The Best Grammar Checking Software: Grammarly

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If you write articles, create content or interested in legit online jobs for students or seniors, I am sure you would have asked yourself this question – what is the best free grammar checking software?

Looks like a simple question but it could be a little challenging. There is numerous software in town that takes care of grammar checking, and each has its pros and cons. With my experience and having used different top grammar checker software, I find Grammarly the best amidst its equals.

I will be taking an overview of Grammarly, how it works, its cost, and I will compare it with other alternatives in the market. Before I start, I will like to share with you what other content creators are saying about Grammarly. Click here to read from the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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What is Grammarly?

No matter your level as a writer or an online content creator, a content editor should be a part of your tools. It will help ensures your lines of writing or speech is near perfect.

Several tools in the market can handle this for you. I have used a lot and found Grammarly most convenient and worth cash spent.

It is a grammar editor that conveniently replace human proofreaders. It comes as an app and an extension for chrome; checks your content for incorrect phrases or sentences. It has a free version that takes care of grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

The premium version offers everything you will get in the free version and also ensures your writing fits into the best practice. It ensures your writing is professionally done and not sloppy.

As such, if you are a student, blogger, content marketer, business professional or any class of content-creator, you stand to benefit the most from Grammarly and its skilful proofreading abilities.

How Grammarly Works 

Grammarly makes starting up very easy with their free account. On sign-up, you will be taken around for a tour before landing on the dashboard as shown below.

The best grammar checking software

Grammarly is outstanding when it comes to helping you set your writing goals. As such, you can make a blend of the platform to your goals. You can easily do about what you intend achieving in your style, emotion and audience type;

all depending on what you intend to achieve.

The overall workings of the platform are to be able to provide a professional writing aid. It will check the following:

1) Grammar and Punctuation

It will check your work for grammar and punctuation errors; in terms of comma splices, fragments, alliteration, and others. After the check, the system will not leave you with the errors. It will provide the necessary corrections to deliver a neat job.

2) Spellings 

Here is another important function. You will not want to write with spelling errors. Grammarly will check each word in your write-up for spelling mistakes. When it comes to correction, Grammarly is much more dependable than Microsoft auto-correction or that of Google doc. In the industry, it is the best when it comes to spelling check.

3) Plagiarism 

Grammarly is very good at detecting plagiarism. Many times as writers we do not deliberately plagiarize our content. Grammarly will point out every form of plagiarism both intentional and unintentional, so you can make necessary amendment before you publish your article.

4) Writing Style 

When it comes to suggestion on your writing style, you can count on Grammarly. It offers professional touch on your writing style with a relevant suggestion. Although this feature is not used by most users; it is one of the ways to help develop your writing skills. It will check the length of your sentence, its readability, and other ways you can improve your writing

The Plagiarism Detector 

Grammarly comes with a unique feature – Plagiarism Checker. This feature makes it a go-to tool for students, bloggers, academic professional, and all manner of content producers. They use this tool when creating academic content, blog articles or product reviews of any kind.

They use it to ensure that they have not copied directly from their resource materials during research. Thus this is one tool that helps ensure the originality of your content. It saves you from a lot of embarrassment and even from unnecessary legal issues.

Worth mentioning is the role it plays in citing or referencing for academic content creators.

Why is Grammarly the best Grammar checking Software?

We have seen the basic features of Grammarly. It is good I share with you why I select Grammarly as the best among software that checks grammar online free. 

  1. It is easy to Use 

Yes, you just read it. This robust and effective software is easy to use. You don’t need anybody to talk you through a tour before understanding how to use Grammarly. The user interface is friendly and easy to understand. Top of it they have made it easily accessible, you can access it at your comfort via any other means below

  1. You can browse Grammarly directly from your system to use ‘s
  2. It has a desktop app you can easily download
  3. It is very friendly with your Microsoft word; you can use the add-in.
  4. It comes with a mobile app
  5. The browser extension makes it a wonderful tool.

Going by the above ways to access it, they have made it convenient for you to access it from any device of choice. If installed as an extension, all you need to do is either write on the online editor or copy your content into the online editor, and Grammarly pops up. It takes over the editing from you, guiding you in the right use of words, punctuation and writing style.

2) It Corrects and Teaches You 

I have used several other editors, they will only correct your mistakes. Grammarly premium takes you beyond that. It does explain why your lines of words are incorrect. So doing, you can make the necessary adjustment even when there is no help.

With Grammarly premium, you are not just out producing content that is well written, but you are thought what is right and wrong. If you are one who likes to learn as you work, I think Grammarly premium is the best for you.

3) Perfect at Identifying Mistakes 

When it comes to selecting and pinpointing your writing errors, Grammarly is unique, most writing software is not that precise, but Grammarly is very accurate.

Out of my curiosity, I had to investigate and find out what makes Grammarly unique. I discovered that the co-founders of Grammarly have been working at writing and developing software since the 90s. Also, they work with a team of deep learning engineers, whose responsibility is to focus on an algorithm that generates excellent writings.

How to Use Grammarly 

Grammarly comes as an internet-based tool with several ways to use it. It makes it convenient for their users under different conditions.

Let us take a walk into the different way you can access it.

1) Use it as a web tool :

The first option is to open it in your browser. Then you can copy your write up from your offline interface and paste on Grammarly. The interface will look like this.

Grammarly interface

As you can see above, the interface gives you one of two choices. You can upload directly from your local drive or copy and paste your writings. Else, you will type directly on the interface like you will do in Microsoft Word or Google doc.

2) Microsoft Word 

You can have your Grammarly directly integrated with your Microsoft word. All it takes is downloading the add-in from Grammarly. It is one of the easiest ways to use Grammarly

3) Browser extension 

It is the best way I use Grammarly. I have a browser extension for Grammarly installed on my chrome.

After the download is complete, you do not have to worry when composing emails, chatting with friends or creating any other form of content on the internet.

It will help you generate good and easy to read the content.

4) Grammarly on your Mobile 

They have there owned a keyboard that you can easily download and install on your mobile device. They come in both android and IOS version. The app as the ability to check your text or emails as you compose them on smart mobile devices.

It offers smart predictions when you write, and also correct those typing errors when writing on mobile devices.

Grammarly Pricing 

One good thing about this platform is the free version. It is helpful to both students who cannot afford to pay a cent and also professionals who can afford the full package. Unlike so many software that grants free access for a short period, Grammarly allows you access to its free package as long as you want.

But like you know, you cannot enjoy the full meal free. You have to pay for the premium to enjoy the full package. Below I will show you the full package and its details

  1. For monthly payment — $29.95
  2. For Quarterly payment — $19.98
  3. For annual payment — $139.95 ($11.66 monthly)

Let us take a dive and see what you get in the free version

Free Version 

Truth is told, when compared to other platforms, the founders of this product are generous. The free version is a complete package on its own. It is unlike other products that the free version is a shadow of its self.

The free version gives you all you need to start writing as a beginner. It offers a robust spelling, punctuation, and grammar check. This is well suited more than other grammar checks.

The tools do not just find mistakes, it outlines them and offers corrections. This correction comes with footnotes that you can learn from. With the free version, you can rest assured that your basic errors will be captured and all spelling mistakes will be highlighted.

For checking plagiarism, the free version will identify if your content contains plagiarism or not. It will not show you the plagiarized portion.

Premium Version 

When it comes to writing, Grammarly premium is the best software to check your grammar. It contains everything in the free version and lots more. While the free version covers punctuations, grammar, and sentence structure. The premium will check writing inconsistencies, unclear writing structure, overused words, inappropriate tone, insensitive language and lots more.

My Experience 

As I round up my review, I think it is worth sharing my experience with grammar checking tools. You cannot fully depend on them. In other words, you cannot close your eyes to the spelling checks.

Grammarly and other checkers are not perfect. When things get clumsy, the algorithm seems to get confused. The algorithm is designed to identify errors but you agree with me that things can get clumsy and confusing. At this stage, they can offer incorrect suggestions.

English language on its many times can be confusing, and many time we break the rules. So you must review their suggestions and ensure that they are right and best fit for your content. In cases where you are not sure, you can consult friends or check the net via Google.

Should I Pay for Grammarly Premium?

If this question is still in your heart, by now I think you should know my answer.


Yes, you read it right. From my review above you will appreciate that it is a great tool in the hands of any content creator. From the free version to the premium, they are efficient tool properly packaged.

The free tool is well suited for newbie content creators. But if you are taking content creation as a business, the premium becomes your best bet.

Also if English is not your first language, I think the premium will be the best fit for you.

Must comment on the fact that Grammarly may have its flaws as I identified above. Every software or grammar checking tools do. They will not and never replace human editors but they are best fit for what they are meant for.

I appreciate your time spent reading this review,

45 thoughts on “The Best Grammar Checking Software: Grammarly”

  1. I have been using Grammarly for months now. And I really like the help it provides. Because my first language is not English, so it helps me find the right orthography and grammar to use. It is easy to use and the premium option offers even more for your content.

    I am just disappointed that it does not support other languages. 


  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on grammarly. I find it very helpful because I have issues with spelling and punctuation. The truth is this is the first time I’m hearing of grammarly and I’m really happy there’s something like this. I’m going to sign up for this now and I hope it works really well for me. Thanks again 

    • Grammarly is very helpful and I believe you will enjoy using it. When it comes to spelling errors and punctuation, it will fish them out. Also if you go premium, it with correct the structure of your sentenced. For more than 2 years grammarly has been my writing companion 

  3. I’m glad to have found this post as grammarly is something that I’ve been evaluating for a while. I like that there is a generous free trial, and I think it’s time for me to go ahead and sign up for that level. If it becomes a valuable tool, then I would happily pay to upgrade to unlock even more grammarly features. 

    • Great Aly,

      I am sure you will find Grammarly useful. Start with the free trial and use it to create content for some while. You will love and upgrade 


  4. Hello there thanka for sharing this helpful review. I must say this is a very helpful to for writing as it helps to check your spelling and grammar. I have used tools similar to this one but I must admit this is a top choice for anyone who wishes to grow their websites. I think this is a recommended tool for every business owner.

    • Yes grammarly is an highly recommended tool when it comes to writing 

  5. Hello Ayodeji

    I really don`t know how exactly I got to your site but this is exactly what I was looking for without even knowing it.

    As a blogger with a foreign language (I`m not a native English speaker) I struggle with my grammar and how to express my writing without confusing my readers. So while looking for ways to improve my grammar and how to write better, your site came up.

    I must admit I have never heard of Grammarly, but then maybe it`s because I have not been blogging for so long or I did not realize how below average my writing was until a reader said it in my comments.

    I agree that the Grammarly price tag of $29.95 is quite affordable, but I will try the free version first and see how the tool works before deciding if I need to upgrade or not.

    This is a really helpful read, I really appreciate you sharing.

    • Grammarly will be a best fit for you. You can start with the free version and later upgrade 

  6. Hello there, thank you for the information you have shared with us all. We have seen so many articles that end up being bad because of the grammar used by the writers and that have been a turn off for so many victors to such sites. I really hope this software you have shared here would make a difference and that would be very good to see. Cheers

    • Yes Dane,

      A poorly written article will put off your audience, that is why you need a tool that can assist with editing. With a tool like grammarly you can be rest assured that it will check your grammar and correct the mistakes for you. 

  7. I think this is an amazing tool, not just for those who are into writing online but even more for the students who are struggling with grammar.  I have been teaching for quite some time and I must say that one of the most difficult part of checking my students written output is to decipher what they meant with their confusing statements.  This would be a great help, especially for those who do not come from English speaking countries.

    Thanks. Will surely recommend it to my friends and students.

    • Thank you Joy, 

      Grammarly is a go-to tool for both students and professionals. I know it will be helpful for your student. 

      I am glad you found it this useful 


  8. I have been using Grammarly for as long as I care to remember. Only the free version, that is! To be honest, I have  never been  interested to know the cost of the premium version. 

    I guess it’s because the free Grammarly truly performs beyond expectation. It actually meets my writing needs at the moment. But after reading about all the additional features that come with premium, I would love to explore those.

    Beside, I believe their yearly suscription is really affordable.

    Thanks a big bunch for this review!


    • I love the way you put it, the free performs beyound expectation. I tell you the truth the premium version will amaze you. The level of suggestion will take your writing to an advance level. So also the plagiarism checker. It is an excellent tool. 

  9. Hi Ayodeji,

    I really liked your article about Grammarly, it is a tool that I have used for many years. I also like its feature of using emojis to reflect the feeling of your article or response. It does have some downfalls, as you mentioned. It is not able to detect which word usage is proper for a sentence, such as two, to, or too. Another example is peek, peak, or pique. In those cases, it is up to the writer to be able to choose which is the proper form to use in the sentence. All in all, this is a very well written article, full of helpful information and great descriptions of the Grammarly platform. I look forward to reading more articles from you, and I think you will do very well.

    Molly G

    • Thank you Molly for the kind words. Grammarly is a useful tool and it exceed my expectation always 

  10. Hi there and thanks for writing about Grammarly.  I have seen many ads for it online, but have never used it myself.  However, I find myself creating more online content all the time.  Your post has provided me with a reminder that I should integrate Grammarly into my content creation.  It has also been recommended to me working as a sales professional.  It’s important to avoid poorly written content in any kind of professional setting.

    • Grammarly is an excellent content creation tool. You can fine tune your grammar, in terms of punctuation and structure

  11. Hi there and thanks for writing about Grammarly.  I have seen many ads for it online, but have never used it myself.  However, I find myself creating more online content all the time.  Your post has provided me with a reminder that I should integrate Grammarly into my content creation.  It has also been recommended to me working as a sales professional.  It’s important to avoid poorly written content in any kind of professional setting.

  12. Thank you for this great review. I have heard of grammarly and seen some of the ads on Youtube, but never really looked into it. After reading this review, I may have to give it a try. Thank you so much for the great detailed information.

    I do believe that this review will help people make an informed decision on this product.

    • I am glad that we got you to take a look at it. Grammarly is a great writing tool. It takes care of your writing and gives your work an excellent look. In terms of punctuation and structure, grammarly got you covered 

  13. Grammarly was recommended to me when I started using it, so I hadn’t read much about it then. Today as I found your article I had to read it for curiosity sake. It is an interesting read and I agree with you that Grammarly is a great tool to have and use. I write in English most of the time but I still make mistakes. Thanks to you now I know I’m using the correct tool. Marisa

    • I am glad you took time to look at the article. Grammarly is an essential tool when it comes to writing. It keeps your work highly readable. Since you write in English and not a native English speaker, you will find it useful

  14. I am glad that I have found this article. I am someone who has been trying to get into affiliate marketing and nothing does you better to rank well on google than content. content is the king of all ranking factors, but content has to be given in good quality. The quality of your content depends heavily on grammar. Thats where Grammarly comes in. This will be perfect for me on my quests. Thank you so much for this review

  15. Grammatical errors are very common for any blogger or content creator, most especially beginners. Going through all that has been written to check for grammatical errors can be a very tedious task. With the information in this article, I can be sure of getting a very effective and efficient grammar checking software – Grammarly. The plagiarism check on Grammarly makes everything even more amazing. This will help save me a lot of time and hard work when writing and proofreading.

    • Yes Nelson, 

      Grammarly is a handful too when it comes to check ing errors and correcting punctuations. Like you rightly said the plagiarism tool is always very handy 


  16. I have to say, I love Grammarly! I have installed this extension in my browser, it works on so many different platforms. It helps me when composing emails, writing content on my blogs, and even social media. My spelling appears to be outstanding and it really is not! That is thanks to Grammarly.

    You have a great find here, and your site is so descriptive I don’t know why anyone would not want to grab this up!

    Good stuff!

    • Thank you Groomy, grammarly is an essential tool when it comes to writing 

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    • Grammarly is an handy tool for writers. Both student and pro, it will help you fine tune your sork

  18. Hi there!

    That is really a great and unbiased review you just provided there. I completely agree with you because I can as well testify that grammarly is the best grammar checking software so far. I will always recommend it for every writer I come across because I know it will help them enjoy a sweet and smooth writing career.


  19. Hello there, thank you for your time and effort in putting this awesome article out for the public I know it would be of great help to alot of persons as it has helped me.i have been using grammerly for a very long time and it has really help me with spellings and writing its one of the best platforms out there.

  20. Hi, In your post I was able to learn the complete detail of Grammarly software. Though I was using the free version of Grammarly to check spellings and basic Grammar but I had not much information about Grammarly software in such a detailed way. 

    I have a question, Can I Grammarly software as a bulk purchase where some of my friends or team members can also get access? And, what is the best time to purchase Grammarly software do they have any good deals for Black Friday or Cyber Monday? 

    Thank you for sharing this useful info, I make me learn a lot about Grammarly software.

    • Hello friend,

      Grammaly is offering 50% off their annual plans between today and 3rd of December, 2020. You can take advantage of it 

  21. I have been writing blogs for the past 8 months, I have heard of grammarly but I have not used it. The reason for this is because I thought it was complicated to use. After reading your post I can see that is not the case. My spelling is pretty good but I do need a bit of help with the punctuation aspect. I’m definitely going to change over to Grammarly, the free option to start off with and when I get the hang of it, I will upgrade. Thanks for the great explanation.

  22. Thank you so much for your review on grammarly. I have been relying on google docs for my grammar corrections but it is very inconvenience to write on the docs and has to copy and paste just for the sake of grammar correction. I love the fact that grammarly is available on all the platform as in writing a document or as an app install on my phone so now that I can sound professional. I am going to start with the free version and take it from there. 

    • With the grammarly extension you will find access to your gramnarlly will help correct your work as you work on 

  23. Hey i am glad that i found your blog. I always see Grammarly ads on YouTube and never pay them any mind but your in-depth research offering has opened my eyes to their true potential.

    The many ways that it can be used is definitely a plus.I have to loo into getting on this program to assist with my content writing.

  24. I have heard of Grammarly before but until I read your article, I never knew what it was in detail! Thank you for this information! Certainly a great tool to use and have. it shouldn’t replace your own knowledge of grammar but it can be a great aid. Based on how people message each other, grammar is definitely needed. 

  25. This is a very comprehensive review of Grammarly. I am using the free version so I do not enjoy most of the benefits that you have mentioned. It is somewhat pricey for me at this stage of my online business as a content creator but I see the value of it. One thing I have to be careful of is to turn off Grammarly when I am doing Internet Banking chats with a customer care officer through the browser. Grammarly actually offers the feature to disable checking on what I type on certain websites. Grammarly is very powerful in my opinion, as it is also capturing everything that you type on your computer or mobile!

    • Yes, Grammarly offers great value with the free version. I have used the free version and also the paid version.

      If you have used the free version, there is till high value in the paid version

  26. Hi there!

    I am using grammarly premium for quite sometime. Since I am not native English speaker, it helps me a lot. Apart from me it is very helpful to my college going son as well. Generally there exclusive  plagiarism checkers, but Grammarly provide all features  in one platform. I love the phrase suggestion feature and  passive/active voice warning. It islittle pricy for the begginers but when we see all the features the affordabilty can be ingored. The features of free version is also awesome which the begginers can make use of. The Browser extension corrects everything, even when we type the email.

    Thanks for a great review article.

  27. I too like Grammarly, it is an excellent tool for any writing, blogging, emails etc I agree.

    Mine is as a Google Chrome extension so it pops up on everything I do online. 

    The only problem I have it that it tries to change an ‘S’ to a ‘Z’ in many words because that is the American spelling. It also tries to add commas after any word before ‘and’. In the UK this is not done, likewise with the Z instead of s.

    In comparison to how useful it is, those are very minor problems. I use the free version and as yet do not feel the need for a paid version, though that may come.

    Thank you, I enjoyed the article it is very informative and useful.


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