Best Mary Kay Products and How to Make Money with Them.

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At some point in time, every woman prides themselves in having the best Mary Kay products on the shelf. Saying I grew up to know Mary Kay products in my household is neither a lie nor an exaggeration. Whether you like cosmetics or not, you would have come across this household name.

These household cosmetics have grown beyond being cosmetics on the shelf for some folks to become money-making machines without missing words. In a short while, we will see how the company started, their products, how you can take advantage of it, and a better alternative to building a sustainable business from home.

What is Mary Kay

Her days were not different from what is obtainable now. The business world was male-dominated. But Mary Kathlyn Wagner would not give in. Instead, she chooses to make a change. She was born in 1918 and got married to Ben Rogers at the age of 17, and they had three children.

While Ben served in WWII, Mary will not sit at home like the usual housewife. Instead, she got engaged selling books from door to door and in six months was able to post-sales worth $25,000 according to the balance B.

Her husband returned in 1938, but an unfortunate occurrence happened – they divorced. She took a position with Stanley Home products as a top sales director. But she was ill-treated; unlike her male counterparts, she was denied promotion, pay rise, and other benefits. After 25 years of hard work, she left born employment in 1963

Best Mary Kay Products
Mary Kay

In the same year (1963), she started her first store with her first son and nine independent beauty consultants. It is not a surprise that the philosophy of this outfit was based on the Christian faith. She taught her staff to prioritize God first, family second, and work third.

We can affirm that Mary Kay is legit and not a scam from the story of Mary Kay products. Let us take a look at some of the best Mary Kay products.

The Best Mary Kay Products for Profiting

Due to the controversial nature and inferior products that most multi-level marketing companies produce, I always want to evaluate their product when reviewing them. As such, this Mary kay review will not be an exception.

Mary Kay has grown to a multi-national company in almost all the world’s nations. According to deepscience, the net is not less than $4 billion in sales annually. These products are made from common ingredients like glycerin, propylene glycol, Cyclopentasiloxane, emollients like shea butter, and essential plant extracts.

  • Mary Kay Timewise Pore Minimizer is made from Persian silk tree bark and Soybeans extract. It will help minimize the appearance of noticeable Pores. Although you cannot change the actual size of your pores, you can make them look smaller. Timewise Pore minimizer qualifies as one of the best Mary kat products because it will not only give an instant result, its effect is magnified over time.
  • Mary Kay Hydrogel Eye Patches: is a product made from glycerin and botanical extracts. It moisturizes the skin around the eyes, therefore hydrating and plumbing this sensitive area. Apart from moisturizing the skin, you can trust Mary Kay Hydrogel eye Patches to work perfectly as an antioxidant and antiinflammatory.
  • Mary Kay Clear Proof Charcoal Mask: this is a deep cleansing mask. Its primary ingredient is charcoal, as the name suggests. It uses the strength of active charcoal to cleanse the skin by trapping toxins and various impurities around the skin area.

The charcoal mask comprises two natural clays- kaolin and bentonite. They are responsible for clearing pores and absorbing excess oil. Worth mentioning is that Mary Kay’s clear-proof charcoal mask comes with other products like alpha-arbutin and vitamin c that helps in reducing dark spots on the skin.

  • Mary Kay Timewise Repair Night Treatment With Retinol: unlike other retinol products. They are not likely to cause skin dryness. They are well fortified with antioxidants, peptides, and well-researched plant extracts. It qualifies as one of the best Mary care products by the well-researched ingredients and its packaging, an airless jar that ensures the stability of its element.
  • Mary Kay TimeWise Repair Lifting Serum: the product is well suited to the appearance of tighter skin and not to tighten sagging skin. It is achievable with the high concentration of silicones in its formula. The effect on the skin is a temporary one; it helps disguise lines and wrinkles simply by forming a film on the invisible skin.

How to Make Money With The Best Mary Kay Products

We have seen some of the best Mary Kay products; now, you will be asking yourself if selling Mary Kay products is worth it. Can this direct sales business help you build a sustainable business?

Sit tight as we begin to find how to startup selling Mary Kay products.

How to Get started With Mary Kay Products

You will need to join as a consultant by buying the starter kit, which costs $100. You will get a carry bag, assorted product samples, brochures, and a discounted website by 50% with the starter kit. So the total cost of starting will accumulate to about $140 or $160 because you will be responsible for paying for shipping.

This kit is limited to cosmetic products, so you will have to invest more.

As we have seen, the products are high-quality products from natural and readily available ingredients. The top of it is that these products are reasonably priced. Many of these products cost less than $20. You are expected to sell around $200 worth of products.

Ways to Make Sales

If you are passionate about selling skin products or cosmetics, Mary Kay is one of those products that is recommendable. Below are a few ways you can go about it.

  • Mouth to Mouth sales: One of the most common ways to promote Multi-level marketing products. They are believed to be a great way of generating sales. You go after interested customers and encourage them to buy the products. Also, you will have to talk to friends, family, and co-workers.
  • Host Parties: bring friends and family members together in a friendly environment to showcase the products and enlighten them about them.
  • Advertise yourself: nobody will sell your products for you if you don’t do it yourself. We’re Mary Kay’s attire and carry their bags everywhere you go. Also, use the business cards and every other thing in your startup kit that will grab attention.
  • Visit Salons: Mary Kay Products are closely related to the female world. They will be interested in the products and selling to friends and family members. The salon is an excellent place to meet with other women who are much about the skin and facial appearances.
  • Build your Blog: like Amway Products, Oriflame products and other MLMs, Mary kay also comes with a website. The essence of a website is to help you create an online presence and reach out to a wide range of audiences.

Build a website for your work-from-home business. You are building a sustainable business and not a side hustle. Creating your website is not a difficult task. You can start it while also learning how to do SEO for your new website. Also, I have completed free training that can help get you familiarized with WordPress. Sign up with WordPress for Beginners for free.

  • Concentrate On Recruiting: MultilevelMultilevel marketing is all about recruiting. You cannot thrive with Mary Kay selling the products alone.

It would help if you recruited other consultants.

  • Use Social Media: From Mary Kathlyn’s story, her business model was mouth to mouth. Technology has changed the face of marketing. You will see it in multi-level marketing, which is why many folks will fail with it.

Take advantage of social media and use Facebook and Pinterest. They are a great place to promote your skin products and showcase their results. TailwindApp is readily available to help you create pins for Pinterest and scheduled posts for Facebook and Instagram.

How Much Can you Make Selling Mary Kay Products?

Mary Kay Beauty Consultants earn as high as 50% commission per sale. It implies that if you walk into a salon or organize a party and make sales amounting to $1,000, you will smile at the bank with $500.

It looks juicy. Let’s take a look at this from another perspective.

It is my belief about starting a business. You know the whole objective is building a sustainable business. So if the company will not be sustainable, it is not worth the effort.

Now, let us imagine that you need to make $30,000 per annum for your business to be sustainable. That implies that you must do $60,000 in sales from Mary Kay products.

Believe it; this is a lot to sell for an independent consultant.

As an independent consultant, if there are no sales, there will be no income.

The way out will be to constantly recruit other consultants to help you earn income and build your team. With my experience from MultilevelMultilevel marketing, recruiting consultants is another rat race. Consultants don’t stick to the business. They try it and fall out. So you are always on the lookout for consultants to keep your cash flow.

I think it is good to see some of the pros and cons of being a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

Pros nd cons of Becoming Mry Kay Beauty Consultant 

Pros of Becoming Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

  • Mary Kay is a Long-standing Company: Like I pointed out. Mary Kay products started as far back as 1963. Many MultilevelMultilevel marketing businesses have created and failed between that time and now. With that, you should be relaxed with Mary kay. It is not a business that will die any time soon.
  • They provide quality products and good looking websites to give you a good start.
  • They offer some mouth-watering financial rewards. Mary Kay herself started the gift of a career car. This program has expanded to include the gift of a Brand new BMW, Chevrolet, and Toyota. But this is highly dependent on the volume of sales you generate within six months.

Cons Of Becoming Mary Kay Consultant

  • As I showed you initially, you will not make any severe cash without recruiting. It is typical of all multi-level marketing; you need to recruit a beauty consultant constantly. You are drilled continuously to make a list of your friends and family and sell to them.
  • The company changes their products often. It is a problem because independent beauty consultants are always left with old and outdated products.
  • There is pressure to sell at least $225 worth of products every three months.

Researching on Google, here are stories of women who have tried this beautifully looking multi-level marketing and have gotten their fingers burnt.

In conclusion, Mary is a legit MultilevelMultilevel marketing company that has survived the test of time. The company offers genuine products with diverse applications in the cosmetic industry.

But my concern is in how to build a sustainable business for a startup business person with a multi-level marketing business model. In their 2019 report, about 83% of independent beauty consultants are NOT ELIGIBLE TO EARN COMMISSION.

That tells us that about 17% of the consultants are driving considerable profit. For me, that is a red flag. I will not start or go with that kind of business model. I will instead go with a business model that I can build on my own. For that, I will recommend Affiliate Marketing.

Although I have helped you see how to make money with the best Mary Kay products, I highly recommend Affiliate marketing to build a sustainable business online.

With Affiliate Marketing,

  • You will not be under pressure to meet monthly targets
  • You will not be scared of new product release from the company
  • You can get started with no initial cost
  • You are in total control of your business

That said, Affiliate marketing is like any other business. You need to learn, gain skills and invest the time to get the correct result.

There are a lot of platforms online that promise teaching affiliate marketing. While some are scams, others do not have the technical know-how to carry you through. I have tested some of this online affiliate marketing training. The training at Wealthy Affiliate is top notch and I can recommend it for you to get started. The top of it is that you can get started for free with Wealthy Affiliate.

Apart from providing training, they will provide all the necessary tools to get started. It will include a free website, keyword research tool, and a community of affiliate marketers where you can get help any time of the day.

Kyle and Carson started the platform in 2005. Join Wealthy Affiliate for free. Kyle, Carson and I will be there to walk you through a successful journey as an affiliate marketer.

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