How to name Websites: 7 important key points

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Naming your website is one of the most important things when you start your WordPress Website. As such a good understanding of how to name websites is very important. This can determine if your business will succeed or fail.

In this article, I will be walking you through how to name websites, the essential tools, and important tips you must have at the back of your mind.

Your website name will either describe the service you offer or it may be a branded name; you have to decide on which way to go, they are both advantageous.

Website name Describing Your Business vs Branded Names

Building a website with a name describing the business is a very effective way to name your website, it tells users the type of content they should expect from your website. But starting with a brand also helps you stand out in the crowd, it helps been unique amidst your competitors.

A website name like “” already tells visitors to expect tips on how to use the dictionary, various types of the dictionary, etc. But website names like Google, Yahoo are all brand names. They do not talk about their content, but they are unique and an easy way to stand out in the crowd.

Where to buy your Domain name

Buying a domain name is not difficult at all. A lot of name registrars on the internet. It is good you chose carefully.

For me, I recommend one of these two, siterubix or Bluehost. They have a robust package and you can easily move your name to any hosting company of your choice.

The top of it is both of them will provide there support, it’s available 24 hours.

Below are tips you should keep in mind when selecting a name for your website

  • 1) Use the right name extension (.com, .net, .org)

The market is filled with a lot of domain name extensions different from the initial sets of extension (.com, .net, and .org) some extensions are unique to locations, and others unique to niches.

We recommend you go with .com as your extension.

This is the most credible and highly trustworthy. They are easily memorable for users, users with little computer appreciation will not remember other extensions but will easily remember the dot com extension.

So for safety purposes and as a starter go with dot com extension.

  • 2) Use Short Website Name

Don’t use long domain names, the shorter the better. Short domain names are easily memorable, users will easily remember a domain name with less than 20 letters compared to a domain name as long as a textbook.

Remember it is easier to make mistakes with longer words than with shorter words.

  • 3) Use Keywords in your Domain Name Search

Using keywords in your website name is very essential, it makes it easier for both human and search engines to place your websites.

Picking a domain name with the right keywords, combined with quality content alongside a well-structured website that delivers an excellent experience to users will make your website rank easily in Google and other search engines.

  • 4) Avoid Hyphens

Do not use hyphens in your website names, these names can be easily miss spelled and you may lose the audience. One of the reasons some marketers use hyphens is because of their desired names have been taken by someone else. The risk behind using hyphens is that your visitors may end up on your competitor’s blog. Avoid it like a plaque.

  • 5) Make your website name Unique

To stand out amidst your competitors, your website name must be unique. You can try branded domain names.

You can take a look at your competitor’s website, see what they are doing. Avoid copying; you will not want to be accused of copying.

  • 6) Don’t use duplicated letters

The website’s names with 2 consecutive letters may lead to loss of traffic. For example, and can be confusing; such a website name is prone to mistakes when typing.

  • 7) Buy that name, don’t wait

Although website names are cheap; but in the real sense, they are the internet real estate. Thousands are registered daily and a lot of people are still out there searching for branded website names.

If you think of a good domain, conduct your research, the moment you see potentials you can buy them and keep. Remember, they are real estates which you can sell.

If you find it not worth it after a year, allow it to expire. Because they do not cost a fortune, I advise you to buy and keep.

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