How to develop Fiverr Gig Ideas for a Profitable Freelance Business

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Fiverr is a great marketplace. The platform has grown to a platform with more than 3.5 million active users with more than 300 active categories. So if you are looking at getting started with freelancing, it is one of the best options you should consider. To create a profitable freelance business on this platform, you must develop good Fiverr gig ideas. 

There are many services ranging from digital marketing, search engine optimization, and blog writing service to other niches like tutoring. But it would help if you did your research to uncover the best form of jobs for yourself. Many high-paying jobs in high demand guarantee a decent income whether you work on Fiverr full or part-time. 

This article is targeted at helping you get started on Fiverr. We will see how to develop the best Fiverr gig ideas and some popular and profitable gigs. Finally, I will share how to create gigs on Fiverr in line with Fiverr’s algorithm. 

Freelance Business on Fiverr is Profitable 

If you’re considering getting started with an online business from home, Fiverr is a profitable place for you to get started. You can make a good amount of money from this platform, but you must know what you are doing. Below is a screenshot from Fiverr showing some freelancers, their gigs, the number of transactions they carried out, and how much they charge per transaction.

Fiverr gig ideas

How to Come up with Profitable Fiverr Gig Ideas. 

It would be best if you designed your freelancing business in a way to help you gain the income and independence that you desire. When creating gigs for your Fiverr business, you should be out for fields or topics tailored to your goals. Below are four to-dos to help you develop profitable Fiverr gig ideas for your business. 

1. Identify and Highlight your Motivations. 

Why do you want to be a freelancer? What motivates you to get started as a freelancer? Whatever it might be. Whether you are tired of the 9 am to 5 pm rat race, you want to create a flexible daily schedule, determine and control your income, or create your work environment. Whatever it might be, brainstorm on it. 

While considering your motivation, you must highlight your motivations and write them down. Arrange them according to wants and needs, and attach their pros and cons. That way, you will be able to determine: 

  1. If freelancing is what you need or you need to still work under someone. 
  2. You can ascertain if Fiverr will be the best place for you or other freelancing outfits. 

2. What Services Can You Offer (or Sell)? 

The beauty of freelancing is that you can perform several tasks and act in different capacities. It is worth mentioning that while some freelancers stick to a niche and become a pro, others combine several fields and work in them independently.

There are many freelancing jobs online, and the Fiverr platform is no exception. The platform is well suited, with lots of gig options. If you are good with designs, voice-over, PowerPoint presentation, and Search engine optimization, to metion a few. The options for you to get started are endless. 

To get started, write down your skills. I strongly advise you to do a listing of all of your skills. It does not have to be perfect, and it does not have to be in any order. Most importantly is ensuring you consider the following. 

  1. Consider your previous experience (What task have you been involved in before and what are you currently doing)
  2. Itemize your current and previous roles 
  3. Determine which kind of certifications are related to your skills.
  4. List out what is required of your skills. You will need to attend meetings or schedule deliveries.
  5. Does your skill set require selling or interacting with clients in any form? 

They may seams insignificant; ensure you write out all that pertains to your skills. Ensure it covers all of your points of interest. While you will need to develop your skill with some, you will be good at others.

The aim and objective are to discover things you like that you can do and where there is a need for improvement. 

3. Check your competitions

After drawing out your skill, the next thing you should be interested in is what other folks are doing in your niche (skill set). It is time to gather some insight or inspiration from what other successful freelancers are doing with your skills. 

If you are passionate about PowerPoint presentations, go to Fiverr and check what other freelancers are doing. How many people are offering the services? What are the varieties of the services they offer? 

Profitable freelance business

As shown in the diagram above, I searched for Powerpoint. I got Fiverr gig ideas that relate to PowerPoint. Next is to use the enter key and see what other sellers (freelancers) offer and how much they charge for their services. Below is a screenshot showing what others are doing.

Profitable freelance business

Be critical with your analysis, and gather insights from their competitive offerings.

4. Create Gigs and Test Your Offerings 

Now we have seen how to highlight your sets of skills and check competitions. It’s time to get started. Select your best skill, one you are sure you are very good and comfortable with. Ensure it is one you understand the scope. 

Keep your offering very simple and set a price. Research pricing on Fiverr, and you will see what other folks are selling. You must be precise about the writing you offer for gigs like content writing. Are you offering research writing, blog article, or Amazon kindle books? How many revisions are you willing to offer, and how long will it take you to deliver your jobs? 

This and lots more you will have to decide. But you can also research what others offer and pick what you think is best for your freelance business. 

Before you kick start your business, test your Fiverr gig ideas. Do not just get into the ocean without testing your kits. Run several tests. 

You can start testing with friends and family, assuming your first set of projects as a testing ground. Offer discounts and see how they behave. You can also donate your services to nonprofit organizations. 

To help you get started, let us see some gigs on Fiverr that sell well in the marketplace.

Best Selling Fiverr Gigs  

In 2018, Sec reported that Fiverr has over 830,000 sellers and facilitated more than 50 million transactions. If you get it right by selecting the best gig, you have a wide range of opportunities to sell your skill. 

In case you still find it difficult to develop relevant gig ideas, below are four strategic niches, and I have listed 12 gigs that sell best on Fiverr from these niches.  

1. Digital Marketing:

This has become an essential form of marketing for small and big businesses. It is one of the most popular and profitable niches on Fiverr. Let us see some of the most popular Fiverr gigs under this niche. 

  1. Social Media Graphic Design: There are different social media platforms, from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and lots more. Very few people are conversant with these platforms. Many business owners need images and graphics to showcase their businesses. If you are vast at creating images for social media platforms, you can take advantage of this opportunity and create gigs on Fiverr. 
  2. Adverts On Social Media: Very few businesses can afford to run ads on TV and billboards. So many small and growing businesses use social media for advertising their business. If you are skillful with creating ads, you can take advantage of this niche and create a gig on this skill set. If you need to learn and upgrade your skill, Darius took a wide look at social media adverts in his course Social media Marketing Mastery. He dealt extensively with how you can use social media to promote business. He taught me how to create ads for more than ten social media platforms. 
  3. Social Media Manager: We have seen how to work as a social media graphic designer and how to create ads for social media platforms. Another top job in digital marketing and social media management is working as a social media manager. Although very closely related to the two jobs above a little different. You will be managing social media traffic alongside website traffic generation. 

2. Video Production:

Videos have become one of the businesses’ most powerful marketing tools. But creating videos can be time-consuming, and business owners prefer to outsource their video content. If you are vast at creating and editing videos, it’s a good place to develop Fiverr gig ideas. Let us see some of the most popular video gigs on Fiverr 

  1. Creating Video Intros: Vloggers cannot do without an engaging intro that carries a call to action. But a lot of folks do not know how to go about it. If you are creative, you can create animated videos, add graphics to your work or design an intro that will keep your audience’s attention. Then you can start creating gigs for this niche. You will find a lot of training videos on Youtube very helpful. 
  2. Video Editing: Below is a screenshot of some video editors on Fiverr. Their charges range between $15 and $100. Their functions generally entail managing footage, audio, and sound effects. It is majorly about resolving issues during post-production. So if you are passionate about video editing or have background knowledge of editing sound and audio, why not give video editing a try? 
fiverr gig

3. Content Writing:

There are millions of websites getting started daily around the globe. As long as these websites continue to come up, there will be a continuous need for writers. So if you have a passion for any form of writing, be rest assured that jobs are waiting for you. Let us consider some gigs you can create on Fiverr on Fiverr as a writer. 

  1. Writing CV and Cover Letters: CV writing is another form of writing that needs some creativity. And this form of writing will stay as long as job seekers. So if you have some experience working as an office assistant, you can give that CV a new look. You can look at creating gigs about writing CVs.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: this is another very popular Fiverr gig. Businesses are looking out to improve their presence on search results. And are willing to give out some dollars for on-page, image optimization, off-page and technical SEO. If you are vast with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Fiverr is a good place to make some cash with your skill. 
  3. Proofreading and Editing: If you speak and write a specific language well, you can proofread for writers. You do not have to concentrate on only English. Fiverr have clients who speak French, Spanish, and lots more. You will check their writings for grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and much more. 

4. Design:

This is another popular niche where you can develop multiple Fiverr gig ideas. It cuts across many fields, from the web to mobile and Graphic Design. The opportunities are endless. Let’s see some gigs that are making waves on the platform. 

  1. Website Design: You can earn as much as $1,000 for a single project. It all depends on your expertise. From individuals to multinationals, a lot of folks need website designs. All you need is to up your skill and deliver high-quality services. 
  2. Architectural Design: It’s the conventional architecture, where you have to be schooled at house, office, structures, etc. It is going to depend on your skill level. You may have to work with clients and consult with their engineers. But if you look at working for clients in the US, you need a license. 
  3. Graphic Design: it’s what comes to mind first when you mention designs. It’s competitive, but getting jobs on Fiverr will not be a challenge if you are vast at what you do. You will be working on designing logos, background images, and lots more. You will need tools like canva


You will be saddled with fixing bugs and adding custom website templates. Nother set of skills closely related is data analysis and scrubbing. If you are skillful and ready to keep learning, you can make a decent income from coding on Fiverr. Let’s see some brilliant Fiverr gig ideas that folks who love coding come up with. 

  1. Mobile App Development: folks who love designing apps charge highly for these services. Their task is always all invol ved. It can include creating logos, banners, and several icons for apps. It’ll depend on your sets of skills. 
  2. Game development: is another highly rewarding gig with very low competition. At the time of this writing, it has about 8,000 services, as shown below. It is very low compared to content writing, which has more than 30,000 services. 
fiverr gig

3.WordPress Developer: Coding does not mean you have to develop the website from scratch. There are a lot of developers who work on WordPress websites and put them to the taste of their clients. With little training, you can figure out how to use your skills. 

How to Create the Profitable Gig on Fiverr 

Now that you have highlighted your strengths and come up with good Fiverr gig ideas. It’s time we look at how to create that gig to help you achieve a profitable freelance business. Below are some tips to help you create the best Fiverr gig to turn your skill into a money-spinning machine. 

  1. Create an Optimized Title and Description for your Gig: You must optimize your content on Google and Bing for search the same way you need to optimize your gig on Fiverr. When creating your Fiverr gig Title and description, research words and phrases people will input on Fiverr.
  2. Be professional and Write a Good description: A well-written gig description may look insignificant. But you cannot over-emphasize its effect. A good way to ascertain if your gig description is okay is by getting feedback from friends and other freelancers. 
  3. Create Images and Video: Apart from creating a well-written and detailed description, there is a need for good visual graphics. It can be in the form of images, infographics, or videos. As such you must create good images and a brief explanatory video for your gig. 
  4. Work for Reviews: While Fiverr discourages sellers from asking for reviews, they encourage buyers to write reviews for services they received. So you must ensure you deliver good services to earn a good review. 
  5. Respond to Enquiries Promptly: Fiverr takes your response rate very seriously. You will see your average response rate on your profile. Do your best to ensure your response rate is within the first 24 hours. 

In conclusion, Fiverr is a great platform for building a profitable freelance business. To succeed on this platform, you must start by highlighting good Fiverr gig ideas for your business. Next is creating the gigs and promoting them. 

The advice above is a product of my personal experience, and they are good enough to help you start and build a successful business. But building your own business and delivering excellent services is much more important. That way, you will be sure to build a profitable freelance business. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the article on Fiver Gig ideas.  I downloaded the app a week or so ago, and I got so confused on what I should be doing on there so I never actually used it.  I see here, though, that there are several steps that I can take to start my work on Fiverr.  How long does it take to get a gig on the app?  In particular, content writing?

    • Creating a gig does not take time. It depends on the freelancer and his experience. But advice you build your business gradually 

  2. What a great article describing how to get started earning some serious cash on Fiverr.  I honestly never considered offering freelancing services on Fiverr until I read this article.  I realized I can do many of the things you have mentioned in this article. Also, it is eye opening to see just how much money it is possible to make on Fiverr!  I will definitely be giving this a shot in the near future.  Thanks for the inspiration.

    • Thank uoi Ashley for dropping some words. So encouraging, Fiverr is a great place to get started and make some cool cash. The good thing is that its open to almost every nation in d world 

  3. I think this article is very good considering the fact that i once tried to

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    Provide a step by step guide  because I am afraid of rejection or is there an agent you know to help us apply ?

    • I honestly do not subscribe to using agents. Rather than stay on upwork, try it out on fiverr. There is nothing like rejection. You create gigs and people buy your gigs. Follow the article above and you will find it very easy 

  4. Hey Owoeye,

    I have looked into Fiverr to find people for some small startup projects, never really thought about using my own set of skills to freelance there. You just opened my mind to a wealth of ideas and skills I could certainly offer. Thank you very much for the tips an the information, it will certainly help me in this new endeavor, thanks! 

    • Fiverr is a platform where you can work and also get people to work for you. Great freelancing platform 

  5. Invaluable article on Fiverr gigs. I would add that it could take some time in the beginning until you get your first reviews. The key is not to give up. Create 2-3 powerful gigs. You can also offer your services at lower prices until you get at least the first 5-star-review. After that, your profile can only grow.

    Thank you for this detailed analysis and instructions.

  6. Although I had heard Fiverr before to be honest I didn’t know what exactly it was and for what it could be used. It seems like a good place for freelancing work so I will definitely keep this in mind for future use as I am looking for a freelance writer for some time now. Thanks for the info and for sharing such a valuable article.

  7. I subscribed to Fiverr a few months ago and didn’t do much with it because I always looked at it from the consumer’s perspective!  I never thought to maybe flip that around and offer up my writing for someone else for an opportunity to have an alternative source of income, Thanks so much for this enlightening view on this platform.  

    I may have to start setting up some gigs now to see if I can be successful with it.  

    The only question I have is if you have a lot of competition in your chosen field, is it difficult to break into the market and get customers?

    • Yes Fiverr is a double edge sword. You can approach it has a customer and a freelancer. 

  8. Thanks for sharing this article on using fiverr to find more freelance gigs. I have not tried finding clients on their platform due to feeling frustrated when I’ve hired freelancers in the past. That was many years ago, but based on what you mentioned, perhaps they have worked out some of the issues, and it’s time to revisit the platform. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for this informative post, Owoeye.

    After quitting my 9-5 job, I thought I would try freelancing until such time that my husband could get our business up and running. But I’m not sure if my former work as a web designer for a private company is enough to qualify me. I also do not know where to start. 

    I did hear about Fiverr while I was still employed but never gave it much thought until I was forced to resign due to a family emergency. 

    Because of my previous work experience, I know I can build a career as a freelancer. What I needed help with is in the area of pricing. Should I base my charges on the asking price of other freelancers on Fiverr who are offering the same services?

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    • Freelancing is a great way to make an extra income. It will be great if you look at it 


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