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It is a lot of work getting started with your own business. But with the present turn out of events, starting your own business is becoming more popular. Much more fascinating is that many folks are turning to jobs to set their schedule. One of those forms of business is starting an online work from home business. This explains why there is a lot of enquiries on how to get started with the Pink Zebra Consultant Login.

There are lots of work from home businesses you can start. From running a consultancy services to selling used underwear online. While some are legit, some are mere scams, but worst off are legit companies that are either difficult to scale or not profitable. I will look at one work from home opportunity – Pink Zebra Consultant. 

Before I start with Pink Zebra consultant ……

Like I said there are a lot of scams and make money online schemes that are difficult to scale. I know a lot of folks are here finding out how best to make money online. Without missing words, my most preferable mode of making income online is Affiliate Marketing.

Truth be told, it is a guaranteed way of getting results but not a quick rich scheme. If you are ready to learn affiliate marketing and put in the required work, you can be rest assured to build a sustainable business online for your self. That said, let us begin to look at pink Zebra and how to take advantage of their business model.

Pink Zebra Consultant Login
Pink Zebra Consultant

Do not hurry to use the Pink Zebra Consultant Login interface. I will show you what Pink Zebra and its business model is all about. At the end of this Pink Zebra review, you will be able to ascertain if it is a scam or legit and if you can make money after signing up on the Pink Zebra Consultant Login interface. 

What is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra is a well-known company that focuses on the product and distribution of fragrance based products. The company was started in 1997 by Tom and Kelly Gaines but embraced the Multi-Level Marketing Model in 2012. 

They have grown to a household name and focused on the sales of fragrances and home decors, personal care, and jewellery. They are trendy for one of their products known as Sprinkles. They are fragranced software beads for the production of candles. Sprinkles come in cylindrical Jars with different forms of fragrance. If you want a specific candle scent, you can buy other jars and mix them to get the smell you desire. 

Other Products in their chain of products includes:

  1. Supa Clean: Hand Sanitizer from Pink Zebra 
  2. Wallhug: are scents for wall socket 
  3. Naturals: a collection of vases that comes with reeds 
  4. Woollies: dog and cat ornament you can add to soak 
  5. Accent shades: enclosed shades 
  6. Simmering pots: 
  7. Go Cards: a soak with a hangable card

Apart from the production and sales of fragrances and home decors, they also recruit independent consultants. They form a significant channel of sales for Pink Zebra. They are individual businessmen interested in the promotion of the Pink Zebra product. 

They earn commissions after product sales and after recruiting another consultant. It forms the multi-level marketing aspect of this business. 

What is the Pink Zebra Consultant 

Like I mentioned earlier, recruiting is one of Pink Zebra’s leading businesses. Those they recruit to promote their business are the Pink Zebra Consultants. They are very different from employees; they are individual businessmen who sign up to sell the products and recruit other consultants. 

Their major channels of making sales are via social media, one to one consulting, or hosting parties. While hosting parties for sales is the primary focus. These parties are like the regular conferences or meetings familiar with other MLM.

Getting started Pink Zebra at Home  

If you love candles and fragrances, Pink Zebra might be the right place. They have quality candle products made from premium soy wax. Not just that, they are infused with top-notch quality fragrance oils. Without missing words, this top of the heart taste of quality has helped the company stand out. 

If you are interested in this line of products, joining them is not difficult. All you need is getting a sponsor who is already a consultant. Although pink Zebra Consultant Login starts with a sponsor to sign you up, the company works with a multi-level marketing scheme. So you need to sign up under someone. 

The consultant will help you fill out the startup form introducing you to the products and the promotional business. After signing up, next is picking the starter kit. They have two options that they claim is well suited for different types of need and budget. 

These options are: 

  1. The Starter Enrollment Kit: new consultant can take advantage of this kit for $99. It comes with samples, a special consultant box, business stickers and other relevant supplies. 
  2. Deluxe Enrollment Kit: This comes at the cost of $199, with products worth not less than $375. You will also get brochures, sign up forms, party invitations and product samples. 

Apart from these starter kits, Pink Zebra will also make your own replicated ecommerce website available. This website is meant to be your medium of advertisement and sales (We will discuss this in detail shortly). They follow up with a quick start program that they believe can help you get started. After which, you are given a target with a juicy reward of $1,025 Pink Zebra products if you meet the target.

How Much can you Earn from Your Pink Zebra Consultant Login?

  1. Personal Sales Commissions: as a consultant, you will earn a private sales commission of between 25 and 35 per cent. It is not clear; it depends highly on your monthly sales. If you desire a higher commission, then you must work harder. A monthly deal between $900 and $1999 will help you make as much as 30 per cent in commission. 
  2. Sponsoring commission: This is the commission earned for supporting consultants into Pink Zebra. You will earn 7% for each consultant you invest in, and you will be eligible to make between 2 and 3 per cent on Pink Zebra Consultants recruited by your downlines. The higher you climb in the hierarchy, the better your commission. It is the multi Level Marketing aspect of the business. 
  3. Leadership Commission: Pink Zebra offers you a mentoring commission of 2% after attaining the stage of an executive manager. At this stage, you become eligible for bonuses and awards. 

What Captivated my attention to the Pink Zebra Consultant Login 

I know you may be asking if I am a Pink Zebra Consultant or not. Without missing words, I AM NOT a Pink zebra Consultant, and I will let you know why I will not join such a company soon. But just before I delf into that, let me show you some highlights into what captivated my attention about the Pink Zebra Consultant Login. 

My Few Likes 

  1. Unique Selling Position 

The company is unique with its products and sales model. They are not just a company selling candles, but their variety of products have a unique twist that their competitors are not seeing. 

A good example is Sprinkles; it gives you room to create your recipe for a candle. You can make the product the way you want it in colour, style, and fragrances. Here is just one midst multiple ideas that help them stand out in the crowd 

2. Long Time Business Standing

A lot of businesses do not make it past their first five years. Although multi-Level Marketing businesses are critical for a short life span, they struggle to survive and die within their first five years. 

But Pink Zebra, as at the time of this writing, has been in business for over ten years. The company started in 2011, and they are still striving and doing very well. 

3. Wide Variety Of Products

They offer a wide variety of products related to candles and fragrances. They have not less than 60 varieties of sprinkle scents for you to choose from. You will agree that this will make selling easier for their consultants. 

4. Safe Products 

When you look at candles, they should be kept away from children. So I would have advised that you avoid this business if you have children under 10. But the reverse is the case for Pink Zebra; their sprinkle candle product will create a pleasing fragrance in your living environment without any risk of fire.  

My Dislikes About Pink Zebra Consultant 

Let us quickly see some of my dislikes with the Pink Zebra Consultant business model. I have carefully selected them based on reviews from consultants who have experienced the business. You can read some of the thoughts; they cover all aspects of their business, from logistics, products, customer service, and more. 

  1. Parties as a Sales Model 

They proudly display everywhere that they are a party company. So they drive their sales agent (consultants) to host parties at home and other venues. In my opinion, this requires a lot of logistics in terms of travelling, planning and other forms of preparation. 

In the end, this adds to the cost of the business, effort input into the business and worst of is the time you input into preparing and hosting these parties. Worst of it is that this event will continue increasing and getting more complex and costly. 

2. No guarantee of Business Continuity 

From my statements above, you will know I am interested in business continuity. I do not subscribe to short term businesses. Although Pink Zebra has passed the test of time, they have a clause in their policies and Procedure that either the consultant or company can terminate the business at any time. It means you do not have any form of control over the business. I love businesses that I have control over, one that I can grow and not under someone else’s influence. 

3. Products not Delivered 

If you have gone through the reviews, you will see that they have a lot of products not delivered. Although many were hanging it on “out of stock”. It is not good enough; the company should be well abreast with their stock level.

An excellent example of an ecommerce company is Amazon. Despite their volume of sales and network, they have a good inventory of their stocks. 

4. It is an MLM 

Although they have good products, the business has continued to thrive. But the business model is a multi-level marketing business. Most MLMs favour the early birds. The first set to start the business usually makes the most of the cash from the company and same applies to the Pink Zebra MLM package.

More than 90 % of those who join MLM tend to lose from the business. ANd a lot of folks end up not just losing their funds but ending up in debt. 

5. Pressure to Recruit. 

If you want to make money in this business, you will need to recruit other consultants regularly. But, unfortunately, that puts you under unnecessary pressure trying to convince people every day. 

From my personal experience with Longrich and Forever living products, a good percentage of people you recruit will not stand the test of time. Less than 25 per cent of the people you recruit will continue with the business. 

To get this 25 per cent, you need to continue creating training materials, organizing parties, and motivating them to stay in business. 

6. Monthly Website Maintenance Fees 

If you remember, I mentioned getting a free website when you access the Pink Zebra Consultant Login. But, it does not end there. You will pay a monthly maintenance fee of $11.95 per month to have your website up and running. 

In situations where you cannot pay this fee, they will pull down your website for that month. It is absurd and highly uncalled for. 

My Number One Recommendation 

I believe I have been able to help you see the Pink Zebra Consultant business model from a good perspective. Without being biased, I have realized that it is NOT A SCAM but a product-based multi-level marketing business. 

If you are like me, who is after a sustainable business and not after hosting parties and running someone else dreams at your expense, then you will agree with me that the PINK ZEBRA BUSINESS MODEL IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Then it would help if you were out for a better way to build your dreams and make a sustainable income. 

My number one recommendation is making money via affiliate marketing with a blog or website. From my experience, affiliate marketing is the best way to build a sustainable business. Below are my reasons for selecting an affiliate marketing 

  1. You are not under pressure selling to anyone before making money.
  2. You will not be under pressure recruiting anybody to make money 
  3. You can start your business free without any initial cost. 
  4. You are in total control of your business. 

It does not imply free cash or cheap funds, but if you are ready to put in the work demanded, you can start learning For FREE with Wealthy Affiliate. 

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommendation for starting an affiliate marketing business. They will provide you with the training, tools and a community that will support you in building a successful affiliate marketing business. 

They have been around since 2005, supporting affiliate marketers to build a sustainable business. One good thing about the platform is you can JOIN WEALTHY AFFILIATE FREE

Alternatively, if ……..

But if you are passionate about selling candles and home decors, then you can stick with Pink Zebra. Although I will not join the business, that does not stop it from being legitimate. 

I have learned about building businesses that it takes time and effort to build a sustainable business. As such, you should select a business you are passionate about. Else, you will give up easily when business challenges come. Be rest assured, every business has its ups and downs. 

That said, let us see how you can build a viable business if you decide to sell candles and home decors. 

Three Keys to market Candles and Home decors 

1. Create your Website 

I stated above that Pink Zebra will add a website to your collections. However, I strongly advise you to build a website of your own. Creating websites is not difficult; you can get your website up and running with a few clicks. 

Avoid getting stocked; create your website. It will help you from staying under the aprons of Pink Zebra. Think of this in case you decide to follow a different business model. You can always have your website. Create content of your own and promote them via your models. 

You can always start a website with Bluehost, and you can learn how to customize your website with my free training on how to build a profitable website

2. Optimize Your Website 

Getting to optimize your website for search engines is not a difficult task. It will help people find your content easily via search engines like Google and Bing. 

It will involve keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, paid ads, and more. So don’t worry about finding out; you can join my Facebook group to ask questions, and I will be there to answer your questions. 

3. Social Networks 

The third alternative for marketing online is using social networks. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok are good marketing platforms. You can create a community or group on these platforms and start marketing your products. 

In conclusion, if you are passionate about selling candles or home decors, you can give Pink Zebra a trial via any of my models. On the other hand, if you do not have a passion for Candles but want to create a business around your passion, give Affiliate marketing a try.

As I said, the Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place to start. You can register FOR FREE; you will get two free websites, training videos and live support from Kyle, Carson, myself and other successful affiliate markets on the platform.

Any of my recommendations you decide to follow, be rest assured to get free support from yours truly – MYSELF. Starting a business with the Wealthy Affiliate has helped me build a dream of mine, and I believe you can also do the same thing.

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