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With the current happenings, your budget might be tight, you might even be experiencing a drop income. It will make investing in content marketing difficult. But here is the truth – you need to create content for your audience.

In this article, I have identified free content creation software that will help you reduce your cost to the barest minimum. You will not need to spend lots of cash hiring professional designers or spending your limited resources on expensive software to create content.

Fasten your seat bet as we review tools for image creation, proofreading, and content editorial tools.

Free Content Creation Software for Image Creation

1. Canva:

When it comes to creating images, Canva is the number one go-to tool. It is well suited for anybody looking out to use graphics to create content. Irrespective of your field and skill, whether you are a professional graphic designer or a blogger, they have designs from which you can pick inspirations.

They have a drag and drop editor that makes various design creation easy . Also, this editor comes with a template containing images and text. It seamlessly allows modification and replacement of both image and text.They offer a free plan, making it easy for starters and low budget subscribers. It will give you have access to thousands of template. It is believed by professional to be limited, but good enough for beginners.

The Canva platform is well suited to help you create images, business logo images for websites, Pinterest and lots more

To gain access to there over 300,000 images, you need to upgrade to the pro version. It cost 9.95 USD monthly. Here you can enjoy the liberty to resize your images at will. It also creates provision for you to upload custom fonts and tweak your design in a much more friendly manner.

Worth mentioning are video editing software like VidSnatcher, although they cost a little but they are almost free when compared to competitors like Camtasia


Here comes a free photo editor that you will find very useful. It is well suited to professional tools. They will aid the creation of your artwork and also fine-tuning of pictures. It uses layers just like you will find in Adobe PhotoShop.

Free Image Tool - GIMP

Also, GIMP comes with quality image enhancement tools and good support for plug-ins that can improve its functionalities.

GIMP is free. Do not take it’s been a free tool to mean it is not robust or will not compete with its equal in the market place.

Free Content Creation Software For Grammar Editing

1. Grammar Checker – Grammarly

To create content that is easy to read for everybody, you need a proofreader. There are lots of them in the market, but I will shed light on two –Grammarly and Hemingway App. Without missing words, Grammarly is my number one go-to when it comes to grammar checkers.

It analyzes your piece of text and checks for errors in details. It covers your punctuation, spelling checks, Plagiarism, and your writing style. Top of it is that you can access this beautiful platform for free. Unlike other platforms that give you free access for a specific duration, like seven days or thirty days. Grammarly gives you free access for as long as you want it. The free option covers the basic grammar, punctuation and spelling check. To enjoy the robust plagiarism check, the stylistic and best writing suggestions, you will need to upgrade to the premium version.

With the premium version, there are there modes of payment – monthly, quarterly, or annually. To opt for the monthly payment, it will cost $29.95. If it is the quarterly, you will be paying 19.98USD, and if you pay annually, you will be paying 11.66. I strongly recommend the annual payment. It is going to save you as much as 66 per cent.

2. Hemingway Editor

It is one grammar editor that will not cost you anything. The online version is free, while the desktop cost just 19.99 USD. Unlike Grammarly, the focus here is on errors that will reduce the quality of your work.

HemingWay App

Its main priority is on correcting the structure of your sentences. It attempts to replace your weak and overly used verbs. It also corrects excessive passive voice.

It uses very friendly colures to identify problem areas in your write-up. Below is an insight into the various colours used to identify this grey area.

  1. It uses blue to indicate a need for an adverb
  2. Green for passive voices
  3. Yellow for complex sentences
  4. Purple for replaceable complex words
  5. Red for extreme complex words

Content Marketing Editorial Tools.

When it comes to driving finding clients and driving website traffic, you can count on social media. But the challenge for every business owner lies in managing the various apps. It could be time-consuming and many times look less productive. The good news is that there are management tools that can help you achieve this task.

They will help you automate, control and manage these social media platforms effectively. They are robust enough to integrate with multiple social media platforms at the same time. They will help you find the best content to post, schedule this content, and post them at the appropriate time.

The secret to achieving all this is automation. I have put together 10 content marketing editorial tools that can help you create and publish content across multiple social media. Top of it is their ability to save time and make work lots of fun.

1. CoSchedule

Like other social media tools, they proud themselves in scheduling social media content across multiple platforms. But they offer far much more than that. They help you put together and organize your blog post and social media content. For clients that are ready to pay higher, you can be sure to get a full marketing suite.


Their focus is on business that runs blogs, both startups, small businesses and established business.

Their marketing calendar is outstanding and highly resourceful, it will make content creation on platforms like Instagram easy. It will cost you 29 USD monthly. While there is a marketing suite which is well suited for teamwork will need you to negotiate with their team. They will set the price based on your business needs.

2. Airtable 

Talk of a tool that doubles as database management and an online collaboration tool; that is Airtable. One good thing about this database tool is that it is very much unlike other spreadsheets. You have a database that is based on visuals and helps you create meaningful conversation.


With such tools, you can easily integrate your content planning, creation, and social media scheduling. To make it simple, whether you work as a team, or as an individual, it will help you plan your content for future creation, how they interact and how you will post them on social media.

The app is robust and gives you an insight into what your content will look like before it is launched live on various platforms.

For pricing, it has four different types. It comes with a free plan, plus plan billed at 10$ per month, pro plan billed at $20, and an enterprise plan.

3. TweetDeck

In case your interest lies in only the Twitter platform, TweetDeck got you covered. This platform is the property of Twitter. They acquired it in 2011 and has integrated into their platformFree Content Creation Software - TweetDeck

The platform is good for scheduling post for the Twitter platform. Also, you can use it to post immediately. Publishing scheduled post is not dependent on your been log on. Your post will be published irrespective of whether you are logged on or not.

Good enough you can add a scheduled column to this free tool and be able to view the timeline of your planned post.

4. Sendible

It is software as a service solution. It aims to help eliminate the bottleneck in planning and managing social media strategies for businesses at all levels. It has robust features for agencies and also well appealing once for small businesses alike.

The platform allows you to suit your post concerning each platform. You can achieve this using the smart post feature based on hashtags, captions, and emojis


Other Features incorporated on this platform include bulk scheduling, reports, calendar, and good email support. The calendar is in a friendly manner that allows you to adjust your content. As such recycling, your best performing content is not difficult.

Worth mention are its unique features. It includes the ability to schedule social media posts, image, and videos in bulk and individually, ability to repeat your most relevant post, ability to rearrange content interactively on the calendar, and ability to tailor content to each network.

It has a starter plan costing 29usd monthly, traction plan costing 99 USD, growth costing 199Usd and the last called large costing 299usd. All the plans come with the free plan giving you a chance to try it.

5. Meet Edgar

Here is a tool that concentrates much more on publication and scheduling of post. It finds its use majorly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. It is well suited for bloggers who interact with more than two social media platform. It will help you publish, schedule, share, and recycle your content.

MeetEdgar allows you to create and share content based on categories. It assigns colour code to each category. It makes it easy to see at a glance.

For resharing your content, even when it gets to the end of the queue it goes back to start again.

For platforms like Twitter that does not allow reposting of the same content, MeetEdgar has a way of twisting the same content based on its auto variation tool. This same tool can always generate some inspiration for you when you need it.

When it comes to pricing, it has two plans. Edgar lite cost 7USD monthly and the Edgar costing 49Usd monthly.

In conclusion, choosing the right tool for your content creation scheduling and marketing can be a lot challenging. There are lots of them in the market, but you must select that which will make work fun and easily achieved.

Good enough, a lot of them have free options, you can try some of them out. I use canva for image creation. Grammarly is my preferred option for proofreading, and I use CoSchedule for social media scheduling. They are my recommendations.

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