Is Inbound Closer a Scam/Inbound Closer Review

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You want more time and money to live the lifestyle you desire. You are not alone; many of us are in the same boat. If digital marketing is one of the alternatives you are considering, you might have come across Inbound Closer. Then, is inbound closer a scam or a legit program .

Is Inbound Closer a scam?

Like I always do, I will help you understand the product -Inbound Closer. I will look at its founders, the features, and how you can use the product as a money-making machine. I will conclude with the best alternative to this program.

Before We begin the journey into inbound closer review, I must state that I am not an affiliate of this product. My review is not targeted at making any form of cash from inbound closer. It is to help you understand the product and see if it is a good fit for you and your business.

What is an inbound Closer – Payton’s Program.

From the name Inbound Closer, it is natural you think of closing deals and making sales. But the package goes beyond sales. It is a program designed to help digital marketers close high ticket deals.

According to the founder, it is a program that promises to deliver results within the first 21 days. He guarantees you are getting your first high ticket client in one week.

His program and model are focused on making money with an affiliate program. Affiliate marketing is broad. It has various categories, from high ticket offers to medium and low tickets. These offers can be sold using various approaches, including niche websites, videos, text messages, email marketing, etc.

Payton believes that selling high ticket offers needs trust and confidence. They cost as much as $1000. The proposed client must believe in the products before investing.

The tactics of inbound closer come in here. Payton believes in conversion via phone calls (telemarketing). This approach to marketing used to be very popular when the internet was not popular. And today, many companies still take advantage of this old long method of making sales.

As marketers, we all aspire to close high ticket orders. Whether you target high tickets or small or medium tickets, you must build trust in today’s market. Before looking at Payton’s profile, I want to look at the original concept of inbound closing.

What is inbound closing?

Inbound closing is a marketing technique focused on the buyer. It does not push products to the buyers. The focus is on the customers’ interests and solving their challenges. So the task of the inbound closer is to educate, guide, and provide the necessary support for the buyer.

is inbound closer a scam

The main advantages of inbound closing are:

  1.  Inbound Marketing help save time: It helps your client get familiar with your business. They will reach out to you, and you prefer solutions to their challenges. It is very different from cold mailing or other harsh marketing strategies.
  2. Inbound Marketing saves money: Time is money. The more time you spend on a transaction, the higher its cost. It reduces your time in consummating transactions. You can be sure it will reduce your cost.
  3. Higher Growth potential: With outbound sales, businesses need more sales agents to achieve growth. The reverse is the case with inbound sales. Companies can scale up their business without increasing human forces. The developed relationships will give your business value without any effort.
  4. Build a Loyal Customer Base: Inbound sales help you build a genuine customer base. It’s a collection of interested folks in what you sell. The customers themselves are out there to discover your brand. They have already identified their challenges or needs. Now they are reaching out to you for a solution. Unlike outbound, you call people and try to help them see a need.
  5. Better relationship and trust: Trust is your number one way of winning your customers’ confidence. It is one of those things inbound marketing will help you achieve. The higher the trust, the better your communication. And the more sales you make, the higher your customer lifetime value.

Founder of Inbound Closer – Payton Welch

Payton Welch is a successful digital marketer. He is worth more than $2 million, with more than 12 million followers on Instagram. He is well known for his course Sales Mentor, where he also explains the concept of closing deals.

He has closed deals worth more than $42 million in sales value with 3,000 inbound calls. Apart from digital marketing, he is vast and well known for investing in home rentals.

Although little was seen about his early days, he had worked in a departmental store. After which, he joined his brother (Taylor Welch) in Traffic funnels. He worked as a digital marketing consultant and senior traffic advisor.

Although Working with his brother might have made things easy for him. Payton was dedicated to personal development. He started his career as a salesman, grew up the ladder, and worked from grass to grace under Traffic funnels.

As Taylor discovered his marketing potential, he exposed him to more sales training. It helped shape his skills and helped him turn things around.

Is Payton Welch Scam

I took the time to research his profile to help me answer the question, “is Payton Welch a Scam?”. This inbound closer review will not be complete without answering this question.

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

Payton is not a scam because of his history and dedication to the business. And his program Inbound closer is legit. But he is a marketer who knows how to use sales gimmicks to get the attention of his clients.

He did the same teaching how to become an inbound closer. And made a lot of statements that are too good to be true.

A good example is promising his students to earn their first paycheck in less than one week. Another is replacing their 9 to 5 pm jobs in less than a month. They are emotional triggers meant to capture the attention of his employed audience.

Another gimmick from marketers is an assurance that you can generate results working for less than 2 hours daily.

He discussed other online opportunities with disdain. He spelled out that dropshipping and affiliate marketing will need hard work. And that most online businesses need you to invest some bulks before getting started.

If you want to build a sustainable income from digital marketing, you must be ready to invest time. Inbound closing is no different from the other marketing models. You must be prepared to invest effort into your business.

You will see this in Payton’s explanation of how stuff works with digital marketing. He broke things down into three steps.

The first is where the marketer offers a lead magnet to build an email list. The second is offering low-ticket products to customers in their sales funnel. And in the third stage, they offer their high ticket offerings.

If you are careful to watch how Payton gets you on board with his product, he uses the marketing model. Same you will find with marketers like Matt Bacak when promoting the Secret Email System.

Let us begin to see what is included in the Inbound Closer courses to answer the question “is inbound closer scam”

The Inbound Closer Course

The Inbound Closer main course will cost you $97. It is called the Inbound Closer accelerator. It is scheduled to run for 21 days (3 weeks). Payton summarizes how he closed deals worth more than $42 million in not less than 3,180 calls.

It is a basic introduction to those who want to start inbound closing. Payton broke down stuff, making it easily digestible. To make this inbound closer review comprehensive, I had to look at the courses and break them down.

Inbound Closer Course (Week 0)

It is an introduction to inbound closer accelerators. He was open to helping you develop the mindset of an inbound closer. And also shed light on the four key points to help you get started as an inbound closer.

Top of it is that it comes with a video to help you with the sales script and homework to help you see your progress.

Inbound Closer Course (Week 1): 

This week, Paytons starts putting his students in perspective as a closer. He moves on with the training, explaining how to use the seven-figure sales script.

He also expounded on the concept of the Reflex selling system. A special bonus from Taylor and coaching from Eli Wilde.

Below is a highlight of the week’s package.

  • Create your Vision
  • Seven-figure Sales Script
  • Part one of the Reflex selling system
  • Part two of the Reflex selling system
  • Eli Wilde SalesMentor Coaching
  • End of Week Numbers review
  • Tracking Your number

Inbound Closer Course (Week 2):

Start with an audio training on objections faced when trying to close deals. After which, Payton sheds more light on the reflex selling system. The reflex selling system is an essential topic for you to understand if you will take an inbound closer.

He did not close that lesson without talking about sales calls. Worth noting is that he ended the session with the worksheet to be filled as a take-home assignment. Let us highlight week 2 packages

  • Philosophy and tactics of inbound closing via audio coaching
  • An in-depth look at reflex selling system
  • Payton Welch Sales Call review.
  • Sales Mentor Coaching with Eli Wilde
  • Worksheet (Homework)
  • End of week Review

Inbound Closer Course (Week 3)

Payton started this section by sharing the past question and answer sections. They are sessions he had held with his students in the past. After which, he moves to conclude on the reflex selling system. Taylor concludes with a Sales call review.

Their focus is on the things that work with the inbound closer, and they make available bonus lessons.

Below is a breakdown of week 3

  • Audion coaching
  • Conclusion of relaxed selling system
  • Conclusion of Sales call review.
  • Sales Mentor Bonus
  • End of the Week review

While inside the inbound closer course, Taylor will present you with an upsell. They call it “A Client Connection Mastermind for an Extra $997”. Payton will send you a mail where he assures you of making sales to his existing over 757 business owners. He has worked with these people, and he has earned their trust.

He gave a bonus training titled the Inbound Closer main certification program in this package. We must look at each of the modules in this course, or else this inbound closer review will not be complete.

Inbound Closer Main Certification Program

Is Inbound Closer a Scam

Module 0 – Becoming the Person who deserves success

Payton kick starts this introductory phase with how to make the program work for you. It is not strange. It is familiar with most online courses. It includes a video work-through and a pdf sheet to ensure you are on track for success.

After which, Payton emphasizes why inbound closing is the best opportunity you can take online to succeed. At the end of this module, you should have achieved things. You should know that you can start from the bottom.

You are not going to drown, beat fear and insecurity, and be on your way to becoming the person you want to become.

Module 1 – Closers Mindset.

In this module, Payton covers fundamental theories that can help you develop the mindset of an inbound closer. It includes:

  • He discussed the laws of wealth and how you can make money
  • How you can remove the ceiling of your earning potential
  • 10 points of personal optimization
  • Habits of control

He also included some bonus training that can be helpful. They include:

  • Finding great partners with Eli $ Taylor
  • If people aren’t criticizing you, you are playing small.
  • Money Mindset
  • You are promoted to Chaos – How to Advance Beyond your comfort zone.

Module 2 – Self Empowerment

Eli Wilde starts this part of the course with her skills in Sales mentoring. He opened up on Self-empowerment. She stresses self-empowerment and how it will position you as an expert to your potential clients.

After that, she swiftly explains how sales and leadership are interwoven. She further stresses how you can stand as a guardian for your client and not just a salesperson.

The course ends with some bonus courses. They include:

  • What is ROI: Changing your perception of types of ROI
  • Risk versus Safety
  • What to do when you have lost your drive

Module 3: Introduction Closing

It is the beginning of the inbound closing course. Eli Wilde starts with closing high ticket deals as high as $100,000 but not lower than $1,000. She gives an insight into inbound closing calls. And takes a look at what you need to become a professional closer.

He opens up on how to get started with the preparation like a pro. He also explains what you should do to open a call and set the frame. He closed the module with some likely questions you can ask your clients to help you seal the deal. And Taylor closed this part with his role-play lesson as a bonus.

Module 4: Closing with Confidence

It is a continuation of the excellent work Eli started in module 3. He continues with what you should do before, during, and after the calls. He also stressed the need for you to close deals with confidence. Without missing words, you need to be confident to be a successful closer.

If you are shy, you will increase the probability of creating doubts in your client.

Module 5: Mastering Objections

As an inbound closer, you need to master how to handle objections. They are always a part of sales calls, and you will encounter a lot of them in telemarketing. So it would help if you mastered how to handle objections. It is one of the distinguishing factors between a sales call and a chat that leads to nothing.

Eli addresses the objection phase that you may need to go through as a closer. He also gives a lesson on advanced objection handling via closing deals. If you master handling objections, you are closer to your dream of closing deals.

Module 6: Become a Professional Inbound Closer

Now you are ready to become a professional inbound closer. It warehouses the final work with Eli and the video to help you pass your certification.

On passing your certification, you will be forwarded to a video page to help you get into the closers and owners’ network. It also comes with a bonus interview with Payton Welch, where he discussed the importance of mentorship and growth for a closer. And it ends with a template for you to build your bio as a professional inbound closer.

If the whole of this content was charged at $97, I would say it’s a good deal. One more thing in this inbound closer review, I will state my like and dislike. Then we move to see if is inbound closer a scam or not, and my number one recommendation when starting an online business.

Inbound Closer Pros and Cons

Let us begin to see the pros and cons of the inbound closer program.

Inbound closer’s high points.

To be honest, Payton’s mouth-watering claims made me dislike the program at first. But when I took a deep dive into the course, I found some high points, and I must share them in this inbound closer review.

  • There are no special skills required to start the course.
  • All you need to get started is a phone and the training manual.
  • $97 is affordable to get started
  • It promises an unconditional 100% lifetime guarantee.
  • Payton and Eli are marketers with proven experience.
  • They provide a Facebook group, an excellent community to help you practice.

Inbound Closer’s Low Points.

Let us see some reasons why I will not recommend Inbound Closer

  • They use vague promises that the whole process will be accessible on their sales page. Which is false
  • They Promise instant rewards with no work. Another sales gimmick.
  • There is an expensive upsell. The advanced version cost as much s $997. It is outrageous and ridiculous.
  • It has many high tickets upsells not mentioned on the sales page.
  • It has a lot of negative reviews, which we will see shortly.

Does Inbound Closer Work

Going by the volume of products they offer, I think I have answered the question is inbound closer a scam. The program offers suitable enough details on getting started with telemarketing. However, the low points or red flags are much and worrisome. You can read more on the views of others who have bought this course from reddit.

The marketers use a lot of sales gimmicks to promote the products, and it’s not a good fit for beginners. Why spend so much on what you can learn from Youtube.

There are a lot of courses that deliver more value and cost less. Inbound closer reminds me of the click wealth system. Another program I found with good training but too many expensive and overpriced upsell. The good thing is that there is a 100% guaranteed return policy.

I would like you to share your opinion with other folks and me via the comment section. What do you think of Inbound Closer? Do you think it is a scam? Have you tried the inbound closer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Alternative Online Business Model

But if you are looking for the best online business there are other alternatives. One of such is affiliate marketing, But you need to learn the required skills to succeed. There are many online affiliate marketing courses for you to get started.

My number one recommendation for is the Online Entrepreneur Certification with the Wealthy Affiliate Platform. It is a comprehensive program and you can get started for free.

In conclusion, Inbound closer is not a scam, but it is not the best online money-making venture. Payton gave some content in return for your cash. But that is not good enough for me. If you have bought the course, you can take advantage of his Lifetime money-back guarantee to retrieve your cash.

Although I have answered the golden question – is inbound closer a scam. Although it is not a scam, I will not advise you buy this product.

The primary reason why I will not promote this product is because of the false promises on the sales page. In this inbound closer review, I must state this clearly; an average person will not achieve any result with this training and package.

If you decide to pick this program, you must prepare yourself for a lot of work. Nothing comes easy. Success is always a product of dedication, hard work, and the right mentorship.

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