Oriflame Products: How to Make Money with Cosmetics and Lipsticks.

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Multilevel Marketing programs are usually characterized by highly-priced products that are difficult to sell. But you will still have a lot of folks picking on them because of the discount they can earn on the products they use within their family regularly. Oriflame products and Oriflame business model are one of such with multiple skincare products. 

Their products are classic, and they are a wide range of personal care products (cosmetics, lipsticks, and skincare products). These products are appropriately formulated with leading Swedish technology that has the strength to give your skin the neat and perfect look it deserves. 

Let us take a deep dive into Oriflame products. We will see how Oriflame started, the best Oriflame products, and how to make money with these products. 

What is Oriflame

Oriflame is a Swedish-Swiss International Company in more than 60 nations WorldWide. They specialize in beauty care products and promote their products using the Multilevel marketing model. 

Jonas af Jochnick and Robert af Jochnick started Oriflame alongside their friend Bengt Hellsten in 1967. They located her registered office in Stockholm, in Sweden. The company has grown to a network of more than 3.6 million independent consultants, turning over more than 1.5 billion pounds annually, and currently, they are listed on Nasdaq exchanges. 

Oriflame belongs to a group called co-founders. They contributed $1 million each to co-found the World Childhood FoundationThey are well known for their support for a Charity organization and mutual respect for people. You will see it reflected in their policies. 

Let us look at some of the best Oriflame products and how you can take advantage of them. 

Best Oriflame products For all Skin Types

Let us see some products from the Oriflame products Catalogue.

  1. Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm: if you have a lip that responds to different weather conditions, with Oriflame tender care protecting balm, you need to worry anymore. This balm will protect your lips against all weather conditions. The tender care protecting cream is made from kernel oil, infused with Vitamin E; they keep your lips well moisturized and nongreasy.
  2. Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold: is well fortified with organically sourced milk, honey, and sugar. It helps to hydrate the skin to remove impurity and dead cells from the skin cells to bring out healthy and glowing skin. 
  3. Oriflame Giordani Gold is another excellent skin formula from Oriflame. It contains SPF-35 and UV filters to protect your skin from sun damage. This makeup solution comes as a light-textured smooth skin applicant. It also has an anti-aging effect that improves your skin luminosity and clarity. 
  4. Oriflame One Peach Perfector is an antioxidant that is rich in Vitamin C. It is well known to protect your skin against free radicals; besides this, vitamin C helps fade blemishes and glow the skin surfaces. 
  5. Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Nourishing Cream is another product based on milk and honey. It gives your hand and body the nourishment it deserves. This formula provides your hand and body with the nourishing effect it deserves. 
  6. Oriflame Optimal Even out Preventing: it is well formulated with SPF-20, Rumex active plant extract, Meadowsweet, Gooseberry, and cranberry seed oil. It helps protect the skin from sun radiation and also brightens the skin at the same time. 
  7. Oriflame love Portion and perfumed body cream: is well fortified with Lauric acid, chocolate, ginger, and cocoa blossom. This combination increases your sensual pleasure. 
  8. Oriflame Sweden Love Nature Fragranced: is made of sandalwood, fresh floral, Lavender and Mint. It is well formulated to rejuvenate the skin, fresh and dry. It’s worth noting that it comes with three different fragrances: Floral Bloom, Sandal caress, and cooling delight. 
  9. Oriflame Love Nature is a hair care product made with Avocado and Chamomile. It removes excess oil and impurities from the hair and improves its shininess. Avocado strengthens the hair follicles, making the hair stronger. 

How To Get Started with Oriflame Products Online Offers Today

Oriflame is a multilevel marketing company, so their significant sales channel is their consultants. If you are looking at making money with Oriflame, you must join their consultants. 

In countries like India, you can join for free, but it will cost some little bucks in some other countries. 

Being a multilevel marketing company, you need to be assigned to a sponsor. The best way is to look for an active Oriflame consultant to register you. Else you can join via their website, and they will still assign you to a sponsor. This will help you get familiar with Oriflame products price list and their features.

Below are some of the benefits of joining this network. 

  1. You will earn a discount of 20% on any product you purchase. Having made a 20% discount, you can sell at the catalog prices. 
  2. Joining as an Oriflame consultant allows you to build your network. So you can earn from the performance of your team members. 
  3. Liberty to work from anywhere. You can take it as part or full-time business. It is up to you and your level of interest. 
  4. You can take advantage of their excellent products for your domestic use. 

Can you Make Money from Oriflame Products  

There are a lot of factors that determine how much you can make selling those beautiful products above. The essence of joining a business is not selling beautiful or well-formulated products but making money from them. 

Oriflame is a multilevel marketing business like Avon and Amway. The amount you make from Oriflame products depends largely on how high you go in the business hierarchy. Depending on your level, you earn between 20 and 35 percent commission on sales of goods. So the more cosmetics you sell, the more the commission you earn. 

But what is the outcome of consultants who have worked under the Oriflame business model?

Below is a screenshot from the 2016 Orifflme annual report

Oriflame products

Unlike many other Multilevel marketing companies, Oriflame is registered with Nasdaq. So they must prepare an audited financial report. As such, Oriflame is NOT SCAM. From the financial report screenshot above, an average Oriflame business consultant made EUR411.9 sales in 2016. That translates to a daily profit of less than $2 from retail sales. 

As I mentioned above, Oriflame distributors can also earn from building a network, which comes with different compensation levels.

Compensation is a reward you start earning when you start recruiting. Oriflame’s compensation plan is not different from other MLMs; it is difficult for newbies to make a decent income. The focus and drive are always on recruiting new members to build a network rather than creating a loyal customer base. 

So newbies are always in the game of losing it to those at the top. Folks at the top of the pyramid will encourage newbies to keep buying and using the products. Their earnings are sure when you buy the product and share it with friends and family during parties and conferences. 

Make Money with the Oriflame Business Model. 

For me, Oriflame is a multilevel marketing business that is difficult to scale. But if you are already using the products and have a deep interest in selling cosmetics, lipsticks, or any other beauty care product, you can add Oriflame to your list of products. 

Build a Website for Your Business. 

You must build a website for your business. Stop bothering your friends and family with product sales. Instead, use your website to target individuals who genuinely need beauty care products. I have created detailed training to help you create a WordPress website and configure it correctly.

Leverage Social Media 

Many folks get stocked with multilevel marketing because they rely on selling the products amidst friends and family alone. You can overcome that obstacle by leveraging social media to propagate your business. 

Use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to increase your reach. While you can use Facebook pages to propagate your beauty care products, you can also join groups and contribute to the groups positively. 

Pinterest is not only a social media but also a search engine. Niches like Home decor, beauty care, kitchen utensils are popular niches on Pinterest. Creating pins on this platform will help your content go viral. The top of it is using Tailwindapp to schedule your pins. 

Tailwind is the official partner for Pinterest. You can take advantage of this platform to create and schedule content for Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. 

My Number One Recommendation 

We have seen why you should not sell Oriflame products alone. Suppose you are passionate about the beauty hair product. I strongly advise you to build a website to sell Oriflame and other beauty products. Getting to build your network under the Oriflame Multilevel Marketing business will also increase your chances of making a good income. 

But if you are like me, looking out to build a business in any profitable niche and not passionate about beauty products. I advise you to start affiliate marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is about selling other people’s products. It takes the risk of moving goods from one location to another from you and exposes you to sell a more comprehensive range of products within your niche. 

There are different mediums you can use to propagate the products. You can create a website, use social media, email marketing, or messaging apps like WhatsApp. Most importantly is learning the act and gaining the skills. 

Let us look closely at some of the advantages of getting started with affiliate marketing. 

  1. There is no logistics risk 
  2. Ability to market a wide range of products and free test what is and is not working 
  3. There is little or no start-up cost involved 
  4. You are in control of your business. 
  5. No initial cost of buying products 

With that said, I must say that affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme. But a reasonable effort when channelled in the right direction. As such, you need to learn the dynamics of affiliate marketing from a reliable platform. 

There are a lot of platforms, courses, and training promising to teach shortcuts to make money with affiliate marketing. But there are also genuine affiliate marketing course online that you can take advantage. My number one recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate, you can start for free and they have tools and a community of affiliate marketers that can help you get started with learning affiliate marketing.

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  1. Some of the best products that caught my attention are Oriflame Tender care protecting Balm and Oriflame Love nature. I always struggle with drying my lips, especially in winter. I tried some lip balms, but they just had a temporary effect. Well moisturized and nongreasy are incredible features for those who have my problem. I have long hair, and have lost its shine. Oriflame Loves nature; it can be a good choice. Eventually, For those who want to join this network, some benefits like earning a 20% discount on any product and taking it as a part-time business could be a significant Offer.

  2. Oriflame is a great Swedish beauty brand and I have used Oriflame beauty products in the past, specifically their eye serum and moisturiser. But as they are a multilevel marketing (MLM) company, I will steer clear of them when it come to joining their marketing ranks. 

    I worked for a MLM company for nearly 10 years, and know that if you are not continuously recruiting new team members, your chances of success are very low. So Oriflame might makes very good products, but there are better ways to earn a living than joining the Oriflame team. 

  3. Oriflame is an extraordinary Swedish excellence brand and I have involved Oriflame magnificence items previously, explicitly their eye serum and cream. Yet, as they are a staggered showcasing (MLM) organization, I will avoid them when it comes to joining their promoting positions. 

    Probably the best items that grabbed my eye are Oriflame balm and Oriflame Love nature.

    Thanks for your article:)

  4. Very interesting post on how to make money with Oriflame products. I generally don’t get involved with MLMs too much, but this one piqued my interest as it’s a publicly listed company. It definitely sounds like the company is legit and I am certainly willing to give it a try. Do you know how good the actual Oriflame products are? How do they compare to other top cosmetic products in the industry?

  5. Oriflame love Portion and perfumed body cream: is well fortified with Lauric acid, chocolate, ginger, and cocoa blossom. This combination increases your sensual pleasure. I saw this and found it very interesting, I make Soap and know that Lauric Acid is the main fatty acid in Coconut Oil. It usually leaves a very bubbly and cleansing soap after saponification. Its also a saturated medium chain fatty acid, meaning its solid at room temperature. I find it very interesting, is it added because it helps with the fragrance lasting or for conditioning properties?

  6. Hey thanks for this post, it was a big helpful!

    This was quite useful for me as currently I’m interested in joining marketing platforms that are catered towards beauty, I have a few in mind however they have a limited amount of items. Going to check this one out, interesting to know it’s free in india though and not others, could this be due to where the platform hails from?

    Have a great day!

  7. I’m familiar with Oriflame products, and they sound great to use. But with the model they offer, I don’t see it as viable or potentially something to stick with in the long-run.

    I’ve never been a fan of multi-level marketing. It may be lucrative, but they have its downsides. With Oriflame, I don’t see anything different than with other MLM companies.

    Is there anything beneficial from using their products? Or are they similar to other MLM companies?

    Thank you for sharing, I found it an interesting read.

  8. I’ve used a couple of Oriflame’s beauty products before and I must say they are really good quality. Being that they are an MLM company, I think this would not be the right fit for me in terms of a business. I was once involved with another MLM company and it didn’t work out too well. However, that was many years ago before web promotion was so common. 

    I like how you’ve suggested building out a website and promoting Oriflame via social media as opposed to bugging friends and family to buy the products. I could see that as being a great way to make an income with the company, especially when starting out. But personally, I think you’re right about doing affiliate marketing. There are better ways to make money online. 

  9. As someone who loves trying out new beauty products, I was really interested in reading about Oriflame and their wide range of personal care products. It’s great to see that they use leading Swedish technology to create high quality products that are suitable for all skin types. I’m also glad to know that the company has a strong presence in multiple countries and has been successful for over 50 years. I’m definitely considering joining their network of consultants and taking advantage of the discounts on products as well as the opportunity to make money. Thank you for sharing this informative post about Oriflame and their products!

  10. I have experience with several MLM companies that sell health and beauty products and just like Oriflame, I can say that they are legit. Not to mention that Oriflame is registered with Nasdaq. You can make money by recruiting others to join and/or sell their products to make a profit. 

    But I have never been good at recruiting, lol. Perhaps the most number of people that I was able to refer was only about 2-3. So, I figured, recruiting is not for me and just focused on selling their products. 

    I would really like to try Oriflame because they have products that other MLM companies do not offer like skin nourishment. You mentioned that it’s free to join Oriflame in India, do you know if this is available in the Philippines and if they have a free membership like Avon?


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