How Much Can You Make Selling Avon Products Online

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If you are interested in skincare products, you most likely have seen or used one of the Avon products. It has gained popularity via several mentions in TV shows and has featured in Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton. It is why many folks now use Avon products online as a means of income. 

Without missing words, there are so many ways to make money that it can be challenging to select the most appropriate model for one. In contrast, many money-making ventures are online and offline via self-paced and directing jobs. 

Skincare has been a popular and evergreen niche. Many folks now turn to it, and some of the most common products they look at promoting are Avon products. In this article, I will look at Avon products, their history, line of products and see how you can make money promoting Avon products online. 

Brief History of Avon Products Inc 

Avon Products online

Avon Products Inc is cosmetics, fragrances, jewelry, watches, and beauty-related products. They also deal with home and decoration-related products. David H McConnell started the company in 1886 with their headquarters in New York, who was a traveling salesman. His story is closely related to that of Mary Kay.  

He discovered that many of his clients stayed at home during his multiple journeys while their husbands went to work. He also found that they had more interest in the free samples of perfumes than they had for his books.

The top of it was that there was limited employment opportunity for women. So it was an opportunity for him to recruit female representatives. Since they had a passion for the products, he believed they would network.

This concept made a lot of difference to the global economy. He changed the hands of the clock; he employed and empowered women. And this remarkably started Avon products Inc. 

Is Avon Products a Legit Or Scam 

If you have read the history of Avon products above, you know that they are neither a scam nor a pyramid scheme. Based on David’sDavid’s foundation, Avon Products is a multi-level marketing company.

For me, I use quora to find out people’s perspectives on any program I research. While some are biased agents, many are independent folks reviewing the products or programs without bias. 

Although Avon products Inc has been doing well for more than 100 years and claims to have gained a presence in more than 50 nations, many people are not aware that they are a multi-level marketing business. They moved to become a full Multi-level marketing company in 2005. And started running an MLM business like Amway, Pink zebra, and a host of others. 

If you are starting a skincare product with Avon products, it is not a bad idea. But how profitable will it be?

Before I look at how profitable building a business with Avon products online is, let us look at the products you will sell. 

Avon Products Online 

  1. Magix Tint Brightening Tinted Moisturizer: is a multitasker when applying your makeup. The tinted moisturizer is enabled to help your skin with the toning it deserves and blur imperfections from the surface of your skin.
  2. Avon Glimmerstick Eyeliner: One of Avon’sAvon’s top products with a high review. It enables you to give your eyes the perfect color shades, precision, and smoothness it deserves. 
  3. Avon Wash-off Waterproof Mask: If you are looking for one of the best waterproof mascara. You need not search too long. But good enough, you can easily take it off with a gentle wash. Avon Wash-off Waterproof mascara stays all day and can withstand any form of weather. 
  4. Anew Clinical Eye Lift: this is an under-eye cream fortified to give your eyes the lift it deserves. It visibly lifts the eyes. 
  5. Avon True Colour Lipstick. It is well formulated with shea butter to keep the lips well moisturized. Another Avon product online can help treat and give your lips more than 40 different shapes. 
  6. Avon Anew Ultimate day cream: is an anti-aging moisturizer that will take good care of your sagging jaw. When used daily, it will help make your skin appear lifted and give adequate protection from the sun. 
  7. Avon Night Cream: if you are looking out for a good moisturizer that takes adequate care of your skin while you sleep, then Avon night cream is one of the Avon products online that you can use. The top of it is that it doubles as an anti-aging cream also. 
  8. Hydra Fusion 1.5% Serum: comes with lots of benefits for the sink. It comes with excellent skin hydration ability that plumps its fine lines. 

Avon Products Online Business Opportunities

If you’re thinking of making money with Avon products online, you must sign up for the Avon Independent Sales Representatives. Avon Products Inc operates a multi-level marketing (MLM) business, although they mask it in the name “direct sales.” 

Signing up for Avon is not tricky; search online, and you will get their forms to sign up. Fill out the form and choose the lines of products you want to use to build your business. After signing up, they will refer you to their new representative center. There you will gain access to available training, necessary information, and support. 

One of those vital tools you will use is a starter kit. It will contain what you need to get started. You will also be contacted by an Avon leader who will listen to your questions and explain the business model in detail. 

Let us see what is included in the starter kit. 

Avon Products Online Starter Kit “3”

  1. Product samples 
  2. Avon Brochure 
  3. Cards for Recruiting 
  4. Success Magazine 
  5. Training Flier 
  6. Avon Tote Bag 
  7. Avon Products worth $100

Can you Make Money with Avon Products Online

Like any other MLM, the main objective is helping you start a business of your own. A business where you have control over the day-to-day activities. The products are good they have one the best products in the world. From my analysis of the business history products, you know I have not been biased.

Still, on that same stand and premise, I will like to let you know that you cannot build a sustainable business with this business model. Sit back as I share my friend Tonia’sTonia’s experience with you. 

Tonia’sTonia’s Experience with Avon Products Online 

Tonia joined Avon in 2010 with an initial investment of $10. As expected, she got the bronchus, samples of their products, and other incentives via their delivery bag. And like every other person going to a business, she was promised an excellent profit from selling the goods. 

Without wasting time, she went on to her first sets of customers – friends and family. Many of them were not familiar with the Avon products, so she got some fantastic orders of lipsticks and skincare products. She received a good reception from family, neighbors, and friends from her words. 

To help her with the marketing effort, she needs to go online. Avon already made this straightforward, offering their representatives a website that should make sales easy. 

The website was a baby of Avon itself.

The company had total control of the website. The outlay of the website was the same for all representatives. She only influenced minor things like color. And Avon also placed restrictions on how they used Avon’sAvon’s name for advertising. 

With the stiff advertising, you can barely make $25 weekly in retail commission after deducting your cost of sales. Most of the income comes from recruiting representatives; this is typical of multi-level marketing businesses. 

All multi-level marketing businesses are built on recruiting others into the business. Once your downlines start earning an income, you also make the commission paid.

On joining Avon products, you qualify for Avon sales leadership incentives once you have recruited a whole team of representatives. This excitement gets so many working they have been told that building a team is not a difficult task. They expect you to share the business opportunities with friends. 

Like every other MLM, the top leaders make money. But in the true sense of things, building a team, especially a network marketing team around such products, is difficult. The chances of recruiting and getting them to work are less than 5 percent. You will not want to commit your effort to a venture with as low as a 5 percent success rate. 

If you desire to grow in a multi-level marketing program like Avon, Amway, and Forever living products, you must recruit representatives constantly. As you recruit new people, some of your old downlines also pull out of the business with the system. So while you are thinking of growing new networks, you must also be thinking of replacing lost networks. 

My number one Recommendation 

I have walked you through how Avon Products Inc started and shown why you cannot build a sustainable business model. The essence of this review is to help you see the business and how to take advantage of it. 

Multi-Level Marketing is not a suitable business model for anyone just starting to make money online. I prefer you go with affiliate marketing, where you can build a business of your own and promote the products you desire. 

There are different ways through which you can go about it. It is all about promoting other people’s products and earning a commission. There are different approaches to it; you can use messaging apps like WhatsApp, social media, email marketing, or a niche blog. 

Whichever model you decide to use, the most important thing is finding the right platform to learn affiliate marketing. Below are some of the advantages of getting started with affiliate marketing. 

  1. You will not be using a website that another company tailors 
  2. You will be able to market multiple products, test them and decide on which is best for you 
  3. You can start with a wealthy affiliate without any initial cost 
  4. You will not be selling expensive products with little patronage 
  5. You are in total control of your business 

That said, this does not mean sitting at home doing anything. Affiliate marketing is a lot of work if I must be honest. But it is an effort that will earn you the proper reward. I strongly recommend getting started on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. They have the appropriate training, tools, and a community of affiliate marketers that can quickly help you get started for free. 

The platform was started by two affiliate marketers – Kyle and Carson. They have been in business since 2005 and are always ready to share their wealth of experience. 

Alternatively if ……

If you are passionate about the skincare niche or beautry care products like Avon and Oriflame products, there there’s a way out. Do not forget that I already told you that you could not build a sustainable living by selling Avon products alone. 

Although Avon products will give you a website, it is a scrab. You cannot afford to build your business on such a platform. 

Avon Will not Promote your Products

One of those wrong impressions representatives have is that Avon is directly involved in promoting their products via the so-called website. It is another myth about selling Avon products online. The online thing joining the network gives you is buying the already overpriced product at a discounted price. 

They will not help you promote the products. The only alternative is depending on your sponsor for support. Like I always advise my clients, “never join an MLM program without a one-to-one relationship with the sponsor.”

You preferably join through a successful sponsor that has evidence of support in terms of motivation, mentoring, and sales promotion for their team. Else you will be left in the valley of dry bones, doing all the hard work alone. 

Build Your Website 

 I strongly recommend spending less than $100 to build your website. You are building a full-time business and not a side income. Building a network has been made easy with platforms like Bluehost and Hostgator. 

Even if you do not know anything about SEO or internet marketing, you can start your website and start learning SEO for your new website simultaneously. To help you build your website, I have created an intensive training tagged WordPress for beginners. With this, you can start your website around skincare products. 

Use Social Media 

One of the biggest challenges with multi-level marketing is building a team. Before now, people relied on mouth-to-mouth marketing to build networks. But now, you can leverage the power of social media platforms to start building a brand name and a team. 

Leverage Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to build your team. With the Tailwind app, you can post on the three platforms and schedule posts for a future date.

Conclusively, if you are passionate about selling cosmetics, fragrances, or jewellery, Avon products are well suited for you. But if you are looking out to build a sustainable, I highly recommend getting started with affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is easy to start, but it is not a quick-rich scheme. But if you are ready to build an affiliate business with ease, join me at Wealthy Affiliate

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