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I have heard of many people getting frustrated from blogging because they cannot pay their bills. Now you can get paid write comment, while you build your blog. If this is your desire to make some little side income online, I will show you where to get comments, how to start writing, how much you can make and how you can translate this to blogging. I must note that this is not going to be bulk cash, but it is a good place to start making money online.

I have honestly not seen a platform that offers this beautiful opportunity like this. The system was created to cater to anyone who is in any of the categories below:

  1. You want to start blogging but need a side income that will take care of your blogging expenses
  2. You want to read other peoples blog in other to get inspiration for your blog
  3. You are not satisfied with your writing skills and feel you can learn from others
  4. You want to make an impact on peoples blog by leaving comments

If you belong to any of the categories above Wealthy Affiliate got you covered with their Site Comments 2.0.


What are Comments and their importance?

It is natural that when reading articles, we have an urge to share our opinion. The part of the article where you freely share your opinion is known as the comment section. Having comments on blogs is very important to blog owners. It is a show of how relevant their blog articles have been. The more the number of related comments; the higher search engines will rank your website. Note my word related comments; they are comments that are highly relevant and related to your article.

We are not referring to comments like “good article”, “great article”. We refer to those that are unique, original and related to your blog articles. If you are starting a blog, you will agree with me that getting people to leave comments on your blog can be tasking. But Wealthy Affiliate has got that covered. They have provided their community members with a platform where they can exchange comments with each other and also make some little dollars from them as they build their website.

What does this imply for wealthy affiliate members?

If means that if you are starting a blog, you can get comments to your blog articles immediately. It will promote your blog and speed up your ranking on search engines. These comments are as original as any other comment. The commenters are made to sign-up on gravatar before commenting, so they appear on your comment section with their Gravatar Id and not with their wealthy affiliate membership id. Top of it, they are all professional bloggers that have passed through the wealthy affiliate online Entrepreneur certification. You can rest assured the comments will be original and unique. In cases where you are not satisfied, you can reject it. The system will reassign it to someone else.

The opportunity here is nice. You can start earning an income for your self from this model. If you are starting up new, this will help motivate you and increase your website ranking. Not to overemphasize the opportunities, I think it is time we examine how to start commenting.

Become a certified Commenter

Wealthy Affiliate has set criteria for you to achieve before you can start commenting. This criteria for you to get paid to write comments are easily and achievable. Below are the criteria you must meet to become a satisfied commenter.

Offer 50 comments

You must offer 50 comments first. It implies that you can start commenting counting from number 1, after the fiftieth comment you become a certified commenter. But there are two other criteria you must meet.

Eighty per cent approval rate on your comments

Remember, I mentioned that the owners of these websites can disapprove your article. For you to be a certified commenter, you must achieve 80% approval rate on your comments. That means you must give comments that are related to the article, unique and original. If you do this, owners of the articles will approve your comments. You will see prove of mine below. I have 100% in offering comments as at the time of writing this post. If I can do it, anybody can do the same.

Get paid Write comment - commenter status

From the image above, I have offered 170 comments, and all of them have been approved (100%). Also, I have not skipped any, so I have 0% skip rate. Also, you will see my earning within the last 30 days displayed as $27.

   2. You must not skip above 20%

It is another important metrics. You must not skip more than 20 out of 100. Let me explain, the system present comments t commenters in a random manner. You are to click the comment, read the post and write a comment. If you are not interested, there is a skip button you can click. The system recommends that you don’t skip more than 20 in every 100 comments.

Does this mean that system will just generate an article for you to comment?


The system allows you to set your preference. Below is a show of my current preference. The system will not send an unfamiliar topic to you for commenting.

get paid write comment -preference section

How much Will you Earn

Per each comment, you will earn 0.25 USD. Like I told you earlier, this is not cash for you to make a living. Rather it is meant to take care of your cost while you build your blog and start making profitable income from blogging.

Apart from this 0.25, you will also earn a credit. This credit you to can use to request for comments on your blog. So the system is not just a take only but a give-and-take system.

To avoid confusing you, permit me to break it down.

If you offer 20 comments daily, and you do that for 30 days; I will want to imagine that this is your first month. So you will not earn USD on your first 50 comments bt you will earn community credits. This credits you can also use to request for comments on your website.

After 50, you will start earning community credit and cash credit (USD). In 30 days, you would have done 550 comments, if you can dedicate time to it.

This means you would have earned 275 community credit and 275 cash credit. So you will earn 137.5USD in 30 days. So you also have 275 community credits that can also request for 137 comments.

I must let you know that this system has helped lots of affiliate marketers and save us the cost in the early days of blogging. Many quit due to inability to cope with the cost of the initial. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the cheapest platforms that will charge you $49 for one month. In this package, you will enjoy hosting for 10 websites, full standard training, access to a free keyword tool and a community of affiliate marketers.

Now you can take advantage of the comment section. If you cannot do 20 in a day, you can do 10 comments daily and go home with 62.50USD and make payment for your monthly subscription while you build your business.

How do I get started with getting Paid Write Comments?

I know this should be the question at your heart now. The comment site is specifically for premium members on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. You can start the journey by joining the wealthy affiliate platform for free – no credit card required. With this free membership, you will be able to build two websites and access phase one of the wealthy affiliate platform online entrepreneur training. Also, you will have access to the community of ready to help entrepreneurs.

Use the period to audit the platform. I believe you will enjoy building your business at Wealthy Affiliate. If you upgrade to premium within seven days, you will be able to pay $19 for your first subscription. Now its time to start working on commenting, do your best to give at least ten comments daily. With that, you will not have to pay from your pocket. You will make enough money to pay your subscription. If you join from any of the links from this article, I will be your host and show you how you can make more money working legitimately on the same platform while you gradually build a laptop lifestyle


17 thoughts on “Get Paid to Write Comment”

  1. What a captivating title it is! 

    Its indeed a pay it forward community at Wealthy Affiliate I can testify to the above article… Site comments enables one to indeed get paid for writing comments.

    It is hard to get comments as a new blogger but with Wealthy Affiliate, that is taken care of. Every member wants another to excel. They gladly offer one original and unique comments.

    Wealthy Affiliate allows one to set preferred interests so that members write comments on articles or topics they love.

    I encourage you to click link above and join Wealthy Affiliate! The first month is very free and you get to experience the platform for yourself. That is how I joined – I loved what I saw!

  2. Hello there!, I love how you have explained yourself here, it is very very good. The talk about people getting paid to write comment is very real.  And the reason why I love this is because bloggers can blog with ease without having to complain about not being able to pay their bills, Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform that does it, where you can blog, learn and earn.

    • Thank you Maureen, wealth affiliate create a balanced environment. It allows you to work and get paid 

  3. I was always wondering why someone hasn’t written a post about the issue of comments in Wealthy Affiliate, yet. It is such a great facility, that people can literally pay for their monthly membership from the money that they make from offering comments on other member’s articles. 

    Thank u for this lovely review. It made me understand the system much better.



    • Thank you Aparna, 

      The commenting section is a great tool that helps all on wealthy affiliate to pay their subscription while they build their blog 

  4.  I have been searching for ways to make money online, since I have been spending a lot of time home this year. At first, all I found were surveys and they paid very little. But recently I have been finding more interesting options such as YouTube or writing content. And making money writing comments would be soo cool! Thanks for pointing it out.

  5. The Site Comment feature in Wealthy Affiliate is really good. Exactly like you said, we can blog on our website and also comment on other people’s blog too. And it is a super win-win where we learn the writing style of other members, learn new knowledge and to top it off, we earn USD as well to cover some expenses in the course of running our business! But I think each comment is paying USD 0.50? But to do 20 comments a day feels a stretch. And you may get repeated blog post to comment which we shouldn’t repeat. 

  6. Thank you for sharing your article regarding the benefits of online commenting at Wealthy Affiliate. I am very glad to know about this in such an in depth way. I already knew but not this much in detail. I hope more and more people read this post and find out by themselves. This is a really great opportunity for everyone to fulfill the costs of their own future post’s comments. I would do so going forward and would also recommend it to others.

    All the best!  

  7. This article is awesome! I really appreciate you taking the time to break it down. I am a numbers person and like to see how everything’s going to break down for the future! I am a newbie to WA (3 months in) and am just getting started with the amazing comment trade-off. I know it was explained in the training but I got so focused on building my website and creating articles (which is important too!) but I forgot about all of the great tools WA has on the website. Thank you for reiterating it and sharing with us!

    Have a great day!

  8. l was searching for platforms to get people l can pay to write comments on my website that are unique, relevant, and detailed. The last time l tried Fiverr, l realised that most of the comments were actually Google translated from content copied from websites in the same niche but written in other languages. They were total garbage. l am very happy that the platform you mentioned checks comments for uniqueness to make sure that it is not plagiarised. Count me in. How l wish l had found this post before wasting my time and money on garbage. 

  9. Site comments are great not only for getting paid for writing comments but to be able to get comments for your blog posts as well. Getting unique comments is so important to content marketing. I have my preferred interests so only get notified of comments needed within those parameters. It’s important to write on topics about what you are most interested. Wealthy Affiliate is a wondergful platform.

  10. Well, I am going to comment on your article where you write about the comment section of Wealthy Affiliate.  You are so right.  This is a great platform for writing a blog and then receiving comments that give the blog post validity.  Its unique to WA.  I hope your article is an encouragement to those considering starting with WA.

  11. This is a wonderful feature to this platform; you highlighted it in this article and is matched by no other; the value of this is enormous and has much value to search engines; starting a new website without this is blows, with this feature, your new site can get 10%  trust from Google  Bing, etc. I hope many can read this helpful article and see how much can be benefited from Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you much for sharing.

  12. With WA, we have the opportunity to do so much and enhance our website with comments that we would never be able to achieve. Yes, we earn credits by doing what I am doing; leave a comment for you to approve or disapprove. 

    It is important to have a moderating system in place; many users will abuse the system and copy and paste the same comment they have pasted on our sites.

    This is actually a very generous way of having comments on your site, feedback on your website; this feature is priceless.

    All the Best,


  13. A quarter per comment sounds small for a 5 to 10 minutes of effort, but as you’ve clearly written it, it will pile up over time. If I may add, beside of the money we generate from the effort, writing comments is also part of writing journey for even bigger cause. How many times we heard of writers’ block? While on the other hand  we all (well, most of us) agree that content is king. The money is in the content. And most content consist of written material. I myself am also member of WA. so I can say that being part of it is beyond making money out of commenting blog posts!

  14. Hi and thank you for proving a very good point when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate. I am a Wealthy affiliate user and have been commenting on other peoples sites as I know that is the best way for me to receive comments to improve my website ratings. The thing I didn’t know was that I can get paid for it after 50 reviews!!! That is brilliant news as I’m on 43 and now raring to get to 50. The main point I am trying to put across is that Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent learning base for Affiliate Marketing but you must take the tour and be 100% accustomed to the whole platform. I made a mistake when I first joined as my niche was too broad so wasted valuable time and effort. If I had paid attention to the training this would not have happened. Now, thankfully, by taking my time I am back on track.

  15. Get Paid to Write Comment caught my attention.  This is such a great way to get familiar with what is on people’s minds and what they are interested in writing about.  So many fail to see the benefit of doing some commenting on the postings.  They look at the small amount of money paid but fail to see the education received when doing some random commenting.  

    I find the many interests here on Wealthy Affiliate to be amazing and the writers who understand and share information that truly makes our lives better.  The continual habit of doing some commenting every week will for sure keep you in credits to apply when you are ready for your postings to be noticed.  

    I like to see the different ways that individuals use the information provided here at Wealthy Affiliate and still keep it real and on target every day.  Where else can you get a bit of credit for paying attention to how different people run their businesses.  As an apprentice, you might have a deeper insight, but I feel that seeing others work on their content is very enlightening, and gives me a new way to approach my own production. Interesting to read your take on this part of our platform. Sami


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