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I appreciate your desire to see my work; I started freelance writing with Livingstone Research. A freelance writing outfit focused basically on writing projects and other forms of academic research work.

Where my writing jobs were basically on projects and other academic research; I worked on topics like Business Management, Health Science, Human resources, Computer Sciences, Religion, and a host of others.

I have worked with various website owners, helping them with content writing in a bid to grow their blogs and also sell products. This commitment has earned me a broad blogging experience over time and increased my passion for writing.

To see samples of job, you can check pieces of training I have writing on Wealthy Affiliate Platform and my Blog 

My Style of Freelance writing Service Delivery

My first point of action when I am contacted for a writing assignment is to call for a brief chat or interview. It’s to get specific details about their business to deliver content relevant to their business, the following illustrates my point of interest:

1) What is their business about?

2) What has been their content source or style so far?

3) Who is their content audience?

4) What are the organizations present goals?

5) How do they want me to fit in?

Once they can give me the right information, which will include the topics they will like to engage me on, word length, the format of content, and pricing.

Then am off to deliver a quality job in a timely manner.

If you desire we work together, kindly send a mail to me on or

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