Tailwind App Review: The best Pinterest and Instagram Scheduler.

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Every business person knows the importance of having customers visit their shops. As a Blogger or digital marketer, you are not in any way an exception. If you are always searching for how to generate traffic in millions to your shop – your website. In this Tailwind App review, I will show you how you can take advantage of Tailwind for Pinterest to achieve a constant inflow of traffic to your website. 

You could have probably tried achieving it in so many ways. These can include SEO for your new website, generating thousands of traffic for you. But SEO is not the only way out. So many bloggers have turned the fortune of their websites around using Pinterest. 

Yes, Pinterest is another magical source for traffic, but you must learn to do it well. 

I spent time pinning content from my blog to Pinterest manually. I joined group boards, created eye-catching graphics for my pins, and followed people in their niches. My effort to burn the midnight oil resulted in barely a few visitors that did not convert. 

After interacting with some friends from the wealthy affiliate Community, I discovered how Tailwind App could transform my blog visitors. Yours indeed, I decided to give Tailwind a trial, and the result was terrific. 

My Pinterest traffic increased by about 94%. 46% of this traffic came from the United States, 9.9 percent from Germany, 5.1 percent from Canada, and the rest from the other parts of the world. 

Tailwind App Review - Pinterest Traffic
Pinterest Traffic

My Pinterest traffic has continued to grow, and I have moved from receiving 2 or 3 clicks per day to 50, 60 clicks a day. Let’s begin to see the tailwind App, its features, pricing, and how you can make the best use of this tool. 

What is Tailwind for Pinterest

Tailwind App is a scheduling tool that bloggers use to manage their presence on Pinterest and Instagram. They will help your post go viral at a minimum cost. Putting it in their own words on Crunchbase, “Tailwinds mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone.” 

When I started using the app, I was left with no choice but to agree with its mission statement. It helped me automate the manual process of creating pins and also made an innovative automated loop that helped me generate evergreen pins regularly within the day. 

Also, I regularly repin within the month and update the schedule with pins for newly created content. I regularly have more than two hundred pins queued within the week with this automation. I can guarantee that more than 90 percent of the pins are mine. They will direct traffic to my training on Wealthy Affiliate and this blog. 

That said, let us see the significant features of Tailwind that will help you create and adequately schedule your Pinterest Pins. 

Tailwind App Review: TailWind App Features 

Let us use this part of my Tailwind App review to see the app’s features. 

1. Pin Scheduling

It is the primary function of the tailwind app. It is not just random scheduling, but the app can determine the optimum time for publishing your pin. Also, it gives you the ability to see all the scheduled pins, the apportioned boards, and images. Top of it is the ability to reorder these pins when necessary. 

2. Board List:

It is a category of similar boards grouped. When pinning content to boards in the same category, the board list makes it possible with few clicks. It makes scheduling a pin to similar boards very easy. 

3. Smart Loop:

Your pins can be reshared at the best possible times with the help of intelligent loops. With smart loops, you can continue circulating your Pins without spending time on them. 

4. Tailwind Tribe

It is another feature of Tailwind that I love. It is a tailwinds way of helping you function within a community of like minds. Tailwind Tribes are groups of Pinterest users who belong to the same niche, creating similar content. My significant advantages with tailwind tribe are generating content ideas and having other Pinterest users share and save my pins. Most Tailwind tribes are built on a premise of mutual benefit. From my experience, I always get much more than I give to the community. 

5. Pin Inspector

As marketers, we always want to analyze the performance of our content. The pin inspector glad takes care of this. It helps you see how well your pins are fairing. You can ascertain your pins, repin, shares, comments. You can reschedule your old pins add pins to relevant boards and communities. 

6. Tailwind Create

It is another fascinating feature of this app. This Tailwind app review will be incomplete without a detailed look at Tailwind creation. 

When I first started using Pinterest, I created my pin image first on Canva before publishing it on Pinterest. But Now things have changed. You can create your Pins from Tailwind-create on the tailwind dashboard and post from the exact location. 

Tailwind Create is essentially a design tool that will help you design your Pinterest pins after selecting the images and colors of your interest. 

The app is so beautiful that it will create various designs, with multiple color selections to select that which is of your choice. So you can make a tailwind app your one-stop shop for Pinterest. I do not think any of the Tailwind Pinterest reviews will be complete without Tailwind create  

7. Accurate Analytics:

The report from Tailwind App analytics is worth commending. It helps you track your profile, pins, boards, and all post. A part of this is the board insight; it allows you to select between individuals, groups, and private commissions. 

8. Email Reports:

The tailwind app will deliver a weekly summary of how well your pins are performing right in your email box. Top of it is the suggestions they offer on areas needing improvement. 

Tailwind App Pricing 

Without missing words, Tailwind App costs $9.99 monthly on the yearly Plan and a monthly alternative of $14.99 for entrepreneurs who cannot afford the annual payment. This pricing gives you access to the pro plan, where you can access all the features listed above. 

Worth mentioning is that the tailwind pro plan gives you access to just 30 pins to be shared within the tribes. But if you have a large blog with a comprehensive team contributing, you should opt for a higher plan. 

The advanced Plan will provide you with unlimited post designs and tailwind communities but 200 pins within the tribes. In contrast, the max Plan will provide endless tailwind tribes, designs, and infinite nails within the tribes. 

Haven went through this tailwind app review. It will be nice you give it a trial. I have gotten a coupon for you to sign up for any of the paid plans. Else you can sign up for Tailwind here for free. 

Tailwind App Review from other Users 

Let us see what other Tailwind App users are saying. 

Users of tailwind apps love the app, and they always consider it superior to other tools. They are fast to testify its being user-friendly and its positive impact on their website. But the negative reviews are very few and negligible compared to the positive reviews. It also does not imply that they do not receive negative reviews. 

As at the time of this writing, I found some sets of reviews on Trustpilot. Out of 113 people, 87% scored Tailwind App Excellent, 5% scored great, non-scored the app average, 2 % scored poor, and 6% scored badly. Below is a pictorial representation of this score as a screenshot from Trustpilot 

Tailwind on Trust Pilot 

Based on the Tailwind App review from Trustpilot, let us see what some reviewers wrote. 

  1. Jula Noelle Says: Amazing!

Some feedback that could improve.

Communities crashes.

When I change timezones on an intelligent schedule, the pins mess up entirely and get squashed, and I had to change them over manually, which took days.

And you can’t schedule video pins via extension. Only do it once, but you can reshare video pins.

2. Wajid Rafique says: Awesome Platform to grow your business with.

Everything is professionally designed according to an online business modal; I enjoy working on Tailwind but facing just one problem. It’s getting slow when I fill the required fields with my data and information, even it was got stuck in my last post. Please fix this.

3. Michelle says Great service.

Excellent service; it makes pinning so much easier. I have 6 or 7 pins a day scheduled for four weeks in advance, and it is excellent that it frees up more time to work on other things.

Great job!

Like I said initially, there are also some negative reviews. Let us take a look at some of them 

4. Anekcen says worst services 

Hello, I bought max Plan. I paid the money, and the service does not work!!!! Everything worked fine for a few days, but then none of the previously planned posts and new posts are published on Pinterest, but in Tailwind, they are marked as published. Support does not respond for 3 days.

5. Emma Miller says: Soo many bugs make posting a pain, doesn’t work correctly, my pins get scheduled with another image!

Tailwind is a TOTAL HOT MESS! Every time I want to schedule pins, it gets super finicky with soo many bugs and makes posting a pain; their system doesn’t work correctly, my nails get designed with another image sometimes. It’s a mess! I am on the paid subscription and have been having lots of patience with them cause I work with Pinterest, but they are a terrible run company.

I work hard making so many pins that, thanks to Tailwind, my pins won’t be pinned correctly.

This company does not work at all. They cannot help you or answer any question until a week later. NOW ON TO CUSTOMER SERVICE, do not even try to reach them or get a hold of them, they will get back to you 7 days later, it’s incredible I am on the paid subscription, and they treat you like that. Wow, that’s a way to run a company: the way to go, Tailwind.

For this review, I also got Tailwind’s response on Trustpilot. KIndly see below. 

Reply from Tailwind

Jul 30, 2021

Hi Emma,

We’re so sorry to hear that you’re having trouble scheduling your Pins. Our team has pushed out several updates recently, and our team would love to know if you’re still running into any snags.

If so, we’d love to work with you to help get any issues resolved. We appreciate your feedback and rely on it to help improve the overall Tailwind experience. We want to make Tailwind the best experience it can be, and we appreciate your patience in the process.

We have taken a look at the reviews, and I have been open about both the negative and positive reviews. Also, I have helped you see tailwindApp’s response to one of the reviews. Without missing words, Tailwind has done well and stands the chance of being referred to as the best Pinterest scheduler. 

That said, let us look at how I have used this app to generate traffic to my website. 

My Tips and Tricks for Effective use of Tailwind App 

In wrapping up this Tailwind App review, I will share some tips and tricks that I have personally used to make Pinterest marketing strategies effective. 

  1. Use Tailwind Create to create bulk pins: Tailwind makes its tailwinds own way of helping you create images. It enables you to create pictures with precise dimensions for Pinterest. The top of it is that it can help you create multiple images to select from. See sample screenshots below. 
Tailwind app review Affiliate marketing

2. Join Pinterest Group Boards. 

Pinterest group boards give members equal opportunity to share their content. I am a part of several group boards, and I advise other folks to use both their personal and group boards together. 

In most cases, these boards are niche-specific; this gives you room to expand your reach amidst people of the same interest. When you pin several pins in a month, people begin to notice your kind of thought, and you build authority gradually. 

3. Join t least 5 Tailwind Tribe and monitor performance 

Starting with the pro plan gives you access to at least 5 tribes. I strongly advise you to take advantage of these tribes. As your work progresses, you can upgrade to the max Plan to join unlimited tribes. 

Tailwind lets you know of your performance within the tribes weekly via email. Always check these emails to let you know your strengths and weaknesses. You can also check this up on the tribe insight board. 

4. Pin other People’s Pin in the Tribe

When it comes to sharing other people’s pins within the tribe, I try to maintain a ratio of 2:1. But to be much more precise, I return the favor by saving and sharing the pins of others who have done the same to my pins. 

Concluding on Tailwind App Review 

Raping it up, I hope you found my tailwind App review helpful. The Tailwind app is an excellent tool to concentrate more on creating content with little attention for social media. It will help you automate your social media design, schedule your content, and provide the necessary analytics.

You can get your Tailwind App here for free. I have used it on Pinterest, and it’s been a game-changer for my business. When approached rightly you can get to post a week’s pin in less than 2 hours of work time. 

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  1. Hi Ayodeji,

    I am not really savvy with social media so having an app that helps with automating the social media design, scheduling the content, and providing the necessary analytics sounds really helpful! Also, the illustration on the design it could make looks really cute and fresh. I will definitely check this out!



    • That will be great Grace. Tailwind makes the job pretty easy 

  2. I have heard the name tossed around in passing, but I was always convinced canvas was the better option until now that is!

    I run my own blogs, but I also have a digital marketing agency and most of my clients want some form of social media management. This led to a lot of different projects on canvas as I tried to meet all the needs of my clients to get their content posted on time.

    After reading your review, I truly believe that Tailwind would solve a lot of my problems and help me streamline my process when creating and publishing content for myself and my clients!

    • Sure, tailwindapp create is a better option to canva. I used go use canva but now tailwind saves me a lot of time 

  3. Tailwind App seems to be the device that could save much time. For many people, promoting on social media is tiome consuming and confusing, so having this service would make a huge difference. Pins scheduling, Board list, Smart Loop, Tailwind Tribe, Pin inspector, Tailwind Creator, Accurate analytics and email reports all point to a premium service. $15/month does not seem like much but 20 of these types of services cost $300. Most beginning website owners do not have this money to spend. It seems like if you can get things moving that this would be a wise investment though.

  4. Your article has given me a lot to think about. I currently use another scheduler that manages all of my social media. Other website owners have suggested I use Tailwind as it has more information available regarding metrics, etc. Reading through your review, it seems you agree.

    I appreciate such a detailed article with some very specific points. I might try Tailwind for a while and see how they compare to my current scheduler.

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    As an online business owner i need as much free traffic as i can get and knowing that Tailwind can help me get enough from pinterest is something that I’d love to try ASAP.

    You see i’ve been trying to get some traffic from pinterest and it was so amazing but with this tool, the way you’ve explained it, I’m optimistic my results are going to skyrocket

    Thanks, Ephra!

  6. Thanks for this insightful article. Since starting a site I have been curious about social media and posting because I don’t use much. With that said I like that there’s an app that helps with scheduling , design, and content. This will help anyone who needs it that’s for sure. I wish I new about this before posting in the first place. It’s a great idea and great concept. 

  7. Although I have been using Pinterest for some time I never put any serious effort into it and I think at some point I will need to. Tailwind seems like a very practical app among a couple of others I have seen lately and I will surely look more into them once I decide to spend more time on it.

    • Piterest is a good traffic source. And tailwind app make scheduling pretty easy

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    I’m actually glad I came across this post as I wanted to know a little more about this app, I’ve read and heard about it on numerous accounts, that it’s a great tool for bloggers!

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    • Tailwind app is an essential tool for blogging. Espwcially when it comes to social media marketing 

  9. I remember using TW “back in the day” and loved it. You mentioned that you can now create your pins within TW. That’s exciting!! Do you feel they perform just as well vs creating them in Canva? I may have to give TW another shot. Thank you for this information!

  10. Thank you for this Tailwind App review, it has been very useful.  I have been meaning to start benefiting from my Pinterest account that I have barely been using, and this app will help me get there much more quickly and effectively.

    Thank you also for the coupon, which I most certainly took advantage of to sign up.  There’s a lot to learn with this app, but I don’t doubt that I will get exponential returns on the time I devote to it.

    I’m prompted with several options to get started, such as creating pins, scheduling pins, etc.  What do you consider to be the top priority getting started?

  11. I’ve been thinking about automating work with social networks for a long time, I didn’t know anything about Tailwind, but I think it’s useful.
    I can replace Canva; it’s a big deal.
    It is very tempting to try.
    I can’t wait to see what it’s all about using the link here.There are many functions to try, although I haven’t posted on Pinterest lately.
    It is gratifying that you can also use it on Instagram.
    It’s a lot of work, but if I can grow 90%, I think it’s worth it.


    • Tailwind is a great platform Vasile. But it cannot replace canva. Canva is also a greate platform but very different from tailwind. I wrote on how to use canva to create logo and other images. You can read here https://contentlaboratories.co

  12. I have been using Tailwind for over a year now and it’s truly an amazing scheduling and creation app. I love how you can simply embed a link from your website and the app will take pictures from that article and create several posts so you can decide on the type of aesthetic that you’re aiming for. I use it mostly for Instagram and just recently started incorporating it with Pinterest and I have indeed seen an elevated visitor rate ever since!

    • Hi Stephanie,

      Thank you for sharing a user experience and testimony 

  13. Social media is such a popular way of generating traffic to your business, but it takes a lot of time to be making pins and sharing them on Pinterest. With Tailwind that can share your pins at the best times, it should make a big difference in getting more traffic. 

    Although I signed up for the free Tailwind plan about two years ago, I am not currently using them. I have been using Canva to create pins, but it looks as if Tailwind create can be just as effective. I will revisit my Tailwind account and see if it is still active and hoping that I can then benefit from using the Tailwind app and other features. 

    • I think you will love it when you revisit your tailwwindapp. They now have tailwind create that can help you create multiple pins at a click. I use to use canva, but after trying tailwind create I saw its highly intuitive and saves time.

  14. Thanks for this review.  I could definitely use the help in promoting my posts on instagram and pinterest.  I’ve never used a scheduler. What I like about Tailwind is that it has more information available regarding metrics, etc. I need those metrics to determine if my blog is getting quality traffic and how.  $14.99 a month is not bad at all.  I may just give this a try.  Thanks for the review.

  15. A great review of the Tailwind App, thank you. It sounds like a really good option to increase traffic from Pinterest to your blog. I have always used Canva to make my Pinterest Pins and Tailwind seems as if it can take over all that graphic work as well as  automating posting to Pinterest. It certainly sounds like a very good option to enhance the flow of traffic. Thank you for sharing this Review.

    • Pinterest will help you improve your traffic flow and tailwind is a great ticket for creating multiple pins 

  16. I have heard about Tailwind but have never used it. But after spending over a year and a half on my main website, it is just starting to fire up organically on Pinterest. So it might be time to invest in doing it more efficiently. You say it automates the process, but what do you mean exactly? It is not difficult to use the RS threads to automatically connect from a website to Pinterest and you can look up ( as I have) at the optimum posting times. So what more or what difference do these people offer?

    I am certainly impressed with the increase in traffic, but did that result in any sales? I also use Canva which is a great tool and you can design things specifically for Pinterest from this platform. Canva has an affiliate program, does Tailwind also offer an affiliate program as well. 

    Now that my Pinterest is hitting over 2,000 visits per month, I think I will have to do something serious with this or any similar product. Not that I know of a similar product, do you?



    • I meant it when i spoke of automation. With Pinterest I schedule like 8 post a day. But with tailwind I schedule more than 40 pins daily. SO you can see the wide margin and impact in pin creation nd scheduling 

  17. This article came at a great time for me as I’m working to grow the social networking part of my business, including pinterest. My only question is regarding your experience with the app. It sounds as though your experience was really good but the reviews were not all great. Did you experience any of the concerns these users had? Or did you have a good experience overall?

    • I honestly have a great experience with Tailwind. Even when my subscription expired, they kept my pins. The challenge a lot of folks have is not following the rules. Follow the rules and you will have a pleasant ride 

  18. The Tailwind App appears to be the tool that might significantly reduce time. Having this service would greatly benefit those for whom promoting on social media is time-consuming and difficult. I admire the thoroughness of the post and the attention to detail. I’m considering using Tailwind for a while to compare it to my existing planner.

    • Tailwindapp is a great tool. You will enjoy using it


  19. Pinterest?  I have a Pinterest account but never really use it.  I occasionally receive email notifications, but other than that I haven’t really used Pinterest; may I should? I just started Level 4 where they are explaining how to create and engage with our social media accounts.  What exactly do you pin to your Pinterest account? 

    • Faye, use your Pinterest account. I pin at least 4 articles from my blog daily on Pinterest. I also use it to sell my affiliate products 

  20. A lot of interesting information here!
    Thank you for this post, will go deeper into your pages and will share it with some friends!
    A great review of the Tailwind App, thank you. It sounds like a really good option to increase traffic from Pinterest to your blog. It is a great idea and a very good option to enhance the flow of traffic!

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    I have never heard of the Tailwind App before, but after reading this, I will take a closer look into it!

    To receive a constant inflow of traffic to your website is any marketers dream and this could be a great tool everyone could use!

    For only $9.99 monthly, anyone can afford it!

  22. I never knew there was a such app as tailwind for Pinterest and I am glad that you created this review.  I have just started using Pinterest and really don’t understand how it works.  I feel that this app would be great to bring in more traffic to your website through Pinterest.

    I will keep this app in mind as I grow my business and I like the scheduling at an optimum time because it can be a challenge knowing the right time to post your pins.  Also the pin inspector because it is always good to be able to analyze your content performance and see how well it is doing or reaching people.  

    Thank you for sharing this informative review of the tailwind app.

  23. Thanks for this information-packed article about the Tailwind app. To be honest, I´ve never heard about this app before.

    I find your article to be very informative. I do believe that timing is key just as you stated.

    There are so many features to enjoy and the peace of mind it gives to have one less thing on your plate is priceless.

  24. Thank you so much for this review!  Taliwind is something that I could definitely use because I am not the best on Pinterest, and this would save me time and it would help me do a lot better than what I’m doing.  I love that it is on a schedule and will do all that work.  I just get pressed with time, and on Pinterest, I really have a hard time understanding.

  25. Hi, Owoeye, Thank you very much for this unbiased review of the Tailwind App one can use on Pinterest and Instagram. You are tackling an area where I have been deficient i.e., how to market through social media. Although I have a Pinterest account I barely know how to generate pins etc. Your review has given me a viable solution to my problem. You have ably shown what this app can do and the pricing. However, what advice would you give a beginner concerning a subscription plan to go for? Thank you once again for this review.

  26. This sounds ideal for me, but I have some questions before I go ahead. Background info – I have a website that I’m trying to monetize but after registering with Google Analytics I see that I only get a handful of visitors a week! I know, lame right? It’s a fledgling site and I probably haven’t done SEO properly but that’s another story.

    Anyway, long story short, I think I should be more active promoting my site on social media without spending too much time on it. Does this app really save time, or is it just as cumbersome as pinning normally is? I confess I am not very familiar with Pinterest but I know that there are recommended image sizes etc. that the pictures on my site don’t conform to (I think). Is this a big deal? Also, if I’m using images from flickr etc. where I have to note the source and license, can I pin these images or avoid doing so?

    Like I said, I’m new to all this, so you don’t need to answer all my questions. My posts usually have 3-5 images, so do you think this app will work for me given my questions?

    Thanks in advance.


    • Social media is a good source of traffic. But you must get familiar with it

  27. great review! do they offer a free trial?

    I’m used to Instagram and Facebook but I rarely use Pinterest, which is a shame, because I think you should use ALL social medias. But it’s true, you can’t spend a lot of time on all of them, so if some could be automated, that would be great.

    Thank you for this useful information and I will definitely check it out!

    • Tailwind do have a free trial. I dont think you should cast yourself for not using pinterest. You cannot master all the social media channels. I use pinterest and facebook. I dont use Instagram 

  28. Your article was very informative. I don’t currently use any scheduler to manage my social media. It definitely takes me a long time to write all of my social media pins and posts. I will definitely research more about the Tailwind app to see if it could save me as much time as you are suggesting. It just might be something that I need to have in the future. Thanks for your article.

  29. My social media traffic comes mainly from Pinterest. Ever since I started using Pinterest, traffic to my main site has significantly increased, thus, increasing my affiliate sales. But I find creating pins very time-consuming so I had to stop for a while to focus on creating content.

    I heard about Tailwind and how it might be the solution to my problem. It would be nice to not have to worry about creating, scheduling, and publishing Pinterest pins. What I like most about Tailwind other than running on autopilot is that you can create bulk pins at one time on the app itself. I always create pins on Canva and then publish them on Pinterest.

    I think $9.99 monthly on the yearly plan is reasonable. 

    Thanks, Owoeye.

  30. I will definitely have to keep this app and service in mind for the future. I have had some experience with Canva, but your review and description on the automation and metrics makes it seem like a more viable option. Thanks for the information, I have to go check it out!


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