The best WordPress theme for Business, and how to install it

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The outlook of your website is always one of our priorities. Although it is not a ranking factor for search engines, it is one factor that determines how long users will spend on your website. One of the major determining factors of this outlook is the WordPress theme you select. I am not surprised when beginners and even some experienced bloggers ask for the best WordPress theme for Business.

For me, I go with Generate Press or Iconic One for my websites. Shortly I will work you through the necessary features that make this theme the best WordPress theme for business. But let us first understand the WordPress theme.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a collection of files that controls how your website will appear. They determine the design, typography, color, layout, and overall design elements of your website.

Features of WordPress Theme

When created, WordPress websites naturally come with a default theme; you must change this theme to fit your business or industry. So doing, you will be making your website attractive and easier to use for people within your industry. Top of it is its impact on Search Engine Optimization (SEO); John Mueller’s affirmation on this is below.

I must stress that changing from the default theme to your own newly selected Theme will not change your content, user, and other information. It only changes the appearance of your website.

There are tens of thousands of WordPress themes available for your use. They come both as free and premium. They can be downloaded from the official WordPress repository page, while some can also be downloaded from third-party developers. To avoid malfunctioning or spammy themes, I advise you to download strictly from the WordPress platform.

Let’s begin to see features of the best WordPress Theme for Business

Features of the Best WordPress theme for Business.

WordPress is a very comprehensive platform. People from various business platforms use it to create all kinds of websites. Based on the demand for numerous designs and looks, each theme has its uniqueness.

You must select a theme that compliments the content of your website. If you are into eCommerce, you should be thinking of a theme that allows you to create sales pages. If you create courses, you should select a theme that is compatible with plugins for memberships sites.

WordPress themes are generally customizable; they come with many alternatives for you to adapt them to your business. Also, most of these features can negatively impact your website. They can affect the speed, and it will negatively impact your website ranking and user experience.

As such, it is essential you carefully select the best WordPress theme for Business. Below is a list of features you must consider when choosing your WordPress theme.

1. Select a Simple Theme

When starting a blog, we have dreams and aspirations; we want our blogs to look gorgeous. As such, we go after themes that are colorful and have complex layouts. There are cases where you might need such, but in most cases, they are not necessary. Your blog is simply a medium to disseminate information.

Your interest should be in a theme that supports your dream, goals, and aspirations. It would help if you were interested in a theme that will help you captivate your audience and pass your information as simply as possible.

Themes with complicated outlooks will be complex for your web users to navigate. You need one that will be easy to navigate; such will help keep your users.

2. Your Theme must be Responsive.

Now that you have selected a theme with the appropriate layout, the next thing you should check is the theme’s responsiveness. Responsiveness is the ability of your Theme to its design to the screen size of any device.

Google and other search engines prioritize responsive sites, and you cannot afford to be left behind. Irrespective of your niche, quality of content, and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, search engines will rank responsive sites above none responsive sites.

Apart from Search engine ranking, responsiveness affects user satisfaction. Users constantly want to have a seamless experience when they move from their laptops to mobile devices or vice versa. Although most WordPress websites are responsive, there are still a few that are not. You owe your website and users the duty to select a responsive theme for your website.

3. Compatibility with Major Browsers

For your Theme to qualify as one of the best WordPress themes for Business, it must be compatible with multiple types of browsers. Your website visitors will be using diverse kinds of browsers.

If you are finding it difficult to understand, if you use a chrome browser, for example, your theme might work perfectly on chrome but might not do the same with internet explorer. It is what we refer to as theme and web browser compatibility.

Before buying that Theme, check the website for its compatibility status; if stated, you can check manually by loading it on the various web browsers before making payment.

4. Easy to use Page Builders

As you build your website, you will need to create pages like home page, blog, and product sales pages depending on your line of Business. As such, you will need a page builder. Page builders are plugins designed for creating page layouts on your website interface.

Some themes come with inbuilt page builders; this may look like a solution to the challenge. But it is not; the challenge comes when you attempt changing from one Theme to another. What happens to those pages and their layout? Are the codes dam different?

As such, when deciding on selecting the best WordPress theme for business, choose a theme that uses a general page builder or, most preferably, buy a page-builder for your business.

5. Plugins Compatibility

Your WordPress theme cannot function alone. It needs support, and this is going to be achieved using the necessary plugins. With the right plugins, you can customize your Theme and have it function the way you rightly desire.

So, you must ensure your Theme is compatible with a wide range of plugins, especially the important ones. Although some themes come with their plugins, they should be flexible enough to accommodate the basic plugins All-in-One SEO, Yoast, Elementor, and a host of others.

6. Customer Support

Your selected theme will not qualify as the best fit for your business if you cannot get support when you need it. If you are op-tin for a free theme, then there will be no support, but if you a buying a premium theme, then there must be support.

If there is no support, you have to figure and worry with codes when you mess up your Theme or in the case of a bug. We always need help; paying a developer to help figure it out will be much more expensive than paying annually for a theme.

The top of it is that you have access to important updates when they go -live, and you can inquire how best to install and use them from your theme support group.

7. Organized theme settings

Your Theme has settings; with this, you can adjust your website looks. This setting should be easily accessible and organized in such a way that you can locate them.

Some designers (developers) locate their settings to need several pieces of training to understand and access them. A good design will make your WordPress theme settings easily accessible and easy to customize.

8. Your theme should be SEO Friendly.

Your Theme contributes to your website’s SEO friendliness. If you select a poorly coded theme, it will negatively impact your website SEO. For beginners and professionals who are not familiar with coding, this can be a lot of headaches.

As such, you should check on your Theme and ensure it is SEO-friendly. An easy way out is using the validation service from W3C Markup. As usual, W3 will generate a lot of warnings, they are nothing to worry about.

9. Ability to translate Language

A theme that cannot translate Language from one Language to another will not qualify as the best WordPress theme for Business. Many websites are not in the English Language, and you may also be thinking of creating a website in another language in the nearest future.

It is essential that the Theme you select for your Business can support multiple languages.

10. Supports Website Security

Your website content is your treasure. You have spent time and money creating content, you cannot leave it to the wind. You must look after the security of your website at every stage. One of those points you must take cognizance of when selecting a theme is security.

Search online for reviews on your Theme, deliberately look out for users’ comments on your would-be Theme’s security. If the Theme you are about to select is poor in terms of security, then the reviews will be poor.

11. Ratings and Reviews

Ratings and reviews are a good way to measure the quality of a theme. Use good review sites like TrustPilot, user are always open about their opinion on the software. If the plugin has a free version and is downloadable on WordPress, you will see the review below the download button

But if the plugin is a paid plugin sold by a third-party agent, you will have no choice but to look out for their review on various review sites.

12. The theme should have a Demo Version.

Most themes come with a demo version; it helps you look at the layout and general outlook of your Theme before making a buying decision.

During the assessment period of your Theme, you should look out for the following:

  1. The general outlook of the Theme
  2. The available layout of the Theme when installed.
  3. The options you to customize the themes outlook.
  4. The available social media icons and the ease of finding them.

14. Cost

Our website is a business location. As such, we must be conscious of cost. Already most developers avail you with the option of either a premium theme or a free Theme.

If you have some cash constrain, you may opt-in for the free Theme, it does not mean a lack of necessary functionalities. The basic restrain to free theme is limitation in your ability to customize it and you will not get any form of support from developers

But if you are able to buy a premium theme, you will be able to customize it to look the way you desire. Top of it, you will get support and regular update from developers.

That said, you do not need to empty your pause for a premium theme. There are different themes in the market. While some will cost a fortune, others are highly affordable and will give you the desired outlook for your blog.

For me I use Generate press and Iconic one for my websites. They are highly affordable, easily customizable and gives a promising outlook for any form of blog. Let us begin to see how to install your WordPress Theme on your website

How to install the best WordPress theme for Business

Installing a WordPress theme is not difficult and you do not need any technical knowledge to get it done.

Login to your WordPress dashboard as admin and click on Appearance as shown below:

Best WordPress theme for Business - Theme Appearance.
WordPress Theme Appearance

Select Theme as you can see, on the upper part of the page select Add New

It will lead you to the page where you can add a new theme.

Note: You have two options

  1. You can upload a theme you have already downloaded
  2. You can look for a new Theme in the arrays of Theme.

Let us take a look at each option.

  1. Upload downloaded Theme

If you have a theme file that you have downloaded on your system, click on the “Upload Theme” option, after which you will have an option to choose the file, and you can continue with the process.

Best wordpress theme for business - upload theme
Upload Theme

If you correctly follow this, the system will notify you of “Theme installed successfully.”

  1. The second option is to select Theme from arrays of Theme

After clicking on add theme, look to the left of your screen, and you will “search theme”

Input the name of your desired Theme, like Generate press into the search bar. WordPress will present you with the Theme, and you can click on install. After installation, you will finally have to click on activate to get the Theme active on your page.

best wordpress theme for business - activate theme
Activate theme

Below is a video work-through of this simple process. If you like our video, kindly subscribe to our YouTube.

Let’s begin to see a handful of themes and their features.

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