The Secret Email System (Legit or a Scam)

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In this article, I will be looking at one of those materials on email marketing that have helped me transform my online business – Secret Email System

I will not concentrate on it alone. I will help you see why email marketing is essential, the various marketing campaigns, and how best to take advantage of the secret email system.

Let me establish this, although email marketing is one of the most effective mediums for digital marketing. Building a website and driving engagement via search engines like Google and Bings remain the most effective means for any online business

But we cannot neglect this juicy and powerful way of reaching out to our audience. As communication channels continue to evolve, email marketing has continued to improve.

More than 40 percent of the world’s population now has an email address, which has helped marketers tailor messages to suit specific audiences. 

Suppose you are still skeptical about if email marketing is essential and if you should include email marketing in your marketing strategy. Below is some reason why you must adopt email marketing in your strategy. 

Why is Email Marketing Important? 

1. Emails are Easily Customisable and Personalised

The basics of email marketing are creating different kinds of lists. In each list, you have different types of audiences. It will help you create unique content for each type of your audience. 

Campaign Monitor helps us know that a segmented list helps marketers increase their revenue by over 760 percent. There is a significant difference between email marketing and channels like social media.

While social media will help you address a general audience, email marketing will help you segment your audience into smaller units. 

If you use email marketing correctly, you will be building a loyal audience that trusts your brand. With email marketing, the whole essence is building loyal relationships. 

2. Instant Action Initiator 

Email marketing is unique and easily triggers instant action. Everybody does something with an email. You can forward it, sign up through it, or even make instant purchases. By its nature, email is a unique way of consummating transactions. 

Top of it is the high open rate emails enjoy. Transactional emails enjoy more than a 21 percent open rate than other mail forms.

3. Email Marketing is Effective and Cost-Effective:

It is a marketing platform that will help you reach targeted leads at the minimum possible cost. Irrespective of your budget and the size of your business, email marketing can fit into your budget. 

Direct marketing association says that for every $1 spent on email marketing, you can generate as much as $40 in return.

4. You can Easily Measure its Results 

The impact of your email marketing strategy is always easily measurable. Virtually all email marketing service providers present analytics that you can measure easily. 

They provide statistics like open email rate, click-through rate, analytics on clicks on links, and lots more. These statistics will give you an overview of the performance of your email marketing campaign. This analytics helps you optimize your email campaign and improve your return on investment (ROI).

Top of it is that many email marketing service providers allow split testing. With split testing, you can access a great wealth of data. So with email marketing, you can gather data, measure, and improve your results. 

5. Emails are easily checked on Mobile devices

Many folks now carry out their day-to-day activities on mobile devices. People now quickly check their emails on the go via mobile devices. It has made email services a go-to for so many people in business.

A school of thought believes that the number of folks accessing their emails on mobile outnumbers those accessing social media platforms on mobile. 

Although creating a website and driving organic traffic is the best and cheapest way to attract an audience consistently. But you will be leaving a lot on the table if you do not use email marketing in your business strategy. 

Many folks use email marketing to drive in more than 30 percent of their revenue. If we, too, can do it, then you can. 

One material that has helped our business is the Secret Email System from Matt Bacak. Let us begin to look at the package. We will also see how you can use this product to improve your business. 

Let me set the stage by clarifying that the secret email system is not a scam. I am a blogger, and I have tested a lot of packages from MLM products like Amway, and Pink Zebra, to other products like Inbound closer and click wealthy system.

While I showed you products that will not work, I also pointed to how you can take advantage of others to build your own business. I have been able to help you save time and money. You do not need to try the products and make mistakes others have made.

That said, let us get started. 

Who Created Secret Email System – Matt Bacak 

Secret Email System

Matt Bacak is a veteran email and affiliate marketer. He has made a name in the industry with multiple awards. One of those things that drew my attention to his materials was the awards on his LinkedIn profile. He has various awards shown on his Linkedin profile.

His journey as an online marketer started as far back as 1997, while he harnessed the power of email marketing in 1999. And he started making six figures from internet marketing in 2003

From his long-standing history, you can affirm that matt Bacak is a legitimate internet marketer. Amidst his jobs is the List Building club on Facebook, with more than 18,000 interactive members.

He is the founder of “the Ultimate Lead Generation plan” Worth mentioning is his outstanding record with Clickbank, where he stands with the highest gravity for his products. 

What is Secret Email System?

The secret email system, founded by Matt Bacak, is an email marketing ebook that focuses on how to build an online business using email marketing. This Ebook is loaded with everything you need to know about email marketing. 

secret email system

Matt Bacak did not hide anything. He taught the exact process he follows to bring in thousands of leads and bonuses on Clickbank, JVZoo, and other marketing platforms. 

Although he included some form of upsells in this product, they are not overpriced. The Secret Email System is legit and not a scam without missing words. It is a legitimate email marketing ebook that will help you build a stable email marketing strategy. 

I recommend you build your email list alongside a website. The Secret email system will help you build your email business. My free course on building a profitable website will equip you with all that is needed to create a profitable blog.

In building a profitable website, I shared with you the strategies I use to build 2 different websites and that of my clients. Top of it is that the entire course is free, and there is no upsell 

That said, let us take a look at the Secret Email System. 

Inside The Secret Email System 

The primary objective of the secret email system is to help choose high converting affiliate offers in high demand. It will help you understand how to pick a domain related to your offer, set up your autoresponder, and much more. 

Overall, you will learn the tactics of email marketing and use this knowledge to promote an affiliate product. It is very much unlike other email marketing courses. It teaches you to turn your emails into a money-making machine using the three formulas below. 

  • You will learn how to use other people’s leads to build a list
  • How to promote affiliate products via emails and list building. 
  • Total exposure to Matt Bacak’s email marketing secret. 

Below are the subject topics covered in the Ebook 

  1. Niche Choice, where he explains how to pick a profitable niche for your business. 
  2. He nails it on finding irresistible offers and affiliate products for your present and future subscribers. 
  3. Register a domain name that is related to your affiliate offer 
  4. How to set up an autoresponder 
  5. Create an opt-in page that is related and relevant to your offer 
  6. Strategies to send traffic to your opt-in page to build your list 
  7. Creating a welcome message that gets your subscribers looking forward to your content 
  8. How to set up sequential messages for your autoresponder in such a way to add your irresistible affiliate offers 
  9. Traffic sources and how to generate free leads 
  10. Last but not least, how to increase your revenue to not less than ten times its present state. 

Secret Email System Pricing 

As I said, initially, Secret Email System has upsells but is not overpriced. The actual package cost $5.60 at the time of this writing. Matt may charge more in later years. Secret Email System comes with two upsells. They are: 

  • Ultimate Email Marketing Package costs $97. But you will get a discount which refuses the cost to $47. 
  • The Secret Email Mastermind costs $9.95 monthly 

One unique package with the purchase is Matts’s proven email swipes that convert. Although these emails have been made available to many audiences, you can adjust the emails and personalize them for your intended audience. 

Avoid copying and pasting emails directly. Rewrite them and ensure they are well personalized for your audience. It is one of Matt’s advice that I cannot forget. 

Email Secret System Money-Back Guarantee

Like many other products, Matt offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Matt is deadly serious with this. All you need do is send a mail to Matt and his team during the first month of purchase. While Matt will do a refund of your cash, he allows you to keep the Ebook. 

Extra Features With the Email Secret System

Now we know how much Matt Bacak will charge for his products. But what extra value does he have to offer? 

As I said earlier, Matt loaded the Secret Email System with many benefits. Below are some of the extra features that come with the secret email system. 

  1. Secret Email System Checklist: He included a step-by-step checklist to help you implement the system and keep yourself on track. It is targeted at helping you come out with a good result. 
  2. A Video guide helps you learn how to review high-converting offers. Matt shows you how to select offers that are sure to convert. 
  3. A $2.1 million Worth Email Swipe File: a opens up on thousands of his emails that have helped him pull the trigger with multiple sales 
  4. 10,000+ fresh leads everyday masterclass: he included a masterclass that will show you how to generate multiple high-quality LEDs daily. 
  5. 3X Formula Calculator: This equation will help you determine the number of subscribers, clicks, and expected revenue volume. 
  6. Secret Email System Private Facebook Community: this is a closed group of affiliate marketers closing it on hot deals with the secret email system. You will get instant access to this group of marketers. It will allow you to learn and share within the network. 
  7. The Secret 357.582 lead was generating template: a guide and laid out the template for you to follow on everything you need for lead generation. 
  8. Free one-on-one sessions with his team will help you clear any gray areas with his team. It is a 45 minutes session that will help you analyze how you can tailor the system to your specific business. 

With this list of features from the secret email system, no doubt it’s helpful material. But to succeed, you will need more than just a guide, template, or calculator. There is more to email marketing than sending out sales pitches. 

You need a platform where you can easily connect with your audience or subscribers. You need a platform where you can attract the right audience, give something of value and build trust. 

It is where you need a good website. With a website, your audience can easily access your materials. Top of it, it will continuously help generate free leads for your email funnel.

Building it is not difficult. You can quickly get started with my free training on building a profitable website. 

Advantages of Secret Email System 

I have established that Matt Bacak’s book – Secret Email System is not a scam. I have also opened up on what you will get from making a purchase and its cost.

Below are fifteen strategic benefits you will derive from buying the Secret Email System from Matt Bacak. 

  1. You will uncover at least five highly lucrative online traffic sources. 
  2. You will learn how to uncover these traffic sources and repeat them in any niche of your choice. 
  3. You will discover how to retire without being broke. 
  4. This material will open you up to how to multiply your revenue and profits. 
  5. Matt shared the seven steps that helped him make $2.1 million within a year. 
  6. You will learn how Matt Bacak puts his business on auto pilot. The same secret has helped him work for less than 2 hours daily. 
  7.  You will learn the one thing that separates a successful online business person from an unsuccessful one. 

Cons of the Secret Email System 

Although the secret email system is legit, like most other internet marketing products, it has its red flags that you must know. 

  1. Unrealistic claims on the Sales Page: If you are careful enough, you will see Matt Bacak’s claim that he generates all these results “All only working 30 minutes a day, all while automatically generating sales 24/7”. You cannot work 30 minutes a day without missing words and expect to make an income online. It is not robot science. You will make a lot of trial and error. So you must be prepared to put in the time and reasonable effort to build your business. 
  2. His Ebook will not teach you everything. Succeeding as an internet marketer will require more than an ebook. If you have read this review, I advise you to start a blog. And I have included links to my free training for further support. So if you are looking at building a sustainable business, Matt Bacak’s Ebook is not enough. You need other resources to help you succeed. 
  3. Same Email Swipe to Everyone: Getting multiple email swipes is an upsell. But this same set of emails is sent across the board to everybody. You need to need that if you do a direct copy and paste of such emails, your emails will end up in your subscriber’s junk boxes. Avoid copying and pasting these emails; personalize them. Make them real and uniquely from you to your clients. That way, they will sound engaging. 
  4. Hidden Upsell: I have mentioned the upsell and the price of the Ebook itself. However, they are affordable and worth the price. But it is worth it. I mention it here for you to be aware. 

It is a marketing strategy employed by most marketers. But it should be spelled out before one is lured to make the initial purchase. 

Let us begin with some examples of alternatives to the secret email system. 

Alternative to Secret Email System 

Let us see some closely related products to the Secret Email System. 

1. List Leverage 

List Leverage is one of Matthew Neer’s products where he dealt with list building. You will need to subscribe to one of Matthews’s email lists in this product. Here you will have to recruit other members to the list. 

As you recruit others, your email list will also continue to increase. With this system, you will have to send emails to your subscribers encouraging them to join the list Leverage. You will earn a percentage for everyone that joins List Leverage. 

List Leverage has two forms of membership – Newbie Program and Super Affiliate. While the Newbie Costs $49 monthly, Super Affiliate costs $398 per annum. But it does not end there. 

List Leverage Pricing 

List Leverage is very much unlike Secret Email System. It comes with multiple and expensive upsells. Once introduced into the funnel, it will present you with other packages like campaign costing $67, Pages – $47, and Advanced training – $199. 

Matthew Neer is a proven internet marketer, but I do not recommend List Leverage. It is filled with a lot of upsells and unrealistic claims.  

2. Perpetual Income 365

It is another affiliate product that thrives on the wing of email marketing. Once you sign up for this product, you are mainly shown how to promote the product. You will get email temp[lates and landing pages focused on promoting the perpetual income 365. 

Worst of all, the focus is on driving traffic to your sales pages via paid ads like solo ads. The system is built around multiple upsells so that you can earn an income from your sign-ups. It is another product designed for high-end investment before you can make any form of cash. So I do not recommend this program 

3. The Complete Email Marketing Course for Small Businesses 

The complete email marketing course for small businesses is highly recommended for business owners looking to start with email marketing. It is one of Ben Silverstein’s courses on Udemy. It has a rating of 4.1, and over 4,000 students have taken the course on the platform. 

Below are what you will learn from the complete email marketing course for small businesses 

  1. You will learn how to gather email marketing statistics 
  2. You will receive free email marketing products 
  3. You will learn to create an automated email campaign 
  4. It will introduce you to the mail chimp marketing platform 
  5. You will learn how to grow a list and profit from it. 

All the aforementioned comes at less than $20 at this time. Click Here to gain access to the whole course. 

Secret Email System Strong Points  

  1.  Matt is a proven veteran in the internet marketing space 
  2. 30-day Money Back Guarantee 
  3. Lots of sample emails 
  4. A basic introduction to email marketing 
  5. Affordable front-end price 

Secret Email System Weak Points 

  1. Same email to multiple subscribers 
  2. Undeclared Upsells 
  3. Unrealistic claims (Marketing tactics)

In conclusion, despite the drawbacks of the Secret Email System, it is not a scam. It is a legitimate email marketing ebook that I will recommend to my readers, email subscribers, students, and audiences. 

Matt Bacak is passionate about email marketing and has given out good resources to help you get started. Top of it is that the system is affordable and the upsells are not outrageous. 

It is very much unlike List Leverage and Perpetual Income 365, which are designed to make money from you. 

The bottom line is that Secret Email System is legitimate, and you will get good resources from it. 

On the other hand, I agree with you that email marketing is a good source of online income. But I strongly advise you to build a website of your own alongside. I have created free training to help you get started to make it easy for you. Click here to gain free access to “how to build a profitable website”

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  1. Email marketing is a very powerful way of marketing your products and contacting your subscribers. If you want to be successful with affiliate marketing, then you have to do email marketing. 

    I have seen advertisements for Secret Email System, and had been wondering if it is a scam or not, and what is offered in the program. So it is interesting to find that it is an ebook, rather than a course that one follows. Having a money back guarantee does give peace of mind to the buyer that if it doesn’t work, you can ask for your money back. 

    Thank you for sharing this helpful review. 

    • The secret email system is an ebook and one that hou are sire to get good value from. Top of it is that itvis affordable

  2. Thank you so much for this post about Secret Email System.  To be honest, it’s hard to find sites that are not scams anymore.  I’m glad that you did the research yourself on this one.  I do like that the price is actually pretty cheap minus some of the upsell things.  It seems like it is actually a pretty simple tool to use as well, especially for someone like myself who has very limited knowledge on this stuff.

    • Secret email system is a good course for any one looking at email marketing. I have used it and it is not a scam 

  3. I’m very interested in this type of program since it’s the first time I’ve ever heard about email marketing as a way to make money! Though I’m a freelance copywriter, I always thought that email marketing was only a mean to introduce your audience to you real offer. I’ll probably consider to buy this program!

    • That will be great. You can incease and maintain your audience with email marketing

  4. Thank you for this valuable post about the secret email system. You explained everything in detail so that there’s no need for any other sources. Email marketing is not dead as some marketers say. It’s just the generation that changed so the communication style has to be changed, but the fact is that 99% of employed adults open their email every day and they really read it in comparison with social media.

    • Email marketing is not dead but we must change our approach. I very well agree with you 

  5. Hey Owoeye,

    This looks like a very interesting program, I’ve heard of multiple people having success using this system to get people back on their site. I’m not too for it since I feel like it will feel like spamming a persons e-mail, maybe that’s just me, because it does work for many, so perhaps I will reconsider and look at some of the other programs recommended, as always thank you, huge fan of the site.

    • You welcome Victor, Secret email System is a proven email marketing courses. You can always count on Matts experience 

  6. A powerful way to increase traffic to one’s website can be obtained through Email marketing. E mail marketing seems like a great way to increase traffic and sales. Secret email System seems to be a reasonable cost and a great way to get the knowledge needed to be successful. 

    Would you rate email marketing as essential in growing a prosperous website? If so, then the cost is very reasonable compared to the gains that could be made.

    • Thank you Toplink, i very well agree with you. Email marketing is a great way to build blog traffic 

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    I haven’t use email either as a source of business tool due to my inexperience, but I am looking for all sort of ways to improve my knowledge. You have a great review of The Secret Email System.

    • I strongly recommend you lay your hands on the secret email system. It will be a good starting point 

  8. Matt Bacak is the creator of The Secret Email System, and this ebook has been a game changer for me and has transformed my online business. I highly recommend investing in it because it’s a must-have for any online business owner. His email marketing ebook was the most informative thing I have read in a while. It is not only a great introduction to email marketing but also provides value and tips for optimizing emails for success, which is what made me buy his product in the first place.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with the secret email system 

  9. I enjoyed reading your article about the secret email system. Everything was explained in a simple and complete way. I haven’t given much thought to email marketing until I read your article. I think I’m going to have to give this a try. It sounds like a good course since it has been tried and is definitely not a scam. There are so many scams out there these days. Thank you for the informative article. 

    • Email marketing is important, infact it is a must if you want to grow. 

  10. A very effective technique to advertise your items and get in touch with your subscribers is through email marketing. I always believed that email marketing was merely a technique to bring your audience to your true offer, but to be honest, it’s hard to discover websites these days that aren’t scammers. I’ll probably think about purchasing this program!

    • To avoid and reduce scams, that is why people share their experience. This is a share of my honest experience and its upto you to take or leave it


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