How to Start a WordPress Blog With BlueHost

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Starting a website or blog can look like a nightmare. So today, I will show you how I created a WordPress blog. The blog has been the instrument of change in my life. It took the hardship of the 9.0 am to 5 pm away from me, and now I can leave the kind of life I want doing what I love doing. I had to start a WordPress Blog to take the bull by the horn

The good thing is that you do not need to spend so much, neither is the required skill challenging to acquire. In this article, I will show you the exact way to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost. The top of it is that you will access my negotiated price for my students and email subscribers.

Also, I have created a follow-up training to on WordPress for Beginners . It is specifically designed to help you with how to install themes, plugins, create content, install sitemap and how to use Google analytics.

Start A WordPress Blog - WordPress for Beginners

Starting a WordPress blog is not difficult; anyone with primary education can start this venture. And if you are under a slim budget, Bluehost is a good fit for you. I have personally used this platform, and the experience has been fantastic. 

Bluehost is one of the top hosting companies that WordPress recommends. You can get started with them with as low as $2.75 for hosting while they will register your first domain name for free. Rather than paying for hosting monthly, I strongly recommend you go with the yearly plan. That way, you will be saving a lot of money, and your new website will be up 24/7. But if you are thinking of much more reduced pricing, you can opt for the 36 months. 

Why You Should Start a WordPress Blog with BlueHost

You may be asking if there is any other alternative to start a WordPress Blog with BlueHost. 

Yes, there are other alternatives. 

If you are thinking of making a consistent income, starting with a reputable company like BlueHost is the best. Below are some features you should watch out for before choosing a hosting company. 

  1. Type of Hosting 
  2. Storage Space 
  3. BandWidth 
  4. Control Panel 
  5. SSL certificate 
  6. Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  7. Uptime and Speed 
  8. User Experience 
  9. Customer Support 
  10. Pricing 

I must explain in brief how Bluehost has remained outstanding with each of these features.

1. Types of Hosting 

Like other hosting companies, they offer shared hosting. It means that your website will be co-hosted with other websites on a big server. It is a good fit for growing blogs. Once your website is fully established, you can begin to think of going for a dedicated server. 

Majorly Woocommerce sites and other high-traffic sites use dedicated servers. So you do not need a dedicated server for a start. 

Apart from Hosting, they will also help you with registering your domain name. Like I highlighted above, they will include a free domain name in your hosting package. 

So if you have a domain name that you have registered, you can add it up when writing for hosting. Else, you are covered. During your registration for hosting, you can register for a domain name for free. 

2. Storage Space 

Just like your computer images and files use space for storage, so also do your website blog. If you have a website with lots of pages, photos, or videos, you will also need a lot of space to warehouse them. 

Bluehost makes available 50GB of space for their cheapest hosting plan. It is far much more than most websites will need. So you do not have to worry about space now or in the future. 

3. Bandwidth

Bandwidth tells the volume of data that can transfer from your website to your user’s computers or other devices. As such, the number of people visiting your website will determine the volume of bandwidth required. 

Unlike other hosting companies that have limited bandwidth, Bluehost will give you unlimited bandwidth. In cases where your website traffic increases and your consumption is high, their prompt customer service will ask you to increase your packages. 

4. Control Panel 

Your control panel is where all the magic happens. It is the online software you will use to set up your website and determine how it behaves. Apart from setting up your website, you can also set up a professional email address for your website. 

Bluehost uses Cpanel, which is the industry standard, and there are a lot of tutorials that can help you with it.

5. SSl Certificate 

Security is of the essence, and it has become a ranking factor for websites on Google search engine result pages. Your website now must have the HTTPs; it was a concern for banks and other online stores in the past. But the story has changed; now Google prioritizes it.

While some hosting companies will charge you an extra for SSL, Bluehost will apply SSL to your website free 

6. Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDNs are servers distributed around the world to help mirror your website. It will help reduce the time taken for users to access your website files. It has gone a long way to improve speed and improve user experience. 

Bluehost is one of the few websites hosting companies that will offer a free CDN that is built-in with their Hosting 

7. Uptime and Speed 

As a blogger, one of my most significant concerns with Hosting is always speed and uptime. The uptime tells me how long my website will be up without any “bad network.” I have hosted two websites with Bluehost, and they are always up. Their uptime per annual is not less than 99.9%.

Talking about speed, they have a rate of 0.72 seconds. 

8. User Experience 

From the signup, they deliver an excellent user experience. They make signing up easy and pleasant. It is easy to install WordPress on your site. They have moved their Cpanel to an easy drag-drop builder that delivers the result within some splits of seconds. 

Although there are a lot of add-ons for you at the point of signing up, you do not need them to start a WordPress blog with Bluehost as a beginner. Feel free to stick with our recommendation in our training on Getting started with blogging. 

9. Customer Support 

When it comes to getting support, you can rely on Bluehost. They have a supportive team that will help you start a WordPress blog with Bluehost. As such, whether you have a technical or a how-to challenge, you can easily open a live -chat or put a call through depending on your location. 

10. Pricing 

Bluehost’s pricing @ $2.95 is a fair deal compared to its competitors that offer the same value. However, unlike its competitors, they are a standby with customer support. They are ready to provide relevant assistant. The pricing and services are a good match; they offer one of the best services at affordable pricing. 

Step by Step Guide to start a WordPress Blog on Bluehost 

The first thing is heading on to BlueHost here to call up the site. Look here to find the “Get Started Button” button; remember our interest is in shared Hosting. 

start a wordpress blog - get started button

I want to believe it’s your first website; you do not need to empty your pause. I strongly recommend you go with the Basic plan; it costs $2.95, as I initially said. With this plan, you will get a free domain name and SSLs. Next is selecting a hosting plan.

 I strongly recommend you select the basic plan. You can upgrade as your business begins to grow. 

Image Blue Host pricing. 

Start a WordPress Blog - bluehost pricing

Next is choosing a domain name. You can use the domain name availability model below to check the availability of your desired domain name. My article how to name website will help you select a domain name.

Start a WordPress Blog - Name website
Name your WordPress Blog

Next will be your account information. They are mandatory fields as it is essential BlueHost gets some of your details. After this, Blue Host requires you to create a password and will set up your new website.

Start A WordPress Blog with Bluehost 

If you have followed me this far, I will say Congrats. Now you have registered a name for your website, and you have hosted it on the internet. It is time to get things set up correctly. Log into your hosting account with Bluehost and set up your WordPress Blog. 

Start a WordPress Blog - Bluehost account Login

After login in, You will be prompted to name your site and also select your theme. With that, you are off to a good start. 

It is time to head on to my training – WordPress for Beginners. It will guide you on how to select themes, plugins, create content, optimize your images, and lots more.

10 thoughts on “How to Start a WordPress Blog With BlueHost”

  1. Starting a blog can be really challenging but very rewarding at the same time, this line of work will take some time to grow but as long as you stick with it and follow the training you can have success. its good to know that platforms like Bluehost can help you in having much success.

    • Yes you are very on point. the success of any blog starts from hosting. It is important you start with a reliable hosting platform 

  2. I needed to find this guide as looking to start a new website and host it with Bluehost. They offer lots of great features to launch a WordPress blog, even though some of their features are installed with just one click I would like to know how to access each feature myself. Your guide has helped me better understand Bluehost as a beginner. 

  3. Hello there. I just saw your website on the Wealthy Affiliate Network so decided to have a little read of your article here. WordPress is such a brilliant web builder to use regardless of who your webhost.. I’ve had a look at the Bluehost pricing before. It seems pretty good for solo websites, especially if you’re just starting and dont mind shared hosting. But, as i have many websites, I find that Wealthy Affiliate is a good option for me as the hosting works out pretty cheap when you consider he webtools and training that come with it.

    • Thanks Kwidzin, 

      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn affiliate marketing and I am also an active member. Like you rightly said, they give you option to host as much as 10 websites, thereby reducing the cost of hosting. But for those looking to just start a website to build a business, I highly recommend “>Bluehost 

  4. I was quite familiar with WordPress. I mean I had a company that created a website for me a few years ago. 
    Then I started to do some modifications on my own… 

    But now, I have learned that it is actually quite easy to start a blog from scratch. One only needs to choose a good hosting, so I was wondering whether or not BlueHost is a good choice. 

    For less than $3 a month I think they offer a great service. 
    Also what I was concerned about was t site page load speed. From your article, it is obvious that this is not an issue with Bluehost, which is great. 

    Thanks for the info

    • Thank you Mike for a share of experience. With todays technology, looking for a company to build your website has become a thing of the past. Even high traffic ecommerce website can be built from the comfort of your home 

  5. Excellent way of introducing us, and helping us that are tired of full time jobs at the office, to accomplish the dream of working from home. I read a few other articles about several platforms, and to be honest, Bluehost seems to have it all for a really good price. USD 2.95 is actually nothing in comparisson with other platforms that require a high inversion. Those points you are marking as bullets are what we need in order to know if it´s for us or not. Thanks for your time reaseraching an for the whole explanations!

  6. I enjoyed this article because I am also a WordPress user and have been creating my site through WordPress and Bluehost fro some time now and am loving it. I have used other software before to build small websites but I can say firsthand that WordPress with Bluehost hosting is by far the best and most efficient website creator of all time. I agree with all these points and the pricing is very affordable as well!


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