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Making an income online is not difficult; all you need is to know what to do. If you want to learn how to make money online, stick with me. I will show you where to learn affiliate marketing and make a sustainable income.

I started blogging in June 2020, and I think I have done well. I am not a millionaire yet, and I am nowhere near my dreams.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

I know you are here because you want to make money online. I have also been in your shoes before; I desperately wanted to learn to make money online and not know where to start. 

But the light shone my way when I discovered Wealthy Affiliate, and learn affiliate marketing for free. I owe my success today to the pieces of training, the lovely community, and comprehensive affiliate marketing tutorials from Wealthy Affiliate. 

I started from nothing and learned how to make money with an affiliate program. After losing my 8 am to 6 pm job in the financial house, I built a new life. The Wealthy Affiliate program helped me pay my bills, my children’s school fees, and start up life afresh without depending on anybody. 

Learn Affiliate Marketing : The good news

If I can go from knowing nothing online to making money with an affiliate program and building two successful blogs in 2 years, then you can create your dream. Whatever your goals and aspirations are, you certainly can build a blogging business and make a sustainable income too. 

Let me show you the basics of starting a profitable blog and making a sustainable income. I call it the tripod stand of blogging  

1. Go for the right training 

Like I told you initially, I learned affiliate marketing from Wealthy Affiliate. Without missing words, the Training from Wealthy Affiliate is all you need to start a blogging business. The training is well structured into courses, with each coming with both text and videos.

Learn Affiliate Marketing

They also come with relevant questions and answers. The amazing community that is ever willing to give you support is top of it. You can access the community at any time via the live chat section. 

It does the best training I have ever seen for anyone planning to learn affiliate marketing. The community and the training will take you step by step from where you are now to where you want to be. 

Below is a simple intro to what the training will cover. 

2. Go for the Right Support 

If you start afresh like me, you will be learning new skills. While some might be familiar to you, many others will be strange things you never heard of before. You will get stuck and find some concepts to understand; you are not alone – It happens to everyone.   

There were times I got stuck with the training, and I needed someone to shed light on my gray areas. I felt I was not going to be a good internet marketer. But the community was there to support me. 

Irrespective of your challenges, whether you need feedback or are confused and want to ask questions, with the wealthy affiliate community of over 2 million affiliate marketers, you will always find help. 

The community is a collection of bloggers and online entrepreneurs willing to help each other succeed. You can always ask your questions and be rest assured to get answers. On top of it, you can find experienced hands-on mentors for free without any cost. 

So it is time to save yourself time and give your business the chance to survive on the wings of others. Don’t struggle with your business alone. 

3. Go for the right Work ethic and mindset. 

The third and the last part of the tripod stand is the right work ethics and mindset. You must learn to work hard and be patient. Many bloggers quit too early; I would have been part of them. But I learned patience and consistency from the Wealthy Affiliate community.

As I said, a lot of would-be bloggers quit too early. Some leave because they did not get the right training, while others stop because they did not get anyone to reach out to when they needed help. But the trend is folks quitting because they tried it for one, two, three months and did not make the promised millions of dollars. A lot did not make a dime.

Let me break it down for you

Blogging is not going to turn you into an overnight millionaire. I will repeatedly say that building a successful affiliate marketing business will take time, energy, hard work, and patience. 

I started my first blog in June 2020 and made my first sale of 65 USD in December that same year. And since then, I have been making sales from both websites that I run. While some had it faster, others had theirs later. Be prepared; yours will be different.

Wealthy Affiliate will provide the right training, support, and tools. They will make available everything you need to get started and become a money-making blogger. 

But you need to bring in your passion, energy, willingness to take action, and determination to succeed. 

That said, I have spoken enough, and I think it is time to start and take the first step. Go ahead and learn affiliate marketing for free here. 

I will see you inside. 

Meanwhile, if you are an experienced blogger, I would appreciate your advice for someone looking to start affiliate marketing. Kindly scroll down and use the comment section to share your experience. 

Also, if you have questions on how to start the affiliate marketing journey, kindly leave your questions in the comment section. 

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