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By | July 3, 2021

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If your shoe rack is full of old shoes or your laundry is becoming a warehouse of used clothes, I got a better way for you to eliminate them – sell them. You can sell them through Mercari Official Site. You will end up freeing some space while you make some decent income for yourself.

Mercari Official Site

Mercari is a website where you can sell anything, from a $2 pair of socks to a brown new car. You can make money on anything via Mercari. It is a perfect option for you to let go of your used items.

It defers from local meetups and Facebook Marketplace. There is no need for physically meeting the buyer of your goods. There is a stander shipping process. You do not need to go through the inconvenience of meeting your buyer in an open garage.

You can take advantage of this robust platform to build an online work from home business. It is not just a platform to dispose of your old stuff, but a comprehensive eCommerce website.

I will take a holistic and unbiased look at the following:

1. Is Mercari Legit or Scam

2. Why you should sell on Mercari

3. How much can I make selling on Mercari?

Is Mercari Legit or a scam

Mercari is one of those few companies that make its financials public. Their yearly sales are almost a billion dollars. This income is earned despite low ratings from websites like Sitejabber. But on the contrary, a site like Trustpilot has a rating of 4.0 out of over 17,000 reviews.

Mercari is a legit company but has both negative and positive reviews. While the negative reviews are from some angry folks, their reasons are unique and similar to regular complaints from eCommerce platform clients. Let us take a look at some of the usual complaints

  1. Some complain their customer service is difficult to contact

It is one of the complaints with the highest frequency, showing an element of truth. But from other people that have had a pleasant experience with their customer service, it appears that contacting them via the app may be more resourceful than via other mediums.

2. A high commission fee is charged on Mercari Official site.

In my opinion, this is not a drawback. Virtually all e-commerce platforms charge a certain percentage on all transactions. If you are looking at a quick sale, I think Mercari is one of the best options for your business.

If you are looking at starting a sustainable business on a long term basis, start a website of your own.

3. Sellers do not reveal the actual state of their items. They sell fake items that are in bad shape.

It is not limited to the Mercari official site. You will find it on other eCommerce sites with sellers either over-selling their products or scamming people. They capitalize on the three days of return period Mercari. The period is just too short. As such, most buyers do have opportunities to return this item.

We have seen some of the major complaints of users on this eCommerce site, but they are not specific to them alone. Let us begin to see the reason why you should sell on the Mercari Official site.

Is it Worth it to sell on the Mercari Official Site

Mercari official site

Below are some of the good things that the platform offers and why you should use them.

  1. Less saturated when compared to eBay

Whether you like it or not, using a new website for your sales will give you less competition. The number of people using the internet for daily selling and buying continues to increase. Your probability to quickly make sales on a new site like Mercari is higher than that of existing sites like eBay or Amazon.

2. More audience

You cannot continue to shop on platforms like eBay alone. Mercari offers you more audience and a higher probability to sell fast. Some people will not want to use eBay. You will find them on sites like Mercari.

3. People use their balance to buy other stuff.

People usually use their Mercari balance to make more purchases. They are either seeing it as free funds or trying to hide something away. It will allow you to make more sales than on other platforms like eBay.

4. Limited Restrictions

With the coming in of eBay managed payment, sellers can not sell some of their stuff on the giant platform again. But not to worry, you can always do it on Mercari. So you can still sell your coins, bullion, and tickets on Mercari without restrictions.

5. Free Shipping

Unlike the local market, where you have to visit your buyer in a garage, Mercari takes care of your shipping for you. There is no point in a physical meeting between buyer and seller

6. It will help you organize and reduce junks

It is a platform that can help you reduce unused clothes, gadgets and any other thing occupying space in your environment. Selling these items, creating more space and still having some cash in hand will make you happy and fulfilled.

How to sell on the Mercari App

This Mercari Review will not be complete without an explanation of how to use the Mercari official site. They pride themselves in their slogan: Sell it. Ship it. Get Paid.

1. Sign up on the Mercari Official Site

The first thing is to signup on the website. With that, you can list your items for free and turn items you do not have use for into cash. There is no point in throwing out your unused clothing any longer. Use Mercari to turn them into cash.

2. Take Photos

You need to help your audience see what they are buying by taking pictures from various dimensions. You can take advantage of the Mercari app to take pictures of your items. The first picture is the main picture. You can take other pictures from various angles.

You can start your main picture from a wide shot, after which you can get closer to the object in other to see more details. Bright natural light will be good to capture and present the best images of the items.

If you need inspiration on how your item should look, looking at what other sellers are doing will be a good idea.

3. Add Title

Note the question, “What are you selling” on the Mercari dashboard. It is the area for your title. You need to use 40 characters to describe what you are selling.

4. Give it a description.

Include the brand, model name, style and colour, and the item’s condition in your description. Also, the fabric if it is clothing, declare if it is used, and be specific if the item has any defect.

Do not forget to be open about what you like about the item. Take advantage of hashtags in here. You have 1,000 characters to use to sell the item, and you must write at least five words in the space area.

5. Assign a Category

Mercari does suggest a category for each item. It is automatically chosen based on your title, but you can agree to it or disagree. So check it, again and again, to ensure your item is assigned to the right category.

In the case where you are unable to find the right category select the “other” option. Do not forget to go to your description and do a good job of it.

6. Report Condition

You always have an opportunity to report the condition of the item. You must let them know the true condition of your item. Let it be stated expressly if it is used, like new, good or poor. Be honest with your declaration, it will reduce the probability of a refund.

7. Shipping your Items

After receiving an order on Mercari, you have a grace of three days to do the packing and shipping. The platform has in place a procedure to make shipping simple and achievable. But there are things you have to put in place.

First, you have to decide if you are offering free shipping or have the buyer pay for his shipping. Like any other platform, it is expected that you will have added your shipping cost when you claim to offer free shipping.

Secondly, if you obtain a prepaid label from Mercari, you will save 30% of the retail cost of shipping. Take a critical look at the weight, size and chart from mercury to decide if you will go by the prepaid label or ship it on your own. Worth noting is that items shipped with the prepaid label get insurance of $200.

Thirdly, you can make estimates of your weight. But if you are looking at making it a continuous business, you should get your scale for measurement.

Fourthly, pack the items in such a way that they will not get damaged. If you are packaging clothing, you can use poly mailers. But if you are shipping toys or electronics, use boxes with packaging materials that can keep it safe and secured.

Lastly on shipping, do it promptly. You have three days to achieve mailing, the earlier you can get your item out, the better. Prompt shipping will help avoid service failure issues.

Payment on Mercari

For every sale made on the Mercari official site, the platform will earn a 10% commission. This commission is earned after a sale is made. The platform does not charge sellers for listing their items.

They will make payment to your account or any mode of payment after the buyer has rated the seller and the deal. In cases where the buyer refused to rate you, Mercari has gotten you covered. They have given the buyer three days to rate the transaction. On failure to do so, they will make a direct payment into the seller’s account

They have two modes of payment:

  1. They can credit your checking account directly
  2. They can pay via a debit card

How much can You Make selling on the Mercari Official Site 

With lots of bloggers posting results Mercari and other eCommerce websites, it is difficult to believe what you read especially when it involves money. I have not said that the exceptional result is not true. But many of these results are from the top ten on these websites and are accumulated for months.

Based on my Mercari review, it is obvious that it is a legit site where you can make money by selling items. There is no rubber-stamped amount you can make on the platform. With dedication and commitment, you can make a sustainable living from this platform.

If you are like me and want control over your business, the option is to build your website.

Creating your website and presenting your products on the doorstep of your would-be clients is not difficult. All you need are relevant tools and a place to learn how to use them. Wealthy Affiliate got you covered with this.  They will provide you with appropriate tools to build your own website and also teach you how to go about it. 

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