Survey Junkie Review: How To make Money With Survey Junkie Login

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Online Surveys have continued to prove themselves as one of the easiest ways to money online. It is straightforward because you are paid to express your opinion, and most of them take just a few minutes to complete. They do not require any particular skill because everyone has an idea about a subject matter. I will show you how to go bout them with this Survey Junkie review.

Survey Junkie is one of the best online surveys. You can be guaranteed to get access to quite a few surveys daily, and they have a reasonable payment threshold. But this does not make surveys the best way to make money online. 

Suppose you are thinking of building a business or a sustainable source of income. In that case, I highly recommend you look at affiliate marketing by joining an affiliate program. 

But if you are looking at a side hustle or a site where you can earn a few bucks during your leisure time, responding to surveys can be a good fit. 

As I established earlier, Survey Junkie is one of the leading survey sites you can take advantage of to express your opinion and make a few dollars daily. To help you take advantage of this platform, I will explain how it works and how you can maximize your opportunities on this website. 

What is Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is a legit online survey site that pays its users for sharing their opinion about products and other topical issues. They provide their users with surveys from various companies, including companies based on consumer products, travels, financial goods, technologies, politics, and more. 

The California-based company founded in 2005 has grown its customers base to over 3,000,000 clients. Worth noting is that they started as DISQO, and owing to the ever-changing business environment, they have changed their name a couple of times. 

How much Can I earn On Survey Junkie? 

I cannot overemphasize it – surveys cannot replace your daily income. They cannot make you rich. Survey Junkie is one of those survey sites that express it clearly; they say, “You will not get by taking surveys”. 

Online surveys are just a good source of additional income. They are a source of funds while you are playing or relaxing. Although it is not much, I always advise you not to leave any stone unturned. So taking advantage of online surveys while you cuddle your baby or prepare dinner is not a bad idea. 

Each piece of a survey on Survey Junkie is unique. They all play differently. But you can rest assured that surveys that take more time to attend will result in more pay. And the more surveys you follow, the more invitations you will get to take surveys. 

After each survey, you will earn points; these points can be exchanged for gift cards or withdrawn via PayPal as cash. Although the amount made after each survey is not expressly stated, 1000 points equate to $10. Let us translate it to an hourly payment. If you target earning $10 per hour, you must earn 1,000 points within the hour. 

Survey Junkie Review: How does Survey Junkie Work 

Unlike other surveys that accept users from all over the world, they are open to only users from the United States, Australia, and Canada via free registration. Survey Junkie differs from other online survey sites with multiple tasks. They are a survey focused company with basically two ways to make money – Surveys and Focus Groups. 

One thing that has made them stand out amidst companies that offer surveys is that you still earn some points when you do not qualify for the survey. Many other survey companies will not pay a dime when you do not qualify, even when the demographic questions have taken a couple of your time. And you will agree with me that being disqualified without earning any points can be a bit discouraging. 

Let us see an overview of your expected earnings on Survey Junkie per task. 

Take Surveys 

After you have gone through the Survey Junkie Login, the next thing is to start taking surveys. The available surveys will be listed on your dashboard alongside their equivalent value in points and how long you are expected to complete the survey. 

These surveys are tasks from various clients; on clicking on them, you will be redirected to the website of the companies who hired them. Each client or company has their set questions, format and website design, so you have to treat them differently and pay attention to details. 

If your demographics match the requirements, you will be permitted to attend the survey and rewarded with points afterwards, and you will have access to more questions. 

In cases where you do not fit the required demographics or have received sufficient participants, they will reward you with some points as consolation or bonus. 

But you can be rest assured that they will send you notifications via email any time surveys are available. 

Phone Surveys 

Phone surveys are very similar to online surveys. They work the same way. They are more accurate than online surveys, and some companies rely on them much more. Here a researcher will put a call through to you requesting your experience with their products or services. The drawback to phone surveys is availability; they are not readily available like online surveys. 

Test Products 

Product testing is another juicy part of survey Junkie. You can earn as much as $50 with product testing on survey Junkies. They are actively seeking product testers. Once you are qualified, they will contact you via email. 

You will also be required to fill a form in a questionnaire to be eligible to participate in the selection process. This questionnaire is designed to assess your qualifications, such as customer behaviour, and establish your experience. Once you’re selected for participation, you will receive necessary instructions via mail, and after some time, you will have to complete an online survey showing your experience with the products. 

Focus Groups 

The name “focus groups” is a group focused on evaluating a product or service. They meet at least once a month, and they could be online or offline. The group’s primary aim is to consider a product or service to identify what people like and dislike about it. 

They are more challenging to get into and also much more rewarding. You can earn between $25 and $125 working on focus groups within a month. To join a focus group on survey Junkie, you must be fully eligible for the target market. 

How to Maximize your Survey Junkie Login 

After you have signed on via the Survey Junkie Login, I think you should reposition yourself to make the best of this opportunity with the following tips. 

  1. Complete your Profile.: To be found eligible for some surveys, you need to complete your profile. There are 7 different categories on the platform. It includes general, shopping, household, interest, technology, travel, and health profiles. Spend some time attending to these profiles. The more shapes you fill, the better your chances. 
  2. Be Honest: Yes, be honest with the details on your profile. Do not tell lies in your profile in a bid to increase your eligibility for surveys. The system is intelligent enough to detect inconsistencies in your information. As such, users whose details are inconsistent will be tagged as unreliable. You will not want to be classified as such. 
  3. Check your Email: Form the habit of checking your email often. Survey Junkie sends emails to people who are eligible for surveys. You will be losing many opportunities by not checking your email.

Advantages of Using Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie stands in a class of its own amidst survey sites. The interface is friendly and highly intuitive, and the frequently asked questions address many concerns. Below are other advantages to using this site to answer surveys. 

  1. Email Notifications: They ensure you do not miss out on any surveys, then send email alerts. Suppose a new survey is available to send notifications via mail to eligible participants. 
  2. Low Payout Threshold: this is highly advantageous for starters. Survey Junkie is one of those few websites with a low withdrawal threshold. You can cash out as low as $5; you can achieve such an amount in a short while and verify your payment channels. 
  3. Flexible rewards option: Their payment options are flexible. They allow you to make withdrawals via PayPal or bank transfers, and if they are not available in your country, you can turn to electronic gift cards. The bottom line is creating a flexible mode of withdrawal for you. 
  4. Customer Service: After accessing the Survey Junkie login page, you can rest assured to experience the best customer service. The help icon is located on the top of the navigation bar. You can use it to access the frequently asked questions (FAQ). The FAQ has been broken down into categories, including membership and surveys.

They provide a human customer service representative to interface with you when you cannot find what you are looking for in the FAQ. All you need to do is look at customer support at the bottom of the screen, and a person will be there to attend to your enquiries. 

How to Withdraw Your Earnings  

This Survey Junkie review will not be complete without addressing how you will withdraw your earnings from this platform. They offer one of the most accessible modes of funds’ withdrawal. They practically do not have any minimum withdrawal threshold. But if you want to withdraw via PayPal, you need to earn at least 1,000 points cumulatively. It equals $10, which is Paypal’s minimum withdrawal limit. The beautiful thing about this withdrawal mode is that you will get your funds in your account. 

While if you decide to use gift cards, it could take a couple of days before you can get paid. It follows the exact exchange rate of 1,000 points to 10 USD, and your minimum withdrawal threshold is $20. 

Should You log in on Survey Junkie

There is no reason why you should not sign up for Survey Junkie if you are in the United States, Canada, or Australia. But if you are in other parts of the world, you can join survey sites like Swagbucks and Surveyeah. 

Survey Junkie is free and easy to use, but it is not a means for a sustainable income. If you are looking at building a sustainable means of livelihood, I strongly advise you to join an affiliate program. I joined Wealthy Affiliate, where I learnt affiliate marketing and turned around my fortune. 


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  1. This information appeals to me greatly. Surveys are a great extra side hustle for making a little extra money for things you might need. I’ve been taking surveys for the past thirteen years, and they really do get me things I require or want. However, making money with online surveys requires a significant amount of dedication. Not only that, but there is more than one site. Yes, Survey Junkie is one of my over 50 online survey accounts. Many of the people I know believe that online surveys are a scam, but they are not. Keep up the good work and the positive feedback on your website. You’re doing an excellent job.

    • Thank you Kiersti, 

      I appreciate your share of experience 


  2. I think your article is spot on. If one want to make a full time job out of this then there are other online opportunities to work with. From what I have seen no survey kind of website can sustain you entirely and only should be considered as a little extra.

  3. Hi there. Thanks for shaing your review of Survey junkie with us all. I have to say, Survey Junkie is not a survey site that i am familiar with although its been a while since ive done any. I guess it all depends on how much time and effort it atkes for each survey and so on. Theres nothing worse than the time they take being doubled by spammy “Anti-Spam” filters to make you click more.

    I have to admit though, ive been bailed out a few times with shopping vouchers that i ave earned online over the past year or so.



  4. Thanks so much for this candid review of survey junkie. It’s very helpful to just see in plain language that this is not a good plan to substitute for a livable income. It is helpful to be realistic and only expect a bit of an income boost from these online survey sites – your advice on how to maximize the potential could add up to real money!

    • Surveys are generally helpful. I get involve when I am idle 

  5. You made a good point that filling out surveys will not make you rich. Earning chump change in your spare time can come in handy. It depends on your perspective. 

    For example, you could be subscribing to a program that will in time make you rich. Like Wealthy Affiliate. You may have cash flow issues that make it tough to maintain your subscription. 

    This is where you could earn enough to pay that subscription and keep you going. 



  6. Good to know about Survey Junkie. Author made it very clear, this website can get cash as one of the part businesses and one should not consider this as main business. Glad to see WealthyAffiliate is shown to be eligible for the latter. This is good to know. Another tip given by the author is that this is limited to USA, Canada and Australia. Unfortunately, people living in the other parts of the world can’t qualify. Author also provided clarity on types of surveys that one gets engaged with such as email, phone, product etc. While I cannot get through with Survey Junkie being in other parts of the world, but glad to know about this type of online business. Thanks for providing the opportunity to comment on the blog. Have great times!

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  7. Survey taking is popular among brands as they allow the company to collect information to determine what steps they need to take for their next product production and how to address the market with demographics for example. It is only right they pay their customers to take surveys! However, survey taking takes lots of time and is not guaranteed to earn a commission. 


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