Hawkit Review: Best Ways to Make Money on Hawkit

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If you are out to make money online, you are right. If you have followed my writings, you will know that my number one recommendation for building a sustainable online business is blogging. 

But without missing words, it could take some time and effort before you earn any decent income from your blog. You definitely need an extra source of income that can help you take care of some expenses while you build your blog. 

One of such sources is micro tasks on apps like hawkit ng, micro worker, and click workers. As such, I have decided to do a comprehensive hawkit review.

I believe it will help you build a side income while you concentrate on building your website. I will show you how to get started, how to register, and how I consistently make money on this app doing next to nothing. 

What is Hawkit?

Hawkins first launched some time ago, but it did not include the features that can help you make money via Social media. The platform was designed as a meeting point for buyers and sellers. 

Sellers were able to list their goods and services, and they were given an excellent opportunity to get patronage from buyers across the globe. But now, they have included opportunities for you to carry out micro tasks and make money using your social media accounts. It now compares to online surveys and other websites where you can perform micro-tasks at your leisure. 

With Hawkins, you can now earn money online in Nigeria by commenting on Youtube videos and linking and following posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. 

The platform is suited to earn as much as 2,000 naira daily performing micro-tasks at your leisure. Sit back as we take a detailed look at how you can achieve this in this hawkit review. 

Hawkit Review : Getting started with Hawkit 

Click here to get started on the hawkit platform, and use my referral id (dejiowoeye). After inputting my referral code and completing your registration, I will be notified and send you a welcome note. Do not worry. You will get my welcome note within 24 hours, and I will provide the necessary guidance for you on how to start a task, complete them, and earn some cash. 

Now let me help you get started by clicking this link. But I strongly advise you to read the rest of this hawkit review. I have explained how you can take advantage of the platform to make a decent income, and you will also find my giveaway worth 100 dollars below. 

Hawkit Review : How to register on Hawkit.ng

  1. Click here to signup on hawkit directly and use the signup button at the top left to get started. 
Hawkit review - Hawkit signup

I advise you to use your phone and download the app. It is easier to work with the app. And do not use my promo code – dejiowoeye. The moment you activate your account with my promo code (dejiowoeye), I will send you my entire course on how to create a profitable blog.

If you prefer using your system, then you can go ahead. The same bonus still applies. 

  1. You will see a space to enter your details on the first page. Kindly enter your full name as reflected in your bank details. On the next page, you will be required to input your username and email address. The platform will send a code to your email address for confirmation. 
Hawkit review

2. You will get a congratulatory message and a welcome note after inputting your username, email address, and password. Next is to input your “Know your Customers (KYC)” details. And lastly, you will need to set your location. 

3. I strongly advise you to upload your pictures to your profile page. It will help you promote a good image of yourself. Anyone dealing with you knows you are a natural person, not a scam. 

4. After this is done, the platform will notify you to activate your account. You will do this by paying a token of =N=1,000. So go ahead and the click here to pay button, and the platform will lead you through two payment options. 

  • Payment with ATM card 
  • Payment Via Bank Transfer 

After successful payment, your sponsor will earn =N=500, while you earn a withdrawable =N=115. 

Hawkit Review : How Hawkit works?

This hawkit review will be incomplete if I do not look at how it works. I have stated that hawkit is a platform where you can access micro tasks to earn some bulks. These tasks are primarily social media platform engagements like commenting, liking, and sharing content. 

The platform will take a task from people requiring specific engagement like following and liking on the Facebook pages. These folks pay some money for these services. Hawkit will now pay you part of this amount for completing these tasks. 

Let us take this analogy. 

Let us assume that you have a Youtube channel and need subscribers for your Youtube channel. You will go to hawkit and pay for subscribers. If you need 30 subscribers, Hawkins will share this task with its willing members. The platform will earn an income and pay its members who participated in the task. 

How to make Money on Hawkit 

 I have given you a simple analogy of how things work on hawkit. But the platform does more than a Youtube subscription. Let me use this part of this hawkit review to illustrate all the available means of making money on hawkit. ng.  

While some of these tasks are tasks, I have personally engaged as a member of the hawkit platform. I have also researched and gotten first-hand information on others from friends who have taken the task. The tasks I have not taken are simply because of interest for transparency purposes. Hawkins gives you room to skip tasks that you are not interested in. 

There are primarily three ways to make an income from Hawkit, they are:

  1. Performing Task (Social media Task)
  2. Ecommerce (the Market)
  3. Referrals 

Lets us see some of the tasks you can perform. 

1. Performing Tasks (Hawkit Review)

It is the most common and easiest way to make money on Hawkit but the least profitable. Although hawkit itself clearly states that this is their foremost priority. They describe themself as a platform that helps you make money via social media tasks. But for me, it’s the least of my priority. There is a much more rewarding way to make money on Hawkit. 

Let us see some of the tasks you will be performing on this platform. 

  1. WhatsApp Status: With the Whatsapp status task, you will be saddled posting promotional pictures like that of Hawk below on your Whatsapp Status. For each status post, you will earn =N=20. The bottom line is that you will be helping businesses to create an online awareness via the WhatsApp platform. So apart from earning =N=20 via your WhatsApp page, you will gain awareness of some businesses that you can also use. 
  2. Twitter Retweet: You will earn some decent income when you retweet some posts for clients on your Twitter page. You will be rewarded with =N=10 for each tweet you engage. So you can now use your Twitter page to create personal engagement and make some decent cash. 
  3. Facebook Post share: you can also turn your Facebook page into a cash cow. Share a post from hawkit on your Facebook, and you will be earning at least =N=10 per post shared. 
  4. Follow and Like: This is the least of the task in terms of payout. But the good news is that you can now get paid liking or follow a post on Facebook or Twitter. You will earn =N=3 for liking or following a post for this task. 
  5. Youtube Channel Subscription: you can now earn as much as =N=30 for subscribing to a Youtube channel. I must spell out in this hawkit review that once you earn for subscribing, you are obligated to remain a subscriber. It will be wrong and against hawkits’ rules for you to unsubscribe after being paid.  
  6. Google Play app Review: While I have partaken in the other task before writing this hawkit review, I am yet to do any Google play app review. But some of my friends have done some. You will earn 30 nairas per each review you write. It entails that you download an app and use it for some minutes before reviewing it. You must give the app a positive review in most cases because you are being paid to write the review. 
  7. Apple Store Review: it is very similar to the google play app review. The significant difference is in the earnings. While in the Google app review, you earn =N=30. With the apple store review, you will earn as much as =N=60. You have to download the apps and use them where applicable. Without missing words, the more apps you review, the more money you make on the platform. 
  8. Commenting: as the name illustrates, commenting is a task where you give your opinion on Twitter, Facebook, youtube, and other social media post. You will earn =N=15 for each comment you give on any of this medium. 

It is worth noting that many of these tasks are things you usually do on social media without earning any cash. But hawkit is nowhere to reward your comments, follow, like, and subscription. Apart from getting to know what you can earn on hawkit, I hope this hawkit review has been able to open your eyes to how you can convert time spent on social media into a money-making opportunity. 

B. eCommerce (The Market):

This is another gold mine with endless opportunities. The market on the Hawkit platform gives you room to showcase any product. Many folks showcase their services like dry cleaning, computer repairs, and even website hosting. I have so seen folks display goods like garri and even yam. It’s a point of endless opportunity. 

But if you do not have any products to display, you can find products on the Hawkit platform and resell them at your price. A good example is the data and recharge card business. 

That and Recharge Card: you can conveniently start a recharge card or data business from the hawkit platform. The platform has its own VTU platform and has a member you can buy at a highly discounted price. 

You can buy 1 GB at 250 and resell it at =N=300 to friends and family. All you will need is to do mouth-to-mouth information within your location for a start. Then you can log in to your platform on hawkit and get started. You can easily make =N=50 on every =N=250 you invest. 

C. Hawkits Referral 

  1. Instant Commission: Hawkit referral is my most preferable way of making money on the platform. With the referral program, you will earn =N=500 for each person that signs up using your referral code. So the more people that sign up, the more money you earn. To get activated on this platform, you need =N=1000; this makes it easy for students and low-income earners to partake. If you have 3 persons signing up daily, you will earn =N=1,500 per day, while if you can reposition your marketing effort to gain 10 persons in a day, you will earn =N=5,000 daily. It is just a referral bonus, money earned while you are asleep. You can now see why this is my preferred way to earn on the platform. 
  2. Social Boost Referral Commission: another form of referral commission you will earn when you send people to the platform is a 20% social boost commission. When your referrals make purchases on the platform, you will earn 20% of any amount they invest. 

You will be paid any time your referrals buy likes, comments, or subscriptions on the platform. If you refer 20 users who buy likes comments worth =N=10,000, you will earn =N=2,000. 

How to Get Referral Link and ID 

After registration, you will need to activate your account to get your referral link. It only cost =N=1,000. After activating your account, you can easily log on to your hawkit account and pick your referral link and id. 

How many tasks Can I perform daily? 

The number of tasks you can perform daily depends on the number of tasks available on the platform. You cannot predict the number of tasks that will be available daily. So if you want to perform tasks alone, your earnings will be poor. But if you include gaining referrals in your plan, you will boost your earnings. 

The platform creates banners that you can use on your Whatsapp status. It has been one of my most effortless ways to gain referrals. Top of it is that the platform will also pay you =N=20 for placing this banner on your WhatsApp status. 

Since I joined Hawkins, they have consistently rolled out beautiful banners that I use on my WhatsApp status. 

How to Withdraw your Earnings from Hawkit 

Withdrawing from Hawkit is very simple. The minimum amount you can withdraw from the platform is =N=100. The moment you earn =N=100 and above, you have attained the hawkit minimum withdrawal. Then you can make a withdrawal direct to your bank account. 

Conclusion on Hawkit Review : Is Hawkit Legit

Hawkins is a legit money-making platform, and it does pay its members as promised. I have personally performed several tasks and withdrawn my cash from the platform. The platform will be extended-lasting, but the tasks are micro-tasks, and the amount paid out is too small.

You cannot build a sustainable income with such platforms. To build a sustainable income online, you need a proven business model that consistently pays you a reasonable amount. One of such models for building a sustainable business online is starting a profitable website. Lets take a quick look at 3 of my friends from Wealthy Affiliate whose express permission I have to share their stories with you.

1. $2,158.76 from Ads Revenue in a Month

Hawkit review

J-KWest was able to build his blog and earn $2,158 in a month just from displaying ads. It does not stop at that; he explains how running ads has helped him improve his brand recognition and build credibility for his business.

2. Rahyeroycce Shares business Breakthrough in Six months  

Hawkit review

Rahyeroyce celebrates how he built a blog and became a full-time affiliate marketer. Although he did not disclose how much he now earns. He is happy he makes a consistent income and can now help others. 

3. JessMikeday built a blog that makes $30,000

Hawkit review

Jessica used to be a truck driver who made $17 per hour and had to work for not less than 50 hours weekly to make a sustainable income. He shares how he built a blog and an email list that turned his fortune around. He now posts an income of almost $30,000 monthly. 

If you read the stories above, you will understand that blogging is a profitable business. But this does not mean you do not need to work. Instead, you need to put in the necessary work, and you need guidance. 

To help you get started, I have created training on building a profitable website. I shared the exact methods and tools I used to build my websites in this training. I also shared how I generate traffic and the two methods I used to generate consistent income from this website. 

Below is a link to the training. If you are serious about making money via blogging, use this link to gain free access to how to build a profitable website. I will be there to help you build a profitable blogging business.

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