The Best Video Editing Software Online: VidSnatcher Review

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You can always count on quality video to captivate the attention of your audience. With good video production, you are sure to get your audience glued to your content. But the challenge many marketers have is getting the best video editing software online. Let me show you how Vidsnatcher fills the gap in this Vidsnatcher review.

Many times, they are stocked with video that are very expensive and not marketing friendly. In my quest for selecting an appropriate video editing tool, I came across Todd Gross. He introduced me to VidSnatcher. I started with VidSnatcher 1.0 last year, and I found it a perfect match for my video creation and editing business.

Best Video Editing Software Online
VidSnatcher 2.0

If you are interested in recording screen capturing, recording yourself on screen, and doing online video editing, count on VidSnatcher. Worth mentioning are other functionalities like the text to speech and language translation, that came inbuilt with this software. It is a complete and perfect tool. 

The good news now is that Todd Gross has improved on it and released VidSnatcher 2.0. It is an improved version of the 1.0. The system has left desk and Laptops it now incorporates mobile. You can conveniently work from any mobile device.

In this Vidnstacher 2.0 review, I will explain the software and its functionalities, give a brief history of the creator (Todd Gross and LuAnn Beckman), and explain how it works with a video. If you are at the edge of selecting a video editing tool, you will find it a perfect tool for your video creation and editing.

Introducing VidSnatcher 2.0

VidSnatcher 2.0 is a cloud-based software. How do I mean?

With this software, you can conveniently create your video on mobile. Without needing any storage or memory device, you can easily continue editing on a laptop or any other device you want to work on. A hundred per cent of your video content created on VidSnatcher 2.0 is on the cloud.

The software comes with an open canvas editor, text to speech and a convenient language translator. It also comes with all editing features of other video editors like noise reduction, video effects and lots more. It makes it the best fit for your e-learning, online courses, and any other form of video-based pieces of training.

All of this comes at a price far cheaper than other comparable video editors like Camtasia in the market place. I think it is important I say this, you can access it now and enjoy a discount based on coupon attached to my sales.

Let us see who is behind this beautiful product, how it works and why you must take advantage of this product.

About the Creator – Todd Gross

Todd Gross - Creator of VidSnatcher
Todd Gross

There is no one else who understands the need for a video marketer than a video marketer. Todd Gross is a successful online video marketer. He is known for creating high-value video products. Some of the software he has includes AnimationStudio, Mugjam, Kaptiwa and lots more.

His latest is the VidSnatcher 2.0, which he partnered with Bravinn Technologies to produce. With his history, I am confident that any product coming from his desk will be highly resourcefully. Vidsnatcher 2.0 did not fall short of expectation. I have personally used this product and found it useful. As such, I am confident to be part of those writing the VidSnatcher 2.0 Review.

Features of VidSnatcher 2.0

Like I have emphasized, it comes with most editing tools like other video editors but still has its unique features like the built-in text to speech. Below is a list of features that makes Vidsnatcher one of the best alternatives to camtasia

1. Mobile Recording and Uploads

Now you can conveniently do recording on your mobile devices without worrying about how to transfer files between devices and system. It works well on Android, iOs, and other operating software for mobile devices

  1. Screen Capturing: With VidSnatcher 2.0, you can record your screen and also import into the VIdSnatcher import media. You can import video, audio, or images from both your computer and any online Sources
  2. Drag and Drop Timeline Editor: When it comes to editing, the drag and drop editor adds unlimited layers for easy editing. It also can easily remove green screen from any video.
  3. Voice Recorder: The system has an excellent ability to accept voice recording. Also, you can add SRT files to enable you to add subtitles to any video.
  4. Text to Speech: You can convert your text to either a life male or female voices, and it can translate this text to speech into different languages imitating their accents.
  5. Icon and Shapes: It has an unlimited number of icons and shapes for you to choose from.

Is Vidsnatcher 2.0 Worth it: Vidsnatcher Review

I know the question is not if video creation is worth any investment. We all know that video content has the highest engagement. As such, every content marketer will invest as much as he or she can into its creation and marketing. But the challenge remains getting stuck with a video creating software and devices.

Many of the software and Apps around have diverse applications and limitations. But with VidSnatcher, the story is different. It is a video editing software online that turns around your video creation entirely. You are sure to produce sets of video content that you will feel good, confident and proud of publishing on the internet.

You do not need to invest in expensive gadgets. You can start with your phone and a youtube account. Below is a video showing how to use VidSnatcher 2.0.

How to Use VidSnatcher 2.0 (Video)

If you want to create quality video content for Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Vimeo, there is no better opportunity than now. Click below to get your Vidsnatcher 2.0, and receive two sets of bonuses.

  1. You will get the seller’s bonus, all included in the package.
  2. You can select one of my pieces of training (WordPress for Beginners or Internet Marketing exposed).

Vidsnatcher 2.0 Pricing

The front end is the complete commercial package. It cost $47, but you should apply the coupon to get a discount.

Front End: VidSnatcher 2.0 for entrepreneurs interested in using this beautiful technology to create online courses, training videos, Elearning videos, and lots more. You can easily combine, make or remake any video in your desired language

Follow the steps below to get your bonus from me.

  1. Click here to buy your product
  2. Email your receipt and desired any of my bonus you desire to me at

VidSnatcher 2.0 Bonus offers

Let us take a look at the juicy bonus both Todd Gross and LuAnn Beckman has in stock for you if you take action today.

Bonus 1: Vidmonial 2.0

Selling products without testimonials can be a lot of difficult. They have released their software Vidmonial 2.0 to help you with this headache. It is a cloud-based technology that automates the creation process for capturing, embedding, and sharing authentic video testimonials. It is worth not less than $197 in the market.

Bonus 2: Ten(10) Done for you Extra Templates in Various Niches

You are on your way to gaining access to 10 additional high-quality products that are done for your templates. Top of it is that they come with commercial rights.

Bonus 3: Business Finder App

A tool that helps you find clients that need help with video editing. It gives you you a good entrance into the world of making videos for business

Bonus 4: Animated Alpha Lower Third

Here is an opportunity to get access to studio-quality lower thirds coming with commercial rights. So you can freely include them in your projects. This implies that you can have them for creative use in other programs apart from VidSnatcher

Bonus 5: Logo Creator App

No need looking for where and how to create logos. You can now create logos for your business and that of your clients. All that is required with this app is entering the name of your business and you will be allowed to select from thousands of logo suggestions.

Bonus 6: Animated Background Videos

Remember I said VidSnatcher comes with green screen removal. Now you are not just going to remove the green screen and leave it like that. You can now use this animated video background and elevate the quality of your video.

Bonus 7: 100 High-quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks

Here is an opportunity to get background music set that is completely free. Vidsnatcher 2.0 present a 100 free high-quality background music. There is no reason for you to get sued for copyrighted background music.


Pros and Cons


  1. Ability to create and edit video anywhere and anytime with mobiles
  2. Its canva editor is blankly presenting limitless opportunities
  3. It has up to date video editing features
  4. Comes with a built-in text-to-speech editor
  5. Cloud-based presenting full integration with all operating systems
  6. Create outstanding videos for your self and friends
  7. An extremely low one-time fee for a comprehensive package


  1. I have used the product and cannot see a challenge at the moment.

My final Thought

In conclusion, VidSnatcher 2.0 is 100 per cent robust to meet your video creation and editing needs. It is well suited to create, edit and add any video.

You should take advantage of VidSnatcher to create your training and show me videos. With the aid of the screen capture tool, you can conveniently create tutorials. It is what people want at the moment.

Remember you are getting all of this at a one-time payment. Also, you will get one of my courses for free. Either the WordPress training for beginners or Internet Marketing Exposed.

I appreciate the time taken to see my VidSnatcher 2.0 Review.


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  1. You know, it’s so hard to actually find articles that go into detail on the creator of the program that were trying to look into. I think that tells the user a lot about what to expect from the program, because the program drives its features from the maker. I appreciate this informative article because I have been looking into this program but I have been very doubtful.

    • I am glad I have been able to clear your doubt on both the product and its creator. I am will waiting to read of how relevant you found VidSnatcher 

  2. Hello

    Thank you for you review on VidSnatcher 2.0 Review. after going through this review, I agree with you. It is the best Video editing software online. I so far have never come across anything better than this. it is indeed true that with a good video production, you are sure to get your audience glued to your content. isn’t that’s what we all want? It is

    I love that is can create video on my mobile. It means I can create videos anytime anywhere. And the fact that I can edit it on my laptop. Wonderful feature. the built-in text-to-speech editor feature does it for me. i will surely be purchasing it soon.

    Wonderful review. Thank you so much

    • Than k you Boi,

      VidSnatcher is an all encompassing video creator. You will find it useful on both mobile and desktop. Top of it is easy transition between both desktop and mobile 

  3. Hmm, you mention that “we all know” that video content has the highest engagement, but I haven’t heard this before. Regardless, I have been wanting to invest more resources towards this channel but it’s felt a bit overwhelming because I would definitely need an editing tool (as opposed to getting everything in a single take). Thanks for sharing more about Vidsnatcher and how it works and what it offers. Looks like it could be the perfect video content editing solution!

    • You do not have to worry, VidSnatcher 2.0 is just what you need. Every thing is in a combo

  4. It looks like you are a fan of Vidsnatcher. I have not run across this one yet. It looks like it can handle a lot of projects for most users looking to add video to their websites. A nice video can really help market a product or service. I would like to see some videos that have been edited and produced by VidSnatcher. Do you have any links to great VidSnatcher Videos?

    • I lo e vidsnatcher for its convinience and relatively affordable cost. Any one can use it

  5. It is good that Vidsnatcher is a recorder and editor in one, usually this comes into individual package.  I want to explore the video marketing strategy because this is the trend nowadays, many people choose to watch video than reading.  Honestly, I don’t have a knowledge on video recording and editing, does the purchase of this product comes with a full tutorial on how to use it?

    • VidSnatcher is very easy to navigate. You will need little or no tutorial although there is ademo video you can take advantage off. Also, if you make purchase from my link, I will be glad to introduce you to the platform. Main while here is a demo video

  6. Thank you for this article, I have been looking for great video editing software for ages, I am currently using Camtasia which is pretty good but extremely costly. Vidnsatcher isn’t just very affordable but the bonus offer just simply blows my mind, I make quite a lot of videos for my Youtube channel, and the High-quality Royalty Free Background Music Tracks bonus has now really sparked my interest in Vidsnatcher. 

    • That is great

      You can be rest assured to get a lot of free royalty music for your background 

  7. Thank you for your review on Vidsnatcher, I came cross this product the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the fact that it is cloud base, the only cncern that I have is that I am going to need to have a reliable internet connection. The features are great and I love that you can just upload it from your phone which is convenient. I am going to check it out. 

    • Thank you for reading my review. Although it is cloud based but you can always save your offline editing features on your mobile 

  8. Hi Ayodeji. Very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with video editing and posts like this are extremely useful. To be fair I haven’t heard before about VidSnatcher but looking on your review its seems as a perfect starting point for beginners. Price is also reasonable, and all these bonus features can be extremely useful in day to day work. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    • You are seeing VidSnatcher from my very stand point. Thank you.

      The product is affordable and comes with other valuable product. 

      This means you are getting value for more than a video editor 

  9. I am very new to the world of videos, but realise that I need to start producing videos to attract more traffic to my website. One of my stumbling blocks has been the editing of the videos, as I have no experience with this. 

    I really like what you have described in this review on the VidSnatcher 2 and it does seem easy to use, but would it be suitable for a complete beginner that is not really tech savvy? Can I use VidSnatcher to edit videos that I have taken on a Samsung mobile phone, or would it be better if I invest in a proper video camera?

    • Vidsnatcher 2.0 is well suited for mobile. You don’t need to waste resources on expensive camera again

  10. Great article, I have been considering getting something like this to start doing some video, and the price seems reasonable.

    I like the idea of using it on your mobile as well; that is great. This seems like a good option, but I think I will need to compare it to some other option before deciding to buy. Thanks for the great review.

    • Hi Dave, talking about comparing it with other software, here is a comparison between Camtasia and vidsnatcher 

  11. Video is such an essential part of any business. This sounds like a great tool for making them!!  I have a system now on my phone (free app) but it’s very rudimentary, not like the program you describe at all!  I like the fact that I can change the background and use text to generate speech in different languages!  It sounds like something I really need and it’s a bargain for only $47.  Thanks for posting!

    • Thank you Cynthia,

      If you get it via my link you can get a discount and pay $37

  12. Good day, I am pleased to come across this important review you have shared. Well, I have never seen or heard of Vid-Snatcher 2.0 before, but it seems to be one of the best video editing software online, as you outlined. The pros you provided about it are more than enough to prove how best it is, thank you. This is helpful.

  13. Thanks for the great presentation of VidSnatcher 2.0. Some time ago, I started actively working on my YouTube channel and posting videos regularly, and so far I’ve tried a few video editing providers (some online and some to download), and I’m still looking for new options. I would love to find some kind of software that I will be really happy with.
    According to your description and presentation, it looks like great video editing software online with all its offerings that you have listed on the list of features. Thanks! I will definitely check out VidSnatcher 2.0.

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    • Thank you,

      Am glad you have read other good reviews on VidSnatcher

  15. Thanks for sharing this review of VidSnatcher 2.0 with us. There’s lots of different kinds of video editing software, some more expensive than others, and they all also function differently. This one seems worth looking into since you could not think of  a single thing you did not like about the software.

  16. Hello there! This is a really informative article! I have not considered the use of videos since I get highly anxious in front of a camera and feel that I would do the opposite in bringing more traffic. After reading your article, VidSnatcher 2.0 seems like pretty awesome tool. I will definitely keep it in mind when I feel more ready to use videos on my site. Thanks for really breaking this down and doing a detailed review.

  17. I love to dabble with new video editing software. I haven’t heard of VidSnatcher 1.0, let alone VidSnatcher 2.0 but, it does sound like something that I would eventually need in my toolbox. You mentioned that it can record the computer screen. How long can VidSnatcher 2.0 record? I never knew that Todd Gross created products. I knew he was very popular in video marketing but, never knew he was a product creator. That’s amazing. 

    I know just by his reputation that the VidSnatcher 2.0 is reliable, and quality. Is there anything you dislike about this video editing software? Also, you if VidSnatcher updates and becomes VidSnatcher 3.0 as a current member will the product be automatically upgraded or is it like Snagit where you have to always purchase the update each year? Either way, thanks for your honest review..

    Have a great day!

  18. This is a very comprehensive review and discription of a video editing product. Based on the review this seems to outstanding multi-functional product incorporating both editing and recording that can be used on multiple plateforms. I like the idea the product is available as a single price/pkg. Will the package include ongoing product upgrades? This looks to be a very useful and versitile software package.

  19. I have always used video editing programs as a hobby. This looks to be a very good product. I paid for others in the past, but when I got a new mac computer it has a built-in video editing program which I have used and I really like. How do you think VidSnatcher matches up to the built-in video software already on my mac? Is it worth the extra cost? I’m particularly interested in the logo creation bonus appt you mentioned.

  20. There are so many video editing programs out there that its insanely hard to find one that is easy to use, has all the functions you need and can do the work you need it for. VidSnatcher seems like a nice one from you review so I may give it a try as I am really on the lookout for one for some videos I am planning on making. Thanks for the review.

  21. I’m thrilled I found this review, Owoeye Ayodeji. Creating and editing video anywhere with my phone is what appeals to me because I won’t start doing youtube videos in time for promoting my website. Todd Gross, the creator, was onto a great thing with VidSnatcher 2.0, and quality video indeed captivates attention better than anything else! There are also two other pros: you can add text-to-speech editing inside this app; another pro is that everything comes included, so there won’t be any need to buy external software or equipment!

    Many Thanks

    • You are right, everything comes included. It is a one stop shop

  22. Hi and thanks for sharing this. I have working with some of the earlier desktop video editing packages years ago including Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. It seems that VidSnatcher 2.0 does offer most of the features that you need to manipulate video and audio elements on a multilayer timeline. Something I found I often had to deal with was trying to merge video files of different kinds, different resolutions, and different aspect ratios. This kind of situation would often result in strange visual artifacts appearing in the final mix image. How does VidSnatcher 2.0 handle such challenges? Thanks, Andy

    • It has an excellent way of merging videos, but I have not consciously checked the resolution 

  23. Thanks so much for sharing a great review on VidSnatcher 2.0, as I’m just starting a YouTube channel, I was looking for a video editing software, and I was looking for one that will help me to edit videos for the main Social Media Platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, as I want to find a software that is not complicated to work on, I will give it a try!

    • That will be great. It is well suited for beginners


  24. This looks like a pretty good video capture software. But does it offer any sort of Free Trial or a Free limited version that you ca use to sample the product before you actually commit to buy? It would be good to give it a test for you to see just what it does and what you will be getting for your money.

    • That would have been great, but they don’t av a free version 

  25. Thank you for this awesome review. I also run a YouTube channel for a while. I currently use adobe premiere pro. But I was thinking of going to another editor. When I saw your review, I saw something special in it. That is the text-to-speech feature. I really value it. It can save me a lot of time. I should try it. Thank you so much again.

  26. Hi,

    Great review of VidSnatcher 2.0. I’ve been thinking lately of adding video to my marketing strategies. I haven’t followed through yet because I need something user friendly, easy to use anywhere/anytime, and affordable. Your review has piqued my interest. The clip on how to use VidSnatcher 2.0 is very helpful and makes me think it might be just what I’ve been looking for. 

    Thanks, also, for providing info on the creator. 


  27. I have used vidsnatcher 2.0 before, and I agree that it’s a solid video editing software that’s simple to use and won’t break the bank. It’s by no means perfect, but it more than gets the job done! As far as video editing software goes, I prefer using Adobe products. You should write an article on those!

    Great article, and keep ’em coming!

  28. Video snatcher seems to be comparable to Screencastomatic, except Videosnatcher is more suited to mobile because it is cloud-based.

    That’s actually quite interesting.  What I would like to know is, is the price similar to Screencastomatic which does exactly the same thing? For example, Screencastomatic can be used for screen capture, video editing and also as a webcam.

  29. I actually have been looking for some new video software. I currently use FlashBack Pro 5 for my youtube videos and tutorials. I actually have been thinking about finding new video software. I was intrigued when reading your post about the VidSnatcher 2.0. I like the fact that it has a screen recorder, and you can edit the green screen. 

    The fact that it has cloud capabilities is also impressive. It’s great that people can also access the VidSnatcher through their mobile phones, as most people use their smartphones for everything these days! I will definitely give the VidSnatcher my consideration. Thank you for a great article! 

  30. I ever used a video editing tool for free. The free version only provides limited functions such as cropping, adding captions, basic music editing, etc. But only these functions must be very limited to use for more advanced editing. I am amazed over the advanced functions of Vidsnatcher such as voiceover, DFY templates, language translator, etc. The price seems to be so low for all the functions. Thank you for introducing a nice software, which I might consider buying when I need a more advanced video editing tool.

  31. I am going to get this. Some time ago, I thought that producing video might be too complicated so I stayed away from it. I have come to see that videos definitely make your content more attractive and engaging. Now I am making my own videos, still simple, but effective. I would like to dig a little deeper and know how to edit and do some fancy things that I have not yet learned. I have bookmarked your page and I will be coming back. Thank you


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