Supplement Affiliate Programs: How to Join and Make Money with Supplement Affiliate Programs

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Research conducted in 2018 showed that 57.6% of adults above the age of 20 use dietary supplements. They are an excellent avenue to promote wellness products. If you are looking for an avenue to share your health and fitness expertise, supplement affiliate programs are a good starting point.

The good news is that this kind of affiliate marketing is here to stay. The market size of the industry has continued to increase. It grows with not less than a 9% increase annually. If you are a player in the world of wellness products, you must be a part of this fast growth. 

This article covered what you need to start and grow a supplement affiliate program. I will also look at how to make money with an affiliate program and the top 10 supplement affiliate programs. 

In short, if you are a professional in eating healthy, mineral supplements, weight management, or bodybuilding, be sure to read to the end. I will help you grow your income as a supplement affiliate. 

Can you Make Money With Affiliate Programs? 

It is a question I get virtually every other day. Let me start by saying that there are many money-making avenues on the internet. Affiliate marketing is one of those lucrative ways to make money online. But you need to commit time, money, and effort to it. 

It is easy to get started with, but if you want to develop a sustainable income, you need to learn to make money with an affiliate program. You will have to learn how to build an audience, select goods to promote and select the right affiliate program to promote to your audience. 

How to Make Money Promoting Supplement Affiliate Programs

A lot of folks out there now really on buying products online. Also, Supplement marketing is fast-growing, and many companies in the supplement and nutrition industry are really on affiliates to promote their products. Excellent example of such companies is the Bare Performance Nutrition, Modere, and Herbalife.

It is not to say that this company does not have internal marketers. But both their affiliate and internal marketers target different audiences. So they both complement themselves as sales agents. 

So if you are thinking of starting as an affiliate marketer, the field is evergreen and open. If you are already familiar with the health niche, you can quickly learn to make money with supplement affiliate programs. 

Or, if you are an online marketer who wants to start up a new vertical, the supplement market is a good and viable one. Be prepared to learn to write and design ads for food and nutritional supplements. 

Creating content for supplement affiliate programs is not different from other forms of advertising on the internet. It would help if you had the following: 

  1. No prior education. Only essential ability to read and write 
  2. No initial capital. Only a few tools and a website to get started. 

Irrespective of your background, you can always build a sustainable business with supplement affiliate programs. Let us see what you need to promote supplement affiliate programs. 

What do I need to Promote An Affiliate Program?

  1. Choose How you want to Promote Your Products: There are multiple ways you can promote supplements. But if you have a website that deals with supplements, nutrition or health in general, you are already in the right direction. Just repurpose your content and create more articles in this direction. If you are not in that position, you can start now. Think of the channel you like most. What kind of content do you enjoy creating (video or blog article)? It will help you decide on where to start and generate quicker results. If you want to start a website of your own, you can get started with my free course on creating a profitable website. It is all you need to create a profitable blogging business.  One of those things you must learn is how to create a landing page. It will help you provide detailed information for your audience.
  2. Build Traffic to Your Products: The second thing is getting traffic to your content. I mean helping people to see your content and product. There are two ways you can achieve Traffic. You can either use free or paid traffic sources. The best sources of free Traffic are search engines and social media platforms. At the same time, you can get paid Traffic from ads networks. You can easily use ads networks and other paid sources like Facebook ads to drive targeted traffic to your content. 
  3. Sign Up with Supplement Affiliate Programs: The last thing is gaining access to programs to promote. There are lots of supplement affiliate programs. Find one and start promoting it. If you do not know anyone to pick, Keep reading. 

I will share a list of proven supplement affiliate programs that sell vitamins and supplements with you. 

10 Best Supplement Affiliate Programs You Can Join

Below are ten supplement affiliate programs I highly recommend. This selection is based on my experience and testimonies from my students. 

1. Seed

Seed is one of the most lucrative supplement affiliate programs. Although their products are not the most expensive, they offer very high commissions to their affiliate marketers. 

Supplement affiliate programs

They have grown into a community of scientists and skilled innovators that utilize the science of bacteria to improve health care. One of their major products – DS 01 Daily Synbiotic capsules, is well formulated from 24 different strains of probiotics. 

Seed conducts a test for their affiliates before joining the program. It is to help the affiliates understand the products they will be promoting. Below are some of the highlights from this affiliate system 

  1. It offers commissions ranging from 25% to 100% 
  2. It offers 30 days of cookies 

2. GNC

Supplement affiliate programs

It is one of the long-standing supplement affiliate programs. They started in 1935 and have been committed to producing high-quality products to take care of different body types and age ranges. 

They have a wide range of products and provide support to help clients select the best combination of products. 

As an affiliate marketer, you have a wide range of product-category to target. It ranges from bone health, immune support, weight management, hair, and skin to more complex topics like men’s and women’s health. 

With GNC affiliate program, you will earn a commission of 5% and a cookies life of 7 days. It is not a challenge because the products are effortless to sell. 

3. Onnit 

Overs a wide range of products that can help you improve all-around performance. Their product range covers brain supplements, fitness supplements, and fitness and personal care equipment. 

Onnit affiliate program is another category of supplement affiliate programs that is easy to promote. They also have celebrities backing their promotional efforts. These celebrities include Joe Rogan, Tim Kennedy, and Michelle Watson. 

Their commissions are unlike others; they offer 10% on food, 18% on supplements and 5% on equipment. 

4. AI Supplement 

AI supplement is a particular category. They focus not only on product sales but also create a broad knowledge base on health and supplements. They are also well known for affordable products with promos, and best price offers. 

Supplement affiliate programs

Their product category includes diet, health, wellness, nutrition and accessories. You will need to sign up to the CJ or ShareASale platform to join them as an affiliate. It will give you access to lots of banners, product links, product images and other supplements. 

5. Persona 

It is also popularly known as a Vitamin pack. Like the name Persona, they are vendors of personalized nutrition supplements. These supplements are focused on improving both health and lifestyle. 

Supplement affiliate programs

They offer a free assessment for their client. Based on these assessments, their dieticians can suggest the best dietary supplements for each customer. The customer’s responsibility is to sign up on their website and give their details. After receiving their analysis, they can subscribe to a monthly plan of supplement supply. 

Persona is on of those supplement affiliate programs that has a detailed plan to reward high-performing affiliates. You will earn 25% of every subscriber, and they use 30 days cookies. 

6. Market health: 

It is one of the most reputable affiliate programs with more than 200 products well distributed into the health and beauty niche. They have extended its tentacles to more than 100 countries. 

Supplement affiliate programs

They help you develop a customer base that is wide and interested in various products. Folks interested in Oriflame, Amway or Avon products can take advantage of this affiliate program. Market health is a better option. 

As an affiliate, you will earn a 50% commission on each product and a recurring commission on subscriptions. They will also provide banners, affiliate links, and landing pages to help you improve your commission. 

7. Tropical Oasis 

Tropical Oasis is always out to provide the best vitamins from a balanced source of natural ingredients. For more than 20 years, they have formulated more than 25 products. They present their supplements in liquid form that is easily digestible compared to pills. 

Unlike other supplement affiliate programs, they use 90 days of cookies and pay commission as high as 20 percent. You can also join them on the Shareasale platform. 

8. Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is not just supplement-specific. They are involved in the sales of accessories related to health and fitness. As an affiliate, you are not restricted to sales of online products. You can also introduce customers to their body-fit subscription plans. 

Supplement affiliate programs

The bodybuilding affiliate’s commission is stated at 8% for new customers and 3% for repeat customers, you can improve your earnings by improving your performance. They use 45 days cookies and a payment threshold of $50. 

9. Herbs Pro 

Supplement affiliate programs

They have different categories of warehousing, more than 50,000 products. The categories include personal and beauty care, pet care, vitamins, nutritional products, supplements, and more. 

They pay the affiliate a 10% commission and use 60 days of cookies. Making a purchase as low as $70 is a good starting point for customers. 

10. Amazon Affiliate 

Suppose you are out for a supplement affiliate program well suited for beginners and can help you with multiple products for a specific niche. The Amazon associate program is one that you should join. 

They offer you a wide range of products to choose. Amazon Associates got your back regardless of your niche, whether muscle gain, weight loss, or pet supplement. 

It is easy to join. All you need do is signup, and you will get approved.

Suppose you follow my blueprint of creating a website first, gaining some traffic before applying to an affiliate program. You will easily make 3 sales in your first 90 days of signing up for any program. You will overcome the challenge to make at least 3 sales within the first 180 days. 

Other challenges marketers have with the Amazon associate program: are the low commission of 1% and the 24 hours cookies. 

But the significant Traffic you will gain for products on this platform outshines all the challenges. 

How to Choose the Best Supplement Affiliate Programs

Irrespective of your niche market, you should watch out for the below characteristics when selecting an affiliate program. 

  1. Long Cookies Duration: Affiliate programs usually have a time frame when users click your referral link, make a purchase, and earn a commission. It is called cookie duration. A visitor may click your link but may not buy immediately. The cookies will give you a specific time within which, if the visitor revisits your link and makes a purchase, you will earn an income. Most organizations allow 30 days of cookies for their affiliates.  
  2. Marketing Materials: creating marketing and ads materials like banners are a lot of work. They are banners that reflect the organizations’ goals. They do this to help you focus on your content creation. A good affiliate program will help you create standard banners. 
  3. Good Commission Payout: this should be one thing that interests you. They calculate your commission as a percentage of what the customer pays: game high-paying affiliate programs, the higher, the better. 
  4. Low Product Return Rate: Product returns show a challenge or a low trust level with the product. Go after products with low return rates and high review ratings. 

Conclusively, you already have a list of my best health supplement affiliate programs. You can take advantage of any program listed above to monetize your content and make money online. But if you are new to affiliate marketing, you need to learn the skills.

One of the best platforms to learn affiliate marketing is the Wealth Affiliate. They have a set of training that can easily help you get started. They also have tools that you and a community of affiliate marketers that can help you get started.

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