A comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Business Logo on Canva.com

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As a business owner, the first impression of your visitors is very important. One of those points that grabs the attention of your website visitor is your logo. As such, I am not surprised that you want to learn how to create a business logo.

If you have the resources, the best is to hire the services of a professional. But if you are on a slim budget or like me, who like doing things on your own, you will be considering creating an outstanding business image by yourself.

As such, after you have started your website, you need to learn to create a beautiful, catching and well-placed logo for your website.

I am here to walk you through the process but let us start by understanding the Logo concept and why it is important to your business.

What is a Logo?

I know you may believe that everybody understands what a logo is. Do not conclude; let me change your mindset.

Simply put, a logo is a symbol or image whose function is to give a company or business identification. It is how a company or business unit is remembered. Thus, I can refer to it as the face of a business.

Although we say the logo is the face of your business, we must place a warning at this point. Do not expect too much from your logo.


Do not expect your logo to replace your brand. While your brand is an intangible asset, your logo is a physical asset everyone can see. Your logo is the work of a designer who sits and puts in his or her ingenuity.

Your brand reputation is a product of customer service; it is an outcome of your personal touch on your client.

You must avoid investing too much time in creating a business logo. It is not a reflection of your profitability or your ethics. Profitability and good business ethics is a product of your input and not an out of creating a business logo.

It is not to water down the importance of a business logo. On the contrary, it remains one of your business first points of contact. And whether you like it or not, first impressions are important.

It is the visual introduction of your business, and visuals stick more in the brain. The good news is you can create a business logo for yourself using a website that has plug and play devices.

It is going to be the focus of this article. I will guide you on how to create a business logo on the canva.com platform like a professional.

How to create a business design Logo Using Canva.com

I will be using the canvas platform to create a business logo for Sammorad Ventures. It is just an example; you can follow my procedure and replace the name with your website name or any name of your choice.

Sign-in to the canvas platform; on the top right corner of your page, you will see a “create design button”, Click on it. A drop down will appear, type in logo and canva.com will present a list of logos for different items.

create a business logo - Select logo

Canva will open a new interface for your work. It is not yet time to start your design. Rather let us do some background work to keep you consistent.

Click text to add text to the open page

create a business logo - add text

Next is to select the appropriate colour for our logo. A logo should not be an array of colours. Keep it simple and smart with not more than three colours.

Over to canva.com, type in colour and give each appropriate colour.

Create a business logo - add color

You must have a good knowledge of how colours work in your niche. For example, if you focus on agriculture, then the colour green should be a part of your selection. On the other hand, if you write about coffee, you should think of the colour brown, and so on.

Next is the font; you need to decide on the type of font you will use. Canva got you covered with its array of font sizes. All you need to do is decide on what you want.

We have taken a look at the business name, its colour and size.

Let’s get our hands dirty.

Look at the top right corner of your page, click on the plus sign to open a new page.

Now you can select any of the preset the logo of your choice. However, I must sound a note of warning. Do not adopt a preset logo without editing it. Else you are most likely to find something very similar to your logo somewhere else.

Create a business logo that is unique to your business. It will help you stand out in the crowd.

Canva is easy to use and navigate the different features. So feel free to play around with the plug-and-play system. But take a mental note of your desired features and basic elements to avoid been carried away.

Your business logo should meet the following basic requirement.

1. It should be a representation of your business. 

I cannot overemphasize it. Your logo is the visual representation of your business. Ensure it tells about your business. In addition, it should leave a positive impression on your customers. As such, you should be concerned about what will attract your customer and keep their attention.

2. Ensure it is conspicuous

It has to be obvious and precise. It should not confuse your potential client on what they are in search of. Rather, it should tell what your business is all about and point your client in the right direction.

2. Make it eye-catching.

Nobody lights a candle and places it under a table. So your logo must be eye-catching. It should be in such a way as to attract the attention of people, and it must be designed.

Humans naturally are drawn to visuals more than text. So make it simple and do not overcrowd text or images.

In conclusion, do not forget the brand guide we created at the onset. Instead, update it with relevant details after you finish working with the plug and play model on canva.com.

I must emphasize that canva.com has been open to a lot of folks out there. Properly adjusting the preset will help you create a unique logo.

17 thoughts on “A comprehensive Guide on How to Create a Business Logo on Canva.com”

  1. Good tips in this post for creating a logo. But, you don’t necessarily have to create your own logo or hire somebody to design one for you, you can also search the internet for a logo that you can use as long as that logo is in the public domain. In fact, I found a logo for my dogs website that way. As you alluded to in this post, a logo is not the most important thing for a website to have. It is the content (posts) that matter the most.

    • Hi Michael, 

      Thank you for this highlights, I agree that you can source for free logo on the internet. But I won’t do that because some other folks can be using the same logo. If you want something unique like me, creating one will be the best way out. 

      Canva is one of those platforms that makes it easily for you to create logos within few munites. 

  2. Hi Ayodeji. Thank you for very interesting article. I started my own business recently and to be fair I never focused too much on logo. But looking on your post it was mistake, and its worth to spend some time to create something eye catchy. Thank for easy tutorial how to do it in canva, for sure I will use your advices in practice.

    • You are very right. Although logos are not direct money making ventures. But they can influence the rate at which your leads sign up. Thank you for finding our content worth reading 

  3. Hello, I used Canva a few months ago to build a restaurant menu, but I never imagined I could use it to create a logo.
    Now I know that I’ll use Canva to create a logo for my website.
    Of course, I enjoy making stuff on my own, just like you, because I have plenty of time.
    I can’t devote as much effort to establishing a logo as I can to developing my business for my clients.
    However, I must not overlook the importance of a logo, since it plays a significant influence on first impressions.


  4. I was wondering if I had to hire a freelancer to create a nice logo for my site. I have just got started in this journey blogging online and I know a good logo is a must for branding. I was wondering how much this would cost me. But it turns out that I could create a logo myself using this program. Thank you very much for this suggestion.

  5. Thanks for making this How to Create a Business Logo on Canva dot com. I have designed business logos before and I have never heard of this service. I usually just drew it on paper and then converted in an art app on my iPad. Going forward I will have to look at this canva dot com because it looks like a lot more use friendly.

  6. Great piece! Canva is truly one of the best platforms for designing logos and content in general for your business. The ability it has to portray what you desire your design to be, with its free options, it’s just mind-blowing. I have created multiple logos on this website and my latest one, which is the one I’m currently using for my website, has gotten a ton of compliments and attention. It’s all about visual attraction and comprehending your company’s mission.

    • Yes Stephanie,

      It remains my number one go to when it come to designs. They are reliable and very intuitive 


  7. Huh. Canva looks to be very helpful for the aspiring website creator. I am sure you can get a CCO free image to use, but there is something personally satisfying about making ya own. It’s YOUR little piece of heaven, so to speak. Maybe I will hire someone for that, maybe one day I will make a logo. That is on the back burners for now to me.

    Nonetheless, Great article. It is nice to know s’all good with having a logo, especially when it attracts customers.

    • I live it when you describe making your own your little piece of heaven 

  8. Thanks so much for this guide on how to create a business logo in Canva. I really love Canva  and have been using it for about three years now. It is also great for making image collages to insert into your posts. As you rightly say, you can create a distinct and interesting logo by using the Canva platform. I totally agree with you that your logo is important but should not be your only focus for your online business. Best wishes, Jenni.

    • You welcome Jenni,

      Canva is a great place for multiple tasks 

  9. The site has provided good insight on creating my own logo. I have considered hiring a professional; however, I want to give it a try. In addition, I have been on the Canva site many times and never realized that I had the option to create a logo. Thanks for the heads up.

    • You can create your own logo and there are multiple things you can do with canva

  10. I have not yet created a logo for my business. Maybe I thought it was no that important. I see from your article where a logo would be an asset to my business. I have used canva before and found it user-friendly. There are so many things to consider. I will be using your tips to come up with a good design for my logo. Thank you. Very helpful


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