Surveyeah Review: How to make Money With Surveyeah

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Responding to surveys is one of those legitimate ways of making money online. It is easy and cheap to make some little bucks for your daily upkeep. It is one of those online jobs students are harnessing to pay their bills.

As such, many survey sites have emerged over the years; while some are good and worth the effort, others are fraudulent and a waste of precious time. I know you are here to see this Surveyeah review in a bid to identify if it’s worth your hard-earned time. 

I have used Surveyeah, and I have earned some pennies from the system. As such, I am in the best position to tell if it is worth your time. 

In this Surveyeah review, I will give a detailed insight into the program, its founders, how it works and how much you can earn, and also I will share how you can make a sustainable income with an affiliate program.

If you read through to the end, you will be able to decide if it’s the best fit for you and avoid the mistakes I made when starting my online business.

What is Surveyeah? 

Surveyeah is a Legitimate company, and they offer a decent review site where you can view different surveys based on your geographical location to earn some bucks. 

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Where are they located?

Tradatech, an Italy-based company, owns Surveyeah, but they have wide coverage and can conduct surveys in virtually every world nation. If you signup with them, they will send you surveys based on your geographical location. 

Worth mentioning is that they partner with other survey sites to deliver excellent services. One of those platforms they work with is Citi Survey. A lot of survey sites rely on Cint. They are said to have the largest network for the digital survey. They are well known to power other smaller or growing survey sites. 

Who is behind Surveyeah 

Nicolo Fisogni founded Surveyeah in 2013. I am always interested in who created any system I will recommend. For the system to be legit, it must have a profound founded and the founder will be proud to associate with it. 

Another important thing I will consider before examining this survey site’s working model is its growth pattern. 

The company that started in 2013 has grown its presence to more than 50 countries in 2018 with a network of over 500,000 signups. At the time of my writeup, this company has grown its network of users to over 2 million across 123 countries, with its monthly website visitors not less than 400,000 visitors. 

Will Surveyeah Work for you 

 Surveyeah is a legit company, but it is not suitable if you build a sustainable income. It is for anyone looking out to earn trickle cash on a quick note. I said trickle cash because you will be working for as much as 30 minutes to earn as low as $0.5.

Also, it would help if you took note of my comment. It is on a “quick note” because you can start earning the moment you sign up. On sign up, Surveyeah will credit you with $0.25, and you can start earning without learning, going through training or developing any new skills. All you need to do to earn is respond to questions.

If you are looking at building a sustainable business or earning a significant income online, you must be willing to learn new skills and invest both time and energy. People who spend time gaining skills can easily make a substantial amount. I am a product of investing time, energy and money in developing skills. I have learnt to build websites and create content in such a way as to help people with their daily needs and generate income for myself. 

For those who still want to make some quick cash, I will share how it works on the platform, and you can also signup with this link below. 

Surveyeah Review: How Surveyeah Works 

The first thing to do is to join the platform by registering. It is not difficult, but as I said, work starts at sign up. Next, Surveyeah will present you with a long-form of survey for personal queries about yourself. Although many of these questions are optional, I advise you to attend to them all as honest as possible. 

The advantage is that the details will help them direct correct surveys to your desk. Therefore, the surveys directed to your profile will be the right match for you, and you will be able to answer the questions correctly. 

Below is a detailed work through of this process: 

On calling up the website of Surveyeah, the website is written in the Italian language. Therefore, you will have to change the language to English or any language you are comfortable with, as shown below. 


The system will present you with an interface to input your details, and they will select your location based on your IP address. Do enter your email address and password, then you will be sent to their dashboard. Finally, Surveyeah will send a mail to your mail to confirm your account. 

Once you confirm your account, Surveyeah will present you with a list of surveys to address your profile. Fill this survey and be honest with it. It will help them profile your details and select relevant surveys for your interest. 

Surveyeah review

After responding to the task above, Surveyeah will credit you with $0.25. 

Task on Surveyeah 

Paid Surveys 

Click on surveys to start taking surveys. The panel will display the available class of surveys. In addition, it will display the expected time to take the surveys and how many points you should earn. Before the survey questions, Surveyeah will present you with a set of questionnaires; this will help determine if you are a good fit for the survey. 

You will see a set of surveys you can select from, the first two surveys I answered was 3 points, and I earned $0.44, and subsequently, the surveys kept coming for the whole month. So I did try for a month and earn some bucks, but like I did say, surveys are not a good way to build a sustainable income.

How easy is Surveyeah 

Surveyeah is quite easy to use and fun when compared to other survey sites. They will send you an email any time there is a survey you can take part in. So you do not need to keep checking their websites for a survey, but you will need to turn on your email notification to enable you to get an alert when there is an email. 

Navigation on the website is very easy. Everything on the website is clear and conspicuous. For example, you can see the amount you earn on the dashboard without navigating to any point. 

Getting Paid on Surveyeah 

After you have created some surveys and earned some points, you will want to cash them out. I will explain how to cash on in the Surveyeah review. They use five major platforms to pay their panel members. It includes Paypal, Skrill, Amazon gift card, Money Gram and Western Union. The minimum amount you can cash out depends on the platform you want to use to cash out. 

If you intend to use Paypal, you will need to have a minimum of $20, Skrill and Amazon require a minimum of $10, while Money Gram and Western Union will require you to have a minimum of $40 to be able to cash out. 

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In search of Sustainable Income 

While Sureveyeah may bring some peanuts to your pocket, I am sure you have taken time to read this far because you want a sustainable income and nut crumbs. On survey sites, you can spend as much as 2 hours to earn 2USD, and at the end of the month, you will be doing less than $50. I have been there, and I can testify to it, but there is something else more rewarding. 

You can acquire the skill to make more money with your time and effort with Affiliate marketing. However, to be able to generate a consistent and sustainable income, you must be skilful. And it is not hard to learn, All you need is the right coach, your dedication, consistency, and you will be able to make money with an affiliate program.

Summary of Surveyeah Highpoints 

  1. Surveyeah is legit and not a scam 
  2. Multiple methods of payment 
  3. Wide network of members and available surveys in various nations 
  4. It is free to join 

Summary of Surveyeah LowPoints 

  1. Earning is poor 
  2. Surveys are sparingly 


I have opened up on Surveyeah, and it is obvious that it is a legitimate survey site. But you cannot depend on this kind of income to build a business or a sustainable form of income for yourself. 

With Surveyeah, you will make an average of $30 to $50 monthly; this will be a poor form of income. Except you register for multiple survey sites and take a lot of them. Toggling between survey sites is hectic and could be frustrating. 

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