The Forever Living Products: Is Forever Living a Scam

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Are you interested in making a living with your laptop, looking out for opportunities selling health and beauty products related to forever living products, or looking out if the Company -the Forever Living Products- is a scam or legit?

First of all, I celebrate your courage and diligence to find out before diving into the deep. It is the best way to avoid being scammed by any online skims available on the internet. That way, you will be saving your add earned cash and also your valuable time.

Please permit me to help you find out the truth about forever living products and guide you to make sustainable income online. I must establish this; I am not a staff or an associate of Forever Living Products in any way. That said, it does not mean that Forever Living is a scam.

I am not here to sell any package or program to you. But I am here to help you start an online work-from-home business. I will look at Forever Living Products, why I have said it is not a scam, and show you the best marketing approach to this business.

What is Forever Living products All About

The Company Forever Living Products was started far back in 1978 by Rex Maughan. It was created with the sole aim of promoting Aloe Vera-based health products in Columbia. The company has grown in popularity, and they have extended their reach to North America, Africa, Latin America, Europe and, Asia.

Forever Living Products - is forever living a scam

With Forever living product and Forever Resorts, Rex Maughan grew his net worth to over $600 million in 2002, and he made Forbes 368th richest man in the universe.

The company is top-rated amidst multilevel marketing companies that sell health products. Their primary channel of income and marketing is via referrals, multilevel marketing, and products sales.

Although there are a lot of positive reviews there also abound a lot of negative reviews. A lot of the negative reviews arise from the taste of the drinks, a few about the skincare products, and lots from marketers that have failed simply because of their approach to the business. At the same time, other products like eye cream, shampoo, and aloe vera lotion gained positive reviews.

Their main channel of selling this product was via multi-level marketing. They have grown their network above 9 million Business owners in nations all around the world. In revenue, the business turns in far above $2 billion annually.

Considering how long they have been in business, their broad reach of marketers (business owners) involved in daily sales of their products, and the large volume they do in sales and profitability, you will agree with me that FOREVER LIVING IS LEGIT, it is a legitimate way of making money online.

Haven established that forever living is legit; we want to know if this company is a good fit for everyday people to make a sustainable living.

I am glad to let you know that you cannot make money from Multilevel Marketing using the old model of mouth to mouth method of selling. Forever living like any other multilevel marketing scheme cannot help you build a sustainable living if you stick to selling amidst friends and family. Follow me in this forever living review as I walk you through their income channels and show you why people fail in this business.

How to Make Money with Forever Living Products

The Forever Living marketing plan is built around two models – share the products and share the business opportunities. They offer a guarantee of success with this two-marketing model. I tend to agree with it initially because the brand name seems to sell itself. But the products are not the usual products you get in the market, as such they are a little expensive.

Following the business opportunity, all you need to do within a month is buy products and recruit one person, and the person you recruit will also recruit another person. If the recruitment chain continues, you should have a network of forever business owners (FBOs) that is not less than 4,000. Thus you should be able to gain a tremendous reward that is far above your imagination.

They teach that this marketing plan should work for people that are not financially stable, people with little or no formal education, and even those looking for a change of career. This is same teaching you will get from Amway, Vida Divina products and other multi level marketing businesses. I believe this model is good, but you cannot limit it to mouth–to–mouth marketing. You have to leverage the power of the internet; I will show you how.

Let’s take a deep look at their compensation plan

Forever living Products Compensation Plan

Forever living products is like all other MLMs, their compensation plan is complex. It is based on the increase in income based on your leads and the increase in the volume of products you order. That means :

  1. You can sell the products to your friends and family
  2. You can also build a chain of downlines

Virtually all MLMs focus on building downlines; that way, you can begin to make an income from the commission and same time from both your sales and the sales made by your downline.

Let me explain; your downline is not just the people you recruit directly, it includes the people you recruit, recruits. That means the friends of your friends.

It sounds beautiful and promising; that should mean that you can go to sleep while your downlines continue to do the work.

But does it work this way?

No, I mean capital NO.

More than 70 percent of those you recruit will quit in the first six months. Less than 20 percent continues with the skim after the first one year. So the probability of success in this plan is less than 20 percent. But if you are fast at building your downlines, if the rate of building your downlines far exceeds the speed of their withdrawal, then you can think of winning.

Let us look at Forever living Products’ results for 2018; I have done a screenshot of it below.

Forever living products - For ever living statistics

From the figure above, 86 percent of folks who joined the program in 2018 did not make any money, translating to less than 15 success rates. 11.4 percent earned bonuses based on what their downlines purchased, and just 69 percent of this we’re able to make as much as $105 in a month, which translates to $1,263 per annum.

Less than 10% of marketers who join this program make it to the limelight.

If you permit me to make these figures much more apparent.

  1. 90% of people who joined earned nothing
  2. The top earners are less than 15%.
  3. While those that made an average of $1,500 are less than 4%

These earnings are the total payments, including the multi-level bonuses, travel incentives, chairman bonus (I will break down the component of the chairman’s bonus soon).

Now we have only look at the income without looking at the cost of doing business. We have not removed the initial cost of buying products, traveling expenses, telephone expenses, and so on.

Now let me break the forever living Products Compensation plan down

Each product on the forever living shelf is rated with case credit(CC). And the worth of a case credit is $160 for a new wholesale member. Each rank in the forever living program is associated with a specific number of CCs; to increase status, you and your downline must raise the required CCs.

Top of it is that you must buy at least 1cc, that is $160everry every month. That means irrespective of your activity within the month, you must buy goods worth $160. Otherwise, you will not get paid.

One thing that I find interesting with the business model is that your earning potentials continue to increase as you increase in rank. You can earn as low as 15% and as high as 48% in commission. Grow your business to becoming a manager. You can gain leadership bonuses and even qualify for incentives like Car plans, paid vacations, special promotions, and general profit sharing.

Suppose you are interested in building a sustainable business with a forever living product. In that case, you must learn how to use the power of the internet to develop and advertise your business. Below are 7 Secrets that will help you reposition your business.

Three Ways to Market Forever Living Business 

1. Create a Website 

The world itself has become a global village by the power of the internet. Folks now use the internet to connect across boundaries, research products, and services. You can start by creating a website to market your forever living products and also your online business. The probability that people will research and find your product is very high. On top of it, you will be able to reach people far from your immediate environment. If you do not know where to start, you can take advantage of our free course on WordPress for Beginners. You can sign up to learn how to create a WordPress website for free.

2. Optimize your website

Optimizing your website is not difficult. It is all about helping people find your work online. If you are interested in forever, ever-living, then you are interested in health. Optimizing your website is as simple as making your website visible to people interested in healthy living.

You will be doing keyword research, on-page optimization for your website, off-page optimization, and paid ads. Not to worry, I got you covered. If you signup for WordPress for Beginners, you will receive my weekly newsletters that will shed light on website optimization; as such, you can learn on the go.

3. Social Network

Apart from creating a website and taking it as your own business, you can also use social media networks. Sites like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp are beneficial for spreading your word and channel. Create a community, start a discussion about aloe vera, health care, and health care items, and introduce your team and how it will benefit them.

Let us see an example of someone who failed in Forever living using the moputh- mouth model 

Candice Experience with making money with forever living Products

Candice joined Forever living products like many enthusiastic folks, hoping to make a dissent income online. But within a short, while her dreams were cut short. She was a single mum; as such, she was faced with the challenge of catering for herself and her children.

Candice worked hard for four months to the point that her son would have to beg her to get off the phone. That said, she could make $200 before her upline started mounting more pressure on her for the need to deliver more value.

She was pushed in and started recruiting friends and family. She lured her sisters, parents, and partner to sign up, and she persuaded them to use it as payment for their beauty boxes. But below is Candice’s own words “ Sam thought I was mad but could see it was important to me. I wanted to prove wrong everyone who said it was rubbish”. “But I felt betrayed by a friend who recruited me on the premise I would have more time to spend with my family.”

I am not surprised that Candice failed with forever living and she will believe Forever living is a scam. Her business model was wrong. If you are ready to take the bull by the horn, I advise you to harness the power of the internet in your multilevel marketing endeavor. Build a WordPress website, optimize it to sell your forever living product.

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