Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – Wealthy Affiliate Review

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Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – My Honest Review

I am one of the best persons to answer the question – is wealthy affiliate scam. Let me share my experience with you. Then you will believe I am qualified to answer the question.

I lost my job as a branch head for one of the leading African’s banks in 2016. I invested my pay off in a brick and mortar business (wholesaling of provision) and lost virtually all I had. Things became difficult, and I was determined to start life afresh and put food on my families table without going back to the financial sector.

Owoeye Ayodeji - Wealthy Affiliate

In 2018 I was introduced to two different Multi-level Marketing (MLM) Business. I left both businesses much more broke than I joined. I am not saying that MLM is right or wrong, but I did not get it right.

I continued to search for a suitable internet business, but none was good enough for me. I joined Wealthy Affiliate on the 12th of December, 2019. At this point, I was broke and could not afford to pay for any program that had a subscription.

What got me fascinated with the Wealthy Affiliate program?

I learnt it is a community where you can work, earn cash while you learn and build your business. I joined as a free member and upgrade to a premium member that same day.

Why the immediate upgrade?

A monthly subscription cost $49, but if you join as a free member and upgraded within one week, you will pay $19. Since I was under a limited budget, it was wise I upgraded immediately. I inquired and learnt that I can earn some cash from offering comment on the platform. After spending three months, I start creating training.

What is the advantage of creating training?

There are two advantages to creating training.

  1. Earn some cash for creating training
  2. The training shows up on the search engine, and you can gain referrals.

Without wasting time, I started with the comment section. Per each comment, I earn $0.5. By January 12th when my first subscription was due, I had worked for $42. So I needed to have about 7 USD to complete my payment. By February, I had understood the platform. My earning was enough to pay my subscriptions.

With this system, I was able to work while I learn and build my own online business.

Today, the story has changed. When it comes to answering the question “is Wealthy Affiliate scam”, I am qualified to answer the question. I am a product of the system, and I have remained in the system.

I will share with you an unbiased review of the system. The next few lines will be my experience on this platform in the past year and four months.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam – What is Wealthy Affiliate?

The Wealthy Affiliate is a platform designed to support people interested in building an online business. Mark my words “support”. I used the word “support” because Wealthy Affiliate will not just train you, but they have made available everything you need to succeed in this business.

The platform will help you host your website. It also has a keyword tool necessary for creating content. Top of it is the community of internet marketers. The community has grown to house more than 2 million members across the globe. It is structured in such a way that they consistently fish out scams. They do this to keep the integrity of the community. As such, if you are genuinely looking at earning money online, getting help from others, or networking with professional marketers, you are sure to find a space with the community.

One other thing that I must mention is the inter-personal relationship you will enjoy with the founders of the platform. They are always there within the community responding to enquiries and helping others out with their various challenges.

Why I will remain a member of Wealthy Affiliate

In case you are still asking the question “is a wealthy affiliate scam”, let me share with you my strong points. These points are the basics that I anchor to and why I will continue to remain a member of this platform.

  1. I have enjoyed the introductory training. It is for anybody starting internet marketing.
  2. There is a continuous weekly training that keeps me updated with industry happenings.
  3. There is a continuous interaction with the owners, who are well known successful online entrepreneurs.
  4. The platform gives me free hosting of 10 websites.
  5. The hosting is second to none. I have tried other hosting platforms like Bluehost and Namecheap, they cannot be compared to Wealthy Affiliate.
  6. I have access to a keyword research tool that helps me create content for my website and my clients from my freelancing business.
  7. The community is spam-free. I can relate to and trust others.
  8. It is free to join. You can join and audit the environment yourself before committing your cash to it.

I know it may surprise you, there is free membership. I have not seen any platform in the industry that gives such value at such a cheap rate. I am sure your experience will be worth it at the Wealthy Affiliate. Else you can come back and leave a comment here stating your experience.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

Wealthy Affiliate is for anyone seeking success in digital marketing. Whether you are a newbie or a professional running a growing business, Wealthy Affiliate can cater to your growth and success.

In a nutshell, it caters for all, in-respect of country, age, or your level of experience. Also, the system is mobile optimized. Meaning you can work on the platform seamlessly from any device. You can work conveniently from your laptop, android, iPad, and any system that can connect to the internet will be well suited for you.

Tools and Training

It is one thing I love on the platform. Let me start with the pieces of training.

Wealthy Affiliate Training

It is one of those things Wealthy Affiliate is most widely known for. They have various training at various levels that are well organized. The pieces of training cut across different levels and expertise of marketers. Top of it, these pieces of training comes in various formats. They range from video webinars, text tutorials, animations, to infographics.

is wealthy affiliate scam - online certification training

There are a set of more than 1,000 pieces of training grouped into classrooms. Each of these classrooms deals with different business models that can be a full-time source of income.

The training is just one of, another vital thing is the tools made available on the platform.

Wealthy Affiliate Tools

When it comes to content creation and marketing, you need tools. It is one thing the platform has taken care of. You don’t need to worry about having your daily tools on different platforms. Now you can have it all on one platform at the cheapest cost possible (Free). From research tools to hosting, below is a break down of your required tools

  1. Keyword and competition research tool
  2. An industry-standard WordPress Website Builder
  3. Low competition Keyword List Generator
  4. Excellent cloud hosting for Premium members
  5. More than 4,000 website themes made available for free
  6. Content Writer with free Grammarly access

You can be sure of adequate training and tools as a member of Wealthy Affiliate. Everything you need is made available on the platform. Let me use the words of Kyle, the co-founder of the platform – “it is an all-inclusive online business platform”.

Wealthy Affiliate Community

There is one place you can test and prove the statement –is a wealthy affiliate scam or legit. This place is the community. It is a community with over two million subscribers across the continents of the earth. These folks interact daily and exchange ideas about digital marketing activities. It is a well-managed community.

One unique thing about this community is GETTING HELP. You can always rely on members of this community for help and advice. More than fifty per cent of my success is based on help from members of this community.

There are various channels available for you to interact within the community. They include

  1. 24-7 Live chat amidst members in the community
  2. A live question and Answer within the classroom
  3. Private 1-on-1 support with Kyle and Carson
  4. Access to top community experts like Jay.

The platform gives you the notion that you are never alone. You will never be in the dark as long as you ask questions. Everybody within the community and the founders are willing and ready to help. Let us see some help channels within the community.

One of the most common challenges people face when starting any business venture is finding help. Digital marketing can be difficult when you cannot find help with doing some pieces of stuff. In this wealthy affiliate review, I will share some of the most common ways you can easily find help with your online business on this platform – Wealthy Affiliate. 

Help Center

Amidst the top navigation menus, you will find the help menu, as shown below. 

Is wealth Affiliate scam - Premium Coaches
Wealthy Affiliate Premium Coaches

You will observe that there is a set of coaches referred to as Premium Coaches. It consists of the co-founders (Kyle and Carson) and your Referee. Israel referred me to the platform, So I have direct access to Kyle, Carson, and Israel. I have not seen any organization that does that. 

For Israel, he practically worked me through all I know. When I first joined the platform, he took my hands, and I could relate and ask him questions. Till today, I still take mentorship from him. 

Our preferred method of communication is via private messages. I send letters, and they respond. I know Israel is quite busy, so I have to use other channels to reach out to him. 

Top Helpers Today

Still, on the help menu, scroll down a little, and you will find the top helpers for today. They are the top eight ambassadors after kyle, Carson, and Jay. I know you will be asking yourself this question – why will they want to help me? 

Here is my answer: the community comprises successful digital marketers who are always looking to help. You can click on any of them and send them private emails, be sure to receive responses from them within a short period. 

Ask A Question 

Another beautiful feature of the platform is the question area. On each member’s profile, there is a slot where you can post questions. Immediately you post a question; every member gets a mail notifying them of your question, with that, they can respond. Below is a screenshot of the question page from my profile. 

Is wealth Affiliate scam - Ask Questions
Ask Questions

Apart from the mail to a member’s profile, a question portal is available on the dashboard. You can view questions from your dashboard and respond to them or go through the question and answer as a learning point. Below is a screenshot of the portal on my dashboard.

Is wealth Affiliate scam - Recent Questions
Recent Questions


The search function is another avenue to find answers to your questions. Go straight to the magnifying glass icon on the top menu, click on it to expand the search interface. It will appear as shown below. 

Is wealth Affiliate scam - Search Icon
Search Icon

As you can see above, the search result presented the results of the blog post and several pieces of training created around generate press because I searched for generate press. 

Site Support 

Site support is the 24/7 available support for technical issues. Site support is readily available if you have any problem with your website or the wealth affiliate profile or dashboard. I have contacted them on a lot of cases, and they have been very supportive. 

Live Chat 

As I said at the beginning of this wealthy affiliate review, the community supports members themselves. If you need any instant help, you can use the live chat, and someone will be there to respond to your inquiries. Below is a screenshot of the live chat at the time of my writing. 

Is wealth Affiliate scam - Live Chat
Live Chat


Classes are a treasure I must not leave behind in this wealthy affiliate review. As a premium or premium plus member, you have access to the classes. You can register for upcoming classes, and you can also access old classes. 

All the classes are correctly archived, thereby giving you lifetime access to them. You can scroll back or fast forward; as such, you will learn at your paste. 

My concluding thoughts on tools 

I think the above tools alone are enough to answer the question is wealthy affiliate scam? A platform enriched with lots of resources to help her members and that makes the resources available at very minimal cost is not a scam. 

Let us begin to see the different prices below. 

Let us take a look at how you will build your business in the Wealthy Affiliate.

How we build our Business at Wealthy Affiliate

I know you should be asking yourself how you will be building your business with Wealthy Affiliate. There are a lot of things you will be exposed to. When it comes to creating a revenue source, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you more different models.

But let me illustrate with this diagram

is wealthy affiliate scam

On joining the Wealthy Affiliate, there are two sets of training tailored at helping you first select a point of interest (niche). There is a lot of direction you can head on to. It is the beginning, and the first set of courses has been well suited to help you in this direction.

If you do not have a specific interest, you don’t have to worry. You will get a guide. In the worst-case scenario, if you are not able to pick a niche, it still does not call for panic. The Affiliate Bootcamp will help you build a business around the Wealthy Affiliate itself. It is a complete training, and you do not need any prior experience.

In a nutshell, it is all about turning what you enjoy best into a money machine. But you must be ready to learn, Pick your interest(niche), build a shop (website) for your niche and gradually work towards turning it into a business.

How much will it cost (Wealthy Affiliate Pricing)?

The platform has three tiers of membership. These are :

  1. Starter Membership
  2. Premium Membership
  3. Premium Plus Membership

The Starter membership

The Starter Membership is free. Yes, free.

With this level of membership, you will get access to the introductory level of the entrepreneur certification. You will also get access to over 700 pieces of well-structured training modules. It also grants you access to 1 free website to try your hands on building your website.

The Premium Membership

If you want access to all I have been talking about, then you are considering the premium membership. It is the access point to this pot of gold. You will be granted access to the avalanche of training resources, an excellent keyword research tool, a robust hosting platform, and a community with an outstretched arm that is ready to assist.

In a nutshell, you are getting access to everything. If you are serious about building an online business, this is a golden opportunity. Like I told you earlier, I have wasted resources trying out platforms and business models non delivers like this.

This platform eliminated my fear of outdated pieces of training and various resell within the community to members. Here, there is no resell of anything what so ever after your subscription.

Below is a quick breakdown of what you gain access to

  1. Live help
  2. Private messaging between members
  3. 10 Website hosting
  4. Industry-standard security for your website
  5. Website daily backup
  6. Personal Affiliate Blog
  7. Live video classes
  8. Training classrooms
  9. Earn while you learn
  10. Private access to webinars
  11. Website support
  12. Website feedback Platform
  13. Website comment platform

If you attaché monetary value to what you are getting and sum it up, you will know you are getting far much more than the 49USD monthly.

If you decide to join the community today by using my link, I will get a notification when you signup to Wealthy Affiliate. If you upgrade to premium, I will guide you through the platform and also be responsible for your progress. I will be there for one on one interaction to ensure you succeed. Click on the banner below and I will be there to welcome you to the Wealthy Affiliate University.

57 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Scam or Legit – Wealthy Affiliate Review”

  1. As a member of Wealthy Affiliate I can confidently say that it is not a scam. As long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to building your website and follow the training provided you will be successful. Too many people pass it off as a scam because they aren’t making money as fast as they would like but this is not a get rich quick scheme. The training at WA teaches a basic foundation on how to be a successful affiliate marketer, you just have to apply yourself to the process and have patience and faith in it.

    • Thank you Rachel, 

      You are very on point. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. It is a legitimate business that needs work and commitment 


  2. Thank you for this awesome review and in-depth explanation. WA is definitely not a scam and probably the best Affiliate Marketing platform that I have come across I have been met with many scams before I joined WA. At WA the value for money you get in terms of training and support is unheard of, my favorite aspect is the pay-it-forward community that always has your back no matter what. Thanks again for the awesome article.

    • Thank you Jean

      The community is a treasure for any one looking out for collaboration 


  3. Hi, thanks for this great article and also sharing your story, I am also a member of wealthy affiliate and I find it very interesting that just like you, I also joined a couple of MLM programs and failed before joining wealthy affiliate. For me what makes wealthy affiliate a great opportunity is that you can earn as you learn and use that cash toward your monthly subscription payment as you did with your site comments payment.   

    • Yes, the earn as you learn feature of the wealthy affiliate platform is a powerful part of the system. Even when you are broke you can always learn. All that is required is your willingness 

  4. I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for two years now and I can confirm that it’s definitely not a scam. This platform offers many tools and excellent training. I have learned so much here and I am still learning. I appreciate their honesty, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but you do get the tools to make money. It is up to each of us to work with those tools and use what we learn.

    • Very true Christine

      They teach dedication and commitment to work 


  5. I discovered Wealthy Affiliate in 2019 while i was searching for alternatives to make money online m. At first, I thought it was a little skeptical and even so because I had no idea what affiliate marketing was. It only took me 3 days to complete the first course of the training and by the third day I was already upgrading my membership to a premium one. That is still one of the best decisions I have ever made.

  6. Hi Ayodeji, I really enjoyed your article. I am involved in Affiliate Marketing and I know that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam and is one of the best platforms online for anyone to use to start an affiliate marketing business. Not only is it very informative and full of a community of other helpful and like-minded individuals, there are step by step lessons that can help anyone create a successful business from the ground up. I highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in starting an affiliate marketing business. 

    • Thank you Matt, 

      The training is one great asset you will find in wealthy affiliate 


  7. Thank you for sharing your personal experience of joining WA. Everyone has their own story, and it’s always interesting to read about how people find themselves here.
    I joined WA a few months ago as a complete beginner with no previous experience with websites and affiliate marketing and also upgraded my free membership to premium in the first week. I am very happy with the training because I have learned a lot, with all the tools that make the job easier, and with the whole community that is always available to help. I really recommend anyone considering an online business to join WA.
    I wish you all the best

    • Thank you Nina,

      I appreciate the honest and simple way you shared your experience with Wealthy Affiliate 


  8. Greeting
    I’m member on Wealthy Affiliate too, and I can definitely say it’s not a scam. If you follow the lessons in detail, you can improve enough in your work. But in order to earn something, you also have to invest in your business. Of course, you can’t get rich overnight, but with hard study and work, you can make a decent living.

    • Yes Mack, 

      Wealthy Affiliate is not a quick rich. Kyle always emphasises this.

      You must be ready to work and invest cash 

  9. Hi,

    A clear presentation of what Wealthy Affiliate is.

    I am also a member and have been here for almost 9 months and I definitely agree with what is written in this review. Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

    Why would I stay here  that long if I am not seeing clearly where I am going through. I can see the pathway very clearly and I am seeing my progress.

  10. I started researching about Wealthy Affiliate because John Crestani pointed out that this was a good platform to get started. And after reading a lot of reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, it seems to me that this program is even better than Crestani’s own platform. Thank you vey much for this nice review. Very helpful.

    • Thank you Ann,

      Wealthy Affiliate is the home of online marketing. I have seen John Crestani’s program too, like you said Wealthy Affiliate is better. 


  11. Hi

    What I love the most about Wealthy Affiliate is the community. It is so amazing. The members  are so kind and also so helpful. I agree with you. This is a very unique feature that is hardly found in other platforms. I have relied on the community for almost every question that I have heard and they did not disappoint. The support is indeed out of this world 

    • You are very on point. The community is great, a group of people alway ready to help

  12. Hi there, Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate marketing training platform with the tools and community to help people make money online.

    Wealthy Affiliate is not a get rich quick scheme, if you work hard and put in time and effort, you can be able to reap something that is even greater than any get-rich-quick scheme.

    If you want to start your online business but you don’t have any experience of making money online than join Wealthy Affiliate because it has everything in one place.

    Wealthy Affiliate will teach you step-by-step how to start your niche website and how to earn money from it. How you can rank in search engine like Google to earn affiliate commissions. It’s a great platform for all level of internet marketers.

  13. Great work on this.  I really like how you began with your story about your struggles and how a wealthy affiliate has helped you.  I am glad it has worked out for you.  I’ve been a member myself since January 2020.  Not long after to you and I think it’s great here.  I am paid up till Black Friday this year but definitely, I am planning to stay longer.  Hoping there will be a deal for $300 again ideally but if not I would definitely pay for annual again its a great place to be.

    Also, if you’d like to follow me my name is chivs86 – I will follow you back if you like.

  14. Hello. I went through your article on whether wealthy affiliate is a scam or legit. I found it very helpful and motivating too. I have not joined any program in my life except wealthy affiliate and I am also new to wealthy affiliate and hope for a positive turnaround through this program. Thanks for sharing such an amazing post with us, I will be sharing it further too.

  15. WA has great community with many successful affiliate marketers all around the world. It is a great place to learn affiliate marketing and non techie like me, (i am a stay home mom) can  also build my own website from scratch, thanks to the training and help from the people. WA also hosts our website and make sure our website is secure. Is it legit? Yes definitely. 

  16. Hello there, Ayodeji! This is a great post! Wealthy affiliate is definitely one of the best platforms out there from what I’ve seen so far. I am still surprised that it is free to start with the amount of good trainings and supportive community here. You really broke this down to the details of what the platform has to offer. Definitely would have signed up had I not already done so. Thanks for compiling this.

  17. This is a very insightful article reviewing Wealthy Affiliate, which is an excellent online marketing training platform. As you mentioned in this article there is so much support and training. It is important to utilize as much of this training as possible over time and one’s digital marketing skills will increase and developed to a high degree.

  18. Hi Ayodeji, It is a pleasure to meet and review your article. Since you are an active wealth affiliate, you are previously familiar with me as a good lesson sharer. As for your article, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam. Since I have been a member for a year and experienced all that above, one topic emerged from your article. That made me think that I should start using it myself, review other people’s articles to make money, or at least you can pay the monthly membership fee.

  19. Ayodeji,

    You really killed it with this one! It’s really kind of a let down though because I too am trying to promote the platform. And surely with this post of yours nobody is going to read mine! No, just kidding really. The one thing your view point brought out very clearly to me is that wealthy affiliate is so simple yet so vast. Reminds me of that story in first or second grade where the blind class is allowed to feel the elephant, and everyone of them came up with a different description of what an elephant was!!

    I realized as I immersed myself in your description of the elephant I too have been describing that noone, even Kyle can completely, definitively, cover all the wonderful nuances of our program or community! Yes last night I read one of Kyles own reviews of Wealthy Affiliate. It was part of the training. You may remember. I’m so glad that after your displacement in the financial world you were able to find a place where you can thrive and feel complete in doing so. I’m in this with you. I am also happy to have been led here too. Ironically I had fell for, (like countless others, seems to be the pattern) another of those “ earn 300.00 a day deals that cost 17.95 and I never made a penny. However as soon as I paid for it they hammered my inbox with this hurry up its almost too late deals. Anyway the last one I bought the vendor recommended WA. So he is getting commission off of me.

    I don’t mind it was worth it!

    So thank you for your part in all of this and I hope someday to shake your hand in Vegas!!!

    Peace and Prosperity


    • Thank you Larry,

      Good to know you also promote this laudable product. I love it when you emphasized the beauty of wealthy affiliate. Great product

  20. Hi Ayodeji, thank you for your insights into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I joined the WA community in July 2020 for the promise of hosting and training. I was amazed at the quality and speed of technical support and at just how much training and information are instantly available. But the community was a real eye-opener. It really is spam-free (unlike various FaceBook groups I had joined previously) and the members really do their best to support each other. Very refreshing.

    • Hi Rich,

      The community is one of those treasures I enjoy. Members are always there to motivate and encourage each other 

  21. Thank you for highlighting the beauty of Wealthy Affiliate. I love the fact that you can start earning from the very beginning by the comment section and by creating training. It is challenging to join helpful programs like Wealthy Affiliate because of the subscription fees. I really appreciate that with Wealthy Affiliate you can start free, continue to a discounted fee of $19 and then create money from the platform immediately.

  22. Thank you so much, Ayodeji, for this interesting article. Wow, what a journey you had. I am so glad you have made your way back.
    I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate since 2020, and I love the whole concept. The community is great, and the support is excellent 24/7, and the many professionals who can help you out with all questions are amazing. I would never be able to make it on my own. With Wealthy Affiliate, I could build up my website, and it is up and running. I am not the fastest, but I am steady. But Wealthy Affiliate can become an addiction. I am a W.A junky.

    • Hi Richie

      I love the way you express it, WA can really be an addiction. It is a place you learn, meet people and find help 


  23. I joined Wealthy Affiliate about 6 months ago and i am now a Premium Plus member. I have to say that it’s the best online business platformm i have ever come accross. The support network of likeminded web developers and Bloggers is second to none. Even the 50 websites i get is amazing value for money alone

  24. Hi Ayodeji

    Thank you for an inspirational blog!

    I really found your story initially poignant and a situation that so many people are in but yours has the fabulous happy ending that we are all looking for.

    I joined WA a few months ago and must say that with the huge amount of information I became overwhelmed.

    Reading through your article I have become excited again as you have put all the benefits into point form and so I now value my membership and would recommend anyone reading on your website to join you. 

    I agree with all the  benefits that you have listed.

    Thank you again

    Wishing tons of success

    best wishes


  25. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate now for two years and can confirm that it is a legitimate business and platform. I also upgraded to premium membership within the first week, as for $19 only, I couldn’t go wrong. Wealthy Affiliate will provide you with world class training, and if you put into practice what you are learning, you can make a success. Wishing you success in your online journey.

  26. At the beginning of my writing, I like to thank ayodeji as he has proved successfully that Wealthy Affiliate is a company that is really an online business company.

    ayodeji has been successfully capable to bloom the goal achievement properly through his real-life story. Therefore he deserves praise.

    So, there can be no question that WA is one of the best Affiliate companies.

    Does Wealthy Affiliates Pay for Blogs and contents?

  27. I am here to support that Wealthy Affiliate is definitely not a scam, it’s legit! I had been blogging before in 2007, but I had no idea what I was doing. I was just writing personal stuff and blogging was completely different before. I am glad that I am with WA as I start all over again. I don’t have to look for information and guide anywhere because WA has it all and the community is amazing! I wish you all the best in your online business.

  28. Extraordinary work on this. I genuinely like how you started with your tale about your battles and how a wealthy partner has helped you. I’m happy it has turned out for you. I’ve been a part of myself since January 2020. Not long after to you and I believe it’s incredible here. I’m settled up till Black Friday this year, yet unquestionably, I intend to remain longer.

  29. Ayodeji, of my gosh, your site is beautifully laid out and informative!  It was long, but kept me drawn in.  I say this because it mentioned valid points that I could use when trying to convince others to believe in us (not to mention, over 1.9 Million members).  Thanks so much for building a page with so much knowledge and convincing (and backed-up) stories by commenters at the end.  🙂 I’m impressed!


  30. Hi Ayodeji, 

    Thank you for telling your story, your review was honest and true.  Wealthy Affiliate has not only improved your finanicial situation but others too, including me. You expounded on every area here at Wealthly Affiliate.  I loved that you gave your readers what they wanted to know- with a sense of relief that if they joined this awesome community and put forth the effort they will also be successful.  I am reminded of a quote “Never make a point without telling a story, Never tell a story without making a point.”-Les Brown, Motivational Speaker

    Ps. Job Well Done!


  31. I have been here for about a month and I am very happy with WA! And I have barely scratched the surface. This is definitely a legit and very profitable program if you will put in the work. Please ask questions, everyone here really does want to see you succeed. Especially if you go premium you can really get an amazing return on your investment. The most important thing really is to ask questions if you are struggling. People have succeeded in doing this, pick their brains!

  32. Wealthy Affiliate is legit, this community is the real deal because what they offer do work and they are helping so many people from different countries and walks of life no matter the age to have online success. When you look at the training, the tools, and the community you know that you are a part of something great. I would encourage anyone to become a part of this amazing community.  Wealthy Affiliate is the best!!

  33. HI

    As a member of WA myself I can second everything that you have said in this post.

    The post itself is very well written and should answer any questions that someone has about joining WA.

    The training alone is priceless then you have all the tools and website platform.

    I hope many people get to benefit from your review and join us at WA.


  34. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on Wealthy Affiliate, I’m sure it will help many to learn more about this amazing platform and will also help them to learn why to start a website that will help them to start making money for them. I signed up to this platform a few years ago, and I’m happy I did, today I have a website that is growing good and it makes money for me. Wealthy Affiliat helps me to learn more new things about how to build up a strong website, affiliate marketing and online business!

  35. Yes, you can earn money from giving comments on other Wealthy Affiliate member sites.  This is done from within the platform on Site Comments. 

    Because of Wealthy Affiliate’s excellent support from Live Chat and the Help Centre, the platform is second to none.  In fact, I have not found anything approaching this on the whole internet.  And I have been learning internet marketing for 10 years.

    With Premium membership and Premium Plus, there is training added every week to a whole catalogue of recorded 1-hour webinars. After completing the main 2 Core Courses, this additional training will cover everything from using Social Media to get free traffic, to email marketing and even Google Analytics.

    Even the yearly membership is a small price to pay for what you get.  All in text and video format.

    Simply priceless.

  36. Thanks for your helpful content, let me know a lot better about the wealthy affiliate platform. I am happy to hear that the WA has helped you resolve your financial matter. With your proven success record with the WA platform, I can surely confirm that the WA is not a scam.

    For a starter member, they have the opportunity to go through 10 lessons of core certification courses and 10 lessons of Affiliate Bootcamp is ready helpful for a starter to know the value of WA platform. Giving a 7 day trial can be too press for a beginner who still doubtful of himself. Am I right? A more flexible schedule for a starter to really know how he can do online business with the WA platform.

    The video training conducted every week, especially conducted by Jay is helpful to me. As you have the community is amazing and helpful to the learners. We can almost get our solution in fewer hours. 

    In the process of creating an online business, the learner may face a lot of challenges of creating the right website layout. We can get help through the website feedback. I am thankful to those giving their best to help improve my website. I hope WA has a team to look into every member website to help those who still far away for a success website. This area of knowledge is not easy for member like me having almost zero knowledge.

    The training program you have created is a success and I have kept quite a lot for my reference. I am happy today to drop into your website giving you my comment. But I am a poor commenter and have never earned a single dollar from my comments. 

  37. Hi, Ayodeji!

    I’m a newbie at WA and I believe in its system but I was really puzzled when you say you got paid for your comments… I’ve been commenting for some time now but have earned absolutely nothing! You put things very clearly and in an interesting way. Your review is very thorough and helpful.

    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

  38. I’m starting affiliate marketing so I really appreciate your great and in-depth review on wealthy affiliate. I really like your article as it provides information about the training and community that can be acquired. I think with information about the starter (free) and membership package is really useful. I will try to begin with the starter package. Thanks for the very informative article!

  39. I find your post very concise and convincing. I’ve been surfing the internet for a long time and have read  a lot of reviews on a variety of subjects.  A lot of people are hurting right now and are looking for ways to make money. I  think your review would be very persuasive . You don’t go for the money immediately. You spell out what people will get in the way of training . and that it will take time before they will see any return.

    If I were looking for a chance to learn a new way to build an income, I would be tempted to try Wealthy Affiliate .

    • Thank you Barbara, 

      I tried to be open and honest. Internet marketing is not a fast money-making scheme. But a place to build a sustainable business. 


  40. WA is certainly not a scam. You have excellently presented all the benefits if you enroll in WA. I have been a member for 2 and a half years and I still haven’t found out everything about WA. Still studying. It’s a little harder for me to understand everything because I don’t know English. I can handle it anyway, but it would be better if the videos could be translated (as on youtube), given that they are members from all over the world.


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