Sell Used Underwear: How to Master selling Used Underwear

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Coming out neat does not start with your garments but with your underwear sets. Everyone wants to keep them tidy and sparkling. The need for neatness always necessitates the demand for underwear. So whether you sell used underwear or new ones, you have a good business in hand. 

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The same way it works for garments, it also works for lingeries. People buy and sell used underwear for profit. If you belong to a set of folks, think of how it works. Thinking of how you will sell used underwear and build a sustainable business from it. Read on; I will help you see how you can start a work-from-home business selling used underwear. First, let us establish if wearing used underwear is legal and healthy. 

Is it Okay to Wear Used Underwear? 

To find out if it is okay to wear used underwear, I found an article written by 12news. 12news interviewed Dr Megan Wasson of Mayo clinic and asked her if there is any health risk in using underwear. Her response got me fascinated. She said it is what she would want to use herself. During the interview, you advised that cleaning used underwear with high-temperature water and lots of soap will remove any likelihood of health risk. 

But in the case where they are unwashed, it’s risky. It will expose you to scabies and pubic lice that will potentially travel with the panties. So, as a rule of thumb, you must clean your lingeries before wearing them. 

Used underwears are safe to use without missing words, but you must ensure you clean them up before wearing them. Let us begin to see how to disinfect second-hand underwear. 

How do you Disinfect Second-hand Underwear 

Underwear seems to be one of the most sensitive sets of clothes. So if you pick second-hand underwear, I advise you to take proper care of it. Below is an appropriate way to disinfect second-hand underwear.

  1. Wash to Remove stains: There are lots of instances your used underwear comes with colours. Treat the colour first. Get a stain removal and spray over the affected part; allow it to stay for about thirty minutes. After your solution has absorbed the colour, you can put it into the wash and run your machine. An excellent example of stain removal includes shout and OxiClean. You can use your preferred brand. 
  2. Use a Pinch of salt for blood-stained Underwear: If you observed blood stains on your used underwear. Rub the affected part with a pinch of salt. After which, you wash the affected area with cold water. That way, you will have removed the blood stain as much as possible. 

Note: While the salt removes the blood from the fabric, the cold water washes it. Do not use warm or hot water; it will set the stain and make it much more difficult to remove 

3. Remove sweat stains: Sweat stain is prevalent with bras and light underwear. Please take a little of your dish soap and hydrogen peroxide and apply it to the colour. Let it soak the stain for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. 

Now that we have seen that using used lingeries, socks, and boxers is not wrong. And we have also seen how you can take good care of them. We can look at how you can build a successful business selling used underwear

Why should You Sell Used Underwear online?

Underwears are in high demand, and selling used underwear is a multi-billion dollar worldwide. You will find folks selling used panties in open shops from Africa and Asia to the European nations. Below are some reasons why you should consider selling used underwear. 

  1. It is easy to start: unlike other markets that require specialized skills, you do not need any skill to sell used underwear online. The only set of skills you will need’s how to perfect your marketing skills. So you can rest assured of making money online selling used underwear without needing to burn the midnight candle. 
  2. It is a lot of fun: selling used lingeries can be fun. You will come across different types and shapes of panties and bras you can not imagine on your own. And top of it is that you will meet fascinating people with various tastes. 
  3. It is lucrative: although we will still get into the integrity of cash flow in this business, it’s worth mentioning. Underwear business generally is a multi-million dollar business. You can make a reasonable income if you learn to sell used underwear correctly. Worst case scenario is that it will help you pay some of your bills. 
  4. Gives fulfilment: the same sense of pride when you sell your old vehicle also comes with selling old underwear. You will naturally fill fulfilled when you know that someone values your used underwear. 
  5. To reduce Your Junk: After using underwear for some time, they become a burden rather than an asset. You look into your wardrobe, and some of your underwear no longer appeal to you. Selling them is the best way to get rid of them and still make some bulks. So what are you waiting for? Sell them, make money and buy new ones. 

How much can you make if you sell used underwear? 

If you are looking at this industry, I’m sure the amount of cash involved is one of your motivations. So you must be asking how much can you make selling old underwear. The answer can be a little complex. But let’s start by examining one scenario. 

I know you know one of the best platforms to sell any used thing is a Facebook marketplace. Suppose you place 10 old panties for sale on the Facebook marketplace. Your selling price will be one of your significant profit determining factors. If you sell each of them at $20, you would have sold 10 for a whopping $200. 

Ask me, and I will say this is good cash from selling your used panties or underwear. But there are other exceptional cases where women sell used panties for as much as $5,000. It is a rare case. 

Your target income from each pair of underwear should be between $20 and $50. I believe this is being realistic and not making unrealistic forecasts. So you can make between $200 and $400 extra to pay some bills. 

Another contributing factor to how much you can make is the platform you choose to sell used underwear. Let us begin to consider platforms where you can sell used lingerie. 

Where to sell your used Panties

Building your website is the best and most profitable platform to sell your used underwear. But this can be a little challenging considering the expertise required and the time taken to get potential customers. 

So many folks prefer to join existing platforms to make quick sales. Some of the most well-known platforms include panty deal, Sofiagray, Panty, Sniffer, and Scented Panty. In my best opinion, I advise you to research each of these platforms to find out which is best for you. 

Below are some basic features you should watch out for when researching. 

  1. Website Traffic: 

One of those primary reasons you opt for a selling platform is to get fast and engaging traffic. So it would help if you were out to find the platform with the highest number of engaging customers. But truth be told, it is not easy to ascertain the number of people on a p[particular website, not to talk about several people interested in buying your products. 

One of the first things you must do is read reviews on this platform. What are other marketers saying about the forum? 

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Another thing worth watching out for is in the categories on the website. If you sell boys’ socks, find out if there is a category for boys. And if you deal with ladies’ bras, ensure there is a category for it. 

2. Social Media Presence 

Check the presence of this website on social media. Do they regularly interact with their audience via their social media outlets? Do they have an active blog that contributes to their organic traffic? Do they respond to enquiries via their social media?

Also, check on them to see that they constantly try to gain new buyers on the platform. It is the only way you can be guaranteed continuous sales. You may get stocked on the forum if they are only for new sellers. 

3. What is the Competition Like 

While you must go out for a highly engaging platform, it must be of medium competition. The number of sellers selling the same products should not be high. If You sell male panties, Look for a website with high traffic for panties but minimum traffic for male panties. 

Another thing you must watch out for re testimonies from sellers on the platform. That way, you can be sure of your profitability on the website. 

4. Cost: 

Most marketing platforms charge a fee for you to use their website. It is their way of keeping the website running as a business unit. In most cases, these fees are reasonable and very minimal. 

Worth mentioning is that there are also platforms that are free to join. But you will get what you pay for. So I advise you to go for a good website with reasonable charges. Once again, read reviews. Sellers will either complain about the charges or appreciate their affordable. Lastly, do not forget to add it to your cost of sales. 

5. Website Interface and architecture 

What is the interface of the website looking like? How will you feel if you are a client who wants to buy used underwear on this website? Will you feel comfortable and secure? If your answer to this question is negative, it may not be the best for you. 

The website must be visually appealing. Selling used underwear is a good business. Your platform of choice must be neat and good-looking. Never go for an ugly-looking site that is not appealing. 

The platform should be easy to navigate. If the website architecture is difficult to navigate, customers will not be able to find your stuff, and you will lose business. 

6. Support 

How much support are they ready to offer to their customers? The form of support must include technical and marketing support. They should be available to help you resolve your platform’s technical issues and marketing issues with your clients. 

Top-rated websites have a walk-through guide to help you quickly put things in place. And if you are confused, their support should be available to help you out. 

Platforms that Sell Used Underwear. 

Let us examine some of the most popular platforms where you can sell used underwear. I will take a detailed look at each of them regarding their benefits and shortfalls. I believe you will be able to choose the best fit for your business. 

Panty deal 

sell used underwear

Panty deal is one of the largest selling platforms with over 1 million global sellers and buyers. They have a monthly inflow of not less than 15,000 new sellers monthly. With such high traffic, you are sure of making good sales and facing stiff competition. 

To get started on this platform, you will have to get verified first. It will verify your identity and your phone number. It means a lot to sellers and buyers interested in their security.

To join this site, you can join as a free or VIP member. While joining as a free member means you will participate without paying cash. Joining as a VIP member is of higher advantage. You will be able to message buyers and also place classified ads. The VIP membership costs $19 monthly. 


sell used underwear

Panty is another excellent site for selling your panties and other underwear. They create a room where you can interact with buyers via chat. Many sellers use this as an opportunity to interact with buyers before making a sale. 

Ask me, and I will say it’s a buyer’s site. They create a room where buyers vote for their favourite sellers. So if you register on Panty, you must be ready to make a large following of buyers. 

Another worth noting is that the website is built specifically for women. But it gives you room to sell other forms of clothes apart from used underwear. Like panty deals, you can join for free, but you will need to pay $14.99 to go premium. 

Sofia Gray sell used underwear

sell used underwear

Sofia Gray is another website focused on creating a unique selling experience for sellers. They proud themselves in allowing sellers to set up their shops based on their rules. One fantastic thing about Sofia grey is that they do not charge you for sales but for setting up your shop. 

To get started, Sofia Gray offers three different packages. You can get a month’s access for $15.99, six months for $21.99, or 12-month access for as low as $35.99. The best membership is the 12-month deal of $35.99. If you go by the one-month package within 3 months, you would have spent the same amount as a one-time payment for 12 months. 

Although their package seems reasonably cheap, it’s not as good as you build your website. 


sell used underwear

Sniffer is one of those underwear sites that put more emphasis on communicating with both customers and prospects. So they emphasized you being on live chat and selling deals on the spot. 

They also have a free membership, but you need the premium member if you want to make any sales. The premium membership costs $5.95 for the first month. And $9 for subsequent months. Although the website interface has many activities, it includes an interface for new listings. 

Scented Pansy 

Scented Pansy is another household name in the world of used panties and underwear. They do not sell just underwear. They sell other related products.

You will expect a decent and well-organized interface with such an array of products. But it’s not that organized; It can get a lot confusing. 


I know you will not be thinking of a platform like Etsy. But if you run a quick search on Etsy for used underwear, you will see that other folks are making significant income selling used underwear on this platform. Below is a screenshot of a shop on Etsy selling used underwear for as much as $50. 

Sell used underwear

To start on Etsy, you need to open an account with your shop name. Following the rules, you can sell your panties for between $20 and $50. 

Build your website to sell used underwear

Building your website to sell used underwear and other stuff can be a lot of work. But this remains my best advice for you – create your profitable blog. It will involve a lot of planning and learning, mainly if you are not used to the tech world. 

To get started, you should use BlueHost to create a WordPress website. Why Bluehost

They are the official partners for WordPress, and we have also used their services and their top-notch. 

There are lots of resources that can help you get started on YouTube. But to save you all that time, I have created a free course on building a profitable website. It will help you create a website in any niche of your choice. 

What if you don’t have a niche?

Do not worry; the course is designed to meet the needs of beginners and semi-pros. The first set of modules in the system is designed to help you choose a niche for your business. That way, we can help anybody get started with building a business. 

Essentials When creating a Blog or shop to sell Used Underwear 

Selling used underwear is a business on its own. Creating a shop on platforms like Panty, Sofia grey or setting up your website should look good. It should be presentable and relate to the impression you want to give to your customers. Let us begin to see some basics that will help you build an online presence your client will be proud to follow. 

1. Business name 

Your business name should be one that quickly grabs attention and helps buyers uncover what they will find in your shop. How do you feel when you walk to a store where the logos or names differ from what they sell? For me, it puts me off.

You must brainstorm some ideas, take notes, and relate with friends and acquaintances about what they feel about your proposed name. Think of something romantic and appealing to the opposite sex. 

2. Profile Picture 

Buyers of used Underwear, especially panties, love to buy from people they are attracted to. Before looking at any other thing, they will want to see your profile pictures in many cases. I advise you put your face in the profile as much as possible. I may be your winning ticket to hooking buyers. 

Putting your face makes you look very original. Buyers know and feel they are buying from an actual human they can relate with, and it will attract more buyers. Ensure you look hot and a lot more attractive in it. 

I must admit that many sellers are uncomfortable with their pictures on websites selling lingeries. If you fall into this category, the alternative is using photographs of sans underwear. That way, you retain the sexy outlook of your website or platform. Avoid nude photos. It is totally against community ertics

If you are using your pictures of used lingeries or any form of the model, ensure the image is of high and good quality. Ensure they are taken under excellent illumination. Poor lighting is not suitable for pictures. 

3. About Us 

Your About us page or Bio is another essential part of your website or shop. It gives buyers little information about you before making purchases or sending messages. Your used Underwear blog is very similar to a dating site. Used underwears buyers want to buy from people they will naturally be attracted to. 

So writing a few lines on this essential page will be a huge mistake. Give buyers some helpful information about yourself. Let them know your name (even if it’s a fake name), age (not less than 18), hobby, and some personal traits. 

If you are selling your used panties, let them know what makes them stand out. And if you are retailing, let them know how you make selections. Use this medium to let them know your most preferable medium of responding to enquiries. 

4. Location 

Although many used underwear sellers love to remain anonymous, I advise you consider adding your location. It will help you quickly locate buyers near you. Worth mentioning is that some buyers want to buy from sellers in a specific area. You will be playing into their fantasy when they know your site is of interest.

But if you are not comfortable including your location, you can put it off. Its effect will not be too drastic. Ensure your information about us is detailed and your profile pics are bright enough. 

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Caution When You Sell Used Underwear 

1. Full disclosure 

Selling used underwear is a legal business, but you must disclose they are used and not new. That means your buyers should know they are paying for used underwear. They should not feel misled to think they are buying brand new items. 

There is a large enough market for used clothing and underwear. You will not have a challenge selling if you properly position your market. 

2. Sell to Adults Only 

Never should you sell used underwear to teenagers or any form of underage. It is strictly an adult-only business. You can be prosecuted if you sell to minors. It calls for a lot of caution on your part. 

Whether you use your website or sell on another platform, selling to adult-only is your responsibility. Ensure you do your due diligence and confirm selling to adults, not under-aged children. 


If you have followed me this far, you know that you can sell used underwear for cash. You don’t need to worry about how to dispose of your used lingerie and socks. They sell like crazy. But I want you to look beyond selling used underwear, socks, and bras. Check the websites I listed above and see how they kill it online. 

Used shoes, face masks, T-shirts, and bottled water are good businesses you can explore. You can build your own online business simply by starting your website.

Featured Download: I’ve put together a free training that will help you get started with creating your WordPress Website.

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Bluehost will help you achieve it at the cheapest cost possible, and my free training on building a profitable website will guide you through. 

Before I say goodbye, below are some nuggets that will help you properly position your business to sell used underwear and stand out in the market. 

  1. Use Good Pictures: I agree with you if you do not want to show your face in your pictures. But make sure you use bright and clear images. It does not only apply to your profile pictures. It also applies to photos of your store items. Ensure you take pics from different angles. 
  2. Be Unique: There is always a temptation to copy from other people’s shops. There is no wrong in scanning others to get inspiration. Do your research in such a way as to uncover where others have succeeded and failed. That way, you can draw out inspiration and come out with something unique. 
  3. Make Bulk Purchase: buying bulk is the easiest way to reduce your purchase cost. You can buy underwear in Bulk from Walmart and Amazon and sell them after wearing them as used panties. You can purchase new panties from Aliexpress for as cheap as $1 and sell them as used for as much as $20. 
  4. Be detailed: I have kept this secret, but it is not a secret. Be clear about what you sell. That is the only way you can build trust and authority. Buyers want to know what they are buying. So endeavour to include necessary details about your used lingerie. Include the material used for the panties, how long you wore them, and other information you deem fit.

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