How to Start an Online Work from home business.

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When starting an online work from home business, I have always heard that what you need is just your internet connection and a laptop. I am not in any position to contend with this mindset.

But suppose you are thinking of a sustainable business, whether it is freelancing, eCommerce, blogging or affiliate marketing. I strongly advise you to create your presence on the world wide web with a website. A website will make you visible on the internet, and you will be able to market your business for free.

Suppose you are like me and want a website, one of those things that you need is a reliable hosting company. Bluehost is one of those hosting companies that are dependable. I have used their services, and they have helped me grow my online work from home business. 

Even if you are on a low budget, they have packages that can accommodate your business. Their customer service and response time are well commendable, and this is why they have continuos to gain my recommendation. 

In this review, I will itemize why I chose Bluehost amidst multiple hosting platforms, guide you on how to start your online work from home business on Bluehost, and set up your WordPress website. 

Why Select Bluehost for your Online Work From Home Business

When we think of investing in a website, the first challenge is the high cost of hosting and there required techniques to set it up. But the case is not so with BlueHost. It is cheap, and setting it up is easy. 

You do not need to know programming or anything in web design to start a website with Bluehost. If you access it via my link, you will get a discount and also I will send you my free training on WordPress. 

Let us see some reasons why BlueHost will continue to be my number one choice for buying domain names and website hosting. 

  1. BlueHost is affordable, and you do not need to empty your wallet. 
  2. The platform uses a technology that is easy to set up and use. 
  3. You get a free domain name that you can use. 
  4. They have a reliable customer support service. I have interacted with them; they are responsive and highly dependable. 
  5. They offer a money-back guarantee. You can rest assured to get your money back if you are not satisfied. 
  6. You are not alone. Top bloggers rely on this platform. 

How to start your online Work from Business on BlueHost 

Let us get started as I will guide you on how to start your journey with BlueHost. 

First thing is to visit BlueHost.Com 

Click on the Bluehost link here to visit the BlueHost website. It is my referral link, and you will gain access to discounts apportioned to my clients.

Get started - Online work from home business

Now you should be on the blue host page with the Get Started button right in your front. Click on it, and it will lead you to the pages where you will sign-up for your desired hosting plan. If you are like me, who wants to see it all, you can explore other pages on the website. 

The next page is where to choose a hosting plan. 

Hosting plan- online work from business

If you are starting up your website or your first website, I advise you to go with the basic plan. It is a perfect fit for a small website, and it is what I am using now. 

As business begins to grow and you require more website space, you can start to upgrade to a higher plan. Like I promised, Bluehost have a reliable customer service team. I believe they will be more than willing to assist you.

Let me shed light on other plans for those who have existing businesses 

Click the select button, and you will be required to choose a domain name. 

Choosing a domain name is one of the essential parts of starting a website. I guess that by now, you have the desired name to call your website, else you can visit my article on how to name a website

One common challenge people always run into when naming their website is finding that the domain name has already been taken. You will naturally have this challenge if your chosen name is a common keyword or popularly used word. But the Bluehost platform got you covered; you can check your chosen name via their domain name availability checker. 

After choosing a hosting plan and a domain name, the next is setting up your account on the Bluehost platform. They make it easy for you to submit your details. They are essential information that will serve as your billing information.

create a domain name for online work from home business

Also, you will finally be required to input your account details to enable payment via your card. This platform comes with an alternative to select additional features. Although most of them are relevant if you have limited funds, I advise you select domain privacy protection. You must protect your personal information on the internet.

Making your details available will make you more susceptible. It cost $0.99/month, which amounts to $12/annum. Don’t worry, in the case you want more of the add own, you can request for it later. 

After picking a name for your website and signing up for a hosting plan, it is time we set up your WordPress. Good enough, you can set it up from your dashboard on BlueHost. 

Note: you can reduce your hosting cost to USD2.65/month. Before you submit, close the page as if you are not interested again. You will receive a mail-in mailbox notifying you of a reduction in price to 2.65USD.

I advise you quickly take advantage of this high reduction and purchase your hosting plan. 

Next: Let us set up your wordpress environment. 

Once you have signed up for your hosting plan, the next thing is to build your website. 

Follow the steps below : 

  1. Log into your Bluehost dashboard, and select “my site”. 
  2. Log into your website from the list of sites, 
  3. You will be offered avenues to create the account right away, and the platform will lead you to set it up within a few minutes. 

One of those things you will enjoy with WordPress is an avalanche of free themes. These themes have been appropriately organized into categories, making it easy to search and work with them. Follow the following step below to set up your theme. 

  1. From the left side of your dashboard, select Appearance, then goes to themes. 
Select theme on online work from home business
  1. Click on the add new button, or take a little time to see some of the lovely themes from which you can select. 
  2. When you find a theme of your choice, you can click on it, and select install, after which you choose activate to make it active. 

In conclusion, the Bluehost platform presents a step by step approach that is easy to follow when it comes to setting up your website for your online work from home business. With the above, the only thing left is customizing your website and start creating content.

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  1. Great for starters. As your introduction suggests, could you please throw more light on how to start a home business after setting up the website?

    Thanks for showing how to get a discount when purchasing from Bluehost hosting platform. My question is, after one has got the discount from $2.95 to $2.65 for the first month, what will be the cost for future renewals?

    Thanks to the business points raised, one needs to make his or her presence out there on the internet to attract customers or to be known.

  2. Definitely some great detailed info here for newbies. You are right when it comes to an online business and the requirements to work from home. The web hosting plays an important role and the correct package is important. The bulk of your success online is then determined by your own hard work and efforts!

    Thanks for the valuable info

  3. Hi, I also read your story which is very inspiring and great to hear you have built a business from your laptop. Great advice is hard to come by nowadays so your site offers lots of support for those thinking of dipping their toe into the word of affiliate marketing. Thanks for the read and best of luck.

  4. Hi Ayodeji,

    This is a great overview of Bluehost and how easy it is to get started with them.  Your web hosting is an integral part of your success online, it is so important to select a good web host as it can affect your site speed and in turn your traffic.

    Bluehost sounds great for any online business.  I like how affordable they are, as well as how responsive they are in answering any questions you may have.  These are all important when selecting a good website host.

    Thanks for this information.


  5. I enjoyed reading your article on how to create an online business from your home. I think the digital marketplace has a lot to offer in terms of affiliate programs, brand promotion, and marketing. Once you provide people with something of value and gain traffic there are so many ways to produce income. I will recommend your article as a read to anyone looking to get started. 

  6. I have heard about Bluehost before. I remember that when I listed to Pat Flynn’s podcast, he also recommended Bluehost. It’s a good way to get started online. I respect both you and what Flynn said about this service and would like to give it a try. Thank you very much for helping me get started.

    • Bluehost is a go to hosting platform. They are highly reliable and responsive


  7. Website hosting and choosing the right one are so important when starting an online business. They are not all created equal and many are very cheap but you don’t get much unless you partake in all of the upsells. Do you know if blue host @ $2.95 is a good deal or would I be required to do a bunch of add-ons?

  8. I totally agree that it is important to have a website in order to create a long-term sustaining and scalable business. A website allows you to build your brand as well as become an authority in your chosen niche. Although I have not used Blue Host as of yet I have heard good things about it as a hosting platform. Thanks for sharing this additional information.

    • You welcome Joseph,

      I am glad you found it helpful


  9. Your article on Bluehost is very informative.  I have not heard of the service before.  Although I have been in affiliate marketing for awhile, I am always looking for information about programs that can help me upgrade or might provide different tools as I maintain websites.  I am going to do a bit more research on this program, but I am bookmarking this article.  Thanks for introducing me to this program.

  10. Thanks for your very interesting article on how to start an online work from home business.

    I agree with you that, when starting an online work from home business, what you need  is just your internet connection and a laptop. I also agree that, if you are thinking of a sustainable business, whether it is freelancing, veCommerce, blogging or affiliate marketin, you should create your presence on the world wide web with a website. A website will make you visible on the internet.

    I didn’t know that you would  be able to market your business for free.  So it was helpful for me to read that in your article.

    I agree with you that you need a reliable hosting company.   It was helpful getting your recommendations about Bluehost being one of those hosting companies that are dependable and that their cost of hosting is reasonable.

    I got a lot out of reading your paragraph on “How to start your online Work from Business on BlueHost”. 

    I was intrigued by your ad “WordPress Made Easy”.  Its’ been my experience so far that WordPress is anything but easy, but I’ll keep reading on!  I’ve got an open mind, so I’ll see…

    Again, thanks for a very well-written article!


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