How to Find Topics for a Blog as an Affiliate Marketer

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As an affiliate marketer, one of those things you do regularly is writing for your blog. Thus you will find yourself asking the 100 dollar question – how do I find topics for a blog? This happens to everyone, finding topics to write about isn’t easy.

Our world is constantly changing. Search Engine algorithm are not different, they make the competition much more difficult. Feeling that you have exhausted all avenues and resources is not out of place. It happens to all.

Alongside this feeling is the need to offer value in terms of quality content, regular improvement in our SEO for ranking. Top of it is the thousand of sites in stiff competition for the front page of search engines. All this put together tells us that we have to stand out in the crowd. Thus the need to find topics for your blog regularly

Although there is no robotic way out for this task, below are ways I have constantly overcome this.

1) Engage tools For your Research:

Let us start with the various online tools that can aid you in generating blog topics. One of such tool is BuzzSumo, It grants you access to check profitable topics within your niche.

For BuZZSumo, it is simple. All you need do is to enter a keyword or domain, the system will present a tone of similar content. This is content that has been published by others. This grants you easy knowledge of your competitors. You will see what they are doing at a glance, as such, you can begin to generate top ideas.

Apart from your competition, BuzzSumo also grants your good info on how content is behaving across all social media platform.

2) Forums

Forums are always a good avenue for people of like minds to discuss. by so doing that engage and discuss their various success and challenges. This is a good avenue for blog topics that will resonate with the desire of your clients or audience. Searching for forums to work with is not difficult. You can use Google search, type in “your niche” + Forums.

Google will offer you a list of forums, take a critical look at them. You will see both forums with broad scope and those that are narrowed and are niche-focused. Also, forums like Reddit and platforms like Quora are good.

They are usually referred to as monster forums; they are a good place to pick up your audience interest. Reddit is known for its smaller forums known as subreddits. They address smaller units and topics. Quora address topical issues in the form of questions and answers.

3)   Take a Look at you Website Comment

Unfortunately, so many people neglect the comment section. This is out of fear of what and how to respond to enquiries. In a bid to hid our face we neglect such valuable asset in our blog or website.

This section is our sit of engagement between us and our audience. These engagements present the strength and weakness of our readers. Making it easier to write articles that address their pain points and also their enquiries.

A good way to address this is to pick every comment as an asset of ideas. Turn them around into a topic or at worst develop one or two questions from them.

In the spirit of excellent customer services, do not forget to get back to your audience. Ensure you respond to the comments. This practice will give you an eye into what your client is in search for. As such, developing such content will be profitable.)

4) Use Google Auto-Complete

When it comes to generating topic ideas for any niche, Google search interface is a good way to go about it

If you are careful enough, you would have noticed that when you type in the Google Search area to search for words, it generates suggestion. These are very similar things people are in search of. These of course are very relevant keywords that people will naturally type.

Below is a screenshot of google completing my search request after writing television.

find topics for a blog - Google search

You will notice the search engine suggesting words for me. These are related terms of people all over the word search for. They are a good place to start.

5)   Examine You Most performing articles for repurposing

We have looked at how to use external sources to generate blog article topics. But you can also generate topics right from your website – I call it looking inwards. The whole idea here is to take a look at your articles with the best result. You can do this using Google analytics.

Your selection criteria can include things like pages with the highest visit, average time spent, etc.

Thus you can repurpose old ideas in a new form.

You have several ways this can be achieved. It includes doing an updated version of the same article or breaking it down to small units. This smaller unit can be used to raise sub-topics from the main topic.

6) Talk to your Audience

There is a general belief that people who follow your content know what topic is best for your blog. A simple way to go about this is to create a contact form on your website, call it a suggestion box. Through this, your audience will drop their suggestions. From this, you can start building up topics.

Another way around it is to use question and answers. This can involve setting up regular surveys containing short form questions. The amount of valuable feedback you will get will amaze you.

Writing blog contents that do not resonate with your audience desire is not worth the headache. As a blogger, your major priority is providing value for your audience. As such, it is worth learning the act and investing the time and money.

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18 thoughts on “How to Find Topics for a Blog as an Affiliate Marketer”

  1. This is a great article. I had never heard of BuZZSumo as you state in your article. I love using several methods for ideas including Jaaxy and the GOOGLE search bar that you mentioned. Another great way to come up with topics is to pick a sentence or paragraph in one of your previous articles and use that topic to write a complete blog about. Thank you for sharing your ideas and good job! John

    • Hi John, 

      thank you for taking the time to see the article. Yes revisiting and repurposing your old articles is a great way to find topics and write content.


  2. Hello Ayodeji, thanks for this really good article you have shared that can be of assistance to all of us who is into affiliate marketing. The thing is, we sometimes do not know the right topic to go with so that people can engage our article and so using google auto-complete will be very useful because you can easily pick the one people engage more.

    • Hi Lawson,

      Google autocomplete and trend are good ways to find out what is trending and find topics that will sell.

      Thank you for checking by 

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this here. Honestly, being able ti actually provide topics for a blog post can be the perfect thing for us to get into. I really quite like all that has been shared here and it can make the whole difference for us as individuals. What yi shared here is good and the tips are helpful for us especially the beginner marketers like us. Thanks

  4. Hello Ayomide, seems like there is one way to get topics for my blog than the popular research tool that everyone has become so accustomed to. I’m definetely going to use what you shared as tips here. I guess I’m also one of those who do not see the comment section as a way to draw new ideas too. That will definitely change.

    • Yes Jackie, your comment section is a good way to draw topic ideas. You will know what your readers want to read. 


  5. Hi.ayodeji

    Thank you for your great and awesome content, This post it may remind me when I started my site, most of the time I wasn’t know what to write on my site, and how to generating blog content idea, it was more challenging aspects to me. This most of the time it faced beginner, so this the big challenging to most of the marketer,

    Personally, I use most of the way, as you have listed on your blogs and every day, I come up with a new idea for what to write on my site or social media.

    Thank you for sharing this insightful idea.

  6. Hi Ayodeji 🙂

    Thanks for this article. I am in the same niche, all be it in the very early stages so I am interested in reading your posts. Yesterday I read about content calendars. Today this article where I have noted that Buzz Sumo is a good place to check out profitable niches. There are a couple of other important things you might like to consider and that is your interests and knowledge. It’s so much faster and more enjoyable to write about things you know. Of course you need an audience but I think i interest and knowledge of the subject are important too. I like to write about what I’m learning myself.

    • Deb,

      Thank you Deb, interest and knowledge places a good role. I might consider including that when I am reworking on the content or repurposing the content.


  7. I think that finding a blog topic should be easy enough but I recognise the fact that some people may have problem, either deciding which among the many that comes to their mind or any at all bog topic to use so it’s good that you have shared this article as I’m sure it will be helpful to a lot of people 

    • Generating blog topics can be a lot of headaches, but when you master the act it flows like a river. 

      Thank you for spending time on our blog 


  8. Interesting and useful post, thank you, I enjoyed it.

    I haven’t heard os BuzzSumo before, so I will be checking that one out.

    I agree that Google Auto-complete is useful at times, as are forums and comments.

    Reading other blog posts can produce ideas too. It might be a sentence that sparks an idea or even a single word. It’s surprising at times what can give you ideas.

    • Buzzsumo and Google autocomplete are good source of topic for blogs. 

  9. Hello

    Thanks so much for sharing, after blogging for some time now, I do find myself struggling with “what do I write about next? what would my readers like to read or what will be useful for my readers (without asking for their opinion on what I should write about next)

    Now you`ve opened my eyes to somethings that I never really thought about, Google autocomplete sounds so obvious now reading about it on your site but it never occurred to me to check for ideas from there.

    I have checked forums in the past, but it can be time-consuming and not much on offer after you`ve been blogging for a while, especially if you have a narrow niche.

    Really appreciate your sharing this, very useful, and an eye-opener.

    Cheers Roamy

    • Hi Roamy,

      I am happy you got it right. Google autocomplete is a great source of Topic.

      You can use it with keyword research tools like Jaaxy. 


  10. Hello,

    Since I also made my website through Wealthy Affiliate, the things you mention are very familiar to me. I also use the Google Search bar a lot to search via “alphabet soup”. And I discovered a lot of things related to my niche that I really didn’t think about …

    The hardest part for me is still writing content that must contain 1500+ words before Google finds it interesting enough to rank. My disappointment was then when a WA member advised me to write at least 2500 words of content. Now I will have to expand my content …

    And I already found it so difficult.

    Thanks for the information that is very useful for completely inexperienced people!

    Good luck,


    • Writing long content is advisable but not compulsory.  What is important is consistency. Practice and write always.

      If you look at the trend on this blog, I started with less than 1,000 words. I grew to writing 1,500, Now I write beyond 2,000 words and I am still growing. Wish you all the best 



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