How to start a Profitable Website the Right Way

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Recently, I discovered that lots of people want to own a blog. But, what are they waiting for, or why have they not started? Their enthusiasm has suddenly died because they do not know how to go about starting up, naming, or hosting a profitable blog or website. Are you the person I am talking about? worry no more; this write up will help you in starting up this long-overdue blog in the easiest way.

I am a seasoned content creator with experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I have built several blogs of my own, and I have also helped friends build their websites. As such, if you desire to start a blog for profit, you are on the right track. In this simple read through the article, you will learn how to build a profitable website following a simple procedure.

What do you need to know or do? We will begin by picking a name just like a newborn baby.  The first thing that is done by the parents is to name the child. Your baby is that site in your womb, and it is about to be birthed shortly.

Your website name is the first thing your readers will want to see. So, it should be a combination of carefully selected words, a word or phrase you will be proud to showcase. Many bloggers prefer to use their names for the blog, while some use their business name and others a phrase or word depicting their niche.

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Get your Website Online

After deciding on a name, the next thing is accessing a hosting company to get you online. A hosting company is a company whose responsibility is t keep all your files, or I call it credentials that will support you online. Their basic responsibility is to ensure you are live online, accessible, save, and secured. I always like to think of owning a website as owning a shop online.

There are a lot of hosting companies, but Bluehost and siterubix have been outstanding and very friendly for beginners. In case you decide to go with any other hosting company, ensure your hosting company can deliver on :

  1. Up to date website security
  2. Excellent website speed
  3. 24/7 support
  4. A good track Record

Another essential is a platform for your website, most bloggers use WordPress. It is free and it powers more than 50% of websites you see on the internet today. Laying your website on an excellent platform, backup by a great hosting company like Bluehost is an excellent foundation.

Using BlueHost as an Example

Now you have selected a hosting company, the next thing is selecting a hosting Plan. The Choice Plus Plan of BlueHost with its domain privacy has an advantage above the others, I recommend you go with this plan, the platform where you select your plan on Bluehost will look like this.

Keynote: Domain privacy is important to protect your personal information online. In case, you opt for the other plans, you can always add your domain privacy later.

Create a Domain Name For Your Website

I have explained the concept of domain name earlier, it is a unique name for your website. This is what your users will use to access your website online. It is your website’s unique name on the internet while web hosting is the location where your files are kept. Speaking, the website name is your name and your web hosting is your house located on the internet.

While a domain name costs about $12/ year, hosting will cost $6 monthly. Now we can buy our domain name.

On the top menu, you will see the Domain Icon, click on it and an interface to input your selected domain name appears, on inserting your chosen domain you will see an interface like this

How to start a profitable website - BlueHost

If the name is not available, the system will present you with some recommendations. You have a choice to go with any of the system recommendations or try another name that is of choice to you. Worth mentioning is that you can leave the domain name until after you have properly set up your account and come back to it later when you are sure of what you want.

Available Extra Packages

On starting your website with BlueHost, I advise you to go along with the Domain Privacy Protection Extra, you can skip the rest. There are other tools I will show you which you can install, they majorly come as plugins.

Its good I let you know that you can still access Domain Privacy for free on Bluehost platform, the Choice Plus Plan offers it for free, as shown in the figure below.

How to start a profitable website - BlueHost

After this, you will need to check out from your cart and at the same time sign up to BlueHost.

I will not need to talk about this, it is very straight forward. Let us look at selecting themes for your blog.

Selecting Themes for Your New Website

Depending on your budget and how much you have to invest, you can go ahead with paid themes if you have enough cash. But if you are working on a lien budget, then I advise you use one of the numerous free themes from WordPress.

Astra is a good theme you can take advantage of. I like Astra for its simplicity, it will get you started with an easy and with a very beautiful outlook. Design is essential, even if you do not care about it. Your customers do, and the blog is for your visitors.


 Let me introduce you to an alternative to Starting your blog.  In less than 5 minutes, you can set up your blog, the platform is called SiteRubix. It is powered by Wealthy Affiliate, they go beyond providing the domain name and hosting, the provide industry-standard pieces of training

Let me work with you through how to use SiteRubix.

You can sign in directly to SiteRubix or via the

. The page allows you to input your desired website name

If the name does not exist before then it takes you to where you can signup,

After signing up, you can begin to build your website, a friendly environment that will seamlessly work you through it.

How to state a profitable website - SiteRubix

Unlike other hosting companies that charge on yearly basis and with a very good probability of price going-up, Wealthy Affiliate’s Site-Rubix remains zero cost for your host as long as you are a premium member on the platform.

Talking of extra packages, as a premium member in Wealthy Affiliate, you do not need to worry about this. All are encompassed in your package, Siterubix takes proper care of your security, domain privacy, and even the SEO basics for you.

Like I mentioned initially if you join a wealthy affiliate, as a premium member you will have full access to paid themes for free and training on how to build a profitable blog. Here is a link to one of the pieces of training on Wealthy Affiliate.

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