Legit Online Jobs for Students across the Globe

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The cost of college is high, and it continues to increase. But it will not stop us from acquiring relevant education. The solution lies in parents raising more funds to support their wards. Where there is no parental support, students have no option other than to look out for online income sources

legit online jobs for students

One of those proven income sources is legit online jobs for students. Working online has continued to increase in popularity owing to its flexibility, diversity and low start-up cost. 

Many online entrepreneurs share their testimony of how they started the business with little or no capital. They are a product of hard work and a lot of persistence. I must say that there a lot of opportunities online, but it is not a quick-rich scheme. 

I will share some of the most popular online business models. If you are ready to put in the hard work required to succeed in any of the legit online jobs for students, continue to read. After a detailed look at these business models, I will also share my number one recommendation with you. 

17 Legit Online Jobs for Students

1. Sell Old Textbooks 

Let us start with what you are familiar with as a student. Every student use textbooks. You must be familiar with them. As a student, you are always in search of one textbook, or the other. 

A Lot of students have books they do not use. They are not thinking of selling them. You can take advantage of this business opportunity. Scout for obsolete textbooks, gather them and sell them online. 

It does not need much logistics, negotiate a price with the rightful owner and move on to a website like a book scouter to sell your ebooks online. Alternatively, you can create a website for selling books online. Namecheap and Bluehost are great platforms where you can host your website  

2. Sell Products Online 

You can sell anything online. Do not concentrate on only textbooks. You can sell makeup items and kits, unused cell phones, children clothes, toys and lots more. 

The same way you scout and negotiate for old textbooks, you can do for other old items. Move to a website like Declutt to make sales or create a website of your own to start a legit online job. 

If you are well trained and rightly positioned, you can make as much as $50 per sale. 

4. Online Personal Trainer 

As a student, you may like to pass knowledge to others. You can convert this desire and skill to cash by working as an online personal trainer. As such, you can also keep your clients after you have graduated.

You can have both online sessions and physical sessions. For the online sessions, you will need tools like zoom, youtube, Vimeo.

5. Virtual Assistant 

Working as a virtual assistant is easy to start a legit online job for students. With your system and good internet connectivity, you can start working immediately. 

They are saddle with responsibilities like administrative assistant customer support, email marketing, website administration and lots more. The good thing here is you will be saddled with various tasks daily. With this task, you are sure to increase your experience and expertise. 

In case you are thinking of how to start, there are multiple Facebook groups you can join. Through this medium, you can reach out to small business owners or connect with other Vas in the groups. Gradually build your client list.

As you build your list, you can start organizing your schedule into various hours. The good thing about groups is that they will give you opportunities to learn and grow your career.

6. Website Designer 

With the coming in of drag and drop website builders like WordPress, you can learn to build a website without any technical training. Also, if you are technically inclined, it will give you opportunities to spot differences between a poorly designed website and a properly designed one. 

Newbies overestimate their task on website design. You cannot recreate the internet. Create something that is user friendly. One that meets your clients need, and that looks good. 

It is a simple process. Like I said, take advantage of the drag and drop website builders and don’t overcomplicate your assignment. You can build a website for yourself with the affordable NameCheap platform 

7. Niche Website Creator 

It is a little different from website creation. Here you will need some background understanding of Search engine optimization (SEO). 

You will be saddled with creating content within specific niches for websites. Also, you will need a little understanding of how to create landing pages and how to help them rank on search engines like Google. 

If you are new and have no background knowledge, you can undertake the Online Entrepreneur certification at the Wealthy Affiliate. It is a detailed course on how to create SEO content for any website. Also, you will learn email marketing, Search Engine Marketing and everything that has to do with digital marketing. 

8. Data Entry 

It is another online job that students find interesting. Although not restricted to the mathematically inclined student, but those with good excel background makes it a go-to online jobs option.

The jobs are easy, flexible, and can be done any time, but they pay less than other jobs like a virtual assistant. 

A place to find this class of jobs is the Clickworker Platform 

9. Online Beauty Advisor 

A lot of students are fashioned inclined; you can turn it into a source of income. If you like to discourse about cosmetics or any of the skincare products, you can make money from when someone makes a purchase based on your recommendation. 

You don’t need to base your marketing effort on word of mouth alone. You can decide to run a social media or Youtube channel where you recommend products. With your affiliate link, people can make a purchase and you get rewarded. 

If you are inexperienced and need to learn, you can learn from the Wealthy Affiliate Boot camp. It is well-structured affiliate marketing training thought by industry experts. 

10. Freelance Writing 

When we talk about online jobs, this is one of the first to come to mind. But now you know there are various forms of legit online jobs for students.

Many folks start with Fiverr and Upwork, but they get frustrated because they don’t get high paying jobs from these platforms. If you want to build a career, you need to get direct contact with companies, magazines or other content creators. 

Blog owners, local businesses, and local newspapers are always on the look for freelance writers. It is a lot of challenges. If you sharpen your skills, it is much more rewarding than using freelance websites. You will need to create a portfolio, testimonials, and client roster. You can grow your business from zero to six figures yearly. 

11. ProofReader 

Starting as a proofreader gives you a wide range of opportunities. You can start from your campus environment. Consider fellow students needing a proofreader before submitting their papers. 

Like a proofreader, you are going to work as a second eye, it is not as rigorous as editing. Your role is to look out for minor errors like typing errors, spelling mistakes and little grammatical errors.

You will find tools like Grammarly useful here. You can start with the free sign up and upgrade to the premium later. When it comes to earning, you can earn between $10 and $50 per hour.

12. Online Tutor. 

It is another one of the legit online jobs for students that you can take up as a student and make money fast. VIPKid and Outschool make it easy for online tutors to link up with prospective students. 

While some of the online platforms require a degree others do not require any form of a certificate. As an online tutor, you can earn as much as $25 per hour. 

13. Course Creator 

The name course creator might resonate with teachers, but you do not need to be a teacher to create a course. You can create a course in any field you know you have expertise in. You can teach how to create a garden, cakes or even how to sow a suit. 

How-to courses are the easiest way to start course creation. You can take advantage of platforms like Udemy, Teachable, and Outschool. The platforms are flexible and you can customize your environment to best suit you. 

Most importantly is a marketing strategy after creating a course. You must learn how to market your work through both organic SEO and paid Adverts. Honestly, you can learn this from Wealthy Affiliate.

14. Dropshipper 

This is a major part of eCommerce. Here you are setting up a store online like Shopify You are to create a list of your items, but rather than taking the orders yourself, they will be sent to your supplier. Your supplier is saddled with the responsibility to conclude the deal by sending the item to your customer. 

The dropshipping simple helps you make sales without any contact with the physical product. You can drop ship anything. You can sell t0-shirts, drinks, services and evening daytime meals. 

Worth mentioning is that the profit is not as high as when you handle the products yourself, but it takes the stress of managing stocks away from you. 

15. Blogging 

Blogging is another legit online job for students where they can make money while they attend to their academics. But you must enjoy writing, and helping others with necessary information. 

With this form of legit online job for students, you will have to be persistent. It can take as much as 6 months before you start making any meaningful income online. The good thing about blogging is that you can decide on your point of focus (niche). On top of it, you have various models of monetizing your website. 

You can choose advertising, affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or promote your services. But you need a reliable hosting company like NameCheap or BlueHost to start up. Both of them are reliable hosting companies that will offer fast, reliable hosting and excellent customer service. My review on Bluehost will guide you through setting up your blog with blue host

16. Facebook Ads Manager 

Online advertisement is common but very few people know how to go about it. If you are familiar with Facebook advertising, or you are willing to learn and unlearn then you can take advantage of this vast market. 

You can offer Facebook marketing to small businesses in your area and gradually turn it into a sustainable business for yourself. 

17. Social Media manager 

It is closely related to managing Facebook. You have to be interactive and very active on social media platforms and groups. A lot of businesses are in search of Facebook Managers, they do not have a dedicated staff to it, so you can take it as a part-time or full-time job. 

18. Ecommerce 

Platforms like Mercari and Amazon have become a source of income for many. You can sell both new and old pieces of stuff on the Mercari official store. That way you will make money from decongesting your wardrobe. 

Also, you can take advantage of Amazon Arbitrage, where you sell discounted physical products from your local store on Amazon for some profit. 

Both systems sound juicy, but you have to be careful. Else you will be trading your profit for shipping and other necessary costs. 

In conclusion, if you are interested in legit jobs online for students, the list is endless. Take a look at the options you find and look at which tallies with your hobbies and interest. The most important thing is that you are making money by doing what you like doing at your own pace. 

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