Onpassive is real or fake: Learn to Make money with Onpassive

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A lot of companies emerge daily. While some are scams, others offer genuine products and services. One of such emerging companies is Onpassive. Although they have been around for some time, you must find out if Onpassive is real or fake. You must check it out before joining the program.

In this article, I will look at the company itself, its founder, and its products. We will see if you can build a sustainable business with an Onpassive business model. 

What is Onpassive?

OnPassive is a marketing platform that claims it operates with Artificial Intelligence (AI). They will help automate your business solutions with the aid of AI. They take it from prospecting to recruiting and selling. They claim to use Artificial Intelligence to recognize requirements and take appropriate actions. 

onpassive is real or fake

Onpassive promise to take hold of your entire business and help you enjoy a personal life. Below are some of the benefits your organization stand to gain. With this, you should learn if onpassive is real or fake. 

  • Improved customer experience: they promise to achieve an excellent customer experience with AI. They include AI tools like chatbots and virtual assistants. These tools can interact with your visitors and collect data. Data collected can help to improve and create a personalized marketing strategy. 
  • Analytics for Insights and Predictions: data collection is essential for business growth. They collect and analyze data to understand the behavioral pattern of your clients. It will help you save time, money and guide you towards creating an excellent growth strategy. 
  • Personal Connection: this is one of the best ways to keep your customers glued to your website. As such, multinationals used to spend a lot employing customer service agents. But trends have changed; innovative companies now use AIs. These AI tools use natural language to deliver an experience like a human connection. And they can present this Connection while delivering the authentic human Connection. 
  • Expand your Reach: They can generate more leads with excellent personal connections. It plays a significant role in improving the organization’s business strategy.

Who started OnPassive  

To further establish if onpassive is real or fake, I looked at the founder and the business model. 

Ash Mufareh founded Onpassive. He is a famous internet marketer with a long-standing passive income history. But most of them are controversial and sketchy business opportunities. 

The next thing is to look at the website “onpassive.com” in the Whois. As of the time on my writing, the website is not too new; it was created on the 27th of June, 2018. 

onpassive is real or fake

The primary way to identify actual or fake packages is by checking on their products. I decided to dig further and found the products below via turbocharge

Passive is Real or Fake: Onpassive Products 

  1. O-Cademy: was launched to help students make learning easy. It was a solution to the challenges posed by the pandemic. It made education readily available from the comfort of your home. 
  2. O-Bless: will help the business gain access to crowdfunding and accessible help to people in need. 
  3. O-Capture: software intended to help users record video and capture images. It also can help edit them based on its advanced features.
  4. O-Chat: is an AI solution to customer service issues on your website. It will engage with your website customers and understand their needs. This AI can pass customers’ needs to human agents when it cannot proffer solutions. 
  5. O-Connect: renders excellent services for setting up webinars and video conferencing. It is powered to integrate with other necessary tools on the Onpassive platform. 
  6. O-Domain: doubles as a hosting service and a domain name provider for website projects. 
  7. O-Desk: will help you manage your marketing campaigns to generate leads. It will also generate necessary data via its AI-based analytics platform. 
  8. O-Mail: a brilliant email-based application with robust tools and unlimited cloud-based storage. 
  9. Others include O-Peer, O-Tracker, O-Virtual, and lots more.

I must comment that many of these products have free or cheaper alternatives. And these alternatives are better than what you will get with Onpassive. But sit tight as we dig more into how to make money with this program. 

How to Make Money With Onpassive 

We have seen a little about the business, its founder, and its products. You can now decide if Onpassive is real or fake. Although Onpassive has a lot of products, the company is new, and there is a need to take some caution. 

I went further to check its business model. The business relies on the multi-level marketing (MLM) business model. 

It is a business model where you pay cash to join. After paying then, you recruit others while you sell their product. Here the bulk of your rewards come via recruitment and NOT product sales. Because in most cases, the products are overpriced and difficult to sell. Same you will see with products like Amway, Avon products, Oriflame, ETC. 

Many folks start with this kind of product and only sell products to friends and family. The high point is in promoting the recruitment packages. 

How much Will it Cost to Join OnPassive 

To join Onpassive, you will pay $97 for the membership fee and $25 to $500 monthly to secure a matrix position. Below are the various Onpassive matrix plan and their payment options 

  1. For Matrix 1 commission, you will pay $25 monthly 
  2. For matrix 2 commission, you will pay $125 monthly. 
  3. While Matrix 3 commission will cost you $250 monthly 
  4. And Qualifying for the matrix 4 positions will cost you $500 monthly. 

Passive Business Model Pro 

I have reviewed different kinds of products, and I see the same business trend. It is a business model where you have to recruit and sweet it out before making a decent living. 

The products that Onpassive presents are products you will find on the internet. While they have paid versions, other companies will give you free versions. The central selling point with Onpassive is MLM, or you call it network marketing is a major red flag. As such, whether Onpassive is real or fake is subjective. Even if Onpassive is accurate, it is not worth your time. 


Sure the company has some innovative products, but you cannot be assured of quality, and they will be overpriced to help them pay their MLM members. I see them offering products to comply with FTC that instructs MLMs to offer products. 

The top of it is that the reward in this system is always minimal. I will not want to work for three months to earn $50 when I can do the same work to earn as much as $500 or more monthly. 

If you want to pursue MLM, there are many of them in various niches. To mention a few of them and their various niches

  1. World Financial Group – Finance 
  2. Vida Divina Products – Health 
  3. Pink Zebra Collections -Beauty 
  4. Amway  – Home Products 
  5. Avon Products – Skincare 
  6. Oriflame  – Beauty 

But if you learn to build a profitable niche website, you will be on your way to building a dream of your own. It is what I call learning to build Digital Real Estate. Let us see some advantages to building a niche website. 

Advantages of Building A Niche Website (Digital Real Estate). 

If you want to build a sustainable business online, building a website is one of your best options. Below are some of the advantages, to mention a few.

1. You Own it and Control How it Runs: 

A niche website is not like running MLMs or network marketing. With MLMs, you do not own anything. The product is not yours, and even your downlines are not your clients. You do not have any control over them. The company states in their agreements that they can change your commission structure. Without missing words, they can even end our contract.

It is not the same as running a digital estate (niche website). You own your assets, and you have total Control over your website. 

2. No Inventory

I agree with you that MLMs have changed. You do not need to stock up goods in your garage anymore. They will do online delivery for you.

But you still have to pay for the goods and follow monthly targets. The worst of it is that you have to deal with shortages in the supply chain when you have ordered. 

With niche-based websites, the risk and task of managing inventory are gone. You will never have to think of moving goods from one place to another. 

3. Easy to Replicate:

This is one of those things I have enjoyed building my website. If you build it the first time, you can do it again and again. 

The beautiful thing is that you increase your income stream for every new website you build. Like every other business, you continue to increase your experience. So you scale your profit better by the day. 

It is not the same with MLM. If you want to double your income, you must double your network. I guarantee that is much more difficult. As you recruit people, be rest assured that others are leaving your network. 

4. Little or minimum Startup cost: 

You can get started with your niche website for Zero cost. If you follow my free training on building a profitable niche website, you can start earning some cash. You can start earning before going in for premium tools. I will show you how to achieve this and the necessary tools. 

5. It is flexible and easy to achieve:

You do not need all the time to get started. If you put in an hour a day, you will get results. But if you concentrate and take it as a full-time business as I do, you can generate results faster. 

The system is flexible, and you don’t need to work yourself out. But it does not imply a system that yields without the input of work and time. You must invest time and work into it to generate the result. 

The good thing is it is not tied to a particular space. I can attend to my business while chatting with my wife or visiting my grandmother upcountry. 

6. It is all about helping people: 

Yes, you heard me right. It is all about investing in others. I know MLMs will tell you that their products will help people improve their lives. But you know the truth down deep inside of you. 

You know that you are either selling an overpriced product or one with poor quality with your MLM product. But with your niche website, you are helping people solve their problems. You will either inform, educate, or entertain people of different ages. 

Let me help you get started. You can signup for free to get started with your Niche website. 

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