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When it comes to creating an online presence, building a website and creating content is the first and most basic approach. Both are the foundation for any content marketing strategy. Thousands of brands across the globe have adopted this marketing strategy. But it does not end at that. I have also learnt to promote my website for free using basic strategies. 

Even articulately written or visual content will not get to the desk of readers without appropriate marketing and promotional tactics. As such, you must put in place a marketing strategy.

Promote my website for free

Inputting up a strategy, you are left with either a paid content marketing or organic content marketing strategy. Unlike the paid content marketing strategy, the organic content marketing strategy will reduce your cost to the barest minimum, while boosting the visibility of your content.

Organic content promotion is a long term content promotion strategy. It will not happen on its own. It requires time, effort, and creativity.

Below are six organic ways I use to promote my website for free. They have helped me boost traffic to my content, and same time improve my return on investment.

As you go through them, you can decide on which is the best fit for your product and niche.

My 6 Ways to Promote My Website for Free 

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engines like Google, Bing are in search of original and unique content to display on their result pages for their users. The process of getting your content ready for this search engines to display on their result pages is called Search Engine Optimization.

Taking an example of users in search of a telephone and you sell that telephone. If Google displays your content for the telephone on their first page, I want you to think of the volume of traffic and the number of telephones you will sell daily.

Apart from bringing you direct sales, you can rest assured that this method will consistently bring free traffic (Google users) to your website. As such, if you properly use your website page, you can sell other items or pieces of information to the same users.

The advantages of search engine optimization are numerous, but it does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of diligent work and skill. Creating an optimized content begins before writing the content. It starts with proper research of keywords.

The keyword research will point to the market available for your content and the competition in bringing your content to the first page of search engine result page (SERP). After the keyword research then comes content creation and optimization.

2. Social Media Marketing

Social media is another organic website marketing tool you can use. Amidst the multiple social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter have passed and will continue to pass the test of time.

  1. Facebook

has created Facebook Group; it is a community of people sharing things in common. Worth mentioning is the number of different groups available on Facebook. They are so much that you can rest assured of getting one for any niche you can think of. With a Facebook group, you are sure of finding people who are interested in your niche product.

Here the strategy here is helpful, comment on other peoples post in a bid to add value to them. Before you start promoting here, study the group, read the rules, and understand how old members interact. When you have understood the group and built a good reputation, you can start talking to the admins and find out if you can promote your website.

2. Twitter

Let us discuss promoting your website on Twitter. It is a good tool when it comes to generating leads, promoting your website and increasing your brand awareness. For me, I always refer to Twitter as the home of hashtags. With relevant hashtags, other people can easily find your content.

When posting a tweet, ensure you have a link back to your website. Just like Facebook groups and other groups, always ensure your tweets are always in the other of relevance. A good strategy that has worked for so many businesses, is giving a gift in exchange for retweets. It does not have to be cash-backed, it can be a valuable “How to” content within your niche.

3. Quora

It is time we talk about the great question and answer site. It is very different from groups or forums. But like I said, it is a question and answer site. It is a quick run to for people desiring knowledge within specific fields or scope.

You can always take advantage of this channel and establish your authority within your niche. Marketing on this channel is tactical, get on the platform and fill your profile. Next is to start looking for question and responding to them.

Ensure you post relevant answers to each question. Here you must ensure relevance because the first and most basic thing is establishing your authority. I know you aim to place a link to content on your website. Forget about that first, concentrate on relevant content and establishing your authority. You can learn how to use Quora for content marketing from a training I did on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

4. Post on Forums

Forums are a great way to get your website out. There are different places you can find forums or groups. Two common platforms are Facebook and Reddit. You can join or start a new thread on Reddit. Reddit is unique and friendly for marketers because it does not give room for unnecessary and unsolicited ads. Members here are smart; they take ownership of the forums and are always skeptical of promotional efforts.

So if you must do well on a platform like Reddit, it is important you choose a niche and searches some few subreddits in line with your niche to join. On joining a subreddit, you should understand that each of them is unique in its way. So first of all read the rules, take it seriously and follow the rules.

Next is time to contribute to the community and make some friends. This takes time. After which you can start referencing your website. As much as possible avoid direct sales.

You will find questions that we necessitate you to make sales. Do reviews on your website and reference them.

5. Reach out to Bloggers

Reaching out to bloggers and influencers within your niche by placing your content in their front to get them to talk about you is another strategy. So doing you will be getting a link back to your website.

But you must understand that getting a backlink is not automatic. You are in touch with a human being and you need to establish a relationship. Do the necessary research and create relevant content. Build your website and let them see that you are serious about your business.

Reaching out will work for you if you also have good content. Nobody wants to carry a monkey, you also must be ready to present something on the table.

6. Give out Free Resources

If you are interested in keeping your audience, you should be ready to give out free valuable resources. It might be free PDF, free YouTube training. Ensure you are adding value to your audience.

In case you are asking what content to create, you can spy on what your competitors are doing. Investigate what they are giving out for free. But remember that you should not copy their content but be unique. Be unique and original, let your content stand out from the crowd.

We have talked about your content to be unique and original, another important thing is making it easy to share. Have your social medial links on your website. Make your content easily sharable.

When it comes to promoting your website, there are a lot of ways to achieve this. What works for your content will depend on a lot of factors which include your niche, competitors, and the resources at your disposal.

In conclusion, SEO remains the best method for blog content promotion. Although it takes effort, high skill and time. But when you consider the return on investment (ROI) and the fact that it can be carried out on an extremely low budget, you will agree that this mode of marketing is far better than any other.

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  1. Very interesting article on Free Ways To Promote Your Website. In fact I am also an Internet Affiliate Marketer. I’m what’s known as The Copywriting Content Creation Specialist.

    I couldn’t agree more with your theories on the SEO factor, even though it does take a long time to gain credibility in the online marketing niche, but, what I also believe in is building a sustainable online business. Which by no means does the length of time scare me because I want a sustainable online business that will pay me dividends for years to come.
    And if I may ask but, what got you interested in becoming an online affiliate internet marketer to begin with?

    In my opinion I believe in creating value online and in my words of wisdom:

    “I believe that knowledge is power. Everyone should improve themselves and/or business, no matter what stage of life they are in. Whether it’s to develop a better mind-set or to increase they’re profits. Moving forward is key.”

    By The Way… I signed up for your FREE WP training course…
    To Your Success,

  2. This is a very instuctional list as i have been strugllgin to find ways to actually make my website more known across the world wide web. This is literally what I needed and something that I am very happy to have run into on my web research. The one that in a way may not be as free is the reaching out to other bloggers haha, especially when you’re still new but I know that as you grow, it can become less cost or free as you say!

    • Yes you are right, but as you work on with others you are building authority too.

  3. Hi! In my opinion, SEO is the foundation of a successful online presence. It is where everyone starts and the primary way you can see your first visitors to your site. However, once you have a certain amount of traffic social media and forums become key; as more people like and enjoy your content, these types of platforms will drive a whole new type and level of audience to your site! Reaching out to influencers sounds good too, but I assume you need to have achieved a lot of popularity for it to work.

    Either way, I thank you for your post!

    • Thank you for your comment, from my experience, it is better you use all resources at your disposal. Waiting for your content to rank on search engines before you start using social media to promote for free will be keeping your candle under a table. 

      Search engine optimization takes time, during this period, join groups and promote your content from relevant groups. also you can start building a list.

  4. Hi Ayodeji! Compliments of the season! I just arrived at this article through Wealthy affiliate, this simply is one of the best constructed article on how to promoting my website. I really found this helpful. Twitter just is one of the best place to promoting just about anything these days because of its wide range of users. Thanks again for sharing this, carry on writing useful stuffs

    • Hello Josh,

      I really do agree with you, when it comes to website promotion, promoting on platforms that have the figure matters a lot. This is what you enjoy on social media, like you said Twitter has a lot of traffic. I have also found reddit useful, readers from this platform have higher rate of been repeat readers and they generate lower bounce rate

  5. Well, all i can say is “Good JOB” !

    It is Very well put together (menu, structure ,keeps the reader interested ,lots of info , easy to read, navigation (5 Stars)… i got some ideas for my site honestly 😉

    i can see that people commenting ,are getting some value out of your content.
    That is  what everybody wants… 

    The only thing, that is my own taste… i like to see images in the content ,just to make it fresh, between the reading …

    Pursue your mission! You are on the right track!

    5 STARS *****


    • Thank you Pierre, 

      I will try and include more images for visuals 

  6. This is an excellent article. I know 90% of everything you talked about, and I appreciate the additional 10%, including all the tips and guidance about all Free Ways to Promote Your Website. I’m very positive your very informative post would be useful to a lot of newbies in the business. Thank You very much for your support of our affiliate marketers community. Cheers,

  7. Hi there! Nice article! I came across this through wealthy affiliate this is a very detailed and informative piece on ways to promote our websites, this is very helpful to me, and I must commend your good work. Well done. I look forward to seeing more of your articles. thank you

  8. This is a very helpful article on Free Ways to Promote Your Website. I agree that SEO is one of the best ways to get free organic traffic to your website and it will not cost you any money. I had not thought of using Quora or posting on forums to promote my website, but will certainly have a closer look at that. 

    Reaching out to other bloggers and influencers sounds good, but I guess you need a website that is already getting traffic to make it work. 

  9. Thank you very much for giving these useful tips! I have created my blog and try to optimize it with SEO. I also share my content on social media (except Quora), so I will try to broaden my reach. It’s a good idea to reach out to other bloggers. I will check other bloggers in the same area to collaborate. Thank you

  10. Haha thanks for the article my guy! I actually really appreciate this article, and it feels like I’m reading it at the perfect time! I have a website of my own that’s still fairly new (about two and a half months old) and I’m looking for ways to speed up the growth process. Hopefully with your tips I’ll be able to do so! 

    • Thank you Gabriel, 

      Starting when your website is good. In fact, for new websites, I strongly advise you to start with the free ways to promote your website. they will reduce your expenses and establish your authority. Especially with groups, you will gain authority and exposure fast 


  11. Great article Free Ways To Promote Your Website. I started creating a website and building an online business only a few months ago, and of course, I face the problem of how to best promote the website and my content. I got some useful tips and ideas for the future in your article. I’ve already created a profile in Quora, but I’m not active yet – this is one of the first tasks I’m going to do. I am also still not active enough in social media, I also need to improve my activity in this area.
    This article has really motivated me now and given me a new impetus, thank you!
    I wish you all the best

    • I am glad to learn of the impact of reading from my desk. Getting involved in social media and other platforms are free ways to promote your website. The good thing about this methods is that you will not be needing the technicalities of SEO. 

      They are many times easier and friendly was to promote your work 


  12. Wow, every one that is used to the internet world knows how important this article is because promotion of your site is everything that anyone would need. Thanks for sharing this amazing opportunity here, I really appreciate and I will also share this to my friends who are also owners of sites and would know the importance of it

  13. The title of this caught my eye and so I read the article. I agree with the first two, that SEO and Social Media, are good ways to gain free traffic, in fact there is no more powerful free traffic than that which is organically created, especially if it leads to sales.

    A properly optimised website, will pay dividends for years, as long as it has good content on it

    The Social Media channels you mention, I would agree with Quora for sure, because its a platform I use and know how many times my blog gets viewed and shared, especially on Twitter

    Talking of which Twitter is a good microblogging platform, however, your blog can get lost amongst the noise of other tweets on the platform

    Forums are good, if they are the right ones and over the years I have had some good results and sales from this medium.

    Two Social Media channels you haven’t mentioned, but which are good for looking at are 

    YouTube and Pinterest

    Both are good free traffic generators and both work the same as Google Does, in that they crawl their Pins for fresh content and then present it to you, so its almost a turnkey situation with them

    Other bloggers is another good way of getting free traffic and also, to see who they are hosted with, because, as you will know, there are some pretty poor hosts out there, who just plain rip you off, so apart from Guest Blogging you could show the merits of transferring their blog to your host as well

    Finally, the time tested Free Gift one is always a winner.

  14. These are all great ways to freely promote your website, as long as you take advantage of them. That’s probably one of the biggest things about free traffic that hang a lot of people up is that it takes a lot of work to promote yourself because you aren’t just paying someone else to send traffic to yourself. Utilizing the right social media channels for your niche is a great way to boost traffic and I love how you mentioned Quora as well. 

  15. Thank you for a very interesting article.  I was most interested in the article featured in your link  “How To Create Long-Term Content Strategy” .

    Good advice:  A proper understanding of this topic will save you time, money and effort.  It will help you generate content you will be proud of.

    I found that the time I spent on this topic was time well spent indeed.

    Also good advice:  There is a need to decide what you intend to achieve:  is your blog for entertainment, education or a promotional website?

    Good advice:  Use Jaaxy. Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that has remained relevant over the years.

    Also very helpful:  If the aim of your blog is educational then you looking at how-to forms of content and also if it is promotional, then your main focus is on reviews.

    Finding out who your target audience will be goes along with the type of content you will be producing. If you have some pieces of content at the moment, you can check your stats and see who is consuming your content.

    I enjoyed reading about Topic research:  The next step after setting your achievable goals. (You cannot rely on inspiration or creating topics on as you go basis.)  Your time spent planning and researching topics cannot be wasted.

    Also good advice:  To find a topic for your blog, some tools can help, some are free while others are paid tools. Google trend is a good example of free tools, while Buzzsumo is a paid tool.

    Good advice:  You can join various online communities. It will help you know what your audience is looking for.   If your focus is  educational then you looking at how-to forms of content and also if it is promotional, then your main focus is on reviews.

    Good to keep in mind:  who will your target audience be  – this goes along with the type of content you will be producing. If you have some pieces of content at the moment, you can check your stats and see who is consuming your content.

    Remember to join various online communities.  Communities like Reddit will be very helpful.  So will Instagram and Twitter.

    All in all, a very helpful blog!

    • Thank you Monique,

      Your advice to join Reddit is very much welcome. It is one of my resolutions this year and believe me the results are already coming. 

      I am glad to learn that you also use Jaaxy. It is the best keyword tool for SEO. When it come to researching keyword and also researching on your competitors you will find Jaaxy very useful. 

      Thank you for your comment 

  16. Thanks for sharing these free and organic techniques for promoting websites! These different ways for website and content promotion work best not just in the initial stages of a website but also works to generate consistent traffic as the website grows older.

    I agree with you that while SEO is the best and free method, it’s also difficult to learn with so much misinformation on the internet. But once you know how SEO works, you can easily use it to your advantage in getting free traffic and rankings on the search engines! Personally, I’m focusing on SEO for my website as I’m a newbie in the online world and I’ve definitely seen good traffic coming in through just doing that. In the coming months, I plan to expand my promotion methods to social media, posting on forums, reaching out to bloggers, and giving out free resources as I learned from your article. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Yes Aman, 

      Your decision to share your content social media, forums and extend to other bloggers is a great one. I have also resolved to do more in this new year for my blogs. 

      I have begun to see a drastic change in my analytics as a result of higher engagement in Facebook and Reddit. Waiting for SEO alone will take time 


  17. For me, the light bulb that lit up was the simple 3 Steps to writing content, Keyword Research, Create Quality Content, Optimize Content. This is plain and simple, well put!
    The other two points that I liked, were the Questions And Answers technique which gives you real information on what people are searching for.  Which can make for great organic content using the right ranking keywords.
    Lastly, the forum technique. This appeals to me because it means there is no spamming and they take this business very seriously.
    I will definitely incrporate these techniques for greater success. Thanks for sharing.

    • Yes, I quite agree with you. researching keywords, creating and optimizing your content are the basics. But you must promote your content. Especially for beginners, if you create content and don’t promote it, its as good as dead content. 

      Promotion is like breathing life to the nostrils of your content. This you can achieve through optimization, groups, and other related avenues 

  18. Now I did hear about reddit but only on the news.  I did not think about joining the forums to help with my traffic for my website.  I always though that SEO and using Facebook and Twitter is good.  I also use Instagram and Pinterest.  Reaching out to other bloggers I would be nervous because they can be giving me a bad back link and they might think me the same.  So, it would have take a long time for me to get comfortable with the person.  I did hear about Quora I would do that

    Overall, the article was great and informative.  So how long do think you can get comfortable with someone and ask them can you place a link to your website?

    • Reddit is a good platform to promote your website and generate content ideas. With respect to building relationship and exchanging links, you have to be very careful. Before exchanging links check the authority of the website and be sure it is a site with higher authority. That way you wont get your fingers burnt 

  19. I found this very helpful, I am currently learning about all of this stuff and while I am sure I will be told it throughout my training, Facebook Groups is a fantastic idea that I had not thought of.

    Also creating relationships with other bloggers or Youtubers is a great idea that is new to me. 

    I am still in the process of creating Content and doing SEO but thank you for giving me my next ideas to supercharge my following

    • I am glad you found it useful. After creating some content, promoting them will be thoughtful. And I believe this free methods will be a God starting point 

  20. Hello there! This is a really informative post! These days I’ve been trying to figure out how to bring more traffic to my website but it’s been difficult. I wanted to try to avoid the ones that are not free since I haven’t started making any income yet. I haven’t thought of using Quora yet but I may try it soon. Reaching out to bloggers is also one I haven’t tried yet. These are really good ideas. I guess SEO is still the surest way of bringing traffic although it can take time. Thanks for this post!

    • Quora and reddit are a great way to promote your blog for free. And like you said it, there is no point incurring expenses on a blog you are not making any thing from yet


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