Vida Divina Products: How to Make money with them

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Most likely, you encountered one of those adverts promoting Vida Divina products’ health benefits and business opportunities. Now you have decided to research further on how true is this opportunity. 

If your answer is “yes”, then you have done well, and you are in the right place. Let me first assure you that I am not an affiliate of Vida Divina Products, and I am not related to the company in any way. On top of it, my review is unbiased. It is based on interest and personal research.

I will take you through the various Vida Divina products, their health benefits, and how to make money with them. Lastly, I will show you how I make money online and my results. 

What is Vida Divina 

Vida Divina is a legit health and wellness company specializing in products that help people maintain a healthy living. Vida Divina is not a scam; it is a trustworthy organization. But as a content marketer, I love to give my opinion and find how I can help people live healthily and make a decent living. One of those ways I can do this is to promote legitimate businesses. 

I love Vida Divina’s name; it is the Spanish word for “Divine Life”. After joining the platform, It can be synonymous with promising you an abundant life. But this will be a mirage if you do not position yourself properly to take advantage of Vida Divina products and its business model. Before going ahead, let us see where Vida Divina started from and how far they have gone.

The Vida Divina’s Story 

Vida Divina products was created by Armand Puyolt and his wife Esther Ramos. While Armand is a Multi-Level marketer, Esther is a medical doctor. In 2016, they both saw the health solution and the business opportunities in creating a product that works like a double-edged sword – making a healthy and wealthy living. 

You can begin to see why Vida Divina is much more than a multi-level marketing product. You will also know why they are not like other sketchy MLMs that disappear into thin air after a short period of operation. 

Another thumbs up for Vida Divina is Puyolt’s experience with multi-level marketing. He was a game-changer when he worked with Total Life changes before starting up with Vida Divina. And unlike most multi-level marketing schemes, he was able to make a whopping sales of $23 million in the first two months of sales. 

That said, I think I have been able to spell out that VIDA DIVINA IS NOT A SCAM. Before we look at the business opportunities and see if it is worth your time and effort, let us see the products they promote. 

The Vidi Divina Products 

Vida Divina has a large chain of products. One unique thing about them is that they are a dietary supplement that is organically based with little or no side effects. Below are some of Vida Divina products based on research and experience from our loved ones. 

1. Vida Divina Gano 

Vida Divina Gano is a product of one of the oldest mushrooms, which is highly valued in China – Ganoderma Lucidum. This mushroom is also known as Reishi Mushroom.

The company recommends regular intake of this supplement to boost one’s immune system. They recommend taking a capsule of 500mg daily to improve your immunity. 

2. Vida Divina HCG Reactor 

Vida Divina HCG reactor is a complete blend of natural ingredients. This ingredient comprises HCG, L-arginine, green tea leaf extract, black cohosh, glucomannan, and saffron extract.

It is a supplement that will activate natural HCG hormones in your body to help you lose weight naturally. They recommend a regular intake of this capsule twice daily alongside regular exercise to achieve maximum results. 

3. Vida Divina Lean 

Whether you are looking at losing weight or developing muscles, they recommend lean Vida Divina products that will help you balance your daily nutritional needs. 

Vida Divina claims that this product is well fortified with blends, including protein, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, detox green, immune-boosting yellow and white, protein digest, and probiotic blends. 

4. Vida Essentials 

If you search for a skincare product, Vida Divina gets you covered with their Vida essentials. It is a collection of skincare creams and lipstick 

5. Vida Divina Tea 

Vida Divina Tea is one of the most popular Vida Divina products. Unlike other popular teas in the market, Vida Divina tea is caffeine-free. It is made basically from persimmon leaves, holy thistle, Malva leaves, marsh, blessed thistle, papaya, myrrh, chamomile, ginger, cranberry, Siberian Chaga, Ganoderma lucidum, and fiber. To take advantage of its detoxification, you are advised to 20 ounces per day so that you can go with as much as one gallon per week. 

 Vida Davina Products side effects 

There is no product in the market without its side effect. But going by multiple reviews, the Vida Davina products’ side effects have been minimal. Based on the ingredients and reviews, side effects can include the following 

  1. Upset Stomach 
  2. Sleeplessness 
  3. Headache 
  4. Nausea 
  5. Increased Heartbeat 

Vida Davina Business Opportunities

With Vida Divina products highlighted above, it is far from obvious that Vida Divina is not a scam. It is a legit company.

1. But are all legit companies profitable businesses? 

2. Can you make a living with their business model?

Stay with me as I dissect Vida Divina’s business model and see if it is a good fit for everyone. 

Being a product-based company whose products are in one of the fastest moving industries – healthy and wellness – they do get involved in selling products and recruiting. They do not rely on recruiting alone to make money, but their strength is recruitment. It makes them very similar to a pyramid scheme, even when they claim they are not. 

Just before I continue, let me help you identify a pyramid scheme with the video below 

If you study most MLM’s, they all follow this pattern, and more than 90 percent of their members lose money; this is why most countries say no to Multi-Level Marketing.

How much does it cost to Join Vida Divina? 

To join Vida Davida, you can take advantage of one of four packages. They are: 

  1. Basic: you need to buy a product worth $135
  2. Popular: You need to purchase products worth $ 340
  3. Premium: You need a product worth $680
  4. Supreme: You need to buy products worth $1,360. 

The screenshot below explains each of these packages, the products in the boxes, their bonuses, and their benefits. 

vida Divina products

Vida Divina Commission Structure 

As with other MLM’s, their commission structure is difficult to understand. They operate a tree with seven generations and 13 ranks. While they titled the entry-level rank “Preferred customer”, they call the highest level “Crown Diamond”. For each sale you make, you earn a Point value. To move from one rank to another, you must earn point values, meaning you must make a sale. The minimum deal you are expected to complete within the month is 120 PV. 

Let us make an analogy, if you sell a product worth $45 worth 40pv, that means to stay active, you must do three times of this. In cases where you exceed the 120 PV, the extra PVs spill over to your current Pay leg. 

What then is a Pay Leg?

They refer to their members as affiliates. As affiliates, you have two legs or downline positions. All you have to do is fill the two legs. They will credit any other person you recruit to your downlines. It is your responsibility to build up both legs as a team lead, but you will earn commission on the leg whose volume is the least. It is called your pay leg. 

Now you will begin to see why I said their commission structure is complicated to understand. Below are other forms of earnings the platform offers, You will see my opinion in the bracket, it is worth nothing that this are different from commission on sales of Vida Divina products.

Retail Profit: you can run a replicated website. They will place a retail price of $60 on the product. The wholesale price of these products is usually $40. That means you earn $20 for each product at the end of the week. (The products are expensive, making selling difficult, there are far cheaper products on amazon)  

Presenter Bonus:  When affiliates assist other affiliates in closing a deal, they also earn bonuses. You make 20 percent of the closing values for each assistant you render, while the presenter reaches 30%.

Check Match Bonus: This bonus is earned when you attain silver rank. You are rewarded 50% for all partners you sponsor. You will also make between 0.025 to 10 percent on seven different stages of the partner’s organization. (You can see why I complained of a complicated earning system. With such a system, you can be denied your earnings)

home mortgage Bonus: They can make payment to your mortgage account, but you must be eligible. This payment ranges between $500 and $3,000. To qualify for this, you must attain the Ruby level. (Ruby is the twelfth level, I cannot imagine the hard work to get to such a level selling just Vida Divina Products and its business opportunity)

Pros and Cons of Vida Divina Product 

That said, let us see the pros and cons of this system of making money online. 

Pros of Vida Divina Products 

From my review, you can deduce what I have found good about this company – Good Product, Good Company. The products are good, and members and customers who can afford them are satisfied. You will notice it in the companies review. 

Cons of Vida Divina Products. 

  • Expensive products: Vida Divina products are overpriced. There are many other health and wellness products on Amazon; they cost less than what Vida Davida offers. These products are good and have high ratings from customers too. The implication of this on your business is that you will have a hard time selling Vida Divina. It is why most multi-level marketers end up selling their products to only their family members and themselves. 
  • Saturated Marketed: Apart from Vida Davina, there are many MLM health and wellness schemes everywhere. The market is oversaturated, and the competition is going to be fierce. Another red flag for your sales. Competition kills business. 
  • Undisclosed Monthly Expenses: To remain active on the platform, you must sell 120pv, which equals $120 monthly. If you receive your bonus and stay active, you must sell products worth $120 every month. So if you do not sell to this amount, you lose your bonus and your status. 

Then you are left with no alternative than to pay for these products yourself. Without missing words, you are the customer that is being sold too. For me, such a scheme is No Go AREA. 

Conclusion On Vida Divina Products 

Vida Divina is not a scam. It is a legit multi-level marketing company. Vida Divina Products is a wide range of products that have been proven very resourceful by its customers. The founder, Armand Puyolt, is a sound multi-level marketer who has scale over several obstacles.

The business model is good if you are the first and you have a wide network of families, friends, and coworkers that you can recruit. Then you may make a decent income from the business. Else, it would help if you were well driven, have excellent selling skills, and have an endless ambition with time to develop your business. 

MLM is a business model characterized by different flaws, and it is the first to get in that makes money from the business model. Although Vida Divina is one of those companies with a good product. There are other forms of business like selling used underwear, consultancy, run ads and so on that are highly profitable. 

But my number one recommendation for building a sustainable business online is Affiliate Marketing. It is fun and not difficult to learn. You do not have to worry about any target of monthly sales. As such, you did not need to harass friends and family to buy from you. 

After thorough research, I found an amazing company that has helped me learn and grow my business as an affiliate marketer and a blogger – Wealthy Affiliate. The top of it is that it is FREE to try out.

For more information on Wealthy Affiliate, you can read my review here. 

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