How to Market your Business Online for Free

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Statistics show that more than 20% of new business fail in the first two years, while less than 50 per cent survive the business environment in the first five years of their existence. These statistics have remained over time and in it cuts across diverse businesses. One of those things that have accounted for business failures is marketing strategies. To market your business online can be away out of this pitfall

Most businesses invest too much at the early stage in their marketing effort. As such, they spend so much and gain too little. I will show you how to market your business for free, how to brand your business and create free logos. I will not stop at that. I will show you how to promote your business online and build your website at a minimal cost. 

Starting a business with limited cash is not easy, but it is not a reason for failure. A lot of others started at less than $200. Apple that has become a household name in the United States and the world, started the business with less than $1,300. If they can, then you can. With the points highlighted below, you can learn to market your online business for free. 

5 Strategies to Help Market your Business Online

Market your business online

Below are 5 unique strategies to help you market your business online.

1. Learn the Act and Hire your Self

 If you have little cash to invest, hiring an expert for a skill you can learn is not a good idea. Online marketing is not an overnight cash cow. No expert will turn your business to multi-billion-dollar business overnight. 

The worst thing about hiring a so-called expert is that they can drain your little resources. You will not have anything to invest. Another keynote is that you have to be sure your product will sell before investing so much into it. Do not throw your hard-earned cash into a product you have not tested the market. Be sure it will sell. 

Start by doing the hard work, do not waste the hard earn cash. Do the hard work by reading books and blogs. Research YouTube, join groups on Facebook, Reddit; there is a lot of free content out there for you to learn. Get your hands strong on marketing as much as you can. Once you are familiar with the basics, the nest is finding out if your product will sell. Once you get a good grip of the basics, the next thing is finding out the profitability of your product and strategy 

2. Design your Logo and Build your brand 

Since you are just starting and you have a low budget, your business will not get millions of impression like you always see with other professionals what does this imply?

It means you need to build a brand before you start launching your campaign. Branding is all about creating an impression in people about your business. Make others feel good about your business. 

So you must select the desired colour, logo, website, and media for your business. Build a brand goes beyond just creating an image or a logo. It is about creating an impression. Some of us are fans of popular brands like Apple or Samsung; you promote their products and services. It is the strength of creating a strong brand. 

To create a brand, you are making an impression on your customer’s heart. It will affect their lifestyles and buying habits. 

Another important thing is creating a logo for your website. You do not have to cough out any dime, you can create a business logo on Canva for free. The platform has both free and paid account. With a free account, you can use free templates to create beautiful logos. Make it very simple and lovely. You do not need to create the best logo or most artistic outface.

 3. Create your Website 

It is time we begin to look at how to create a website for your business. There are diverse alternatives for building a website. You can employ a website designer and go through all the cost of design and coding. It is an expensive way of creating a website. You do not need this in any way. 

Other platforms like Wix, will offer you the cheapest and simplest alternatives. But in the long run, this will not pass the test of time. The best way to build a website is taking advantage of the WordPress platform. If you are willing, you can learn to build a WordPress website without spending a dime.

You can build it for free does not mean it is going to come easy. Buy a website name and a hosting plan. There are numerous hosting platforms that you can take advantage of this. My number one recommendation for this is the BlueHost platform. They are cheap and highly reliable when it comes to building and hosting your website.

They will provide you with host, training, tools like keyword tool. Top of it, you will gain access to there community of entrepreneurs. You can easily relate to this set and learn from the community.   

There is a lot to learn if you are starting from scratch, as I mentioned earlier you must be ready to learn. 

Another option is buying a website or paying a professional to do it for you. I strictly advise that you should have experience before embarking on this. 

4. Use Organic Marketing Strategies 

Starting an online business with expensive adverts is not always advisable. Rather, I strongly advise you to start with the organic method of marketing. You need to learn social media marketing, Search Engine Optimization and group marketing. 

These forms of marketing will not cost you anything and will drive genuine customers to your online business. SEO and social media marketing are great tools in the hands of marketers. To take adequate advantage of SEO, you must position your website and its content in such a way that it becomes visible to search engines and its users. You must understand how to optimize your website for search engines.

5) Scale your Organic Marketing Effort with Paid Ads 

Like I said initially, don’t start your marketing effort with paid ads, rather use organic marketing. You cannot break through running a single ad. Facebook and Google ads are highly technical and need a lot of testing. Don’t miss understand me, online advertising is lucrative, but it is technical and you will need to create a lot of ads before you can get people buying your product. 

That implies that your first set of investment many times will go into awareness and not into the buying circle. To create an ad to create awareness like creating an ad for a blog post or any other form of content and not for sale. If people like your post, they will naturally follow you and follow your content. 

People don’t follow promotional content. They will go for education, entertaining or other forms of content that is not promotional. Investment in advertising to boost your organic effort, that way you will not waste funds on advertising. You can promote content that will build your email list, or boost your post on social media. 

In conclusion, with these five steps, you can build an online business that will go viral. The basic that you must hold to heart, is that you must learn to start it yourself and you must use organic marketing for a start. So doing you can scale your business online without starting with cash. But if you have some cash that you can through in, you can begin to consider sponsoring content on other blogs or social media channels that will drive traffic to your blog. 

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