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When I see the name LeadsLeap, no other thing comes to my mind but Lead generation. Let us start by borrowing a definition from Alexa.

Who is a Lead?

A lead is a person with an interest in your brand, product, or service. The leads generation strategy refers to all that is put in place to attract people. These are people with interest in your brand and convert them to lead.

This is the core activity of LeadsLeap. As one who as engaged there services before, I can testify that they are good at it.

In this  Leadsleap review, I will be putting the following in perspective

1) What is leadsleap?

2) How does Leadsleap work?

3) Is leadsleap scam?

4) Leadsleap Pros and Cons


What is Leadsleap?

is Leadsleap scam - leadsleap

If you are looking for a company that can help you drive traffic to your content, LeadsLeap is the way to go. They have a variety of tools that can be helpful for traffic generation. The good thing about this is that they are free for their premium subscribers. You can also take advantage of their system without having a website of your own.

Leadsleap has more than 150,000 members, who rely on their tracking system. The tracking system is built to detect the activities of visitors on your websites. Most especially the surfing duration.

With there robust advert tools you can showcase your products on other websites. Put together, you will get a daily impression far above 400,000. With no doubt, you can enjoy free advertisement.

How Leadsleap works

Like I have explained earlier, they will help you make money. With their automation tools, you can go to sleep while the system finishes the rest. But it is good you understand what happens on the platform and how to take advantage of it. Below are three key activities that take place on the platform.

1) Drive Traffic

2) Grow your Business

3) Make Cash

Drive traffic

This is the core activity of this platform. It is where both subscribers and website owners make their cash. The more the leads they drive to your website, the more the dollars they make and you also make. They do this with the following models

Organic traffic: this should surprise you; a company with a good PPC program still looking at organic traffic. They have a directory that is a social review based on search engine optimization (SEO). It is a directory with a layout and structure. It encourages reviews with quality content.

Community Advert: as a member of leadsleap you earn credit by surfing through ads. This are ads created by other members of the community. The more the ads you surf, the more credits you have to request for ads. This advantage is not only made available to pro members but also free subscribers.

This system enables all members to access to adverts placed by others, as such members can view your ads. This is an advantage because you will be placing your ads in front of people with a keen interest in your product.

Global Adverts

This is where the Paid-Per-Click program comes in. It is designed such that members can use widgets on their websites. Adverts are placed on members’ websites and they earn cash per each click on the ads.

This is a big opportunity you can harness as a business owner. You will enjoy having your business displayed on over 6,000 websites.

Available Tools on LeadsLeap Platform

The platform is robust with internet marketing tool well integrated. Join me as we go through them one after the other.

1) List Manager

is leadsleap scam - optin form

This is my number one go-to tool. The list manager is amazing, you can design a signup page that can help you collect emails even as a free member. The email system is designed in such a way that you can broadcast mals to your list members.

The list manager allows double opt-in. With this, you are gathering a list of people who have a keen interest in your niche or product.

2) PopupXPert:

In building a list, you will need a signup page. Pops are good forms of sign up, Leadsleap will avail you variety of popup designs. This ranges from the lightbox, slide up, click, and animated inline popups. With popup’s special positioning, you can be guaranteed higher conversions.

3) The Real Tracker:

is leadsleap scam - link tracker

If you are an affiliate marketer, this should interest you. This helps you track when visitors visit your links. It is a great way to check those visiting your affiliate links. With this, you can also build your list without owning a website, insert a popup for people to opt-in. Such an awesome tool, it is also available for free members.

Is Leadsleap Scam

From the review above I have highlighted how you can use this platform. Obviously, it is not a scam. 

I have mentioned several money-making opportunities. But it is good I put them together, for those who are not just looking at generating traffic but making money from the platform.

1) Place their ads widget on your website, as people click on the adds you earn credits

2) Convert this credit to cash or use them to get ads on your website

3) You can earn commission as an affiliate, that is what I do and I smile to bank always. Your referee can sign-up as a free member, but when they upgrade you earn a decent commission between 25 and 50%

Pros and Cons

Tell me of a system without a drawback, I will tell you it does not exist. Everybody has a reason for not belonging to a system or the other. Leadsleap is not an exception, but for me I see the pro outweighing the cons. As such I highly recommend Leadsleap if you are considering making money online.


  • 1) You can use the free package conveniently
  • 2) It affords you diverse streams of income
  • 3) It is a go to tool for professionals need more robust package
  • 4) Has  a PPC that you can leverage and make income
  • 5) Has sufficient tools to help build any internet business

Thank you for reading through, I hope you can now see that leadsleap is not a scam but a genuine leaf generation company.

Developing a great website or blog without traffic makes no sense. Let LeadsLeap help you do the work, you can sign up below.

If you have any experience with the company by usage of their product or any other form of interaction. We will appreciate you share your experience in the comment section below


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  1. This is the first time that I am hearing about leads leap but from what you have shared here, I seem to be able to say a thing about it myself now. I understand how it works and I think they have quite a good initiative to put something has good as this together. I have a website and definitely I will be looking for good leads and also good ways to make money so this will be perfect for me.

    • Great,

      If you are looking out to drive traffic to your website. Leadsleap is a good platform.

      You can start with their free tool and later upgrade when you are fully convinced about the product.

      This I am sure you will enjoy 


    • Thanks for the information. Great post, really impacted me and what I do, It shed a light. Thanks for sharing

  2. Well! This is the first time that I would be seeing information about leadsleap and I must say that it is quite noteworthy to take note of that this is really awesome to see. Honestly, I love every bit of the information shared here and the fact that I can just simply make the best start to my affiliate journey through this leadsleap. Though it actually seems like it can really be of great help especially with traffic. I still feel a lot more could still be done to become success. Thanks

    • Yes, I agree with you.

      A lot has to be done to ensure success. CPC and other forms of target advertising are just one of those way to successful blogging 

  3. Hello there, I fell really happy to see just how good this site is and I have been getting some really nice contents from your site and that is nice. Some of there business are not many good enough and getting to see how leadsleap is I am really pleased and having tools to work with when making progress is very vital. I would register and try the free membership 

    • That delights my heart, you can try the free membership for as long as you wish. Then when you are set you can go for the paid membership 

  4. Well, this one looks like it’s worth looking into, and I certainly will.  However, something on your site confused me.  At the top you have a red “0” in a circle.  My first thought was that you were giving the company a “0” rating.  What is that “0” for?

    Then I read, and it sounded like quite a positive review.  There are things it offers that certainly can be of benefit.  Then at the end you had no “Cons.”  I am a bit confused.  Are you recommending this platform as hands-down excellent?  It would be nice if you would do a followup and let us know how it is working for you.

    Thank you for this information — I will investigate further.

    • Thank you for your keen observation, I missed a point at my back end work for the article when writing, I have revisited it and the rating is 9.7 and not 0 like you saw. 

      I really appreciate your observation. I have reworked on it

      Once again, I say thank you 

  5. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about LeadsLeap Review and gave me a new system to approach Drive Traffic…My question to you is how can we generate traffic through LeadsLeap.Thanks a lot for sharing.

  6. Great to see you give information about leads leap even though this is the first time that I am seeing it, I am very sure that I will e able to make a whole lot of money from it as well. One of the things with internet marketing is that we all want to get leads and if a platform offers the possibility then it’s really good and I will try it out.

  7. This sounds like a good product at a reasonable price. I had not thought about it before. Since lead generation is extremely important to any type of business, and viable product that helps with that needs to be closely evaluated. It’s impressive that they have 150,000 members. These sound like good automation tools. This sounds like a very effective way to drive traffic to any website. This is valuable information that I appreciate you sharing. There are many products on the market that indicate that they provide abundant leads but they do not perform very well. It’s good to be aware of this as it is a valuable source. 

  8. Hello Ayodeji, its really nice when I see a means to develop my business, and I feel really happy when the platform is a legit one that offers good services all round and the is so much the best thing actually. I love to see traffic on my site and I have seen a couple of fake sites and that has made me stay away but getting to see this make me really happy. Leadsleap is the way to go. Cheers

    • Growing you business can be challenging but with a platform like leads leap you are in safe hands

  9. Hello there! this is an amazing review you have got here. I am sure these quality information in this post will be beneficial to anyone who come across it. Though this is actually my first time seeing a review of this platform but I think I will sign up for it as soon as possible and also focus on earning the commissions like you do.

    Thanks for sharing this with me!

  10. Well this is the first time that I will be hearing or reading anything about this leadsleap and I can only say that you have said it all here. Actually I have just opened my website a couple of months ago and now I am into the phase of trying to get the right precognition for it. This is really grsta to see here. I appreciate you for all you have shared and thank you so much for this

  11. Generating adequate and enough lead to the website and getting them very active and worthy can be very challenging but when we know the right approach to it all, it becomes very simple. I really value all.that have been shared here about leadsleap and the benefits attached to this is really worthy in all. Thank you for sharing here

    • You welcome Maddie, Leadsleap takes the challenge off you and automate the process 

      I am glad you found it engaging  

  12. hello there, thank you for sharing this informative and educative article . this article is centered on whether LeadsLeap is scam or legit.This is my first time of hearing of this platform and from reading this article,i can say i now understand how they operate. I am also happy with their legitimacy. This platform seem to be of a great help with generation of traffic. i will be sure to try them out. thank you

    • Yes Leslie, Leadsleap is focused on leads and traffic generation. 

  13. Hey

    Thank you for this information, Actually that platform it looks so great when you came to generate traffic absolutely, this is so important for any marketer and the best thing of this platform I like, is the amazing tools offer for free. Actually, I’m not aware of this platform. I was tried to use Easyhits4u even also it offer a free traffic. I will try also to use this platform.

    Thank you for sharing this product

  14. Hello Ayodeji, 

    Have good traffic to your site have proved to be very good and useful for your business you have to be very smart in finding  means to generate good traffic to your site. Leadsleap seems very good with all I have found about the company so far. Getting it as a mean to get passive income makes another bonus I’ll love to benefit from 

  15. This looks interesting but I am very wary of these kinds of products. I have lots of questions. You say all products have cons but you don’t outline any? I would also like to know how much time it takes to run this system. How much time does it take to scroll through ads presumably clicking? And how many ads do they put onto your site? Do you have any control over this? Also can you use your existing email signup service or do you have to use theirs?. Thanks for this information I will follow up on it because I’m always looking for more traffic 🙂

    • Hi Deb, 

      About the time taken to surf an ad, it all depends on who is viewing, it could take any thing from 30seconds to 3 mins. And about placing ads on your website, they use widgets. You are allowed to place a maximum of 4 ads. But I must admit at this point that the best source of traffic is organic from SEO.

  16. Thank you for sharing this eye opening and comprehensive review of Leadsleap. This is my first time hearing of the platform so I was very intrigued and enraptured by your article about it and learnt a great deal about the platform from it. I think it’s best to just be cautious whether or not it is a scam. 

    • Thank you Sean, leadsleap  is a good business assistantce

  17. I am currently a beginner in this business with a freshly created website and I think the information from this article will come in handy. I honestly haven’t heard of the LeadsLeap platform so far but reading various experiences I think it’s definitely not a scam. The only thing I didn’t understand was whether this platform is available globally or not?

    • Hi Oliver,

      The platform is available globally. Leadsleap is a digital marketing platform they takes care of leads geration, email marketing and also link tracking. This is the basis of digital marketing 

  18. Wow! I am starting a new website and have never heard about LeadsLeap until I read your review. I found it to be very thorough with the Pro’s overwhelmingly outweighing the Con’s. The fact that there is a free package that you can use conveniently and affords you diverse streams of income, puts the icing on the cake.

    • Thank you Ronn, 

      Leadsleap is a great package for anyone interested in marketing. Especially if you are in the make money online niche 

  19. Nice review on LeadsLeap. This is really a valuable information that most digital marketers will find very useful. I’m a member of LeadsLeap and what I love most about the platform is the Link Tracker, and it’s something worth looking at. It would be helpful for me to differentiate between real traffic and bot traffic because sometimes bot traffic may be able to disguise as humans. This is really a problem, but not with LeadsLeap because they’ve passed that level. All traffic to your website are 100% real humans. I think that people should consider this service.

  20. Hello,

    Thank you for writing this review on LeadsLeap.  I’ve come across a few platforms like this one in my travels, and they all seem like scams to me.

    I was expecting your review to just dismiss it as another cash grab that we need to avoid.  It was refreshing to see that you actually recommend this system.

    There are also some interesting ways to make extra income on the side by recommending LeadsLeap.  You can get a 25% to 50% commission you say?

    Not bad…

    I’ll have to give LeadsLeap a closer look now that I know it’s not a complete waste of my time.


  21. I was a member of Leads Leap several years ago. After reading your post I took another look and wow!… a lot of new additions to the platform. As I understand it, the tracker does more than just calculate clicks… It also determines how much time is actually spent on your website. After all, someone who just clicks a link and doesn’t really look closely at what your site is all about does you no good at all.

    • Yes Greg, the tracker is an all encasing link monitoring tool. Leadsleap continues to improve. I joined last year and between then and now, slot has happened 

  22. Thank you for sharing this article. I am always keen to learn about products that will help me to develop my online marketing skills. I hadn’t heard about Leads Leap prior to reading this and the potential it has to help drive traffic. It’s really good to know that they offer a free version so as to be able to try out their platform; I will definitely check out.

    • Yes Paul, 

      The free version gives you enough room to try the platform. Good enough the trial has no limit period. It is not limited to  a month or a year. You can as long as you wish. I will be glad seeing you use my link to start as a free member. 

  23. Hello there, thanks for sharing such wonderful article with us all and I have been seeing quite several articles about leadsleap and I haven’t been more satisfied with them than I’m with this. You have given me so much understanding about this and I’m pleased. I like the idea that there are ways to multiple stream and that is a lot coming from a platform 

  24. Hey! I first like to thank you for sharing this article with us. I can definitely relate to this since I’m a member of this platform. Lead leap is one of the leading traffic sites out there with much value to its members. I’m a member since 2017 have no regrets. I really hope your members see the value in leads leap from your comprehensive reviews, Thanks much again.

    • Thank you pearl, I appreciate you shared experience. Leadsleap is a comprehensive marketing front for marketers 

  25. I was surprised when I saw Leads Leap and scam in the same title as I am a member of leads leap and I can say that this is definitely not a scam.   I was happy to see that you also endorse this site, as I am a pro member and this is the way to go as the commissions are better and you don’t need to spend time clicking on ads to get views. 

    I must say, I haven’t explored the autoresponder yet, but for the price it is not a bad deal all in all. 

    • Thank you Michel,

      You are very on point, leadsleap is a great platform when it comes to lead generation, I use the autoresponders and list builder. Good tool I must say they are. Thank you for sharing you experience 

  26. Thank you for your post. It is a timely article. I started my online business for a while now and am actively looking ways to promote my business. Leadsleap sounds a great tools for me to gain leads and attract for my website, which is one stone with two birds.

    I particularly like your Pros and Cons analyses. It is clearly the program provides sufficient tools to help people build internet business, which is what I am searching for. I am definitely going to give this a try. It is so nice to see that they have free trial  program. I have zero worry on this program.

    • Thank you Anthony, Leadsleap is a great tool that can be very instrumental to driving leads. I have used it for some months and it has been helpful for my marketing 

  27. I’ve never heard of LeadsLeap before. It seems to me to be a good platform to increase traffic to your own site. I have recently started my own website and since I haven’t been in this business for a long time I don’t have a lot of traffic. I would like that to change. I’m sure this platform will help me with that. And the great thing is that I don’t have to invest much at the start. I’m sure I’ll enjoy it.

    • When it come to generating blog traffic you can count on leadsleap. Also you can leverage on this model to build your list. 

  28. Wow! What an excellent review on LeadsLeap! I have not been able to find a good review like this one at all through the entire internet. I really do appreciate you for taking the time to write this thorough review, I am strongly considering getting in on it but I have not been able to figure out whether it is a trusted source. Your article has answered that for me. thank you

  29. Thank you for providing this info! I’m looking into different ways to work from home and to get traffic on my sites! It’s so great what is available to us! I like the idea of a traffic driving site that has interest, not just traffic for the sake of traffic. Thank you very much for sharing this., 

  30. This is actually nice, I just started my business online and there’s nothing I’d want more than to generate leads to grow my business. Leadsleap seems promising, I mean they kind of do all the work for you which is amazing. I really appreciate you for sharing this article. If I should try anything it should be this

  31. Seems like a good tool to use. Thanks for this review. I will explore when I am done with my other to-dos. I am curious how does it work when we don’t have a website? And could you also share more what could be the limitations between the free and paid version on the list manager?

  32. I have never heard of LeadsLeap before I read your article. It appears to be an excellent way of getting leads, building an email list and making money all at the same time. I understand that there are two levels, free and pro and you can use both to make money by converting credits to money. This is useful for someone just starting out. It could help them jump to an authority website quickly. I see a great deal of potential in LeadsLeap. 


  33. Thank you for sharing your article about the LeadsLeap. Your review is very detailed and helpful. It is a good tool to go to. Who doesn’t need Traffic to their website? I am sure everybody does because more traffic, more money. It is even more better to attract the right traffic meaning the kind of people who are actually interested in your site which is a really good thing.

    All the best!

  34. With all programs designed to help us grow our websites, the information in “Is LeadsLeap Scam – LeadsLeap Review” presents a way to help do what we need to be donewhen growing our sites and our businesses.  There is usually a learning curve in any new program we use, but from your review, think learning to use this one would be something worthwhile for some. 

    While I am not familiar with LeadsLeap, the information you shared would make me less wary of trying to learn to use the plan.  I find that recommendations from fellow users the best way to find a helping way to work with growing my business.  Thanks for the introduction and your assessment of this program. Sami

  35. Thank you for this. I’ve never heard of Leads Leap until I came across your review of it. Sounds very interesting and I may give it a try via your link if I decide to since you have referred me to it. 

    I love the idea of helping each other and learning from one another and being able to grow each other’s businesses as well. 

    I will do a bit more digging on this but may come back to it. Thank you my friend.


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