How to Make Money as A Modere Social Marketer

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The likelihood that you have met with a Modere social marketer or encountered their products on one of the social media platforms is high. So you will want to know if becoming one will be a good fit for you. 

Let us start with an overview of the organization. 

Modere is an American company located in Newport Beach, California. It was founded in 1987 and named Images and Attitudes. In 1992, it was renamed Neways and relaunched as Modere in 2015. 

It is a part of the famous Z Capital partners L.L.C. and a clean health and wellness products company that engages multiple channels in its marketing effort. 

They focus on a wide range of health and wellness products. Ranging from household items and nutrition to beauty and personal care products. They are produced without engaging controversial chemicals. Top of it is that they are N.S.F. certified, EWG verified, US EPA certified, and clinically validated. And they have manufacturing facilities, which have helped them maintain their value over the years. 

Modern Social Marketer Business Opportunity 

Modere employs multilevel marketing. However, they have crafted the name social marketer for their commission-based sales representatives. They are not any different from other multilevel marketing companies. 

The business model employed is the same as other Multi Level Marketing Models. Their approach to selling the product starts with your friends and family. The focus is the recruitment of downline. 

They make it seem simple, but when you get started, the task ahead begins to dawn. You realize it’s much more work than you expected.

In truth, you can realize your dream to earn a sustainable income from Modere or any other M.L.M. But it will not come from mouth-to-mouth advertisements or just running ads and pages on social media platforms. You need to take the bull by the horn and build an online work-from-home business that works – digital real estate.

Let us start by closely examining the products you will be promoting as a modern social marketer. 

Modere Products 

Modere offers a wide range of products. They have products in personal care like Oriflame, weight loss, and nutritional supplements like Herbalife. The products are safe for human consumption, although F.D.A., like every other dietary supplement, does not approve them. 

 A wide range of their products belongs to the modern liquid collagen family popularly referred to as BioCell. Let us take a look at two of the most commonly used Biocell 

Modern Trim 

modere products
modere products

One of the most popular supplements in the market for weight loss is Modere Trim. If you are familiar with researching weight loss, you would have seen their ads on either Facebook or YouTube. You will easily find one of those products on health and wellness blogs. Its popularity is not far from the fact that they believe it does much more than other weight loss supplements. 

Modere Social Marketers believe that it does more than accelerate fat reduction by promoting fat metabolism. They believe Modere Trim also helps improve muscle tone and the general body composition. Below are some other benefits of Modere Trim. 

  1. It prevents the storage of cellular fat 
  2. It helps revitalize the health of the skin 
  3. Improves the state of the muscles 
  4. Supports hair growth and improves the condition of hair follicles 
  5. Improves fat metabolism 

So if you promote Modere Trim, you have a highly resourceful weight loss ingredient to encourage. Another question your clients will be asking is fast will they see results with Modere Trim. 

How long does it take for Modere Trim to Work? 

From various reviews and testimonies, it is evident that Modere trim works. It is not only effective against weight loss, but it supports entire body transformation. It will reduce excess weight while restoring youthful skin and burning fat in cells. 

Regarding how long it takes to see results, the Health canal stresses that it is common to begin to see results in the first month. They also noted that it differs for individuals. While some may see results in the first month, others may not see any reasonable changes. 

Modern Trim Ingredients 

Modern Trim comes in liquid form. As a food supplement, users can adjust their volume intake without issues. Its essential ingredients are conjugated Linoleic acid (C.L.A.) and liquid biocell. Both are well-known active fat burners and cell health optimizers.

Other essential elements include apple cider vinegar, raspberry ketones, capsicum, and garcinia Cambogia. 

Modern Trim Side Effects

While it is safe and highly result oriented, it still has some side effects for some people. These side effects of Modere trim are unique and different for each person. Stories differ for each person. Generally, the side effects of Modere trim backache, diarrhea, headaches, stomach upset, and nausea feelings. 

Modere Liquid Biocell 

Modere Liquid Biocell is a wide range of anti-aging supplements that aim to help people look younger even at old age. It is excellent at slowing aging while maintaining a good skin outlook. 

Below are some of the unique benefits of Modere Liquid Biocell 

  1. It helps to balance blood pressure 
  2. It improves joint and tissue health 
  3. Reduced joint discomfort 
  4. Evidence of skin benefits 
  5. Reduced wrinkles and deep lines 
  6. Reduced skin dryness and scaling after taking Modere Liquid Biocell for about 12 weeks 

Below are some of the common Modere Liquid Biocell 

Modere Liquid Biocell Life 

modere products

The human cells replaced themselves at different rates. While some will replace themselves daily, others do it annually. But generally speaking, as we age, the rate at which these cells regenerate continues to reduce. 

More Liquid Biocell Life promotes the regeneration of cells. Thus activating high youthful energy in the body system. The product contains essential ingredients, including Vitamin c, that will appropriately increase the body’s metabolism. 

Modere Liquid Biocell skin 

Modere Products

More Liquid Biocell skin is another set of products you will have fun promoting s a modern social marketer. It is well formulated to help the skin cells function appropriately. It helps your skin appear smoother and firmer in texture. 

With Modere Liquid biocell skin, your clients will be well assured of healthy skin without injections or pills. 

Modere Liquid Biocell Pure 

If you have clients involved in sports, promoting Modere Liquid Biocell pure will be one of your primary goals as a Modere Social Marketer. It is well fortified with Amino acids, minerals, and other essential ingredients. 

It is a combination of natural ingredients that will help improve athletic performance and agility. The product has been tested and proven free from any side effects. 

Modere Liquid Biocell Sport 

More liquid biocell sport differs from other Modere Liquid Biocell supplements. It is a liquid with a very lovely taste. It is well formulated for sportsmen and women. Whether you and your clients get involved in recreational sports or professional athletes, you will find Modern liquid Biocell sport very useful. 

Side Effects Of Modere Liquid Biocell 

Supplements containing Collagen usually have side effects like heartburn, diarrhea, and sleepiness, and they can be a lot of skin sensitive. Worth mentioning collagen supplements can be associated with hypercalcemia. 

Can you Make Money as a Modere Social Marketer? 

I have looked at the various products to help you see the class of products you will be selling to make money with Modere. They are all health and nutrition products with high-end demand. 

Worth noting that health is a beautiful niche to make sales. But it would help if you remembered that there are other excellent competitors in the market like Bare performance nutrition, Amway, Herbalife, and lots more. 

Like every other M.L.M., Modere offers two distinct ways to make money – sell a product or recruit somebody. You will be selling varieties of products that are collagen-based. The products contain collagen in different rations, alongside other essential ingredients, as shown above. 

Although the products have very high advantages, you must be prepared to work against their high market cost. 

Let us see their compensation plan and how you can make money with the Modere Social marketer. 

Modere Social Marketer Compensation Plan 

Modere’s compensation is not different from all other M.L.M.s. You need to be eligible for the commission to qualify for a particular level. That means you need to buy products and recruit other Modere Social Marketers. That way, you will earn points that qualify you for specific commissions and rank with the Modere Career path. Below is a screenshot showing the Modere career path as demonstrated by square space.

modere social marketer

Let’s take a quick look at each of these commissions. 

1. BreakOut Bonus 

Breakout bonus is like a welcome package for new Modere Social Marketers. A rebate of 25% is applied to the first set of purchases you make within the first 30 days of joining the platform. This rebate is applied to both you and your sponsor. At the same time, other people above your direct sponsor will earn a refund of 10% on products bought. 

This bonus is meant to help you focus on recruiting since it is a win-win affair. Once you have recruited someone to the community and there appears an earning potential. So it becomes difficult for you immensely. 

2. Unilever Commission 

As a Social Marketer, you make money from recruiting. So you are entitled to make money from the activities of those you recruit. Apart from earning from your direct recruit, you also earn from those your direct recruit brings on board. So gradually, you are building a source of residual income. 

On joining as a social media consultant, you earn a 3% commission from your direct recruit or referral. But as you progress and attain Elite Social marketer 3 “E3”, you begin to make all the commission accrued to Unilevel. You have eight levels under you at this point, and you can earn from each group. If you work hard and build your team correctly, Modere proposes that you can make as much as 38percent.

But let me point out that you also paid these exact charges when you joined. The company would have used 38 percent of the products you bought to compensate folks in your upline. 

3. Rank Achievement Bonus 

Rank bonus is based on achieving certain ranks. Modere is well known for rewarding leadership. If folks on your downline achieve certain levels, you earn a matching bonus, and your downline earns an advancement bonus. 

4. Dynamic Team Leader bonus 

It is an opportunity to earn 3% from the activities of your top three levels within your downline. Worth noting is that this level of earning is available to directors alone. It is a juicy bonus, but you must make it to the top of the ladder before you can benefit from it. 

5. Customer Unilevel commission 

It is closely related to the Unilevel commission we earlier pointer out. But it is the commission earned when you or any folks in your downline sell products to customers. Below is a screenshot showing the percentage you make from customer Unilever commission as shown by Modere posted on Squarespace

Modere Social Marketer

5. Leadership Management Bonus 

Like the name denotes “leadership management bonus,” it is exclusively for top leaders. It is exclusively a matching bonus. To be entitled to this exclusive bonus, you must have built what Modere refers to as a generation in your downline. You will be entitled to a 22% bonus from 2 generations at this stage. 

How much is a Modere Social Marketer Earning 

We have highlighted the products of Modere, spelled out the bonuses at different stages, and ascertained that the company is not a scam. Without further thinking, you should consider joining the company and becoming a Modere Social Marketer. 

But Wait 

To answer these questions, I have to research how much Modere paid out to its marketers. I found their 2018 income statement resourceful in answering this question. The 2018 income statement shows that less than 1% of the modern Social marketers earned a sustainable income from the scheme. 

It made me skeptical.

Let us diagnose this business: product sales and Modere Social Marketers recruitment. Below is the summary of 2018 income in table format 

MOdere Socil Marketer

Let us assume that posting $60,000 is good enough for an average social marketer. That should be a good reward for hard work. While 0.49% earned between $50,000 and $100,000; 0.14% earned between $100,000 and $150,000; while 0.21% earned above $150,000. Summing up, less than 1% earn above $50,000 while more than 99% can barely rely on Modere for financial stability. 

Why is Selling Modere Products and Recruitment Difficult 

Modere is not different from other multilevel marketing businesses. Putting it in the words of Jon Taylor, they are product-based pyramid schemes, and Modere also has the five characteristics highlighted by Jon Taylor. Let us look at this characteristic and how it affects Modere and Modere Social Marketers. 

  1. Each Modere Social Marketer is given products to recruit others, a common characteristic with M.L.M.s. Each person is compelled and saddled with the responsibility of recruiting others. There is so much emphasis on recruitment that social marketers forget product sales and focus entirely on recruitment. The reasons for this are not far-fetched. The rewards of recruiting are far higher than that of product sales. 
  2. Promotion from One level to Another: Modere Multilevel Marketing is like other M.L.M.s. You move from one level to another by recruiting others and buying more products. With such a program, you believe you are advancing in rank. Primary while, you are just being encouraged to buy more products. 
  3. It is a pay-to-play model: a model or system where distributors are encouraged to continue making purchases. Many distributors continue to make purchases even when there are no sales. Like Jon will put it, they make “incentivized purchases.” Although Modere is a little silent about this, your account becomes inactive when you make purchases. 
  4. Most of the bonus Goes to Distributors at the top: Your upline earns many rewards. A system with more than 40 percent of your purchase cost is distributed within your upline. It leaves you with an expensive product and one that is difficult to sell.
  5. Extended Payout plan: Like we saw in the commission and the charts from Modere, they have an 8-level plan. It is too long, and you will be left with no option but to sell to your family members and downlines. 

Should you join Modere Social Marketer

After going through these odds, you should think my response to this question – should you join Modere marketers – should be “no.” 

But the reverse is the case. If you are interested in selling supplements, I strongly advise joining Modere. But you are going to take a different approach to the business. You are not going to disturb your friends and family with products. Neither will you review all your social media platforms branding them with products? 

You are going to build a niche website. A website focused on helping people solve their health problems with supplements. With that, you can promote Modere products and that of other companies. 

Before you jump into building websites or get discouraged because you do not know how to get started building your website, stay with me. I will show you how you can get started for free. 

What Will you be doing on your Supplement Website 

You are virtually creating content whenever you tell somebody about Modere products. So you will turn your supplement website into a channel for creating content. This time around, it is not going to reach a small audience. It is going to be broadcasted to a broader audience. 

You have been creating content telling friends and family who are not interested in your supplement how to use Modere. It is like telling a vegan why he should eat meat. The reverse is the case with your website. Now people interested in your content will find it and read it. 

What will you write on your supplement website?

You are going to share what you are learning with others. It is that simple. 

You are not out to set yourself as a professional. Be honest, tell people what you have learned, and tell them you are committed to learning and sharing. That way, you can invite them to join you on the journey. 

It does not rule out that you must research people’s problems around your topics of interest. If you are interested in Weight loss supplements, find out the following

  1. What problem do they have 
  2. What are they interested in learning 
  3.  What are their pain points 
  4. What are they aspiring to acquire or learn 

Be ready to research and offer tips and ideas to help your audiences.

Advantages of running Your Supplement Website 

Following the process I have detailed will help you solve the problems of network marketing. Below are some of the advantages of creating a website.

  1. You will be creating a unique presence for yourself online: Building your supplement website will reposition you as a thought leader, and no Modere Social marketer will be able to compete with you. While others struggle with social media, you are building a unique business and brand. 
  2.  You own it all: Unlike YouTube and other social media platforms where your page can get shut down. Your website is your property, and no one can shut it down. 
  3. It will help you create additional sources of income: it is highly encouraging when you know that you can make other sources of income apart from selling physical Modere products and recruiting Modere Social Marketers. 

With your supplement website, you can run ads, sell other amazon products, create training products, and join other supplement affiliate programs. 

Getting Started with Blogging 

To help you get started, I have created a step-by-step guide to help you start building a profitable website. Click here to gain access to my training.

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  1. I enjoyed this article for 2 reasons: 

    1) You explain the Modere company as an MLM up front, and are not shy of explaining what that is. You go into detail about how you can make money from the product and from recruiting.


    2) You explain the products within the Modere company, giving YOUR knowledge relating to each product. 

    Both of these situations make me trust that Modere is a good company to join IF i wanted to sell Health and Wellness products. 

    Being I’ve been involved with another MLM, I’d choose to stay away from this as it doesn’t “fit” my style, and I feel that is key before joining ANY MLM, wouldn’t you agree?

  2. The problem I have with all of these product based MLMs is that while you cannot say they are scams their products are overpriced and not worth the expense you have to make. I have seen how another big wellness MLM had worked over the years and I have even tried some of their products. Not bad, but nothing special to talk about. And surely in order to sell them you need to have some great skills, something that most people certainly lack.

  3. Thank you very much for this valuable detailed post about Modere MLM. Honestly, I didn’t know about this before. But you have explained it well. I generally don’t believe in MLM. Because there are many MLM scams today. But this looks pretty good. Keep posting valuable reviews like this. I definitely share this

  4. I first heard of Modere health and slimming products while working in Hongkong about 5 years ago.  Many of my friends and colleagues say they are very effective, especially their weight loss and anti-aging products. So, I thought becoming a Modere social marketer would be a good way to earn additional income.

    Just like any other MLM such as Amway and Herbalife, you have to recruit people to join and also sell their products. Since I wasn’t really good at recruiting, I focused on selling their products. I can say that I was making quite a decent amount for the effort I was doing. However, I stopped and eventually quit after more than a year because I had to move to the Middle East. 

    Overall, my experience as a Modere social marketer was not bad because I was able to make money. 

  5. Have heard of Modere and their products before, but never as their social media marketer. At first glance, I taught their company was set up like an MLM company, but after carefully reviewing their website I didn’t see anything regarding their marketing strategy and if they have a signup kit as most MLM companies have. I glanced over their products, especially the live clean, it is a little expensive but overall catches my eye to try their products in the future. Before I try them I need to bring them up with my primary physician to see if the products will be safe for me. 

  6. As someone who is always looking for opportunities to make money and try out new health and wellness products, I was intrigued by the idea of becoming a Modere social marketer. It’s great to see that the company focuses on producing high quality, clean products that are safe for human consumption and have been certified by multiple organizations. I’m also glad to see that they offer a wide range of products, including household items, nutrition, and beauty and personal care products. While I understand that the competition in the health and wellness industry can be fierce, I believe that the high demand for these types of products makes it a worthwhile opportunity to explore. Thank you for sharing this informative post about Modere and the opportunity to become a social marketer with them!

  7. I think it is a good way to earn money on the side whilst having your own website. Of course, there are a lot of scams out there nowadays, but I think people can still figure out if you are legit or not. I would be interested in becoming a modern social marketer, and ill look into it a bit more after reading your article. Thank you for writing this; it was constructive. 

  8. Very informative article.  I wasn’t sure where you were going with your recommendation as I read the review, but the I understood it fully when I got to the end.  I did try Market America (Amway) many years ago, but I did not like the products or recruiting aspec.t  

    Do you think it is better to build a website around 1 product line like Modere, or is it better to build around a niche that includes specific product lines?

  9. This is the first time that I come across Modere Social Marketer, but as I do not live in America, I was wondering if this is a company that is predominantly present in the USA. The fact that Modere is a multilevel marketing company, makes me very skeptical about the company though. 

    I worked for a MLM company, and know that it is almost impossible to make money with them if you are not continuously recruiting new team members into your downline. Modere seems to be the same, with very few people actually earning anything. Thank you for bringing Modere to my attention. 

  10. I’m amazed by this article. It provides deep insights into a MLM business, and is completely honest about its business model. I will admit that MLM really isn’t my piece of cake, because those at the top usually win in the long run. But regardless I still think that this article was very enjoyable and a good amount of effort  was put into it. Thank you!

  11. This is a very informative article on Modere Social Marketer! I loved how in-depth you went on the product and platform. I definitely agree that building a niche supplement website would be a much better way to promote Modere products than blasting ads to your friends and family. Letting interested people come to you always works a lot better than going out trying to convince non-interested parties. Thank you for this article!

  12. Hey my friend,There was a question in my mind that how can I earn money as a modere social marketer. I’ve heard about some of  brands before like Oriflame but I didn’t have clear idea about it until i read your content. I think it was such a great idea to share.  there are lots of popular modere supplements like weight loss products, All of these products can be great opportunity to be sold. One of my friends uses modere products and she is always happy so i think the quality can be really good and I’ll use it mine too.

  13. Hi Ayodeji,

    Your explanation of Modere’s business model was clear and concise. Multilevel Marketing is a straightforward model: buy products or recruit people. However, it is not easy to earn money selling their products. The Modere career path is stack against most people involved, lucrative for those at the top.

    First, I do not like selling supplements or herbs which are not approved by the F.D.A. I am skeptical about how they’re manufactured, tested, and what ingredients are used.  Are the products, specifically, Liquid Biocell skin lab tested?

  14. I think one of the coolest things about joining the Modere company, is the availability of diverse products that one can promote. I like the fact that they have something for people wanting to lose weight, or for anti-aging, and even a product for improving athletes’ performance. 

    But thanks for being upfront about their compensation plan. Even though they got a product range, I am sure that it’s expensive and many other companies produce similar products. So, it’s really hard to sell. Furthermore, as you have shown me, recruiting is tough, which means it is extremely hard to build an MLM  business.

    I like your idea of starting a blog affiliate website. Much less pressure in terms of not having to recruit people. Like you said that you can promote any company’s products and earn commissions. Do you recommend a good training program that I could try out?

  15. I really like how you honestly and openly disclose that this is an MLM program, and how you list some of the pros and cons, also very candidly. I also like how you’ve given details on your own experiences with the company, and the breakdown of the payouts and realistic earnings possibilities.

  16. Never heard of Modern before, but I’m not surprised to see that they rely on the two classic strategies: recruitment and sale. However, I didn’t know that they also had content strategy to inform people about their products. This is a wise and smart strategy to warm up people with their products, instead of pure and cold approach.

  17. Thank you for this detailed article about Modere Socail Marketing. The title intrigued me as I have not heard of Modere before reading about it. I really liked the way you were open and honest right from the get-go about the business model being MLM, and I especailly liked the really cool way you got in first and said we did not have to disturb family and friends with the products, and offered and alternative way to distribute them. This is a great review! 

  18. I tend to shy away from MLMs because there is so much work that needs to be done prior to making any money. Selling Avon products in the past as well as building a downline, I am familiar with the process that Modere uses. It is not that you can’t make an income from this type of business; however, you have to work your tail off in order to do so. In that case, I would not recommend an MLM to someone who is in need of an immediate paycheck. If you are someone who is just looking to supplement your income or get a discount on a great product, this would definitely be something worth trying. 

    Thank you so much for a well written article!

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