely related to Multi-Level marketing systems like Avon and Mary Kay, emphasizing recruitment and less on product sales. You end up making the product creator rich at your expense. 

They all have income because they are not products or programs that can help you build a sustainable income for a long time. They are schemes targeted in the short time run. 

What Should You Get Instant Access to Click Wealth System

With this Click Wealth System review, I have made my product observation clear. Although Mathew delivered the basics for Affiliate Marketing, it cannot help you build a sustainable business. 

The product is filled with up-sell and targeted at selling the Click wealth system itself. Affiliate Marketing is not about gaining traffic through solo ads and other cheap and sneaky tactics. There is a lot to learn to create content, use search engines like Google to gain free traffic, use schedulers like Tailwind to gain free social media traffic.

There are better, easier ways to make money on the internet. Don’t lose up, and it is not as difficult as they always paint it to be. But it needs dedication and your commitment to learn the skill and apply it. Many folks want to make money online, but they are not ready to commit time to learn the basics. 

My advice is this, do not follow gurus who display their quick-rich schemes based on their low-quality pieces of training and show off extravagant lifestyles. Those results are selling the same courses to people like you. 

That said, many other training packages can help you make a fortune from affiliate marketing or digital marketing. Training from Income school, Copy Blogger, secret email system and Wealthy Affiliate are standard pieces of exercise that can help you build a sustainable business. They have taught and equipped thousands of internet marketers to build sustainable businesses.

Amidst these three platforms, my number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. They have thousands of training from industry experts for any field in digital marketing. Top of it is their tools like hosting and Keyword research. 

They will not only teach you to do keyword research, but they also have tools that can help you research keywords that will help your content show up on the first page of Google. They also have a robust hosting platform ready to help your website with appropriate search engine optimization (SEO). 

If you are looking at learning affiliate marketing and building a sustainable business, I strongly recommend getting started with Wealthy Affiliate

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