Understanding the How to of Search Engine Optimization in 2020

I know you are here because of one word – SEO. SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization; in the online business, especially when it comes to digital marketing, this phrase is not strange at all. But how do I explain this phrase to a layman? What is Search Engine Optimization? Like I mentioned… Read More »

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How to start a Profitable Website the Right Way

How to start a Profitable Website the Right Way Recently, I discovered that lots of people want to own a blog. But, what are they waiting for, or why have they not started? Their enthusiasm has suddenly died because they do not know how to go about starting up, naming, or hosting a profitable blog… Read More »

How to name Websites: 7 important key points

  Your desire to start-up a website must have been born out of a dream or I say an idea. One of the very important things is given your website a name, and a good understanding of how to name websites is very important. This can determine if your business will succeed or fail. In… Read More »

Multi-Level Marketing: Scam or Legit

  There are various forms of home-based businesses, ranging from freelancing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, multi-level marketing, and lots more. Multi-level marketing is a legitimate form of business where a company recruits self-employed marketers or we refer to them as representatives. These representatives are saddled with the responsibility of raising other representatives; they promote the company’s… Read More »

Starting Affiliate Marketing With Wealth Affiliate

I shall start this write-up with my own story. In 2016, I left my paid job and decided to start and build a career online (the laptop lifestyle). I knew I needed time and lots of effort to sustain my family at that time. So, I started a poultry business alongside, to get money in,… Read More »

How do I start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is about selling products or services that you neither created nor bought. I like the way Wikipedia explained this concept; it says affiliate marketing is a kind of performance-based marketing in which business owner’s rewards affiliate for introducing a customer to their business. Affiliate marketers are not placed on monthly salaries; rather their… Read More »

6 Ways to earning Money Online

Irrespective of what your desires are, you might be looking for a quick way to pay your bills or your aim is to build a sustainable business, online marketing business can be a way out. Earning money online is not as difficult as we perceive most times. All that is needed is following the right… Read More »